Top 10 Best Video Game Girlfriends

07. Aeris / Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)

Right, so if this name popping up on this list somehow strikes you as wrong, well, then you have never properly explored the reasons why librarians are just so damn sexy!

Call her a geek - she is one - call her plain - there IS such a thing as understated beauty - but whatever you do, do NOT call her Airy because she'll kick your ass!

She is the last of the Cetra - an ancient race with powerful magical abilities - and while she was a playable character in VII (that almost disqualified her for this list) she also happens to figure prominently in the lore and legend of Advent Children, Crisis Core and Before Crisis, which more than makes her video game girlfriend material. Just saying...

What sets her apart from the massive hoi polloi stew that is the female in the world of games and gaming is her essential first impression - which portrays a very independent and outgoing young woman who is honest, has an intuitive understanding of others, and is deeply in-tune with nature.

If you think that's trivial stop for a moment and think about that girl you wanted to date in high school but couldn't - and what she turned out to be later in life. See what we are saying?

Maybe part of the reason why she is so kind in her down-to-earth way has something to do with her deep and abiding understanding of what it is like to be exploited?

No, we are not talking about the regular type of exploitation that all women face because they are shaped - and equipped - the way that they are.

We are talking about the lifetime she has spent running and hiding - and battling - with the Shinra Electric Power Company, who hunts her throughout her life seeking to exploit her magic powers!

Her beautiful face (and body) is complemented by dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes, but most guys remember her because of the combination of her classic shin-length pink dress that buttons up the front and her red bolero jacket - yeah, that outfit just screams catch me... Um... Yeah.

Considering the wide variety of good looking girls that are encountered throughout the FF series, looking for the special elements that cause Aerith to stand out is probably best when you are considering the bits that make her video game girlfriend material - which we are.

That being so, aside from being a beast between the sheets, we would just like to go on record as saying it is actually her upbeat and joyful presence and attitude that truly attracted us to her - not her bodacious tatas. Just saying.

Posted: 17th Jul 2014 by CMBF
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