Top 10 cancelled Video Games

The world of video games is a volatile place where even games with the best origins and story can end up getting cancelled due to a wide variety of reasons - most often though the cause is either a lack of funding or a project that has gone off the rails.

Throughout the history of modern gaming there have been over a thousand games that should have been - titles that already had a following and very eager audience but an audience alas that was destined to be disappointed.

Picking the Top 10 cancelled Video Games was an incredibly challenging endeavor, mostly because there are so many games spread across all of the platforms - the vast majority of which we as gamers actually wanted to see made - which made the process doubly painful.

To put this in perspective for you - and we should because when you see the true scope of the matter it is rather stunning - there are far more to choose from than you probably think.

Let's examine it by platforms:

Apple iOS: 2

Atari 2600: 16

Atari 5200: 16

Atari Jaguar: 17

Atari Lynx: 2

Microsoft Xbox: 91

Microsoft Xbox 360: 104

Microsoft Xbox One: 8

Nintendo 3DS: 10

Nintendo 64: 57

Nintendo 64DD: 17

Nintendo DS: 33

Nintendo Game Boy: 6

Nintendo Game Boy Advanced: 41

Nintendo Game Boy Color: 24

Nintendo GameCube: 94

Nintendo NES: 23

Nintendo SNES: 35

Nintendo Virtual Boy: 7

Nintendo Wii: 48

Nintendo WiiU: 9

Philips CD-i: 3

SEGA 32X: 17


SEGA Dreamcast: 66

SEGA Game Gear: 1

SEGA Saturn: 44

Sony PlayStation: 63

Sony PlayStation 2: 86

Sony PlayStation 3: 95

Sony PlayStation4: 8

Sony PlayStation Portable: 50

Sony PlayStation Vita: 4

By our math the above list totals 1,110 game projects - and we are sure to have missed some in our tally!

So how do you pick the Top 10 Cancelled Video Games from a field over a thousand? How even do you pick them when you can find multiple cancelled titles in a single game series - like the Fallout Series?!

The answer is simple: You follow your heart. You pick the games that the lack of which almost create a hole in your gamer heart. The ones that you truly desperately and badly wanted to see made - and the news that they had been cancelled hit you with a force not unlike losing a mate.

Now in spite of the criteria that we just spelled out for you in detail, we have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that no matter what 10 we pick for this article, you are going to have a different list of your own. If we are lucky some of ours will be on your list, but you are going to have some on your list we did not. That's just the way this works.

But having said that, please do feel invited to share your own list - your own Top 10 cancelled Video Games - in the Comment Section at the bottom of this article. And if you would share your list, please also feel invited to comment on the why's of your choice if you feel the urge?

That said, and with no fanfare, we present to you our Top 10 cancelled Video Games:

The Top 10 cancelled Video Games 2014 Edition

10. Amped 4 (Indie Built / ??)

While the game that established the series was well liked, it was really the sequel, Amped 2, that gave the series voice. Amped 3 was something of a disappointment, so the fans of the series were hoping for lightning to strike again, deciding that it was reasonable for good to skip generations.

Of course for that to be so, Amped 4 would need to be created, right?

Before we start complaining about the fact that Amped 4 was cancelled, we should probably explain how the series is one of the best snowboarding games pretty much, you know, ever? Well yeah it was!

What made it great was its take on the sport. Where rival series SSX was focused upon high-speed snowboard racing, Amped instead focuses on creative boarding and exploring the world and your own abilities and creative boarding moves.

When you stop to consider that while the series was previously an Xbox exclusive title, the 4th game in the series was set to be released on both Xbox and PlayStation - or it would have been if Indie Built had not ended up shutting down in April 2006, but it did.

After parent company 2K closed down the Salt Lake studio, it announced that it was retaining the IP and projects of Indie Built, it said nothing about re-assigning or continuing them. And hey, they haven't.

09. The Dark Knight (Pandemic / Warner Brothers + EA Games)

There are few rules as absolute as the one that says the book is always going to be better than the movie. There is also a rule about video games made from movies generally sucking. In the case of The Dark Knight I guess we will never know...

When it was announced it was acknowledged that that game would be loosely based on the film of the same name, as an open world Batman game.

Even considering the issue of the whole video game made from movie probably sucking thing, there was still significant interest in the game, so when the movie approached release and no game materialized, the whispers began. When the DVD arrived and still no video game? The die was cast.

Despite still wanting to play the game, and speculation that it still could maybe arrive, when developing studio Pandemic Brisbane shut down for good it was pretty clear the the project cancelled.

You can read some more about Amped 4 and see some screenshots over on this website:

Posted: 8th Nov 2014 by CMBF
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