Top 10 cancelled Video Games

02. Dirty Harry (The Collective / Warner Brothers)

First of all let's get something straight: They had us with 'Dirty Harry' and the details did not matter. Dirty Harry! Make by Day Harry!? Well yeah!

At the time the developer was communicative about the game and the plans for it. First, it was planned to continue the story from the 1971 motion picture Dirty Harry, with Clint Eastwood voicing as Harry Callahan and how cool would that have been? Very cool indeed.

Clint was not only going to be Dirty Harry in the game, he was reported as serving in a consulting role as well as offering creative input, so you just knew that the game was going to be something special.

Thanks to some excellent promotional work we knew that the game was set to follow the same basic storyline as the film, with San Francisco's finest detective tracking down that infamous serial killer Scorpio. Even if it had been a scene-for-scene remake of the movie it still would have rocked.

According to the last official releases on the game development, versions for both Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 were planned, with a release date in 2007. So far, so good. They even released a trailer for the game, with Warner Brothers releasing tantalizing hints about the open-world plans and how much the city of San Francisco would play in the game.

The game was to feature reactive AI, both for crooks and cops, and the player was assured that they could stay 'in-character' as Dirty Harry, no worries. Warner Brothers stated in no uncertain terms in the many press releases for the game that 'Bringing Clint Eastwood's authentic Dirty Harry character to this next generation of consoles provides exciting promise for game playing audiences everywhere"

Then and with very little warning in terms of any trouble existing, the game was officially cancelled by Warner Brothers, who offered the vague excuse that there was some sort of trouble at The Collective that made continuing the game's development impossible.

What the details were was never officially revealed, though The Collective went on to produce a number of projects of a similar size, so it wasn't that they couldn’t do it.

Every few years a bunch of gamers get together to petition for the game to be put back into development - our hopes get high - then nada. Nothing. Sigh.

01. Fallout Online (Masthead / Interplay)

A fan's take on how Fallout Online could have been promoted.

For some games a reasonable explanation is necessary, but for games like Fallout Online not only is it not necessary to explain the gut-wrenching disappointment for its cancellation, we don't have to mention that it still stings to this day.

The why of that is pretty simple, really. Few game series have captured the imagination and have entertained quite like Fallout. Really the idea of an MMO experience began catching fire with Fallout 3 - then New Vegas pretty much made it an idea whose time had come. After all, who wouldn't want to survive in the wastelands with their mates?

When the first announcements for the game being in development were made the idea began to generate serious momentum among fans of the series. Developer Masthead Studios had some clear ideas for how it wanted the game to shape, and they shared that information with the masses. Nobody worried that Interplay would not be able to publish the game either.

But then the current Fallout owners -- Bethesda Softworks -- took a negative position on the issue. The problem was that it looked like Masthead still had the rights to produce Fallout Online - even if Bethesda was saying no. When the courts got involved the message began to be written on the wall in very clear black and white: If an MMO got made it would be Bethesda who decided the issue.

When Bethesda came down with hard demands that no mention of the Fallout universe be made in any of the promotional material for Fallout Online the notion floated like a lead brick. How could you NOT have that in Fallout Online? Considering, you know, the game was based within the Fallout universe and all?

The answer of course is you can't - and so Fallout Online was cancelled and sadness spread over the lands. Ah but for what might have been.

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Well there you have it, our Top 10 cancelled Games with feeling... Not to steal a tune from the bubble gum band Aqua, IF we could turn back time... If we could have our way...

Posted: 8th Nov 2014 by CMBF
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