10 Reasons Why MineCraft is Great for Kids

The game of Minecraft is now available almost everywhere and many kids love it. In fact, some are so devoted that they can spend several hours, mining, building and fighting monsters. With tens of millions copies sold so far, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games available today. Gamers are able to do anything they want including gathering materials, building blocks, fighting monsters and more. However, Minecraft is more than just a game because it allows you to build, create and think in a 3D environment.

At the same time, kids should be familiar with current technologies so they can get used to today's digital world. These days, parents can help check over their kids' involvement in online communities to ensure they participate in healthy and positive online communities, like the game of Minecraft. Researchers agree that certain video games offer significant benefits to kids, enabling them to control emotions, improve their confidence and develop vital cognitive skills. If you're not sure whether your child should play Minecraft, here are 10 reasons why Minecraft is great for kids:

1. Learn Vital Math and Geometry Skills

Your kids will definitely get to exercise their math and geometry skills as they collect blocks and build structures in Minecraft. Kids can easily learn what they can build with the six surfaces of a cube and how to build structures that make structural sense. Minecraft provides them with a great opportunity to hone their geometry skills. This game is akin to a large grid. When kids want to construct a structure that is 8 squares long and 6 squares wide, they will have to determine the number of blocks needed to build the structure.

2. Develop a Sense of Direction

Minecraft can also help children develop a sense of direction. When playing the game, it is extremely important that they know their location depending on the landmarks available. The game can also help children come up with important ways to calculate the distance between two points, allowing them to estimate and determine the number of blocks they need to construct a house, a bridge and more.

3. Learn the Importance of Planning Ahead

Kids wanting to play the game without a proper plan can waste a lot of time thinking about their next move. Minecraft teaches them about the importance of planning ahead. Children are able to determine their goals before they start playing the game. They will be able to carry this idea over time and apply the same concept in real life situations. Plans may not be detailed at this stage. Sketching or drawing what they would like to build or simply having an idea of what they would like to achieve can teach them the importance of planning ahead. Parents can also set prior time limits, allowing their kids to understand the significance of having proper plans, particularly when working under pressure.

4. Learn Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Kids must collect new materials and try out different combinations to build structures in Minecraft. They have to know how to build a house before the end of the day and ensure their avatar is fed. Studies have shown that playing video games like Minecraft can help children learn effective problem-solving and decision-making skills. The game encourages kids to provide solutions to the problems they come across. In the game, children will encounter problems such as shortage of food and zombie attacks, and they will have to solve them.

5. Learn Simple Programming

Minecraft features a structure known as Redstone Circuit, which can be designed to control mechanisms. When kids try out the Redstone Circuit, they are able to learn and understand concepts such as how electric power works and how to create simple machines. They will understand the significance of timing and must come up with creative ideas to get the results they desire. In Minecraft, players can use Redstone circuits to build railways and to generate light that can be turned on at night.

6. Learn to Think Strategically

From building simple structures to complicated ones, Minecraft can help kids to think strategically. The children must know how to collect blocks and use them to complete their projects. In addition, children must also come up with possible solutions to all the problems they encounter while playing the game.

7. Learn Vital Social Skills

It is also important to point out that playing games like Minecraft helps children to develop social skills. Minecraft is one of those exciting games that are designed to bring children together. There are even cases where the game has helped children to overcome their social problems.

8. Encourages Creativity

There's no doubt that Minecraft games provide kids with great opportunities for imagination. Some will discover great cave systems underneath while others will build luxurious houses. Some children may also discover their architectural acumen and build amazing block structures and cities.

9. Build one's Confidence

More often than not, children feel as if they are not smart or old enough to do certain things. Nonetheless, when you allow them to play Minecraft games, they may feel just as accomplished as their parents. This will help take their confidence levels to the next level, which is a beneficial thing as they grow older.

10. Kills Boredom

With Minecraft, your kid will never get bored. With the endless number of challenges to overcome, it is virtually impossible for your children to get bored while playing the game. Once your child is done exploring and overcoming one challenge, they will encounter another and use their imagination to get the necessary solutions. There are so many worlds to explore in the Minecraft game.

Those were just some of the many concepts that Minecraft can teach kids. Other benefits that children can enjoy from this block game may include team work, resource management and more. Just recently, a new education edition was introduced to help teach kids new topics, including molecular structures, and historical landmarks while providing them with exciting explanations of in-depth topics such as area, volume and mass, among others. Therefore, your children can benefit greatly by playing Minecraft.


So, we're not saying your kids should be playing MineCraft all day, every day! No Way! We just wanted to highlight some of benefits of the game and reasons why a version of it is in so many schools as a lesson tool these days.

Posted: 11th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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