Top 9 Hottest Babes in Video Games

Video games have come a very long way since their inception. At the beginning, video games often took the form of ambiguous displays of pixels and the text-based adventures meant to represent objects or characters. However, today we have got visuals that are so stunningly realistic that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a virtual car from the real one. Over the years, several video games have been created with each game featuring its own hot babes.

There are still more exciting video games that are yet to come. The games are either going to introduce fun new characters or bring back the old beloved ones. So the question arises becomes: what are the hottest babes in video games? Whether they are just kicking enemy butt or they are just there for the eye candy, here are the Top 10 Hottest Babes in Video Games:

9. Rayne (Blood Rayne Series)

Rayne, one of the sexiest vamps we have ever seen on any console game.

8. Yuna (Final Fantasy X, X-2)

One good thing about remastering old video games is that the chicks often get re-engineered to look even hotter. Over the years her look has changed a few times until she appeared in some rather fetching shorty-shorts.

7. Alisa (Tekken)

Whether she is an Android or not, this chick kicks sexy style as well as kicking butts in the game she features in.

6. Sophitia (SoulCalibur)

Part of the SoulCalibur series since the beginning, Sophita is a courageous and strong character and a worthy component of our top list.

5. Harley Quinn (Batman)

A character that has inspired a million and one cosplays makes it into our list for her incredibly unique look

4. Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark Series)

3. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series)

Lara Croft has made it into an untold number of hot female character articles, so why break with tradition now? Her look his been drop dead gorgeous from day 1 and she continues to do it into 2016.

2. Cindy (Final Fantasy XV)

Cindy made her first appearance in Final Fantasy XV. On release of the FF XV demo the feedback was that this character was actually too sexy and had to have her look toned down!

1. Quiet (Metal Gear Solid)

Strong and sexy, Quiet may not say much verbally, but her look speaks for itself.

We'll leave you to decide who else can make it into our Top 10 - Feel free to drop a comment below.

Posted: 11th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
Top 9 Hottest Babes in Video Games