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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dark Souls III

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Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide

Anor Londo

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If you were to head to the balcony off to the rear of the cathedral and look down, you'll spot some Crystal Lizards you can chase down and kill for Twinkling Titanites. Look to the left at the end of the path to find a Large Titanite Shard. Continue along the only path you can take toward the courtyard. Once there, you will have two paths to choose from, one leading upward to a group of Deacon enemies and one that goes along the lower level to the other side of the area. Take the lower path and turn right to find a Dark Stoneplate Ring being guarded by some enemies. Next, climb the stairs off to the left and start working to clear out the enemies, starting with the Deacons. There is also a pair of Drang Knights to contend with on the courtyard when the Deacons are dead.

Kill the knights and one of them will drop a Drang Twinspears. Once the area is clear check it for freebies including a Large Titanite Shard, some souls and two Embers. After that, return to the Cathedral and check the left side of the doorway upstairs to find a Large Titanite Shard from the hanging corpse. In the cathedral is a lift off to the left. Move past this for now and go around to the upper section instead where a Crystal Lizard can be killed for its Simple Gem. Return to the elevator and follow the bridge here to the other side. Defeat the Mimic to claim a Golden Ritual Spear. You can go back outside after this and head into the structure off to the other end of the courtyard.

Make your way up the tower while keeping an eye out on the balconies to grab a Titanite Scale from some remains. Head for the roof and drop down to your right to find a Large Titanite Shard. There is a Silver Knight waiting nearby so kill him first before moving onward. You'll find a couple more knights on the roof, deal with these two as well and head left on the high rooftop to spot some remains with Easterners Ashes. There is also a platform located just prior to the slanted roof that has a Dragonslayer Greatbow and some Dragonslayer Greatarrow. Back to the fork on the rooftop, go right this time and circle around to find more knights below you. Defeat both of them so you can enter the structure behind you. But before that, Follow the roof platform down for a Large Titanite Shard and go check out the big tomb in side the building. You can hit the statue here to find a hidden room.

Go back outside and pick up the Ember then pull the lever. Follow the path that you're presented with, and use the lever at the top of the tower to change the orientation of the bridge so you can get to Anor Londo. Make use of the bonfire here before going up the stairs, where you'll run into a spear-variant Silver Knight coming down. Defeat him and continue to the top, look at the spot next to the balcony on the left to find some souls. The path branches off into two directions from here. Off to the right is a Silver Knight guarding some souls and a locked door. You can go check that out if you want. Otherwise, head left through the doorway and pick up the Giant Coal from the blacksmith's remains. You can give this to Andre in the Firelink Shrine later. Go up the stairs toward the main hall afterward.

This place should look familiar except it's now dark and full of bad guys. Carefully clear out the the entire area before searching for loot. The freebies in here include a Proof of a Concord Kept, some Moonlight Arrows, an Estus Shard and also an Aldrich’s Ruby from the remains of the Spider Lion after defeating it. Pull the lever next to the golden door so you can go face the boss of this level.

Boss Battle - Devourer of the Gods

Once again I would recommend adding an element to your weapon such as lightning with the Gold Pine Resin. For the initial phase of the battle, Aldrich will fire a large group homing purple masses that will come after you with some persistence, so keep an eye out for those and dodge when they come at you. Next in his arsenal is a rain of arrows that the boss will summon from a portal that appears above him. These arrows will drop in multiple volleys in the ground and will prove really painful if they hit you. Move in and attack him a couple of times or so, and he'll vanish into a portal through the ground and reappear elsewhere in the arena.

The key here is to get a few hits in and retreat as hacking away relentlessly will get you killed quite quickly. Once Aldrich is down to half his health, he will start trailing flames behind him while tossing homing masses. At this point, he will also follow through with a powerful scythe swing when you move in to attack him. Be patient and wait for an opening so you can safely land hits until Aldrich is defeated.

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