10 Non-Scary Halloween Games

6. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania games are the pure spirit of Halloween. You're fighting Dracula, a terrifying blood sucking vampire, by (usually) running through his huge, labyrinth castle, filled with standard monsters and Lovecraftian horrors alike, with disturbing imagery in the background reminding you of the brutality of the evil vampire.

Given that description, you're probably wondering how in the world this is not scary. Well, I'm sure most of us have played a Castlevania title, and can understand why: Besides a few 'jump' scares, the whole thing is really quite campy. Plotlines err to the side of silly, and the sprites of the 2D titles rarely hold any kind of 'horror' to them. The 3D games tend to show the series horror roots a bit better, particularly the Lords of Shadows games, but given the series' pedigree it can be a bit difficult to take completely seriously.

While most of the Castlevania titles will do just fine, why not go with one of the fan favorites? Symphony of the Night is the PlayStation 1 title that jump-started the 'Metroidvania' games, and its gameplay still holds up well today. Also, the game has been re-released on PSN and XBLA, making it easy to download and play.

Posted: 27th Oct 2014 by gaiages