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Simple Money Maker

To get alot of caps in this game you need to do the Nuka Cola Challenge. And inside the girls house and when she isn't looking rob her blind. You will get alot of bad Karma but it could be really worth it.

Added 29 Dec 2008, ID #3719, by Avery201
Ask.com and get

Alot of useful items

To do this you need access to Paradise falls.
Walk around near this bar and there will be this guy and skip his dialouge and he will give you a bunch of useful items they can be some useful junk, weapons, ammo, or health. So if you need items for free go to this guy.

Added 29 Dec 2008, ID #3718, by Avery201

Infinite Money + 10mm rounds + Sidney's "Ultra" SMG (And hints f

For this, you need to first get to the Statesman Hotel. Since the first floor is blocked off, the only way through is to go through Our Lady of Hope Hospital first. While you're here, why not complete Riley's Rangers quest? To start it, go to Underworld and fin Riley in the Chop Shop. She will be unconscious. To revive her, either convince the doctor with a high enough speech, or revive Riley yourself with high enough medicine. Once she's up, talk to her for the quest. (Don't forget to talk to her about Theo, he had the main ammo of the team and was killed between the second and third floor of the Hotel to get the password for the ammo crate. Also, get the location of the Ranger Compound. It has plenty of weapons and ammo for you there.)

With all this info, proceed to Our Lady of Hope Hospital. There are tons of Super Mutants and Centaurs in here, so be prepared. Fight your way up the stairs until you come to a beam that will travel to the Statesman Hotel. Make sure to grab Theo's ammo on the way up, and continue fighting up. For the infinite money, keep your eyes peeled for a blown out wall with a couple of beds with skeletons on them. One of these skeletons will have a tape next to them, (Titled "To my little Moonbeam or something like that) Make SURE that you grab this, it is vital for the cash.
Now, continue up until you find the Rangers on the roof. Give them some ammo from Theo's box, and talk to them. They're trying to get an elevator working but need a fission battery. If you didn't bring one with you, they'll tell you where a destroyed robot with one is. Find it and bring it to Donavan, who will fix the Elevator. Let ALL THREE of them go in first before you take the elevator. Clean up the bottom floor and the ranger's will leave.
Now, before we get to the real cheat, go back to the ranger compound and talk to Riley and get the Ranger Armor (You can simply pickpocket Eugene from Brick). Also, talk to Riley about mapping for the Rangers. For each new location you find and bring back to Riley, she'll give you caps and experience.

With that out of the way, head to Rivet City and talk to Abraham Washington to get the Stealing Independence quest. Go the the National Archives and meet with Sydney on the first floor. Be careful, as she set some mines in the room that she's in.
Help Sydney fight two small waves of Super Mutants (Quick Note: DO NOT LET SYDNEY DIE! She is vital to survive for this cheat!) and then talk to her for the password to her terminal. Head to the back of the room you found Sydney in and loot the ammo cases and desks back there before activating the terminal and making a small lift appear in the middle of the room. Ride it downstairs.
Once downstairs, you won't find any more Super Mutants, but you'll find plenty of robots. Make sure to have plenty of pulse grenades and plasma grenades for this. Continue fighting until you find a robot who think that he is Burton, the second signer of the Declaration of Independence. Now, you can kill him and swipe the Declaration (Negative Karma, plus a Turret to fight), use speech to convince him that you are Thomas Jefferson and tell him the war is over you that you can claim the declaration, use your Robotics Expertise Perk to override his programming and shut him down, Accept the miniquest from him to go find the iron gal ink from Arlington Library. Bring it back to him so that he can forge a fake declaration (Abe won't know the difference...) No matter what you do, head to the back to open the safes and check out the back room for some loot and the Declaration, then open all of Burton's drawers in the back for a ton of energy weapon ammo, as well as the one-of-a-kind item, Burton's Wig. (It'll up your Speech by 10 while equipped, as well as have a few positive and one negative effects.) Now, access Burton's terminal and unlock all of the doors and head through the door on the left of the room, past some robot pods and to a service elevator that will bring you back to the first floor. Now, fight through some more Super Mutants and head back to Rivet City. Give Abe the Declaration to complete the quest and get the schematics for the Railway Rifle.

Now, here is the cheat all of this set up:

Talk to Sydney as she's leaving after the quest. Talk to her in this order:

"Since we're done now, why don't you tell me more about yourself?"
"Nice Gun, I've never seen one like that."
"That's all for now I guess."
"So, whatever happened to your father?"
"Sydney, I found a note from your father. He didn't abandon you."

You will only get that final dialogue if you found that note in the statesman hotel. Once she hears this, she'll give you 'Sydney's "Ultra" 10mm SMG' in perfect condition, plus 50 10mm rounds. You can repeat the above dialogue as many times as you wish, thus getting the Ultra SMG over and over. It's worth over 200 caps and relatively lightweight, so you can sell them to make quite a bit of money.In addition, the SMG is a very awesome weapon to have. It has a larger clip than normal SMG (Fifty rounds per clip!) and does much more damage (59 damage per 4 rounds!). The drawback is that it wears out very quickly, so have multiple SMG's on you at all time to compensate for this.

And there you have it, endless Ammo, an awesome weapon, and as many caps as you could ever need. If you can't find Sydney after the mission, head to Underworld's Ninth Circle. She'll be sitting at a table there, having set up an ammo shop there. You can do this dialogue there as well.

Hope this helps, and happy cheating!

Added 21 Dec 2008, ID #3667, by imaloony8.0

Another infinite xp glitch

If you go to little lamplight, look for a little girl named knock knock and she will want to tell you a story, when she tells you the story at some point there will be a speech challenge, you will almost always succeed but even if you fail it, it will still be there, so you can just keep doing it.

Added 8 Nov 2008, ID #3427, by Desolate
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