10 Non-Scary Halloween Games

4. Darkstalkers Chronicles

Capcom, after the runaway success of Street Fighter, spent quite a few years pumping out a whole variety of fighting games. Many were variations of the ultra-popular Street Fighter II, and eventually Street Fighter III, but the company wasn't afraid to branch out and try new IPs, as well.

One of these other IPs is the Darkstalkers series. Instead of trying to mimic the real world (as much as it can with energy projectiles flying about, anyway), Darkstalkers instead takes place in a Halloweenish hellscape where vampires and demons are the norm. The cast of characters is diverse and outlandish, including cat women, succubi, and a demented Little Red Riding Hood.

Of course, the core gameplay is also a lot of fun, making it a blast to play. There are a few entries to the Darkstalkers series, including the recently re-released Darkstalkers Resurrection, but the PSP Darkstalkers Chronicles includes three games' worth of story, and all five games' worth of characters and fighting styles, making it the most complete package available on the US market.

Posted: 27th Oct 2014 by gaiages