Top 10 Best Video Game Girlfriends

04. Cortana (Halo)

Now before you point out that Cortana is a virtual character, need we remind you that we are talking about video game girlfriends? Think about it.

Our reason for including Cortana here has nothing at all to do with the awesome behind that is very nicely shown off in the games - or her cuteness quotient.

We could point to her sense of humor, her personality, or her eyes - man, what wicked eyes! But that is not it... No, the reason she made the list was so that all you pain-takers and S&M freaks would have your own tasty girlfriend to choose.

Because let's face it, in addition to being a stone-cold fox and all-around hottie, she is also a first class bitch! She would have to be, considering that she is bossing around a freaking UNSC Spartan?!

Considering her good looks, the fact that she is an AI and has literally the knowledge of the universe (or at least humanity) at her beck and call, you are never going to get stuck with guessing a six-letter word for tropical island root because hey, she knows that!

While the only real impediment is you cannot get a hug from her when you need one - still you can't really say that she completely lacks a physical form because as soon as her display comes online you see her.

So what if you can't touch her? Sex is highly overrated (except you know, when it is not) and besides we bet she does a mean Sodoku! Well, that and as she has already demonstrated she has emotions - you saw her sad, you saw her happy, you saw her laugh, you saw her cry - and she is certainly capable of love - what else would you call her relationship with the Master Chief?

So the question is not 'Should she have made the number four slot on our list?' but rather 'How will they scrape you off the wall when Master Chief finds out you are trying to date his AI?'

Posted: 17th Jul 2014 by CMBF
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