Top 10 cancelled Video Games

04. Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Ubisoft / Ubisoft)

If you are a fan of the original Beyond Good & Evil you already know that the first game in the series was originally intended to be game one of a three-game-arc, and that there was a wider story set to be told.

That being the plan - a trilogy - the announcement of the second title in the series was not a surprise or shock for gamers, but what was a shock was seeing the game end up being cancelled.

The official reason for the game getting cancelled? Poor sales of the original game.

Ubisoft stated that the poor sales of the first game made it reluctant to invest in a sequel, so bye bye BG&E2! Or did it? As it turns out, Ubisoft's left hand does no always know what the right hand is doing, and don't even get us started about its ankles!

We don't have to tell you that we were looking forward to seeing Jade again, or the massive confidence that Ubisoft Montpellier would make an excellent game.

The fact that creator Michel Ancel was giving interviews about the project pretty much everywhere did not hurt the expectation that the game would solidify into the next big thing, but when Ubi failed to offer any information about the game, its title, or even a vague release date when they debuted it at Ubidays.

By the time the whole money thing was brought up the signals were already mixed at best, and things continued to degrade from there. In spite of the trailer and promo materials that were released about the game, the word was it was going to die... At least that was how it seemed in 2009.

Then Ubisoft began sending mixed signals and for the next two years the company variously confirmed the game was in development, said it was not on hold, then said it was not in development but in pre-development, then it was back in development and nobody could say one way or the other.

Finally on May 28, 2010 (which was exactly two years after the initial announcement) French games website Wootgaming announced that it had insider information about creator Michel Ancel leaving Ubisoft Montpellier due to internal problems with development of the game.

Ubisoft PR representatives flat out denied that announcement, but active or current information about the game and its development went dark for four years. On July 31, 2014, Ubisoft once again confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was in active development, but the game has taken on Duke Nukem-like status at this point.

Posted: 8th Nov 2014 by CMBF
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