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Building Guide

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Building Guide for Age of Z
Building Guide for Age of Z

In Age of Z there are various buildings you can build or upgrade. When you begin the game though only a small part of your city is available, most of the buildings are smoldering ruins completely overrun by Zombies which you will need to take back control from by attacking them with your army. As you progress in the game and level up you will unlock new blocks to rescue. Check out our Building Guide for Age of Z to find out more about them.

Main Hall

This building is your HQ and it is here that you can an overview of your city by checking your stats. These include Economy (resource production), Power Distribution (Battle Power, Building Power, Technology Power, Troop Power), Military (Army population and troop details). Upgrading your Main Hall increase the max level of other buildings and unlocks new buildings. At the Main Hall you can also use Gold to purchase various City buffs that includes increasing your army size and giving a HP bonus to all your troops.

City Wall

The City Wall provides protection for your territory and if the durability falls to 0 your territory will be forced to relocate. City Wall's durability will replenish automatically over time. Upgrading your City Wall increases the max durability. At level 10, the Defense Tower will be unlocked, allowing you to build special weapons that will help defend your City Wall.


This building allows you to research different technologies, these include increasing the resource production, increasing fleet speed, increasing HP for your defense troops or increasing your mid-range troops' attack to increase your overall power. Researching a technology requires an amount of time and you can use 'Building Speed Up' items to speed up the researching process. You can also upgrade your Academy to unlock new technologies for you to research.

Command Center

This building is where you recruit and upgrade officers.


This building is where you can manage your troops or research new fleet-related technologies which benefits your

troops against World Map Monsters. Upgrading your Garage unlocks more fleet queues and unlocks more technologies for you to research.


This building allows you to train new troops which can either help defend your territory and attack enemies. There are different types of troops that you can train like infantry, gunner, sniper and rocket launcher. Upgrading your Camp unlocks better troops for you to recruit.


This building allows you to train new battle machines which can be used to help defend your territory and attack enemies. The different types of battle machines you can train include tanks, gunners, war bikers and shedders. When you upgrade yourFactory you will unlock better battle machines for you to recruit.


This building protects your collected resources from being plundered. When you upgrade the Depot you will increase the number of resources protected. At level 8, the resource sale will be unlocked, allowing you to collect/purchase resources.

Training Grounds

Upgrade Training Grounds to be able to train more units at a time.


If your troops or your battle machines get wounded/destroyed during a battle or being attacked, you can treat them from the Hospital. Take note that wounded troops/battle machines exceeding the Hospital capacity will not be

treated. Upgrading your Hospital will increase its capacity and healing speed.

Dispatch Center

This building is where you can rally additional units. Upgrading the Dispatch Center will increase the maximum rally units.

Recon Center

This building shows information on enemies approaching your territory. The higher the Recon Center level, the more different types of information that it shows allowing you to plan your counter attack easily.


This building provides housing for Refugees in your city. When you upgrade the House you will increase the maximum refugee population.


This building produces Food and it can be used either to build more Farms or upgrade your Farm to increase the output rate and max capacity.

Oil Refinery

This building produces Oil and it can be used to either build more Oil Refineries or upgrade your Oil Refinery to increase the output rate and max capacity.

Steel Mill

This building produces Steel.

Mineral Mine

This building produces Iron and it can be used to either build more Mines or upgrade your Mine to increase the production rate and max capacity.

Event Center

You can claim your daily rewards at this building.


This building is the Alliance center.

Check out our Age of Z Guide and Walkthrough to get help overcoming the zombie invasion.

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