14 Fantastic MineCraft Seeds

A Minecraft seed refers to codes that the game uses in generating worlds for you. The worlds are normally full of key landmarks and interesting landscapes ripe for exploration. They usually cover everything from the jaw-dropping landscapes and vistas to thrilling dungeons to bursting-point with loot.

Your job is very simple as you only have to pick the one that you would like to play around in. All that you will to do so as to get a minecraft seed up and running is grabbing the digits and then placing them into the field when you are creating the Minecraft world. The game shall do all the heavy lifting thus leaving you to create and explore your heart's content.

Regardless of whether you are a professional miner or you are just someone who's about to load up his first world, there is something that you cannot control in the Minecraft: the terrain. Whilst your mind might be brimming with a lot of possibilities, you will frequently spawn in a bland and uninspiring world that's full of the odd chicken and flat grassland, so here are 14 great seeds to help get you started.

5181140359215069925 (1.8.8)

Temples are usually very great. However, most seeds seem to restrict the temples to deserts and jungles. Just because that's how Indiana Jones, a famed adventurer loved his temples, does not mean that's the way the rest of us love them. This is the reason why this minecraft seed is here and offers a change of locations for your underwater exploring. With the challenging selections of enemies to defeat as well as plenty of secrets to be uncovered, this seed is suited for all the nautically inclined.

8678942899319966093 (1.8.8)

As soon as one spawns in this seed, you will be on top of a village which is situated in the field filled with lots of horses. Why do you have to explore just like a peasant when you can actually gallop around like the knight?

686298914 (1.8.8)

As soon as you will spawn in this seed, you will be moving by a village that contains the treasure chest for a blacksmith (see inside for swords, obsidian and diamonds). However, that is just the beginning of a loot-heavy seed which that spawns a world that features 4 desert temples, 2 dungeons, 6 villages as well as stronghold. You will certainly want to visit these worlds so head to z: (127) y: (93) x: (-973) for the stronghold, z: (560) y: (82) x: (-328) for the biggest of the 6 villages, and z: (343) y: (68) x: (-149) for the dungeon home to the golden apple.

7692505625803617061 (1.8)

Spawning in this minecraft seed will place you on a larger flat plain that's surrounded by magnificent mountains on all sides. Calling to mind a few of the finest moments from the old Westerns, the seed has been tailor-made for any person looking to introduce a bit of prairie living to his next Minecraft world.

1461928132 (1.9)

Taking several hefty cues from the Utah Bryce Canyon's National Park, this is a mesa-styled landscape which is ideal for the budding architects. What the seed does boast about is mile upon mile of the miner's paradise. For the nature lovers this minecraft seed also generates a glorious flower forest and making for quite the contrast of biomes.

1480351183376464763 (1.9)

Mysterious, totally unique and simple, this minecraft seed will drop you to a world that features a simple cottage with The Librarian, a lone resident. Whatever resulted in the guy's living situation isn't an easy guess. However, building the humble hut to an enormous fortress is definitely satisfying. His house is also surrounded by greenery and horses so there is more to this minecraft seed than what meets the eye.

96909624 (1.8.8)

Just southeast of your spawn's location, you will discover a witch hut and a village built on stilts. The whole seed sits on top of an abandoned mine shaft and rife with the digging possibilities. This village is also a home to the blacksmiths thus there is quick loot to be picked up as well.

2463335533919779154 (1.8.8)

This is a slender and partially submerged island which is perfect for a survival island's gameplay. However, even more enticing is its underwater temple which just a little bit out to the sea. The seed offers a prime adventuring territory in just a few blocks of the spawn.

8858351513851407858 (1.8.8)

Where the monolithic natural structures are concerned, there's no real-world creation that compares. The seed's major feature is the mountain that consists of 2 arching peaks. There's also an internal waterfall which finishes off this seed's marvel with the water features that it deserves. The archway also makes a perfect sheltered spot for the villainous and bond-inspired hidden base.

5387364523423380365 (1.8.8)

In case an instant gratification is what you want, then this minecraft seed will give you all that provided you're looking for the instant mushrooms. Within meters of the spawn location, you will find a sprawling island that's filled with herds of the red cows and giant mushrooms.

6671894640346020928 (1.8.8)

Spawning on the edges of a very beautiful lake having a triangle-like island at the middle, just a trek across this sand will lead you to the dungeon that contains the Protection III book. When you move a little further is the small village with blacksmiths as well as a temple where one can dig up diamonds and a lovely haul of gold

Blank (1.8.8)

If you are looking forward to slaughter the Ender Dragons as fast as possible, this minecraft seed will spawn you to the top of a stronghold that contains a Nether Portal. You will be able to see the chunky bits of the beach on the left. All you have to do is simply diving down from there and you will soon hit the Stronghold's roof. It is a little dark down there thus you might need glow stones to aid your search.

7281974495141360449 (1.8.8)

With a village which is surrounded by numerous good quality trees, this is a very excellent starting seed. You will not be short of wood while the houses will provide excellent shelter until you have amassed enough materials to begin building your fortress.

-8565911531030881739 (1.8.8)

Most recommended seeds usually spawn you close to a village or temple. However, the seed is a little different. If you are looking for a bit of a challenge in your survival, then this is the perfect seed for you. Whilst the seed has little in form of loot, it also spawns you in interesting and scenic biomes which offer several different locate for exploring close to spawn. The swamp zones, extreme hills and mushroom forests all await in this seed.

So there you have it, some of our favourite seeds, hope you enjoy them too.

Posted: 11th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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