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Permanent Armorlock

On Forge mode Spawn two armor locks and another armor ability.
Switch to player mode
Equip 1 of the armor locks
than switch to edit
Lock on to the other armor lock and press B and select Delete all,than switch back to player you now have permanent armor lock. And the great part you can still use any other armor ability at the same time.

Added 30 Aug 2012, ID #8636, by Guest
Ask.com and get

Roller Coaster Glitch

*You need to do this glitch in multi-player Forge*

1. Build a Falcon
2. Place the Falcon
3. Let another person get in the turret seat of the Falcon
4. Pick the Falcon up again.
5. Spin the Falcon around and around again.

*The Roller Coaster Glitch is also useful for quick travel across maps*

Added 29 Jul 2012, ID #8572, by ninjapupz

Secret underwater place in forge world

Ok, this is pretty hard to find perfectly 1. From coluseum side of forge world, go about 3/4 through island (facing exactly how you face when you spawn) 2. Turn left 90 degrees 3. Go forwardall the way, as far as it lets you 4. Spawn a teleporter (not sender node) 5. Spawn another tele porter and go through it 6. This is the tricky part... Build a box somewere in the water (no floor needed if done at perfect spot) 7. Go in box and your underwater! 8. Expiriment and you could even be better than me! WOW!!! (not at slayer almost EVroyone's better than me at THAT) TIP: make sure box is watertight or death water will be inside your box!

Added 9 Jul 2012, ID #8511, by xxWESTRIDAxx


Now, this may be another persons cheat but it isnt ( I hope ) (anyway skip steps if you can watch vids from peeple in bungie.net type xxWESTRIDAxx watch vids for glitches I posted! ) 1. Play new alexadera 2. Get near end 3. Go to club errera 4. Behind building go to right till you find a building with a gap across the top and bottom 5. Go to top of gap in falcon, (banshee will turn to phantohm... U also need jet pack) get out and jet pack to top when jamming vehicle near top 6. Hit switch 7. Get in vevicle and unjam it 8. Go to ear ring shaped building and go through it your done! ( if it didn't work try again )

Added 9 Jul 2012, ID #8508, by xxWESTRIDAxx

Oni Sword Base Commendation and Credit Glitch. Works on and offl

Need a higher commendation progress and more credits. You are reading the right cheat. Okay so you need to start on Normal on ONi sword base. Then once you start you need to run, JUST RUN, all the way to the Target Locater, then turn around and aim it at all the enemies behind you, but only when it says checkpoint complete shall you shoot. And when it says you have earned the highest multikill medal you immediately press pause and choose start from last checkpoint. Keep doing this until you feel you need to stop. Then try it on harder difficulties.

Added 8 Jul 2012, ID #8500, by ArtisticMonkey

Firefight Achievements and 1 or 2 Avatar awards

When you play on firefight, do not play online. Go ahead and go to the firefight lobby. And make sure you have an infinite number of rounds, the weapons you want, invurnerability, and all rounds only have Elites. And then you need to put all skulls on. It is going to take awhile put you will get it. Good Luck and give me some thumb ups!!!

Added 8 Jul 2012, ID #8499, by ArtisticMonkey

Uneploeded Grenade

Pick up a grenade launcher then shoot and hold the trigger. The grenade will no explode until you release the trigger.

Added 23 Jun 2012, ID #8475, by Guest

How to get alot of credits

Go to forge spawn a killball then place a spawn piont in the kill ball(delet all the spawn points first)then save the map after that put it on custom games then open the same map you saved last time then wait for a hourthen end the game and you will get alot of creits.

Have fun cheating

Added 14 Jun 2012, ID #8452, by Guest

Pelican cheat

You get to drive a pelican in the game halo:reach

By jumping in the back where the soldiers sit, then walk to the front and wait till it shows ( hold down X to drive ) under your gun where it shows gun ammo, hold down X to drive.

Added 6 May 2012, ID #8375, by Guest

Infinite Health Never Die

X B LT RT LT B B A Down Left Right UP nothing will pop up on your screen your shield will go down but you will never die

Added 3 May 2012, ID #8373, by Guest


In forge world in the canyon there is a small bay. Go to the edge of the bay then move left (jump over the rocks if you have to) and eventually you'll fall into a hole. Note: you can't be in edit mode.

Added 1 May 2012, ID #8366, by mattman1029

Indestructible you

You can only do this in forge.so what you do is get two armor locks and put them in front of you.then you get one and use it.when you are about in the middle of using your first armor lock quickly change into a robot. After that go to the second one and select it. Once you have done that push b and go to delete all of these. Then turn into a human and you are indestructible. Note: you can still get assassinated.

Added 23 Apr 2012, ID #8350, by Guest

Extra health in any game type!!!

As the game is counting down from 5, press X+B+Up+A and you will have a ton of extra health!!!

Added 13 Feb 2012, ID #8207, by Guest

Kewl kills

Ok on the level long night of solace after you walk into the factory of the saberes follow a marine untill you see a hole in the wall he will say wraith on the lower platform. Stay and die. When you respond go around the entrance untill you fing a bridge then you will follow it to the wraith after you kill it a dropship will come. It will drop off a squad. Everytime you kill the squad it will come back. (if you want better go towards the entrance to the factory and a squad with 2 ultras will come and come

Added 3 Feb 2012, ID #8194, by heyheyhey45

How to get CQB helmet in halo reach

Ok to do this you'll need xbox live (you don't need gold to do it just silver) and silver is free now :D so first ya going to have to beat the campain on heroic, then ya going to have to get to career milestone 20 (btw career milesone is points for acheivements and it only works for acheivements on halo 2, halo 3, halo 3 odst, halo wars,halo anivirsary, and of coarse halo reach). Ps waypoint will tell you how far your milestone is.

Added 17 Dec 2011, ID #8078, by Guest

Glitchy fall without dying

At the ending of "the package" mission where there is a wraith at a wall with aolt of rocks walk down the ice and you wont die

Added 21 Aug 2011, ID #7671, by Guest

Easy Flawless Cowboy Progress

As you know, Flawless Cowboy is when you complete a Legendary mission without dying. This is a very hard task, and seemingly impossible commendation to try and complete. Well stress no more.
Start by picking the mission "Winter Contingency" and putting the difficulty on Legendary, as well the scoring for "Free for All," (I find it easier to know when I get a kill by doing this) and any skulls you wish to put on.
When the mission starts, proceed to run straight through to the building where you have your first encounter with the Covenant (the part where you actually fire and shoot at them). Ignore the Grunts and other various Covenant, and immediately run to the right of the building, taking shelter behind a shack and waiting for your shields, if you take any damage, and sprinting to recharge. Afterwords, immediately sprint straight ahead.
You will be out of danger for awhile, just keep running and hugging the border of the map to the right. You will eventually come to a bridge. Cross it, and continue heading straight (don't go to the left or middle of the map).
Up ahead there are some Elites that will be dropped from a Drop Ship. If you head over the railing to the right, and stay along the cliff over the railing, you should pass without them noticing you.
At this point you should have arrived at the car portion of the mission. Wait for the two other Nobles to board the vehicle, and start driving. Drive to the point where you see a flock of birds, and cross the bridge that has a straight path and a curve to the left. Take the left road, and you should come upon a building full of the Covenant. Ignore them, and continue down the road, heading right and heading straight down where you should come upon another building. Bypass that as well, and head to where the Lost Trooper Base is.
It is at this part where you should be most careful. Your task is to defend the base for Evac. Don't be a hero. Take it to the corners and inside the buildings for cover, as you do not want to die and restart the entire mission again. Use your pistol for the Grunts, and conserve the DMR ammo for the Elites. Afterwords, board the Falcon and wait awhile.
Once you board off the Falcon, immediately head right as to take cover. Once your sprint has recharged, head for the building where the door is trying to be hacked. Just wait in the corner at this point, because this whole scene is scripted and it will not matter if you try and shoot or kill anything. After Kat has hacked the door, wait for her to open the next door and continue through.
Run toward where the dead body is, and skip the cutscene. You're almost there, so try and stay alive.
After the cutscene, you will have to take out an Elite, some Grunts, and some Jackals. Notice the DMR ammo that is stocked in front of you. Save grenades for later. Clear out the Grunts and Jackals first, so you can focus everything on the Elite, but remember to keep cover so you will not die. (AKA, don't rush in.)
After the Elite is dead, try and take some plasma grenades, and chuck them into the next hallway to take out as many Grunts and Jackals as possible. Clear out the remaining few, and proceed through to the final room.
Before you enter the final room, be sure to pick up a Plasma Pistol, and keep your DMR. You will see four Grunts patrolling. Take them out from there Jorge is standing. There is an Elite with a sword in the room near the Grunts, so be wary. After the Grunts are taken out, proceed to the moving engines, and charge your Plasma Pistol. The Elite should be approaching, so release the Plasma Pistol and fire a DMR in his head before he has a chance to kill you.
After all that, you're in the clear. Here's the technical part now;
Head to the switch. Do not pull it yet. Go ahead and Save and Quit, and resume. Now, pull the switch, and wait for the cutscene. As soon as you hear a voice, immediately Pause it and hit "Save and Quit." With this, resume the Campaign and it will complete this mission for you. Now, once it has brought you back to the main menu, you notice that it gives you the option to "resume" again. This gives just the ending of the mission, and counts towards your Flawless Cowboy commendation. Hope I helped, and good luck out there.

Added 8 Jul 2011, ID #7477, by UmbreonDude_

Easy heat in the pipe achivement

In any map in the firefight settings put all the enemies into elites. Oh and make you indestructible and your weapons are only dmr and rocket launher and jetpack and of course hook them up.hope I help

Added 6 Jul 2011, ID #7467, by sweetcolt801

Skull Helmet

Once you've gotten all the armors in the armory, there is a variation of the Pilot Helmet with a skull clearly seen in the visor. In order to get this helmet, every other armor in the armor and this helmet is only worth 2 credits I believe due to the fact that all other armor must be bought first. I've only seen one person with this helmet and he/she was at the highest rank Inheritor.

Added 2 Jun 2011, ID #7358, by AK GMAN14

Levitation without Jetpack

Go into any mode and stand on your enemy shoot them in the hand until they die and when they fall to the ground you will still be in midair. It does not work if you are in movable armor lock. You cannot move either except your camera.

Added 31 May 2011, ID #7352, by Dlewis97
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