Which Troops to Upgrade in Clash of Clans

This article is intended for beginners in the game to help them decide how to spend their Elixir. Okay, so when you have limited troop types to choose from at the beginning of the game, it's proably wise to just level them all up together to about level 3. Then things start to get expensive and you probably need to focus on just one or two. My recommendation is to upgrade the wizard and the giant. Wizards at level 5 and Giants at level 4 provide a pretty awesome force against most beginner bases, especially if you manage to team them with a healer or heal spell.

The Giant - This large beast is a fantastic staple attacker against enemy bases - Level this dude up to increase his strength and hitpoints!

Once you have unlocked the wizard (by upgrading your Barracks), you should really focus of upgrading this bad boy as much as you can. You will find actually you need to upgrade your laboratory to level 6 and your town hall to level 8 to get him to level 5, but once there, he is pretty awesome and he still has two more levels to go.

The Wizard - This guy rocks as a basic attacker for beginner and intermediate player - Level him up as quick as you can.

Then you should really focus on unlocking Pekka, you'll need to get your barracks all the way up to level 10 and you will also unlock the dragon by doing this. My advice would be to forget about the Dark Barracks at this stage and focus on wizards, pekka, giant and healer. Only because on the initial unlock of the dark barracks you get minions, they are cheap, but not so good, and upgrading them will tie up your laboratory for days.

So once you have levelled up your wizard, giant and have unlocked Pekka - what next? well give serious consideration to maxing out your defenses before upgrading your town hall again, if you have spare Elixir, you could go for the Pekka upgrade, getting him to level 2 costs 3 million elixir - so get saving!

This has been our tips for beginners to upgrade their troops in Clash of Clans. Please feel free to post and questions or comments below. Don't forget to check out our guide to Clash of Clans for more in-depth help on loads of Clash of Clans related topics. Our Introduction to Attacking page and our Placing Troops page may be good articles to check out after this one.