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Age of Z Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats
Age of Z Cheats and Tips

Age of Z Cheats and Tips

Take a look at our collection of Age of Z cheats and tips to get help in this game that has tower defense and base-building elements. The game is available on Android and iOS.

Age of Z is set during a zombie apocalypse which has thrown humanity into the dark age. To survive you must slay zombies and forge alliances to try and reclaim the city block by block. The dead are continually rising and feasting upon the flesh of the living, those that fall fighting the undead rise back up to join their ranks. Through all of this chaos and horror, you have managed to find a stronghold in the city from which to fight.

  • Level Up your Commander

    As your Commander Level grows in Age of Z you will get Skill points. The higher your level, the more Skill Points you will have. You get Commander XP each time you complete quests or attack Zombies. When you get enough Commander XP for the next level, you will Level Up automatically.

    Check out our Commander Skills guide to find out everything you need to know about them.

  • Increase Troop Strength

    You can make your troops more powerful in Age of Z by going to 'Research' at your Academy and checking out the the options under 'City Defense and Military'. There are several technologies you can research to improve your troops' stats. You can also choose Commander Skills that make your troops more powerful, and enjoy a temporary Attack boost at VIP 8 and above.

  • Check for Incoming Attacks

    Keep an eye out for a red flickering line around your city as this is a warning that someone wants to attack or scourt you or one of your allies. You will be able to find out more by checking the Alliance Battle screen for incoming attacks.

  • Avoid Attacks

    If you find that your city is being continually attacked you can use Shields to protect it, this though is expensive. You can however avoid being attacked altogether by keeping your resources under the Depot limit. Tap your Depot building, then tap 'Details', and check out the 'Food/Oil/Steel/Mineral Protection' numbers listed. These are the amount of each resource that will be protected from attacks.

    If your resources are below these numbers, any enemies that attack you and win will get nothing except the few uncollected resources outside your city wall. You can also use the random teleport or elite teleport to avoid a prolonged enemy attack or you can consider joining the largest Alliance in the vicinity to receive strong support.

  • Protect your Resources from Attacks

    The Depot Building in your city protects the resources from the enemy. Resources that have been placed in the Depot Building cannot be looted by others so if you want to protect more resources at a time you need to upgrade this facility.

    Check out our Building Guide page to find out more about the different buildings in Age of Z.

  • Restore City Defense After Defeat

    If you are defeated by the enemy and your city is captured a fire begins, during which your City Defense will be reduced. To restore your City Defense you must use the 'Recover' function which will make the fire go out automatically after your Burn Time counts down.

    If you allow your City Defense to burn down to zero, your City will be automatically randomly teleported to a new location on the world map. After being teleported, your City Defense will be automatically restored to max.

  • Free Gold

    There are several ways in Age of Z in which you can get free Gold. You will normally be rewarded Gold after you have completed important tasks but you will also get it after joining an Alliance for the first time and during some temporary events like Strongest Commander or completing certain achievements such as Alliance Quest or Nation Progress.

  • Join an Alliance

    Join an Alliance as soon as possible so you can access powerful Alliance technologies and be able to buy items in the Alliance store. Click 'Alliance' and you will see a list of alliances. The system can recommend suitable alliances, or you can find them yourself by using the Alliance search function.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, but for further help, try our beginners guide, we also have some FAQs for Age of Z, you can also submit your own questions there for other players to answer.

Check out our Tower Defense guide to get some tips on how to get past the Tower Defense Levels.

Age of Z walkthrough and guide

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Age of Z FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

I have my main and three farms binded to my iphone and a friend is givng me is main account. What ..
You can use facebook.
Other option is to get other game center id
You can create many ID in itunes with email you control.
Then you log out in game center, and log in with your other ID.
You have to click on : not my ID
Type in other ID you have created in I tunes
This way,you can have many more accounts
Whenn you need to open your other accounts, then log out in game center.
Log in with other or orginal id.
And your other accounts is there
One of my members of the game is leaving the game and he gave me his city how can I added that cit..
Top and bottom you can't only way is for you to have access to his Google play account or FB or account number if you have his email address access and add this to your phone you will then have access to connect to his base or yours but not at the same time you can't merge accounts
How do I find out building times for each upgrade before I get there ?
Look up ARKY on discord they have a few charts with all this info
How do I share oil? My settings won't let me. Farm it says 200000 oil it says 0 while I have 40 mi..
Move slider from the Food to zero then you can increase the slider for Oil to a maximum of 200000 per truck you send, same applies to steel and mineral
How do I reset elite mines
Alliance skills in the institute building. Go to buildings then select institute and in the institute one of the bottom tabs is the skills. U would have to donate chips to it to get the mine reset to level 1 atleast in order to use it.

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