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If you find yourself being attacked by just one soldier, it is probably because the other player is trying to lower their trophy count, and in turn make it more likely for them to get ranked up against easier players in Matchmaking.

Matchmaking is the alternative to fighting against the AI/computer-controlled Clans. This takes place against real-life, human opponents. The opponent you are matched up with them depends entirely on your Trophies. The goal is the same whether you are playing against AI or human players, but with humans you can opt to pay the Gold required to find a match again if you don't like the look of the enemy base. This means that you are not forced into trying to beat an enemy that is stronger than you and, providing you have the Gold, you can search around until you find a base that you like the look of.

Players have started deliberately losing Trophies so that they can then be matched up against weaker opponents next time. You may ask why this is beneficial as they surely will have to have lost a match beforehand to get to that stage? That's right, but they lose these matches by committing just one unit to the fray, for example. This way they haven't shelled any great resources on the defeat, yet will get ranked against someone far weaker than themselves.

Once you get to a really high trophy count you will find many people just attacking you with a single unit. It is unfortunate that people choose to play the game in this way, but there are still plenty of players who are trying to be as successful as possible. You may also find you need to lower your trophy count to get certain achievements, such as the Unbreakable achievement, for example.

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40 comments, latest first.
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Oct 11th 2015 Guest
918698535649 i want this software
ID #615713
Aug 28th 2015 Guest there any way to find Farm bases to attack being rushing for trophies so ..
Im in crystal 2 and not able to find farm bases to raid im in th 7
ID #603358
Sep 16th 2015 Guest
Come down to less trophies between 900 to 1100
U will get good loot then
ID #608802
Aug 28th 2015 Guest
can you really sell your account?
are there really warehouses of Chinese playing the game to sell their accounts?
ID #603122
Jul 31st 2015 Guest
Even if we don't search a war, can the other clan search us
ID #591730
Aug 7th 2015 Guest
no,they cant!
ID #594867
Apr 30th 2015 Guest
its so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!
players chose that because they want.. its about your own strategies.. I can even 2 star a th 9 even im a th 7 player as of now, its because of my strategies... and now I'm at "MASTER" league....
ID #549818
Jul 22nd 2015 Guest
you are correct partly but not that you can 2 star a th9 easily if they are well defended. I am a th 7 but ill bet you cant 3 star me even with your maxed enemy. Smile
ID #588097
Oct 17th 2015 Guest
Ger real
ID #617204
Mar 28th 2015 Guest
If trophy dont matter for war y is it we allways have same 🏆 co
unt as other clan
ID #534250
Mar 27th 2015 Guest
If anyone attacks me I'll find them in real life and attack them! So there!!!!
ID #533578
Jul 1st 2015 Guest
That why there the revenge button lol
ID #578458
Mar 23rd 2015 Guest
match making should not be like this
ID #532310
Feb 25th 2015 Guest
Is there anything that can be done about clans that cheat during a match-up? We are fighting a clan 50 on 50 that has all level 10 th from 1-11, and a few high 7,8,9 th 12-40. The remaining 10 th on the bottom has no walls and is inactive. It may be their clans strategy. But i don't know how any clan can be proud of their achievements by fighting wars like this.
ID #520966
Feb 18th 2015 Guest
The trophy range that u can be matched against is 100 trophies. People drop trophies by only using one troop per attack so that they find people who are easier but with more loot. I think that that is a perfectly valid strategy and. Don't see what all the fuss about it is... This is counteracted by the fact that the thither town hall level u are, the less loot u will get from players with a lower lvl town hall. I think this is balanced well so that players can drop trophies and farm for loot if they like, but if they go too low then they will only end up wasting elixir. The fipside of this is that the phi ther one pushes with their trophy count, the harder their opponents will be and so they will get attacked more, but lose less loot per defense. I hope some people find this helpful.
ID #517526
Feb 13th 2015 Guest
I dont get this was not no help what so ever
ID #515543
Feb 13th 2015 Guest
I'm being attacked by much higher trophy players half again my count sometimes 3 times a night. I have no chance when I can't even reset my traps before being attacked by attackers with a 50% higher trophy count. Unfair I say.
ID #515254
May 11th 2015 Guest
Three times in a night...... Really..... Ur shield activates of u lose so others cant attack...... And surely not three attacks in a night..... Stop lying
ID #554940
Jul 8th 2015 Guest
He didn't say he lost.
ID #581569
Feb 11th 2015 Guest
can i has rizeballs?
ID #514475
Feb 10th 2015 Guest
how can i find my id
ID #514176
Feb 8th 2015 Guest
I've been in the clan longer than the others. My trophies are not high but there are 2-3 players whose trophies are lower than mine. I'm also an elder in my clan. However, when the war started, I was just a spectator. We have 18 members and it's 15v15 war. How is it possible that i'm not in the war?
ID #513265
Feb 6th 2015 Guest
There should be an option for attacking your clan mates without looting. You could practice strategy against each other this way. Disabled during clan war to prevent copying of an opponents base you're preparing against. My $.02.
ID #512411
Jan 18th 2015 Guest
The only way to gain coins and exlexir is to attack. For a lot of players and if want to growth they need to attack to hài resources. If you wait for your own resource to grow it will take days and weeks.
ID #503277
Jan 9th 2015 Guest
I dont like it when I am attacked by a maxed soldiers opponent, it is just so unfair. Id like to suggest that attacking will be TH by TH level eg. Th8 versus TH8 alone. Winning depends on the trategy of their attacks.
ID #498520
Jan 7th 2015 Guest
ID #497665
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
If a clan member leaves before war starts and comes back after, then they're considered a new member and will have to be a spectator in said war. Depending on trophy count and rank within the clan, they can participate in the next war.
ID #494880
Dec 20th 2014 Guest
I got attacked by same person ..
ID #487053
Dec 13th 2014 Guest
Has anyone heard of something called the "Hank Loophole"? I read about it on another forum and I was curious as to its validity. The theory is clan mates leave especially higher ones after starting a clan war search but before actually being matched it no longer takes into account their defenses, and will match them with a much lower clan. Then prior to the war starting those clan mates that left can come back and mop up the inferior clan. Has anyone tried this and know if its true?
ID #484014
Dec 5th 2014 Guest
I just started playing 6 days ago, I have 19 trophies and just got attacked by a guy with 456 trophies. So, can anyone tell me what the range is, for matching opponents?
ID #480566
Nov 4th 2014 Guest
How do i max my base...
ID #467431
Nov 4th 2014 Guest
A search option should be add to game so that we could search for friend and attack them if we choose to

ID #467123
Oct 13th 2014 Guest
selling my Maxed TH8 base in Crystal 1 Message me on Whatsapp +9647507282853
ID #458284
Oct 5th 2014 Guest
I like turtles
ID #454991
Sep 25th 2014 Guest
I wish you could look up a friend no matter how many trophies they got and be able to attack them
ID #451560
Sep 2nd 2014 Guest
How are clan war opponents chosen
ID #443744
Jun 7th 2014 Guest
Is there any sort of program where you can input your opponents defense and it will spit out the weakest point of attack?
ID #395260
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