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Get Credits Fast

Just do the following steps...

1) Go to fire fight.
2) Go to 'Settings.
3) Select 'Spartan' settings.
4) Do 'Shield' and 'Heath' and put every thing on high so you will never die.
5) Put it on 'Legendary'.

Note: If you set everything high on the settings for 'Firefight' and put it on 'Legendary' you will also get more credits.

Added 18 Jun 2012, ID #8456, by Sanzano
Ask.com and get

Skull List

Below is a list of skulls that you can turn on (they do not need to be unlocked) in Halo: Reach:

Primary Skulls:

Black Eye: You can only recharge your shields by using melee attacks on enemies.

Catch: Opponents throw grenades twice as frequently, and they go twice as fast.

Cloud: No motion sensor is available.

Famine: Half as much ammunition is dropped with weapons.

Iron: This sends you to the last checkpoint when a player dies in co-operative mode. In single player, you have to begin the whole mission from the start if you die.

Mythic: Enemies have twice as much health.

Thunderstorm: Enemies have more health.

Tilt: Enemy weaknesses and strengths are raised, making Elites only vulnerable to Plasma Pistols.

Tough Luck: Opponents will not retreat and will dive out of the way of attacks, Grunts will suicide attack you, and Brutes will charge at you.

Secondary Skulls:

Blind: No HUD (screen indicators), arms or weapon shown on screen.

Cowbell: Items are moved three times as far from explosions.

Grunt Birthday: Grunts explode if killed with a headshot, complete with confetti.

IWHBYD: Uncommon dialogue is swapped with common dialogue.

Added 7 Aug 2011, ID #7608, by MongooseGeneral

Data Pad Locations

Check out the following video to find the locations on the listed difficulty of ALL 19 Data Pads

Click here to view the video

Added 22 Sep 2010, ID #6294, by Sanzano

Lone Wolf Bonus Mission

This bonus mission will start when you complete the game on the Legendary difficulty setting and the credits have ended.

Added 22 Sep 2010, ID #6293, by Sanzano


The following list shows you the amount of Credits you must earn to reach the corresponding rank.

Private - 7,500 Credits

Corporal - 10,000 Credits (+2,500 Credits)

Corporal: Grade 1 - 15,000 Credits (+5,000 Credits)

Sergeant - 20,000 Credits (+5,000 Credits)

Sergeant: Grade 1 - 26,250 Credits (+6,250 Credits)

Sergeant: Grade 2 - 32,500 Credits (+6,250 Credits)

Warrant Officer - 45,000 Credits (+12500 Credits)

Warrant Officer: Grade 1 - 78,000 Credits (+33,000 Credits)

Warrant Officer: Grade 2 - 111,000 Credits (+33,000 Credits)

Warrant Officer: Grade 3 - 144,000 Credits (+33,000 Credits)

Captain - 210,000 Credits (+99,000 Credits)

Captain: Grade 1 - 233,000 Credits (+23,000 Credits)

Captain: Grade 2 - 256,000 Credits (+23,000 Credits)

Captain: Grade 3 - 279,000 Credits (+23,000 Credits)

Major - 325,000 Credits (+46,000 Credits)

Major: Grade 1 - 350,000 Credits (+25,000 Credits)

Major: Grade 2 - 375,000 Credits (+25,000 Credits)

Major: Grade 3 - 400,000 Credits (+25,000 Credits)

Lt. Colonel - 450,000 Credits (+50,000 Credits)

Lt. Colonel: Grade 1 - 480,000 Credits (+30,000 Credits)

Lt. Colonel: Grade 2 - 510,000 Credits (+30,000 Credits)

Lt. Colonel: Grade 3 - 540,000 Credits (+30,000 Credits)

Added 22 Sep 2010, ID #6292, by Sanzano

Armour Parts without going Online

This glitch may only work on the unpatched version of the game. To do it go to the Forge and then to the Forge World map and just let your Spartan or Elite stand there idle. The longer they stay there the more points you will get in the level. When you have the desired amount of points just leave the game, you can do this for 3-4 hours and get at least 3,000 points for doing nothing.

Added 22 Sep 2010, ID #6291, by Sanzano

Lower your Gun

This can be done during a local game by clicking the Right analog-stick and holding Down + (Reload) + (Grenade Switch).

Added 22 Sep 2010, ID #6290, by Sanzano

Ending Sequence

If you want to know what happens at the end of the game then check out this video.


Added 21 Sep 2010, ID #6285, by Sanzano

Unlock Multiplayer Nameplates

The following nameplates become unlocked when you complete the indicated task. To activate it, log into Bungie.net, select 'Account', then 'Game Settings', then 'Nameplates'.

Original Halo Logo:
Register your Halo PC product code at Bungie.net.

Halo 2 Logo:
Play Halo 2 on Xbox Live before April 15, 2010.

Halo 3 Logo:
Play any Campaign level in Halo 3 on Xbox Live.

ODST Logo:
Play Halo 3:ODST on Xbox Live.

Marathon Durandal Symbol:
Have Marathon Durandal in your recently played games list and login at Bungie.net.

Mjolnir Mk VI Helmet Logo:
Unlock any 4 of the Halo PC, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST or Halo Reach Beta nameplates.

Assault Rifle:
Play the Halo Reach Beta in May 2010.

The Septagon Symbol:
Join Bungie.net and login with your Gamertag's email address.

Added 21 Sep 2010, ID #6284, by Sanzano

Reducing Falling Damage

The amount of damage you sustain from a high fall can be reduced if you get into a crouch about two thirds of the way down.

Added 21 Sep 2010, ID #6283, by Sanzano

Faster Melee Attacks

If you want to perform faster melee attacks press RB then quickly press X + RB.

Added 21 Sep 2010, ID #6282, by Sanzano

Avatar Awards

When you have completed the indicated task you will receive the corresponding Avatar Award.

Unlock Carter's Helmet:
Clear a Campaign mission on Legendary without dying.

Unlock Emile's Helmet:
Earned a Bulltrue medal in either Multiplayer or Firefight Matchmaking.

Unlock Jun's Helmet:
Kill 100 enemies in a row without dying in either the Campaign or Firefight.

Unlock Kat's Helmet:
Avenged a teammate's death in Multiplayer Matchmaking

Unlock Jorge's Helmet:
Earn a Killtacular in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

Added 21 Sep 2010, ID #6281, by Sanzano

Unlock Carter's Helmet Avatar Easily

To get this avatar you would normally have to complete a level on Legendary without dying. You can get it though by playing up until just before the end and 'Save and Quit' on a checkpoint. If you then resume the game and finish the level without dying in the final few parts you should get the 'Avatar Unlock' pop-up.

Added 21 Sep 2010, ID #6280, by Sanzano

Tips for surviving Legendary: Basics

If you have the black eye skull on, take armor lock, and right after you punch an enemy activate it and hold until your shield is full and continue fighting. If you are not close to an enemy, take cover and wait until your health is as high as it can get. Health packs also bring your shield up, so you can have a friend shoot you a little bit so you can grab the health pack. If you are doing it solo, you can throw a grenade on the ground and stand close, but not too close.

Elites of high rank, or ones with swords can be very difficult to take down. If it does not have a sword you can circle around him and punch him. After he attempts to attack you, punch, shoot him with a shotgun or both. If you do not have a shotgun, sword, or hammer, almost any other gun with be useless. This also works Hunters and Brutes. If the Elite does have a sword, and is of high rank, the shotgun is useless. Even at point blank range, it will not stun it. To take it down, find a small staircase and stand on the high part. Once it is about to go up the stairs, jump, turn, and punch. You will take it down via assassination or beat down. If you have 2 or more Elites ultra rank or higher, take them on one at a time. If you have marines or another player, use them as a distraction. A grenade launcher works very well against Elites. Practice with it. Hold the trigger to control when you want the grenade to explode.

Avoid trying to take on a whole squad of enemies. Do 1-4 grunts at a time, 1-4 jackals, 1-3 low rank elites, and 1 high rank elite.

Jackals with shields can be shot in the hand, and then in the head. If the head is visible, shoot the head, not the body. For Jackals without shields, if they are looking at you,try to shoot the crown of their head, not the middle. Don't try too hard, or you will miss your chance.


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Added 27 Oct 2014, ID #9801, by Optimus Power92

How to hijack a Wraith(Covenant Tank).

First, you must take out the turret grunt/brute. If you don't, you wont succeed. After that, you climb on the tank and into the turret position. The driver will hop out, and you must shoot him with the turret. You can take it easy if you paralyze it with a plasma pistol, or grenade launcher. If you don't have either one, you can wait until it boosts after you, and once it stops, jump on it from the side and hop in the turret.


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Added 31 Mar 2014, ID #9660, by Optimus Power92

Halo reach

1. Make two armor locks
2. Take one and use it
3. While in the middle of armor lock turn into the forge probe and go over the second armor lock and press b and hit delete all.

You should have armor lock on and be able to move around.when you fall you don't die. But when you're in vicle and they explode you will die.after that pick up an ability and you should be able to use that armour abilitity with lossing armour lock pls rate


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Added 16 Dec 2013, ID #9585, by mr.van schie

Club Errera easter egg Xbox 360

1st, play new alexandria(on easy) until you get the waypoint for club errera. 2nd, go to the hospital(left building).3rd, drop down to the waterfalls until you see 2 long trees. 4th, lock altitude and go to that platform with the two trees on it. 5th, get out of your Falcon. 6th, go to the doorway, inside it there is a switch. Activate it by holding x (not for playstation). 7th, get in your falcon and go to club errera, go inside (shade turrets outside will attack you!) 8th, See the awesome easter egg! Dancing grunts! Brute DJ! Brute bartenders!The song playing is called never surrender! If you want a different song playing, go outside, into your falcon, go on top of that building, find the air vent(curved), go under it, get out, activate the switch, go back in the club the song will be siege of madrigal. Remember don't shoot them or activate the jammer. See you!

Added 4 Aug 2013, ID #9349, by peeker723

Alpha zombis last man surviver

Vote for bordwalk if your a good guy. Go to the bottom of the stiars in the main place. Use sprint to get on the part with two trees. Jump on the first tree.When you get to the top look at the camra.
Jump om it. Then jump right beside te glass. It will
Say retern to battle field don't listen.When you get to the end go down to the crees. Go down inteel it stops saying reetrn to battle field.

Added 12 May 2013, ID #9195, by Guest

Halo reach easter egg

If you have the wonders of the world book go to page 14 Sunray PLEATS in the last mission of halo reach after the giant misskeetoes come you should see the same thing in the game therefore the Pillar of autumn is taking of in Antelope canyon Arizona North America.

Added 31 Mar 2013, ID #9114, by Guest

Armor lock glitch

Get two armor loks get one the go into 343 guilty spark witch is down on the d pad then press b on the other armor lock then go to delete all of these press a then get a turent break the turent of and there you go you invincible but not when vehicles explode or assanations but this glitch work better on two player.

Added 15 Jan 2013, ID #8972, by Guest
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