12 Best MineCraft Mods

The world of Minecraft mods has never been richer. From magic, to tech, to nature, there are many ways for expanding your in-game experiences in very exciting ways. Below, you will find the best Minecraft mods that are available today. Almost all these minecraft mods require an older version of this so as game to play—normally version while a few also require Forge modloader. All that you have to do is to follow the installation instructions carefully and you will be fine.

The minecraft mods are all brilliant on their own. However, it is worth noting that they may conflict with one another in case you try and install several of them at once. In case you struggle with that or even other issues, just consider trying out a preconfigured mudpack because the launchers provided by the Technic Platform and Feed the Beast are among the easiest ways to cleanly and quickly get playing modded Minecraft. Here are the Top 10 MineCraft Mods:

Biomes O'Plenty

Since the 'Update Which Changed The World in late 2013, there has been a little more diversity in the Minecraft worlds. However, Biomes O'Plenty adds more—75 to be precise—from coral reefs and brushland, through ominous woods and lavender fields, to wasteland and tundra. You will have to create a new world so as to use it (ensure that you select the 'Biomes O'Plenty' option). However, it is worth it to see the corners of Minecraft which you have never seen before.



Some mods usually add powerful magical items while others will add intricate machinery. Botania simply adds flowers. Flowers that heal. Flowers that feed the animals. Flowers that turn the hostile mobs against one another. Flowers that eat cakes. You can also use the flowers in creating a magical portal towards the world of elves. In case you want to try out something wildly different from the other mods, Botania is just the perfect MineCraft Mod for you.



Minecraft does not scale too well to the power of slow or fast machines. Surprisingly, it runs poorly on the low-end laptops and the high-end rigs cannot do much with its extra dynamism. Optifine is a minecraft mod which not only makes Minecraft to run faster but it also looks far better. Optifine supports smooth lighting and HD textures. It is also among the first things that you will usually add whenever you install Minecraft.


Inventory Tweaks, NotEnoughItems and Waila

This trio of mods are indispensible quality-of-life improvements more so when you have got a lot of of mods installed at the same time. The inventory Tweaks allows one to sort his chests with one click and automatically replace the tools whenever they break. NotEnoughItems will provide you with a searchable list of all blocks available within the game as well as the recipes to craft them. Waila enables you to point your cursor at the unfamiliar blocks so as to find out what they are.



Being a sorcerer is amazing and the most amazing way to become a sorcerer in the Minecraft is using Thaumcraft. Thaumcraft is a vast mod which revolves around drawing magical essences out of the physical objects within the Minecraft world and also reshaping them into new forms. In the process, you will create altars, golems, wands and also fill dozens of jars of the coloured goo. There is also a puzzle game that you will have to complete so as to research new spells.



The Minecraft's default maps are usually a bit unreliable. They do not offer more details, have to be looked down and pulled out so as at to use and they do not display anything other than the place where you are. JourneyMap normally fixes all that. This minecraft mod maps your world in the real-time you continue exploring, can be displayed at the corners of the screen and even enables you to set waypoints where you can return to later. In case you have the habit of getting lost while in the wilderness, JourneyMap will definitely get you back home safe and sound.


Tinker's Construct

Tools are usually the backbone of anything that you do in the Minecraft world and Tinker's Construct enables you to make better tools out of a wide range of materials. They are modular, upgradable and can also be repaired in case they break. In addition, the mod also adds the smeltery to make the high-end tools and also increase the processing efficiency. In case you love having the best mod to work with, then Tinker's Construct is the ideal minecraft mode for you.



In case you you like agricultural aspects of Minecraft, then you are going to love Forestry. This is a huge mod which adds a bunch of new machines, items and blocks. However, it is well-known for its bees. You can choose to become an apiarist and then capture wild bees before cross-breeding them using the real genetic principles so as to create masses of various useful resources.



Natura is another great minecraft mod to spice up world-generation. Natura adds a wide range of new tree types and different-coloured woods so as to make your home to become more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, it also adds extra crops for resource production and early-game food. It also makes the Nether to be a little more dangerous. Using Natura is a nice step into the Minecraft modding world since it sticks close to the themes of a regular game.


Twilight Forest

Do you love adventuring? In case you do then Twilight Forest is the perfect minecraft mode for you. The mod adds new and densely-forested dimensions shrouded in a perpetual twilight which hides both dangerous monsters and valuable treasures. You just have to throw a diamond into the pool of water which is surrounded by flowers so as to create a portal then spend some time roaming around. You will find hollow hills, hedge mazes, enchanted groves, lich towers, glaciers and more with the rich rewards for those who delve the deepest.



While we are learning biology, let us learn a little programming too. The ComputerCraft mod adds turtles and programmable computers into Minecraft that you can code to control. It is based on an easy-to-learn programming language and with this minecraft mod you can make private chat rooms, pass worded doors, in-game videogames and even automated mining turtles. The possibilities are just endless.


Thermal Expansion 4 and Minefactory Reloaded

These titans are 2 of the most essential technology mods in this game. Thermal Expansion usually focuses on power storage and generation. It also adds new metals which have become the standard components of various other mods. Minefactory Reloaded on the other hand is where you are going to use the power— animal husbandry, mining, enchanting, in automating farming, potion-brewing and many more.


So there you have it, a selection of some of the best MineCraft mods out there. Before you install any, please check you have the right version, and that you can uninstall if you need to. We are not responsible for the links outside of this website.

Posted: 11th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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