Top 10 Best Video Game Girlfriends

06. Rayne (BloodRayne)

From the get-go there is no arguing that Rayne certainly numbers among the truly hot girls in video game worlds - but in a very distrurbing way.

What we do know though is that if there was a paparazzi in games she would have a perpetual posse of them on her trail around the clock. Let's examine why...

Redhead? Check! Amazing body? Check! Wicked sense of humor? Check! Majorly sexy outfit? Check! Leaks sexuality without even meaning to? Check, Check, Check!

For geek appeal consider this: Rayne started in video games, expanded into comic books, and then made the jump to live-action movie - that has to be the geek trifecta!

She is so hot - and sexy - that those visual qualities almost outweigh the negative side of her person - most notably the fact that she is not actually, um, human. Well that and she is almost 100 years old!

Rayne is what is known as a dhampir - half-human, half vampire - and was born in 1915 after her mother was raped and impregnated by her vampire father, Kagan.

But hey, no worries there mates! Rayne sent his vampire ass to whatever crispy hell-like place it is that vampire rapists go when somebody drives a wooden stake through their heart, so there will not be that awkward meet the potential in-laws event for you!

Wait, we are not done - there are still more iffy factors to consider...

There is the fact that she is a secret agent for the Brimstone Society - a mysterious organization that hunts down and deals with supernatural threats to humanity. So yeah, that means her work schedule is really hectic.

And then there is the minor matter of her appearing nude in a pictorial spread in the October 2004 issue of Playboy Magazine - try explaining all that to your Mom and Grandmother - we dare you!

So taking into consideration her rather advanced age, her thirst for violence, and the fact that she might just decide to drain all the blood from your body while looking for a midnight snack, from a strictly visual point-of-view just what does this femme fatale have going for her?

For the record there is the whole recognition thing she has going for her...

According to UGO she rates as fourth on their list of the 'Top 11 Video Game Heroine Hotties' based upon a combination of appearance and abilities.

The Escapist ranked Rayne's blade-heeled boots as the second craziest footwear in video games, while JoyStick Division ranked her seventh on their list of the 'greatest asses' and her breasts as ninth in a similar consideration.

Complex listed her as the 17th hottest video game character, while GameDaily ranked her twelfth on their list of the 'Top 50 Hottest Game Babes' and, you know what? Let's just cut to the chase shall we?

Rayne is simply hot - that is all there is to it. And while hot can get you laid, even for a 98-year-old half-vampire being hot certainly makes you girlfriend material - especially in the world of video games!

Posted: 17th Jul 2014 by CMBF
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