Bethesda Drops a Bomb at Microsoft E3 Presser: PC Mods for Fallout 4 on Xbox One

When Bethesda announced that its Press Event would take place the day before Microsoft's Presser the assumption was Bethesda would be making its major announcements at its own event - so when Todd Howard took the stage today to address the Xbox audience, we were not expecting much.

When the game play footage began to roll it turned out to be mostly new and previously unreleased footage, including a significant piece of an encounter at the Museum of History in which a bigger glimpse of the Power Armor was offered,

That's not the bomb...

As his presentation was wrapping up Howard looked into the audience and made a shocking announcement: “I have bugged (Microsoft) for the last fifteen years for one feature I've wanted, and working together it's finally happening.

'As you know modding is a big part of what we do. It is all about making it your own. I am excited to announce that mods created on the PC will be able to be transferred, played, and shared for free on Xbox One!'

Check the official trailer out below...

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The PC Mod Scene

Console gamers who have not explored the mods scene on the PC version of Fallout New Vegas will be pleasantly surprised by what this announcement means in terms of game play enjoyment and in the expansion of entertainment possibilities that can be found in their games.

PC gamers know the joy of altered worlds and added adventures - in fact the mods scene in games is one of the major arguments that they make when the topic of which is better, PC or console comes up.

Well, it seems that they will not be able to crow on that account anymore!

To give you some perspective on this, at last count there are more than 15,000 mods for New Vegas. That needs repeating - MORE THAN FIFTEEN THOUSAND MODS.

That means that there are more than 15,000 ways that gamers who play the PC version of New Vegas can make their game more entertaining, and wring out more entertainment value from a game they own - for free. Well that capability is now coming to Fallout 4.

We thought you might enjoy a brief look at what we consider to be the Top 10 mods for Fallout: New Vegas. Bearing in mind that this is more of a personal value judgment on our part here at the SuperCheats Bullpen than it is a critical judgment of the mod scene for the game.

10. Nevada Skies Mod

One of the not-so-exciting elements in New Vegas is its environment, and specifically the weather in the game. Now don't take this wrong, we LIKE the game and the different environments that we get to play in and through, but having some variety in weather extremes? Now that would be cool.

So in comes the Nevada Skies Mod - which does just that, giving the player the ability to use an inventory tool to configure a random weather generation pattern that really mixes things up.

Having trouble imaging what that means? Think dark so dark at night that you can barely see two feet in front of you... Or a sun so bright it feels like it is searing your eyeballs. Wait, those are really environment changes, not weather.

You want weather? No worries there mates! The random weather patterns you can create span the spectrum from massive radiation storms and suffocating sandstorms to thunderstorms that will make you want your mommy!

The mod also allows you to add snow storms too - hey it snows in the desert mates... In fact one of the coldest nights we remember was experienced in the deserts of New Mexico... Wait, no, that was San Francisco... Forget we mentioned that.

In addition to that, thanks to heat lightning or something, you can also experience another extreme in the wide-scale firestorms as well. Not our favorite but still...

The wizards that created this mod did not stop there though, oh no! You see Nevada Skies was not a mod that was created just to tweak the world at your feet and the weather effects you live through, it was also made to mod the heavens!

As you look up from the desert or the flashy streets of New Vegas expect to see more realistic and interesting clouds in that green-blue sky, or even a red sky. Remember the sun and moon? No? You will after you add this mod!

Its new high-definition Sun and Moon textures give you a sky-watching experience to be envied. With the light pollution here we barely see the stars in the real world, so that's a real treat for us.

Adding this mod is just one way to make your Fallout experiences better, more memorable, and in some cases, more challenging too. Just saying.

09. Realistic Headshots Mod

You know, one of our pet peeves in playing the Fallout series was the fact that, even in VATS, headshots were often not fatal. Look, we totally understand that when we unload a full clip into a target at full center-mass it is in theory possible that their armor protected them. We get that. It is fine...

But when we take careful aim and put a round right in the target's forehead and they DON'T DIE?! Well THAT we don't get and never will. Really! You take a round from a 10mm pistol to the brain pan you gonna DIE man!

So the release of the Realistic Headshot Mod was just what we were looking for - make the shoot-em-up scene more realistic, that's what we say!

Ah, but wait, this mod is one of those double-edged sword thingies you are always hearing about in pirate stories... You see while the mod makes YOUR headshots more realistic, in and out of VATS, it ALSO makes the enemy headshots on YOU more realistic. That means your noggin get shot, you die! So yeah, do you have armored helmet in size 14 please?

Seriously though, while this mod is no longer being updated by its creator, it does still work in our game so we think you should use it if you, like us, never really got the whole headshots not killing things business.

Oh, but be aware that certain beasties do not always die from headshots even WITH the mod installed since they are the sorts that actually would have a chance to survive that sort of hit. Those include:




Liberty Prime


Mierlurk King

Mister Gutsy





Sentry Bot

Sentry Turret

Spore Plant

Tumble Weed

There may be a few more that have some immunity to headshots but those are the ones we remember for sure. So yeah, level the playing field in your game with this great mod - but be sure you wear a helmet, right?

Posted: 16th Jun 2015 by CMBF
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