Top 10 cancelled Video Games

08. Highlander: The Game (EIDOS / Square Enix)

There are guilty pleasures in life, that is a fact. There are a lot of things we like to do - a lot of things we will choose to do - but not all of them are things we would want our friends or relatives to know we like and do. For example, while mopeds are great fun to play with, you would not want your biker buddies to know you like to ride them.

Same thing with fat girls and eating foo foo food. It's fun, you like it, but it would be sort of embarrassing for that to be common knowledge among your peers... Thanks to a really really cheesy third movie, and an even cheesier TV series (say hello Duncan) saying you are a fan of Highlander is the same sort of thing.

So announcing you are not only a fan of Highlander but are anxious to get your hands on Highlander: The Video Game? The thing is, and despite the stigma attached, the answer is clear; Yes. Yes we were.

A third-person action role-playing game based on the Highlander franchise, the game was to be published by Square Enix for Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows PC, and featured a previously unknown Immortal named Owen MacLeod as the main character and protagonist.

OK, remember what we said about mopeds and fat girls... Maybe it is true that there can be only one, but Duncan makes two, and Owen would have made three, so perhaps it is best if we agree that often the suspension of disbelief must be accompanied by the suspension of memory about nagging plot elements from the story. Just saying.

And you know what? We were totally willing! I mean hey, sword fighting! Chopping heads off! Gaining super powers! Immortal! Totally there!

Similar to other Highlander films and media, the story was supposed to span several time-lines including Ancient Gaul, Pompeii, and modern-day New York City, and included a Highlander who not only did the whole swords thing, but also dabbled in a bit of sorcery. Heh.

OK maybe it was for the best then that on December 10, 2010, the game was officially cancelled. Now that we've said that we should probably add that we still wanted to play it.

07. Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade (Z-Axis / Activision)

Developed by Underground Development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, Devil's Brigade was set to offer gamers and fans of the COD series a new game and story based in World War II. Now it has been said that WWII has been done and overdone, but hey, really? No!

Devil’s Brigade was announced to be a third-person shooter that would feature squad-based tactical combat, a rich and large world for exploration, and would tell the grim real-life story of a specially trained band of Canadian and American soldiers known as the Devil's Brigade, whose brutal yet effective tactics were more in line with Inglorious Basterds than Big Red One.

The action was set in Italy in the heavy fighting to take over the peninsula and liberate all those Italians yearning to be free from fascist dictators. You know, like, everyone except the fascists. We were totally on board with that - and besides which can you just imagine for a moment the traditional COD experience with that story line? It would have been epic.

Sadly the success of the other titles in the series took the focus away from World War II to a more modern era, and as a result the development resources and budget were shifted to Guitar Hero: Van Halen - leaving most fans scratching their head and wondering why? Why?!

OK granted not a lot was known about the game - very few details had been released largely due to the fact that they wanted to see how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would do, just in case.

What it would do was break sales records, but that hardly seems like justification to abandon a game project that was not only well underway, but covered a story and subject gamers wanted to experience.

It turns out that the real reason that the game was cancelled had more to do with the merger with Vivendi/Blizzard that was happening at the time. Basically they couldn't leave any high-cost projects open because that would impact he basic value of the company.

After the merger issues were settled it seems that the focus for the series was now firmly grounded in modern-modern warfare, and there you have it.

Posted: 8th Nov 2014 by CMBF
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