How to Pick a Good Base to Attack for Beginners

Please bear in mind this article is intended for beginner to intermediate players.

There are a number of things I look out for when deciding to attack a base here is a run down and helping it will be able to help a few of you guys out that are having trouble with Clash of Clan attacks.

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1) Clan Membership

Is the guy a member of clan? If your intended opponent is, and it's most likely he is then we need to think about the probability of them having some kind of beast in their Clan Castle. So check their Clan Clastle out and see what level it is, the higher the level, then probably the more organised the clan is and it's likely there will be a nasty surprise waiting for you in the Clan Castle... But don't give up hope just yet... Check out the next point to give you a clue as to whether or not the Clan Castle is loaded.

2) Graveyards in the Base

Do you see a ton of graveyards in the playing area? If you do, then it's likley this base has been recently attacked and possibly the Clan Castle has been depleated, it's not always the case however, but it is a strong indicator for me, that I won't be running into a maxed level group of wizards or similar if I attack this base.

3) Cash and Elixir

This is really important to me. I want to be able to recoup what I am spending on my attack in Elixir, so for example, if my total attack cost is 185k Elixir, Ideally I want to be attacking a base that has at least amount in available loot. It's not always so easy to find, so somtimes I settle for lesser targets and hope I don't have to use my whole army! I'm quite happy to lsoe Trophies so if I see a base with a ton of Elixir collectors which can be easy killed and empty elixir storage units, then I will probably attack with a few wizards to grab the elixir cheaply.

4) Overall Base Strength

No matter how much Elixir is waiting to be looted, if you don't think you can get past a particular base, it's just not worth going for.

So those are my four best tips for beginners who are trying to decide which base to attack. Any questions? Please pop them below, and don't forget to check out our guide to Clash of Clans for more in-depth help on loads of Clash of Clans related topics. Our Introduction to Attacking page and our Placing Troops page may be good articles to check out after this one.

Posted: 9th Mar 2017 by Team SuperCheats
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