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Follow the dark path or use the light
Fallout Hub

Sidequest Guide

by fish_guts



Fallout 3

Sidequest FAQ

By: Fish_guts

Version 1.00

Here we are with another Fish_guts guide! This thing is going to be more 
worth your money (its free) than that time I paid a homeless prostitute to
lick the poop streak on the inside of my underwear.


Table of Contents:

1. Version Information

2. Legal Information

3. Opening Notes

4. The Quests

   A. The Power of the Atom

   B. The Wasteland Survival Guide

   C. Blood Ties

   D. Those!

   E. Strictly Business

   F. Tennpenny Tower

   G. Agatha's Song

   H. Reilly's Rangers

   I. The Nuka-Cola Challenge

   J. The Replicated Man

   K. The Superhuman Gambit

   L. Stealing Independence

   M. Big Trouble in Big Town

   N. Oasis

   O. Head of State

   P. You Gotta Shoot' Em in the Head

   Q. Trouble on the Homefront
5. Closing Messages/ Contact Info/ Thank You's 


1.----Version Information----

11/08/08--- Began Writing Sidequest guide for Fallout 3.

11/10/08--- Started dating one of the girls from the 
"Two Girls One Cup" video. 

11/17/08--- Steadily working on first version of guide.

11/20/08--- Found out that they made a porno video called "Who's Nailin
Sarah Pailin". I downloaded it.

12/29/08--- Guide finally finished.

1/05/09--- First update complete.


2.----Legal Information----

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission or submission by the 

As of right now, this walkthrough should
only be available on the following sites:

Please notify me if it appears elsewhere at [email protected]

All names, locations, and references are property 
of Bethesda Softworks.
The document itself is the property of fish_guts(Tyler Gates). 
Copyright law prohibits plagiarism of this material.  

(If you would like the misfortune of posting this guide on your website
please ask me first. I can promise you that I will grant permission
for this guide to be used...unless your website is some creepy, deviant,
sex website then I might ask for a free membership.)


3.----Opening Notes----

I've been a fallout fan since right before the second one came out. I've
played all of them from the legendary first one to the horrifying nightmare
that was released on the Xbox. Now here we are, years later and fallout 3
has entered our lives like a drunken, abusive, step-father. Is the six
pack of Old Milwaukee you stole from his fridge out in the garage worth
it? Was Fallout 3 worth the wait? I'd say so. 

I'm sitting here right now on the fringes of writing a semi-large guide,
I'm a bit nervous as I know my laziness will soon kick in. I'm dreading
this guide more than that time I went on a date with an epileptic girl.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to try to have sex with a girl that
is having a seizure? (wow I can't believe I went there...)

Anyway's, this guide strictly covers the games many sidequests. This guide 
was written before any expansions or downloadable content became available
and will not be covering any of that material(unless people ask for it).
Any guide of this nature is sure to contain some spoilers but please note
that I will do my best to keep this guide as spoiler free as possible. 

I'd also like to point out that after much exploration of this game
I quickly learned that if you get lost just follow the burning barrels.
These often serve as visual que's on where to go next. If for some reason
you didn't know you can use CTRl-F to quickly locate the desired 
section of the guide.

If you see any obnoxious errors in this guide please inform me (if you
want to of course). Although, if nobody corrects my errors I will 
be more surprised than that time in high school when I found out 
the cheerleading squad hated me. I could tell when  they flipped 
me off; I guess I was just more surprised they could see me in 
the ventilation ductsÖ)

Ok...enough stalling, here are the quests.


4.----The Quests---

A.----The Power of the Atom----

Objective: Either Defuse or ignite the Megaton bomb!

Optional Objective: Get chem's from Leo Stahl

Megaton is most likely one of the first places you will visit during
your adventure's into the capital wasteland. From the outside Megaton
looks like a fairly safe haven for its residents. Although things 
change drastically after you enter and it becomes painfully clear that
this town was built in the crater of an unexploded nuclear bomb. Before
you get to close to the bomb you will meet a man named Lucas Simms. Once
you speak to the sheriff he will give you his personal insight on the
bomb situation. 

If you explore a little further you will discover a bar called "Moriaty's
Saloon". Don't get distracted by the prostitute here like I did (reminded
me of my sister). In one of the corners you will notice a sharply dressed
man going by the name of Mr. Burke. He has different thoughts on the bomb
and would like your assistance with its and the towns removal. 

The choice from here is up to you...

1. Good Karma Route---

When you first enter Megaton a cowboy initiates a conversation with you.
He introduces himself as the local sheriff. Start the quest by saying 
"Lets discuss this bomb". Continue to converse with the extra from
Blazing Saddles and eventually state "I can see about disarming the
bomb for you". Here you have a few minor options which vary your reward.

A. You can agree to the original deal of 100 caps for the bomb defusal

B. With a high enough speech skill you can persuade him to 
give you 500 caps.

C. You can offer to disarm the bomb for free. Which sucks but does get
you bonus Karma.

After you wrangle out a deal with the guy be on your way to the bomb and
inspect it. Here you can attempt to disarm the bomb right away. I do 
believe it takes a explosives skill of 25. Although before you do I 
recommend exploring the town a bit and speaking to many of its
inhabitants. especially the cult centered around the bomb and the
many patrons of the local bar. 

***An interesting side note here, if you speak to Mr. Burke and decide
to rat him out to Simms. A "Frontier Justice" Moment happens. Simms
enters the bar and attempts to take Burke in. Suddenly Burke turns on 
Simms and attempts to take him down. You can save Simms here, enter
VATS quickly and take the wuss down.***

After learning all you can about the bomb attempt to disarm it. If you
need some chem's to raise your skill seek out the optional part of this
quest to obtain some (which is explained in detail below). After you
defuse this mammoth seek on Simms for your caps and your own residence
in the fine crap hole that is Megaton. Hey, at least the people are

      -100 caps (500 is speech skill is matched)
      -200 Karma (if disarmed for free)
      -Megaton deed and house key

2. Evil Karma Route---

Once you enter the local saloon for the first time you will be greeted
by a shifty dude named Mr. Burke. He states that he hates Megaton and
wishes it destroyed. His path of mayhem? Setting off the bomb. When
speaking to Burke you can attempt a speech skill match and if successful
Burke will increase your payment by an additional 500 caps. Once the 
deal is sealed he will give you a Fusion Pulse Charge. 

***Side Note, If you are a chick and have the Black Widow perk, you can
use your slutty vocabulary to mess with the guy. One of the options 
lets you obtain 500 caps from the pansy. Another one of the choices
allows you to obtain some love letters...boring.***

All that is left to do is to turn this town into nothing more than
rubble, radiation, and corpses (California?). Although before you do
you can seek out an optional part of this quest for some chem's that
will aid in your bomb arming (see below). 

After you have armed the bomb head to a place called Tennpenny Tower
which is southwest of Megaton. A fancy suite complex looms in the 
distance and as you get closer to the front gate you will notice
the zombie that chased Jim in the church in 28 Days Later is 
fighting to get inside. Don't kill him now as he is part of a
side quest later in the game. Or kill him, Bethesda doesn't care.

Locate the elevators and head to the balcony. You can speak with
Tennpenny himself (who rants like a maniac) or speak directly 
to Burke himself. He allows you the honors of taking dozens of
lives through the push of a button. The sight to behold is 
impressive...unless you forgot to do any quests there. tidy
up any loose ends before you blow up the town kids! Blowing
this place up nets you alot of rewards but the best thing you
receive is your own residence in Tennpenny tower. Which includes
tons of amenities of course.

      -500 caps (1000 is speech skill was successful)
      -Karma -1000
      -Deed and suite key to Tennpenny Tower

Optional Objective--

Irregardless of whom you side with you can get some chem's which
will temporarily raise your skills enough to defuse or set off
the bomb. Speak about chem's to Simms or about Leo Stahl himself
to Burke to be off on your way to some drugs. After doing this
head to the Brass Lantern and speak with Leo. Now you have a 
couple of different options.

"Its ok, Leo. I want to help" (positive Karma). If your speech
is successful Leo will hand over the key to his private 
stash and its location. Head there now for a stockpile 
of narcotics and caps.

One note, don't say "Its none of my business" as 
this will end the quest. 

If your speech match failed you can still get some chem's by 
threatening Leo to expose his addiction by saying "What's it 
worth to keep out of the public eye?"(Negative Karma)
Leo will then agree to hook up with some of the good stuff
but only until his shift is over. Meet him at the designated
time and place for a sweet hook up. Fiddling around with an 
armed atom bomb is never as fun as when your juiced up on
drugs. Kind of like fat chicks... 

B.----The Wasteland Survival Guide----

To initiate this long quest speak with Moira Brown inside the 
Craterside Supply located in Megaton. After introductions she
will ask that you provide some backstory regarding your life
in the vault. You will then be asked to become a lab rat and
"assist" in the "research" of a survival book.(I wrote a book
once, It wasnít a survival guide but more of a guide on how to
poop in the clothing racks at Abercrombie and not get caught.)
for those of you that haven't played a video game before, this
means that your going to be fighting lots of 
monsters, freaks, and um...illegal aliens?

***Note: Wear your Vault 101 Jumpsuit when first speaking with
Moira to obtain a prize. Although this quest begins so early in
the game I doubt you have anything else...Well anything is
possible I suppose.***

This particular quest is annoying because it has so many
variables. I will try to explain them a bit now. The book
itself is divided into three chapters. Each chapter is then
divided into three sections. Even more, each chapter is also
given an optional task to complete. Lastly, your responses when
turning in your research also is a factor. All of these things
affect the final outcome of the book and your reward.

When turning in your research findings you will have the 
following speech options:

Standard- Straightforward answer
Smartass- Humorous, probably not very helpful
Intelligent- Use your insight to impress people...and crap.
Charismatic- An interesting perspective.
Toughness- Strength and/or endurance.

Lie- You can attempt to lie about what you found which leads you
to recieving the Junio Survivor Perk.

Keep all this in mind if you care about the outcome of this
book as your stuck in the credits as "field researcher".

Chapter 1: Part 1---

Objective: Find food in the Super-Duper Mart

Optional Objective: Find medicine in Super-Duper Mart

The first research assignment Moira has for you is to scout out
an old Super-Duper Mart. Moira will give you the location of the
place and a bit of info. Complete any necessary preparations and
be on your way. The Super-Duper Mart is east of Megaton. 

Once you arrive you will be greeted with some friendly raiders. 
shove whatever type of weapon you prefer up their collective
asses and continue on inside (use northern doors as they are
very close to the food you need).

Once inside, crouch down and stick to the shadows. If you take
a hard right and continue along the wall you will quickly come
up to a desk. Leap over this and loot this small area quickly.
The food you seek is inside a refrigerator in the back. Grab the
contents and any other items in the area and continue on.

At this point you can return to Moira but since we're here lets
go for that Optional Objective. Your destination is on the other
side of the food mart. Shimmy through the rows of shelving
fighting any raiders who spot you. You will quickly learn that
their is no medicine to be found here. After killing anything 
that stills moves we need to continue to the pharmacy storeroom.

from here you have three possible options:

1. Hack the terminal which will allow you to unlock the door.

2. Lockpick the door

3. If you can't do either of the above skills you can still
locate the pharmacy key itself.  It is inside a metal box north
of the pharmacy door. Its next to a bottlecap mine. Once inside
the pharmacy you should begin ransacking the place and will 
notice a large amount of great supplies as well as the pharmacy
supplies and med box...what you went through all this trouble for.

Return to Megaton now to give your results to Moira. After giving
your results to her she will award you with some Iguana bits. I 
guess getting shot at is worth some fried Iguana. Though if you
completed the Optional objective she will award you with a Food
Sanitizer. Which itself is really awesome early in the game.

Chapter 1: Part 2---

Objective: Contract 200 rads of radiation poisoning

Optional Objective: Contract 600 rads of radiation poisoning

Moira now wants to figure out how long a human can survive with
high amounts of radiation poisoning in their system. This quest
is easily solved if you have a high enough science skill in which
you can tell Moira of the effects. Although you won't be able to 
net that optional objective. So lets do it the hard way.

Even after me complaining this isnít really that hard. Moira wants
a rating of 200 rads and 600 or more for the optional objective.
Where can one get a high dose of radiation? Any water source in 
Megaton could do the trick but it would take a really long time.

I personally picked up the high dose of radiation while out 
questing but why even leave Megaton? Why not drink the stagnate
water floating around the bomb? Not only is it irradiated from
the bomb but it also come from the towns sewage! 

After you gain the necessary amount of radiation poisoning return
to Moira and receive your reward. For completing this quest Moira
will give you some RadAway and RadX but if you completed the 
optional part of this quest you receive a pretty nice perk which
allows crippled limbs to regenerate when highly irradiated.

Chapter 1: Part 3---

Objective: Travel to Minefield

Optional Objective: Bring a landmine to Moira

This time Moira wants you to investigate a minefield originally Minefield. Once you accept this mission Moira will
give you the PipBoy location of the deserted minefield town
which is somewhat north of Megaton. 

Once you arrive at Minefield all you need to do is travel to
the playground in Minefield. Remember they call this place
Minefield for a reason. The optional objective is pretty
simple as all you have to do is bring a Landmine back to
Moira. What you need to do is run up to a mine and quickly
deactivate it. Or I guess you could just buy one and give
it to her...

***Note: There is a crazy gunman (lee Harvey Oswald?) in
Minefield that will take pot shots at you. Resist the urge
to cap him as he is needed for a quest later. Unless you
want to kill him...I know I did.***

Once you have traveled to Minefield and acquired a mine its
time to head back to Moira for your compensation. She will
give you some frag grenades and a schematic for a bottlecap
mine (if you completed the optional objective). 

With part three complete Moira will state that chapter one is
complete and award you with some stimpacks. Chapter two is
now ready to be tackled. If your into chasing other guys
down and wrestling them into the mud that is.

Chapter 2: Part 1---

Objective: Test out repellent stick on three mole rats.

Optional Objective: Test out repellant stick on seven more
mole rats.

Moira wants you to test out a Mole rat repellant stick she
has developed. She is ready to write the recipe down in
her book but would like you to field test it first. She
recommends that you travel to the Tepid Sewers in the 
downtown area where there happens to be a large amount
of Mole rats lurking around. If you're feeling lazy
you could just hunt outside Megaton but going to the
sewers will insure results much faster.

The Tepid Sewers are near Georgetown metro stations and
should show up on your map. Once you arrive began bashing
the heads of any mole rat you find. You will notice that
you may encounter some other enemies besides mole rats here
so come prepared.
After a couple of swings you will probably notice 
this thing isn't much of a repellant stick but more
of a "explode-mole-rat-heads" stick. After you 
have "tested" the stick on a total of ten mole 
rats (three for the objective, seven more for the 
optional) then its time to return to Moira.

After completing this interesting quest Moira will
award you with some chem's and if you did the optional
part of the quest she will let you keep the repellant stick.

(Now only if they had a repellent stick for that girl who
keeps leaving me messages saying her kid is mine.)

Chapter 2: Part 2---

Objective: Plant observer in Mirelurk spawning pod

Optional Objective: Donít kill any mirelurks

****NOTE: A fellow by the name of "Abe Lincoln" wrote in saying
that he completed the quest by first going into Anchorage and 
killing ever Mirelurk, he then took the quest and easily placed
the observer completing the objective and optional objective.
Not how this mission was intended but very devious 

When your ready to tackle this quest speak with Moira again.
She will state that she requests your expertise in hiding a
video observer in a Mirelurk spawning pod and will also give
you directions to the Anchorage Memorial. She also requests
that you don't kill any of the mirelurks in the process.

Once you arrive to the said destination you can complete this
mission a number of ways. you could go in guns blazing but
you would lose out on the optional objective so lets figure
out a way to get in and not kill any of these annoying

Before you arrived at Anchorage you could acquire a few 
Stealth boys and use them and your sneak skill to sleuth around.
I suppose you could also do what I did and just run around in
there frantically as half the Mirelurk population chases you
until you find a pod. Then repeat the frantic running process
until you reach the exit. As much fun as my method was, getting
some StealthBoys makes things alot less "hectic". Your target is
a spawning pod and with a bit of searching you will easily 
find one. 

Irregardless of if you were caught or not you still complete the
objective if you placed the observer. Just don't fight any of them
to complete to optional portion. Once you exit that hellhole it's 
time to head back to Moira.

Back in Megaton Moira will talk a bit about the Observer and then
reward with you with some Stealth boys. If you completed the 
optional section of this quest she will give you
a stylish "Shady" hat.

***Note:  From now on at anytime during this quest you
can attempt to convince Moira to give up. Which
doesn't have the most positive results.***

Chapter 2: Part 3---

Objective: Become seriously injured (Less than 50% health)

Optional Objective: Receive a crippling injury

This mission is incredibly easy and you don't even need to
actively try to complete it. You could just go out questing
and when you receive a serious injury go back to Moira with
the results. The optional objective reward is ok but
its so easy you might as well go for it. 

An alternative way to complete this quest would be to find
a really high ledge and just jump off it. Which would 
solve both objectives right away. Just be sure
to save first. I wonder if the bridge at Arefu would work?

****NOTE: St. Patrick's advice: Lay a couple landmines at
your feet and fire away. You're going to need one of those
Power Chairs after this one. Hope you have Medicare.****

However you decided to complete this mission head back to
Moira after your injured enough and she will perform back
room surgery on you. Once you complete the quest she will
award you with some Med-X and if you crippled yourself
she will give you an Environment Suit! 
A pimped out,post-apocalyptic, wheelchair might be 
more suitable in this situation though.

With chapter two now complete and if you agree to work
on Chapter three Moira will give you some ammunition to 
assist with any unforeseen problems that may arise.

Chapter 3: Part 1---

Objective: Learn The History of Rivet City

Optional Objective: Check other sources to confirm history

To kick off chapter three Moira wants you to research the
history of Rivet City. Which happens to be one of the larger
human settlements in the capital wasteland. Moira gives you
directions to the city and if you havenít been there before
you'd better get walking. 

Once at Rivet City the giant bridge swings open and your 
research skills are put to work. You can speak to any citizen
of this town regarding its history but most of them will direct
you to a few specific people:

Vera Weatherly who resides at the Weatherly hotel.

Belle Bonny who is located at Muddy Rudder Pub.

Bannon who runs a clothing store in the market.

Seagrave Holmes is either in the market or in his bunk.

The man you really want to speak to is Seagrave but I'd recommend
speaking to all of them as they have some interesting stuff to say.
If you speak to Bannon he will feed you a line of crap about himself
and the history of Rivet City. You can challenge his lies with a 
speech challenge. Also, if you win a speech challenge with Bonny
she will tell you a little Mr. Rogers style story.

After speaking with Seagrave he will give you the lowdown and a 
cool cat who knows the real history of Rivet City. He also directs
you the other half of the torn vessel. 

This opens up a Optional Objective Titled "Uncover Rivet City's
True History". you could just go back to Moira with your results
but then you would miss out on a couple nice incentives.

Exit to the flight deck and make your way to the broken half of
the ship. Once you are facing the other half of the ship dive into
the water and look for an underwater passage on the right side of
the other half. Once inside you will quickly notice that your are
still underwater. Move quickly and you will soon come across a 
pocket of air. Breath if want to live and continue on. Soon enough
you will be out of the water and exploring the derelict boat.

A small warning here, this place has a few Mireulurks roaming
around as well as booby-trapped rooms. This place is fairly
straightforward and I wont ruin a good opportunity for some
down home exploration. That's half the fun right?

After some exploring you will surely come across a guy named
Pinkerton. He is definitely the guy we are looking for. Not only
will he give you the real lowdown (evidence included) on Rivet
City but he will also give you the option of allowing Pinkerton
to perform facial reconstructive surgery on you. What does this mean?
Well you can change the look of your face, for a price of course.

****NOTE: Surgery performed by Pinkerton is available after the quest
"The Replicated Man has been completed.****

After you're finished speaking with this old maniac head back to
Moira with all your results. she's quite impressed with your work
and gives you some Mentats as a reward. The coolest part of this
is that if you uncovered the true history of Rivet City you will
be granted a 10% buying and selling bonus to any Merchants in 
Rivet city...hey it adds up.

Chapter 3: Part 2---

Objective: Install the processor in the ROBCO mainframe.

Optional Objective: Reprogram the mainframe.

This time around Moira wants you to head into an old robot factory
and attempt to boot up the system which ideally will power up all 
the robots and allow you to control them. If you have been paying
attention to Fallout 3 at all you will quickly understand that it
wont be as easy as that.

***Note: Apparently if you have the Robotics expert perk you can
skip all the exploring and just explain it all the Moira. You also
get both rewards for the main objective and optional.***

The ROBCO factory is southwest of Megaton. You could use Tennpenny
Tower as a way of fast traveling to save some time. Once you arrive
at the "abandoned" complex its time to  start exploring.
Your main threat right now is radroaches and mole rats. If you are
finished exploring the main level its time to head upstairs. 

Once you locate the giant mainframe get ready and stuff that Widget
in! Once you do you will notice that it activated all the robots in
the factory but with one catch, they are all hostile.

(What a surprise Bethesda. Couldn't you make them do something more
original? I'm thinking maybe a giant robot orgy?)

At this point your optional objective appears in which you need to
reprogram this doo-hickey. I hope your science skill is high enough
as this terminal is considered hard (like what goes on in my pants
after I watch America's Next Top Model). If you are able to hack
this thing you will be given a bunch of different choices. Any of
them will work but I recommend using "Initiate Pest Extermination".
as it will causes all the Protectrons to attack any remaining vermin.

If you were able to reprogram the mainframe or not its time to head
back to Moira with news of the recent events. Back in Megaton inform
Moira of what happened and she will award you with some pulse grenades.
If you managed to complete to optional objective she will give you a
book which will increase your Science skill, which would have been
nice before you had to hack the terminal.

Chapter 3: Part 3

Objective: Access card catalog in Arlington Public Library

Optional Objective: Retrieve complete archives.

Here we are at the final part of this long quest and this time
around Moira wants you to research a library. This library is
in Arlington and can be quite a walk from Megaton. I recommend 
fast traveling to somewhere close, such as Rivet City. One thing
to keep in mind is that outside the library there is a small squad
of Talon Company dicks that will make your life a living hell. Here
would be a good time to either avoid them all together or plan
for an all out attack. Just be warned one of these guys has a 
rocket launcher and its afraid to waste some ammo. I used a Stealth
boy here to avoid them.

Once inside the library you will be greeted by the ever friendly
Brotherhood of Aluminum. Speak to Scribe Yearling here and she
will give you the rundown of what the brotherhood is doing here.
She will also give you the option of turning any pre-war books 
in to her, for a nice reward of course. Anyway's all you have to
do here is access the card catalog which happens to be in this main
room. You can either get the password from the Scribe or attempt to
hack that sucka. Which ever way you completed this task its time now
to tackle the optional objective of this thing.

To locate the archives we have to dive into this pit. Luckily you
will have some brotherhood members assisting you in liquidating
any opposition. There is alot of exploring to do and alot of
containers to loot here so take you time and make sure you
locate as many pre war books you can find as Scribe Yearling
pays 100 caps a piece for them.

Make sure to loot this place as best as you can. You will soon 
find a door that will lead you into the "Arlington Library
Media Archive". This is your destination. Once inside be warned of
raiders, mines, and armed turrets (you can deactivate them with proper
science skill). While in the media room be on the look out for a 
container titled "restoration Supplies" as the ink container located
inside is used for another side quest titled "Stealing Independence".
Don't grab it if you feel like coming back just for some ink.

Once you have that leave the media room and head southwest down
a ruined corridor. Find the room with the collapsed ceiling and
use this to climb up. You have a few choices here in terms of 
exploration. If you head into the Child's Archive you can obtain
a nice collection of pre-war books. If you're feeling lazy just skip
all the fun exploring and head west through the door. Once inside this
half destroyed room head south. You will quickly come across a room
with some computers in it. Locate the "Arlington Public Library
Terminal". After you're hacked in choose the transfer library archives
option and you will receive a holotape with the needed info.

Now that you have everything you need tie up any loose ends here and
lets head back to Megaton to give Moira the fruits of your labor.
Back in Megaton speak to Moira about what you discovered. She will
be so grateful that she rewards you with some caps and a useful
book. Anyway's the book is now complete but the fun is just starting.

Since the book is complete Moira rewards you with a Mini-Nuke. She
also states that she has traders who can help her distribute her book.

(maybe she can sell it at Wall-Mart for an insanely high price like most
game walkthrough companies do. Read it here free folks.)

At this point you will discover that the choices you made will greatly
affect the outcome of this survival guide. Things such as optional
objectives, each time you used a skill or perk to explain a theory, 
each time you lied, and how you answered her questions all affect
the outcome of the guide. Which happens to also effect your ultimate
reward for the quest, a perk.

There is four possible perks received for this quest:

-Junior Survivor (given if you lied at any point.)

-Survival Expert

-Survival Guru

-Dream Crusher (obtained if you convinced her to give up.)

This quest is now finally over, after all that I was kind of hoping
for a romp in the sack with Moira...Damn ESRB.

C.----Blood Ties----

Objective: Deliver Lucy's message

Their is multiple ways to start this quest, you could discover
Arefu, The Family and their hideout, or discover the Meresti 
Trainyard. Forget all these because the best way to start this
quest is to speak with a young girl named Lucy West who is located
in Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton.

Lucy tells you that she is a bit concerned and would like you
to deliver a letter to her family in the small settlement of 
Arefu. Before you depart you can question Lucy on some 
different things regarding the town of Arefu.

With letter in hand its time to head northwest. You don't really
have to worry about much here, your main enemy will be mole rats
and the occasional raider or two. Once you arrive at the large
section of destroyed freeway make your way up until a small
explosion sets off in front of you. An old man named Evan King
will make his presence known and will call you over.

Once you mention the letter he will tell you that he's not really
interested in that right now as they have been having issues with 
raiders lately. Hmm...I wonder if this is related in any way to
the letter? During your conversation with Evan you can ask
"What's got you so spooked?" after he mentions that a recent raider
attack slaughtered their Brahmin. 

Evan will discuss his worries with you a bit and you can then
offer to help him. He requests that you check on the other residents
of Arefu. At this point new objectives open up.

Objective: Check on the West residence.

Objective: Check on the Schenzy residence.

Objective: Check on the Ewers residence.

It really doesn't matter what order you check on the residents just
be sure to mention to them that you were sent of King's behalf and
they will all tell you how they feel about the current situation.
Near the end of Arefu is Evan King's house and the West's residence.
Evan's house is locked but I should inform you that a bobblehead lies
inside so do what you want with that information.

It's time to enter the West home. Once you enter the house will be 
greeted with an interesting surprise. No ones home..well not anymore
at least. Inspect the bodies and depending on your medicine skill you
can determine the outcome of death. Basically the higher your skill
the more hints you can figure out about what caused this. You could
use chem's here (mentats) to temporarily increase your skill. 
Also make sure to pay special attention to the walls...

At this point a new objective becomes available. Speak to Evan about
the recent events and he will fill you in a bit on what's going on.
Evan will then give you a few possible locations where "The Family"
might be holed up.

All the locations are worth exploring but the one you're looking for
is the Northwest Seneca Station. Once you arrive at the station be
sure to explore the grocery store as some useful stuff is inside. Be
wary of foot traps inside the store.

Once you have finished exploring head outside then south a bit, down
the stairs and enter the metro station. Be ready to fight a few 
mole rats here. After a bit of searching you will come across a 
couple of ghouls one of which will offer you a task to help him
complete "UltraJet". go past the ghouls and search around their lair
a bit. Past a door you will discover a manhole, down we go.

Once down here be prepared for traps (baby carriage) as you move
forward. soon you will find a guy named Robert who seems to be
guarding something. You have a few options on how to get past him.

-Use your speech skill to make him let you pass.

-If you have the cannibal perk he will allow you to pass.

-Bribe him with 100 caps.

-Wave Lucy's letter which gets you past.

-Get naked and enter a firefight with Robert. Which ticks off the
entire place. You donít have to be naked but we all know its harder
to aim and fire at a butt naked guy...

I'm assuming you employed a more peaceful option to gain access. Once
you do our new task is to locate Ian. Once inside you have the option
of meeting all of Vance's vampire crew. Actually you have to meet them
to gain the password of the restricted area Ian is currently in.

Justin: By using the impartial mediation perk or your speech skill you
can haggle the password out of him.

Brianna: Locale prosty, use your lady killer perk to get info out of her.
and other "services".

Karl: Local shopkeep, If you are a female use your Black Widow perk 
otherwise if your skill is high enough you can coax it out of him.

Holly: Vance's wife, if you have the scoundrel perk or have a high 
enough charisma you can get what you need from her.

Vance: The man himself, He is a bit harder to persuade but it is 
possible. Approach Vance and make sure to keep the conversation
as polite as possible as apparently this vampire is a little

If your speech is high enough you can convince him of what
you think they really are. If you have the cannibal perk
you are greeted by Vance. 

for the rest of us we just have to sit back and listen to
Vance drone on about what they stand for. If you research
more about the family Vance will agree that you can see Ian.
Also if you speak to Vance about the Arefu incident he will
share his feelings about what happened. 

Once you have the password its time to finally meet this Ian
kid. Head upstairs and find the locked door. Use the code and
enter. Ian tells you why he is here and what happened to his
parents. You have the choice of being rude or polite to the guy
and its really up to you. At this point you can use your
speech skill to convince Ian to return home or just give him
Lucy's letter which does the same thing.

Once you're done here its time to head back to Vance and speak
him regarding Ian's recent decision. Before you have the
chance the vampire leader wants to discuss Arefu. You have a 
few options here:

-Using your speech skill will play on Vance's emotions and he will
allow Ian to leave.

-Use your Medicine or Intelligence skill will convince Vance that
his crew should use blood packs to survive on.

-If you previously researched his family then there is no need to
convince Vance. 

At this point you have the option of discussing a possible 
agreement between the vamps and Arefu. Choose anything you want
besides "Selling bloodpacks to Arefu" and you're golden.

After this speak to Vance regarding Ian's decision, he doesn't
really care but thanks you for your time. He awards you with a
schematic to make an awesome weapon.

Travel back to Arefu and speak with Evan about the recent events.
He is happy to accept the deal and awards you with some random
crap and no caps. He wants you to return to Vance to seal the deal.
Though I'm not sure if you really even need to..but better be sure.
Anyway's at this point this quest is complete. You can visit Ian
in his old parents home if you like.

      -300 XP
      -Schematics for the Shishkebob. 
      -Hematophage Perk (if a deal between Vance and Arefu was made)
      -Positive Karma if successfully handling the situation without bloodshed.
      -Negative Karma (If anyone died.)

End Quest Notes:
If the proposal was met, you can return to Vance and sell him any
blood packs you might find. For a measly 15 caps a piece.

Certain citizens of Arefu can assist you after the quest:

-Ken Ewers can repair items at a discounted price.

-Karen Schenzy can mark a few locations on your PipBoy.


This quest can be a real pain so if you are specifically looking to
complete this one it is best to do it as soon as possible as the ants
get stronger as you level.***

Nearing the area of Greyditch (close to the Super-Duper Mart) a child
approaches you and frantically tells you about a disaster that happened.
During this conversation if you can use your speech or strength skill
you can make Bryan feel a bit better which well help you get more info
out of the little punk. If you succeeded in your speech skill or if 
you have the child at heart perk Bryan will give you a key to a 
dumpster. Located inside is some useful gear. Head east down main street
away from the Diner and you will soon come across the house you need to

A tip when fighting the fire ants: Just like that bum at the bus stop,
don't let them get close or otherwise they will breath heavily damaging
fire at you. I guess that bum reference didn't work huh?

Anyway's, as you enter the Wilks residence you will quickly find out that
the kids dad is dead. Make sure to loot the corpse and anything of value
in the house. Keep in mind this house has a nice bed you can rest if you
need to take a break from the ant killing.

After you've killed your fill of ants head into the shack adjacent to the
Wilks residence. Once inside the shack loot anything you might want and
make sure to grab the Password Recording holotape left by Doctor Lesko.
you will now be able to access the docs terminal without any issues.
Log on and read all you can stomach about the doctors research. Leave
the shack now and speak to Bryan.

The little tike will be all bent out of shape about his dad dieing and
makes you promise to stop whatever killed him. Agree and be on your way.
Damn kids and their rock music, hoohla hoops, and Pac-Man video games.

Your goal now is the Marigold Metro station but before you head out you
should explore the house across the street from the Wilks. Its the 
Brandice residence. I did not inspect this place myself but my friend
Jackie Chan said their is an interesting Terminal upstairs that throws
a nice reference to Fallout 2. Check it out fool, though keep in mind
that you need a pretty good science skill to hack that mofo.

It's time now to continue on to the Merigold Metro Station. Head that
way and kill any Fire ant that gets in your way, which will mostly 
likely be all of them. Once inside the station continue forward, hop
over the turnstiles and press on. you may be tempted to check out that
maintence room you just passed but don't quite yet. Once you enter 
the main room check out the ticket book for Grady's recording. 

This particular item is not necessary but its a fun little task to 
complete and actually leads to a side quest. Listen to it and 
continue to explore to station. With all its maintence tunnels and
train tunnels this place can be quite confusing but don't fret 
after a bit of exploring you will get your bearings. Remember we
are not only looking for Doc Lesko but for a blinking light as 
well. A little tip, its behind a train car.

If you reach a door that takes you outside to Falls Church Metro
Station you have wandered to far. Although if you head back inside
you are near Grady's lock box. Once you have found Grady's storage 
closet grab the contents inside the box and turn around quickly as
a raider runs up to you. You can either use your speech skill on him
or fight him outright...or you could convince him not to fight you
then shoot him in the back of the head, you're call. The contents
of Grady's package coincide with a man you have to speak to for
the Nuka-Cola Challenge quest.

Northeast from the maintence corridor exit is the lab of Lesko.
Speak to him to continue this quest. It's important to remain
civil with the doc (right now anyway's) and hear what he has to say.
He will drone on about what he was doing. If you have a sufficient
Intelligence skill you can speak to him about what he was doing
do it a second time to chew his ass.

If your science skill is sufficient enough you can force the doc
to admit he used the FEV virus...that son of a bitch. With this
conversation over you should have agreed to kill all five nest
guardians, and spare queeny.
Remember you can always go back on your word and massacre the
queen but this isn't a good idea as the doc has a nice reward
waiting for you if you follow his instructions.

Once inside the hatchery take things slow as these buggers are
tough. A tactic I used was I laced the ground with mines then
took a few pot shots at a ant. After a few round the ant will 
charge you and become quite hurt from the explosives. Rinse
and repeat with all the ants (if you have alot of mines).

Here is where your choice comes in. If you decide to follow
the docs orders completely ignore the queen and head back 
upstairs. You could also initiate a rumble with this giant
insect although it will stop any chance you have of 
getting a really nice perk. Its best to just leave the thing
alone. Another tip, leave the Protectron alone as well. He
doesn't take kindly to people shooting at him.

There is a terminal here (A Science book is on the table 
as well). If you want you can hack the terminal and do a couple
of different things. With sufficient Science skill you can
destroy the mutagen or even initiate the pulse thingy yourself.
Either option isnít necessary.

Once you have killed all the guardian its time to return to the
old doc. If you did exactly as he ordered he gives you his old
lab coat and your choice in one of two perks. if you killed the
queen or destroyed his mutagen he will be super pissed and it
takes a Science or Speech skill to reason with him. Lastly if
you killed the queen and the Mutagen he will be steamed and
you will have no chance of any reward.

Whatever happened down in the tunnels is over with and its
time to head to the surface and tell Bryan. Head back to that
preservation chamber Bryan is hiding in and tell him what 
happened. After an interesting conversation you are now
tasked with finding B-to-the-ryan a new home. Bryan will
get his things in order while you deal with his new

***Note: You may have found a key on a body down in the tunnels
this is a key to William Brandice's footlocker. Head over to that
house to unlock to footlocker which contains his 
rocket launcher...nice.***

Good Karma Route---Bryan states that his cousin Vera Weatherly
lives in Rivet City. Head there and speak to her and she will
be more than willing to take him in. Head back to Greyditch
and tell Bryan he has a new home. If you visit Bryan later
in Rivet City he states loves his new home.

Evil Karma Route--- If you have completed the quest "Strictly
Business" and made friends with the slavers of Paradise Falls
you can sell Bryan into slavery for 100 caps. Which can be
raised to 300 with use of Speech skill. you can't visit 
Bryan here as he must have been sold.

Neutral Karma Route--- Travel to Little Lamplight and convince
the kid in charge to take Bryan in. you need a sufficient skill
in Speech or the child at heart perk to complete this. If you
visit Bryan later he is moderately happy living here.

For all Those! concerned, this quest is over.

      -Lesko's Lab Coat
      -Ant Might perk or Ant Sight Perk

End Quest Notes:

If you happened to pick up the Naughty Nightware. Head to 
Girdershade sometime to drop it off. Its located in the 
southwest portion of the capital wasteland. Also take a 
look at the quest "The Nuka Cola Challenge" for some other
happenings going on there.

E.----Strictly Business----

Paradise Falls is a hive of slavers and with a negative effect
on your Karma you can be a part of it as well. Once you arrive at
Paradise Falls a man named Grouse refuses to let you in. At this
point you have a few options on gaining entry:

- Ask him what his price is, this turns out to be 500 caps. This
particular option wont officially start the quest so speak to him

- If you are evil enough Grouse lets you right in (apparently).

- Keep the conversation going on topic regarding slaves. You will
eventually be informed that the leader of the slavers has a few
special contracts that need doing. Here is where your evil self
comes in. You need to capture only one of these people to be 
allowed inside, although capturing all four isn't to difficult.

Grouse will give you a special weapon and a slave collar to assist
in capturing this four special people. Grouse will explain the 
special weapon the "Mesmetron" as well as the slave collar a bit
in depth. You can only have one slave collar on you at any time
so you will need to go back every time you catch a slave.

The four people you need to catch are:

-Red in Big Town

-Susan Lancaster in Tennpenny Tower

-Flak from Rivet City

-Arkansas from Minefield

You can complete any of these targets in any order but I suggest
tackling Arkansas first for a couple of reasons. First because he
is the closest. Secondly, he pissed me off back during the 
Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Make sure you got any background
information on the targets as some of it is mildly interesting.

Target: Arkansas-

Head to Minefield and be ready to be shot at. Its best to approach
him from the east as it is closed to his location. Dodge his shots
the best you can and once you get close enough shoot him with the
Mesmetron. You know have somewhere around 30 seconds to do a couple 
of different things. 

- You can give him the slave collar and tell him about his new life.

- You can let him go.

- I can't confirm this but I don't see why you couldn't rob him and
then give him the slave collar...haha.

- Apparently if you shoot the Mesmetron at him again (after he has
the collar on) it causes the collar to explode. Save first and try
this if you're bored and feeling violent.

Once the slave collar is on Ark begins his walk towards his new
"home". Don't forget to loot his snipers nest before you head 
back to Paradise Falls as well. Inside his belongings is a key
which opens all doors in this hellhole. This is a great place
to pick up supplies for schematics.

Fast travel back to Grouse (Arkansas is there as well). He will
award you with 250 caps and another slave collar. You could now
access Paradise Falls.

***Note: if you happened to accidentally loose a collar you can
attempt a speech challenge with Grouse which he will award you
with one free collar. He only does this once. You could also
buy one from him...for a 100 caps though.***

Target: Red- 

This one is super easy. Head to Big town. Also if you are
trying to complete all the sidequests its important you
finish the quest "Big Trouble in Big Town" before you 
kidnap this chick. You could begin this quest right away
then enslave her immediately after.

Anyway's Locate Red in town and follow her until you are
out of eyesight of any witnesses. You best chance is 
inside a building. Nail her with the Mesmetron and
speak to her to give the option of enslaving her.

You could also rob her but she doesnít really have anything
useful. Send her on her way back to Paradise Falls.

Once back in Paradise Falls Grouse offers you the 250 caps
and another slaver collar.

Target: Flak-

Head to Rivet City and down into the market district. Flak
is right out in the open next to his gun store but one 
problem is present. This place is crawling with people,
including guards. Make sure to save and it would be
best to wait around and follow Flak to a more "discreet'
location. You don't the ass end of Rivet Cities police
force barreling down on you. 

Wait around until he's not at his shop then begin searching 
for him. He is often at the Muddy Rudder Bar, Gary's Galley,
and the flight deck. Continue your search for him and once
you locate him stalk him until he is alone. Smack him with
a shot from the Mesmetron and he's a strictly
plutonic way of course.

Funny thing with Flak after you have him under the spell
if you offer to "carry his equipment" he gleefully obliges
as he walks towards his live of slavery...haha.

Once again travel to Paradise Falls and receive your usual
payment of 250 caps.

Target: Susan Lancaster-

The back story to this one is very interesting. Nobody likes
a disobedient whore and that's where you come in.

This particular person has roles in two quests. The first
one being "Tennypenny Tower". The second one is "Power of
the Atom". The outcomes of both of these quests won't
directly ruin your results in enslaving her unless she 
died somehow in either of those.

Your target is hiding out in Tennpenny tower. Head there
now. If you have never entered before you will need to
either offer a 100 cap bribe to gain entrance or attempt
a speech challenge and convince the guard to let you in.
Also If you are currently on the "Power of the Atom" quest
you could state that you are there to see Mr. Burke which
will gain you access to the complex.

However you decided to get in its time now to find this
girl. Susan will most likely be near the Cafe Beau or
in her first floor suite. It's important that you 
don't speak to her or even come too close, just do
what I did to my Home Ec. teacher in high school
...stalk her. 

Once you have her alone tag her with the Mesmetron
and put a collar on her. She has no items on her. so don't
bother trying. Head back to Paradise Falls 
for your final reward.

      -300 XP
      -1000 Caps (total for capturing all four slaves)

Although this quest is over you can continue to hunt
slaves for Grouse. You can bring back basically anyone
besides other slavers. 

F.----Tennpenny Tower----

TennPenny Tower is southwest of Megaton but you've most likely
encountered it by now anyway's. This particular settlement has
an interesting history and an even more interesting situation
going on that you're about to get wrapped up in. This particular
quest has alot of options on how to solve this issue, keep this
in mind.

If you approach the front gate of TennPenny Tower you will notice
a ghoul trying to gain entrance. He isn't Feral and wont attack 
you. He actually wont even speak to you. You have a few options

- You could kill Roy, it doesn't begin the quest...but meh.

- If you had previously explored the Warrington tunnels and
you spoke to Michael Masters and/or Bessie Lynn Roy's name
will come up in the conversation and Roy will actually speak
with you. You can then talk to him about storming the tower.
Taking part in this massacre leads to negative karma so be
careful what you follow through with.

It's wise to just ignore old Roy and speak to the intercom
After speaking to the guard for a bit he refuses you entrance.
You have a few options on how to gain your way inside:

- If you are currently working on the "Power of the Atom" quest
the guard lets you in the speak with Mr. Burke about your "deal".

- If your speech skill is high enough you can convince the guy
to let you in.

- If all else fails you can bribe the guy...100 caps.

Anyway you solved this, the door swings open and you can head on
in. Search the courtyard and speak to Chief of Security Gustavo. 
He will talk about his hatred for ghouls. He hates them so much
he wouldn't mind having them wiped out. At this point it is
recommended that you speak to Roy again and gain some additional
insight to the current situation. This will activate the objective
"Help the Ghouls get into Tennpenny Tower". After this return to
Gustavo and speak to him regarding the basement. 

The basement seems to link with the Warrington Metro Station
Tunnels. Gustavo will offer you 500 caps to slaughter Roy
and his crew of Ghouls. With a sufficient speech skill you
can up this by 200 caps. You can agree to this or a simple

***Note: Just because you agree 'd to something doesn't mean you
have to follow through with it. Hell, my real dad agreed to come
home that one Christmas. He instead used the money to fly his
19 year old mail order bride in from Czechoslovakia. Back on 
topic, if you agree to something you can always change your mind

At this point a new objective should be present in your PipBoy:

"Help the ghouls get into Tennpenny Tower or Kill Roy Phillips
and his followers."

At this point you have a few options on how to handle this

1. If you sided with the humans and massacre Roy and his friends
or simply hear his side of the story you should head for 
the Metro Tunnels.

2. If you sided with Roy and want to massacre the humans enter
TennPenny Tower now and start shooting.

3. If you spoke to both Roy and Gustavo and would like to work
out some sort of peaceful arrangement then enter TennPenny tower.

Regardless of if you are there to kill every ghoul or just hear
Roy's side of the story its time to head to the subway tunnels.
If you head southwest from Tennpenny Tower you will quickly come
across the entrance to the metro tunnels although this is sort
of a waste of time as the entrance is blocked off.

Instead lets head right to the Warrington Trainyard. If you have
never been there it is west of Tennpenny tower. After you pass
a series of ruined homes you quickly encounter the trainyard and
will be assaulted by Feral ghouls. enter the tunnel through the
side door under the large trainyard arch.

Once inside head down the slope and take a right. Be prepared
for some ghoul action and continue to follow the left bend until
you find a "Metro Access" door. Once inside you can explore
around a little bit and you will most likely come across a 
locked door with a sufficient lockpick skill and some bobby
pins this thing is easy. The contents inside are worth going

Head in a generally northeastern direction and you should soon
pass some wrecked train cars and eventually some fallen rock
which blocks your path. Head east now, you will come across
a fork in the road and you now have two options. You could
take an immediate left or pass by the passage on your left 
and head down the stairs. Both of these options lead you to 
the same goal but it should be noted that the stairs
option is much faster.

***Note: You now have the option of completing:
"Evil Karma Route: Pro human, Kill the Metro tunnel ghouls".
Though lets not be so hasty, lets hear what the ghouls have
to say first. Or don't...***

Which ever option you took it will eventually lead you to
Warrington station. Soon after you enter you will be
approached by a Ghoul name Michael. He will scream some
crap at you and you will be given a few options:

- Holster your weapon. Choose dialogs that reveal Michael's
past life. You will eventually be sent to Roy.

- Keep your weapon out and show this ghoul that your trigger
works. It's a bad day to be a ghoul...God I hate Nick Cannon.

- If you've been here before, you have no business left at this
place head back to Tennpenny Tower and speak to Roy at the

After speaking with Mike head down the escalators and head east.
After a bit of exploration you will come across Roy and another
ghoul by the name of Bessie. Speak with Bessie if you so desire
then continue the quest by talking with Roy. When speaking with
Roy try not to piss him off if you wish to help them. you can
now agree to a peaceful resolution or help them slaughter the

Enough stalling, we have to end this conflict one way or the 

Evil Karma Route: Pro-Ghoul, walk into Tennpenny Tower and shoot
down and walking smooth skin.

Evil Karma Route: Pro-ghoul, Unleash a band of Feral's into the 

Evil Karma Route: Pro human, Kill the Metro tunnel ghouls.

Good Karma Route: Devise an agreement where everyone can
live together. Of note, when I choose to go this route it seems
our old friend Three Dog doesn't acknowledge it. Even though 
everyone came to a mediated truce he states over the radio that
the ghouls released the Ferals. You still get the good karma but
its a bit annoying if you care what Three dog says about you.

1. Evil Karma Route: Pro-Ghoul A. This first option is simple, walk
into Tennpenny tower with your preferred and drop a few rounds 
into any smooth skin you see. After you have cleared the place
out head upstairs to Tennpenny's suite. you have two options

- Tennpenny will allow the ghouls to live there and give you
some caps. Return to Roy to tell him of the good news. Funny
thing, if you visit the tower later in the game the ghouls
have definitely "redecorated". Visit again a second time and
it seems the have "redecorated" Tennpenny as well.

Don't even give Tennpenny a chance to negotiate. Simply
gun his bitch ass down and return to Roy with the news. He
awards you a Ghoul mask...useful little item.

2. Evil Karma Route: Pro-ghoul B. When speaking to Roy he mentions a
door that leads to the towers basement. His plan is to unleash a 
horde of swarming Feral ghouls into the tower which leaves all
the innocent civilians inside...screwed.

What you need to do here is pickpocket Gustavo's key's from him
when he isn't looking (and is alone). You can also get Tennpenny's
suite key as well.

If you are having trouble's getting the key from Gustavo you could
also head upstairs and speak with Mr. Dashwood. He will give it to
you without much trouble.

Once that's done head outside and to the back of the building. you'll
discover a locked door which requires the key you just snatched. Once
inside you can take a peek through the tiny door window and Roy will
wave back with the promised horde ready to go. At this point you can
attempt to hack the terminal which will allow you to open the door
or you could just shoot each generator up which will have the same

Once that's complete head back outside where you will be greeted by
Roy. He will give you the Ghoul mask which will convince Feral's that
you are one of them (as long as you are not too close). Put this thing
on and head inside.

Inside its chaos, the lights are out and ghouls are killing everything
in sight. Explore and loot to your hearts content and eventually make
your way upstairs. Mr. Dashwood is the only one who puts up a fight
but with so many ghouls he doesnít stand a chance. Make your way to the
elevator which takes you up to the penthouse suites. Laugh at the
frightened residents. You can meet up with Roy later but he does not
give you any other reward.

3. Evil Karma Route: Pro human.

This one is easy, while down in the Metro tunnel simply gun down
the three ghouls. Head back to Gustavo when complete and receive 
your reward.

4. Good Karma Route: This particular solution is the best if you
are a playing a honorable person and don't want the negative karma
hit. With that being said, this solution takes a bit more work
and requires a sufficient speech skill.

Make sure you have gotten Roy's take in the situation then head
inside Tennpenny Tower. What you need to do is gain an audience
with Tennpenny himself. The man happens to be guarded 24/7 and
we need to figure a way to get past the muscle.

- You could take on the quest "Power of the Atom". State you
are there to speak with Mr. Burke but instead speak with 

- If your not into blowing up a town you could attempt
a speech challenge with the guard. Winning it allows you

- You could attempt to steal the key from him, then sneak
past him to use it.

- Gustavo also has a key and you may find pickpocketing
him to be a bit easier. 

- There is also a key sitting on a pedestal near the 
door. You can easily grab this when the guard is not

You have plenty of options and regardless of how you gained
entrance its time to speak with Allistar Tennpenny. Speak with
Tennpenny about allowing the ghouls to live in the complex. 
The landlord states that you have to convince five "bigots"
that ghouls living there wouldnít be so bad. (Convincing
Dog the bounty hunter and Michael Richards is optional.)

You can now begin convincing the bigots to allow the ghouls
to move in. with a high enough speech skill each of the 
bigots will easily agree to your plan. 

If you're not the most persuasive person their is other
ways to complete this. Both Mr. Ling and ms. Montenegro
are shop keepers. Rob their safes and they are both scared
at the towers lack of security. It seems moving out is the
only option. This nets you bad karma.

The other three bigots (The Wellington's and Ms. Lancaster)
can be "convinced another way. Enter the suites level and make
your way inside Susan Lancaster's home. Inspect her desk to
get some nice loot and a love letter. Apparently Mr. Wellington
is shacking up with Susan. Your next goal is to give the letter
to Mrs. Wellington. Once you've given it to here watch 
the crazy wife take her revenge on not only her husband but on
Susan too! Holy crap.

***Note: Its important that Susan stay alive as she is an
important part of the quest titled "Strictly Business". If you
have any desire to complete that quest I would hold off on this
one for now.

After this is done report back to Tennpenny and tell him that 
everyone has been convinced. He agrees to your plan and you
can now report back to Roy. I found him down in the basement
on the other side of the window.

Like I stated earlier, even though you came to a truce between
the two parties Three Dog does not state this in his radio reports
he instead follows the Pro Ghoul path in which you release a horde
of Ferals into the building...whatever Three dog.

Also myself (and others) have noticed that even though a peaceful
solution was had it seems that Tenpenny dies soon after this 
path is completed. A guy named "Edu Mohr" wrote in comfirming this
as well and tells us to search the basement....

If for any reason Tennpenny is dead you can report to Gustavo
who claims that the Ghouls can move in "over his dead body".
Well if you say so...

For all purposes this quest is considered finished.

      - 300 XP
      - Ghoul Mask (except if ghouls where killed.)
      - Store discounts (except if ghouls were killed.)
      - 400 caps (only if ghouls were killed.)
      - 200 caps if speech skill won (only if ghouls were killed.)

G.----Agatha's Song----

You may have stumbled across this place while traversing the 
wasteland as it truly is out in the middle of nowhere. If not
this old ladies home is located northeast of the Meresti Trainyard.
Your best bet is to locate an old bridge dangling over a small canyon.

Once you have crossed the bridge you will quickly notice a derelict, 
old house and a large radio antenna. Head inside to find out what this
is all about. Inside you will meet an elderly woman named Agatha and
she weaves a tale of a simpler time when she lived next door to the
Walton's on their mountain. Well not really, but she does have a 
mission for you to undertake.

It turns out that Agatha is a musician and would like for you to track
down a family airloom. After she is done telling you about this offer
to help her and she will give you the location where a special violin
still resides. If you agree to help her and you have a high enough
speech skill you can convince her to give you access to her husbands 
cache of ammo. It is mildly useful as their is tons of ammo in here.
It should also be noted that you can gain access to the ammo if you
have the ladykiller perk.

Agatha states that the violin is inside Vault 92 but she is not aware
of its location. Although she does give you directions to the Vault-Tec
headquarters. At this point two objectives become present.

Objective: Recover the Soil Stradivarius from Vault 92.

Optional Objective: Locate Vault-Tec headquarters.

The Vault-Tec headquarters is pinpointed on your map and you can begin
your trip there now. If you are feeling lazy you could just head 
straight for Vault 92 which lies somewhere in the northeast, very close
to Old Olney. If you plan on heading there now be prepared for some
serious fighting as Deathclaws roam the area.

Let's head to the Vault-Tec headquarters first. If you have never been
here before the closest point of access is probably either of the
Vernon Square Metro Stations. Once you exit the station be prepared to
square off against some Super Mutants in, around, and inside of the
building. Also be prepared to "deactivate" alot of robots inside of

This building is great fun and I won't ruin your exploration of it
by giving needless directions although I will tell you that your
final destination is the "Vault-Tec Administration" section. The only
real objective you have here is to approve access to the mainframe on
three separate terminals. They are fairly easy to find and do not
have to be accessed in any specific order. When accessing these
terminal make sure to not only approve mainframe access but to also
shutdown the masterbrain. Doing this shuts down any remaining robots.

Once you have completed this step head the mainframe and download the
locations of the vaults as well as their access codes. Instead of trekking
all the way back you can simply take the stairs down to the guest relations
portion of the building and simply hop down. We are off to Vault 92.

Make any necessary preparations and head towards Vault 92. Before you enter
be prepared to fight alot of Mirelurks. Exploring this vault is alot of 
fun and contains alot of good gear. Its also incredibly interesting as
you slowly piece together of what happened in this vault. Whether you
wish to explore or not your final destination is the "sound testing" wing
of the vault. Once there just follow the signs on the wall to the classroom.
Inside the classroom, at the back corner of the room lies the fabled violin.

Finish any exploring, looting, and researching you need to do and lets 
head back to Agatha. Once you have returned give the instrument to its
rightful owner and the old bag rewards you with the gift of music!

It should also be noted that this violin can be sold to a ghoul named
Ahzrukhal in the Underworld (9th Street Bar) for 200 caps. This can
be raised to 300 caps using your speech skill. The same goes for Abraham
Washington who owns the Capitol Preservation Society which is located in
Rivet City.

After you gave the violin to Agatha and received her radio frequency you
may think this quest is finished but we still have some loose ends to tie up.
After the quest is over speak with Agatha again regarding preserving her
music by means of writing it down. She will mention sheet music and chances
are you may have some already (from Vault 92). for completion sake here is
all known locations of the sheet music.

- Vault 92 (men's bathroom).

- Sprinvale School (Inside a classroom on the southeast side).

- Arlington Library (Child's Wing, in an office cubicle).

- Roosevelt Academy (Arts and Athletics Hall).

- National Archives (Sub-Basement).

- Statesman Hotel (Roof).

Once you have some sheet music return to Agatha and give her the much
needed paper. If you give it to her with out expecting a reward you are
given positive Karma. If you bargain for a reward you are given a custom
.44 handgun but no positive karma is received. Hey, why does an old lady
have a pimped out handgun?

    - 300 Xp (only if violin was given to Agatha).
    - Agatha's Station Signal (only if violin was given to Agatha).
    - Positive Karma (Only if sheet music was given not expecting a reward).
    - 200 caps (only if sold violin, can be raised to 300).
    - Blackhawk .44 Magnum (if reward was expected for sheet music).

H.----Reilly's Rangers----

Reilly is a hot chick who is in a coma (Remember that line from Kill Bill?
"Oh, shit! By the way, not every time but sometimes this chick's cooch will 
get drier than a bucket of sand.")

Anyway' initiate this quest you need to head to the Underworld. Once
there make your way towards Doctor Barrows Chop Shop. Once there inspect
the girl lying on the bed. At this time she can't be awakened so speak
to the doc to figure out what's going on. At this point you have a few
options on how to handle this:

- With a suitable speech skill you can convince the doc to awaken her.

- With a high enough medicine skill you can wake her yourself.

Either way you decided to solve this little dilemma Reilly will awaken
and you can now chat with her. She will give you the low down of what
happened. Reilly tells you all about a recent attack by Super Mutants
inside a place called the Statesmen Hotel.

Objective: Find Our Lady Hope Hospital.

Optional Objective: Locate the Ranger's ammo crate.

Optional Objective: Gear up at the Ranger compound.

Reilly states that the best way to reach the team is to head north to
the Metro Station. After that head through the dry sewers which will
take you to the Our Lady Hope Hospital. During this point in the 
conversation ask " Can you think of anything else that will help me
get there?" Reilly will give you the location of a Ranger compound as
well as the location of Theo's body (which you can loot for equipment
when at the hotel).

Before you head out for the Statesmen Hotel you should make a quick
stop off at Reilly's compound which she thankfully marked on your
Pipboy. Once there loot the place blind for some useful equipment and
chem's. Once you are ready its time to head for the hotel.

You could use Reilly's directions or you could use the metro tunnels
and travel to Vernon square which gets you really close. Although 
following Reilly's directions is advisable as it gets you right into
the hospital.

When you get close you will be given the option of tuning into the
rangers emergency broadcast. It's a good idea to listen to this
as it gives you a little more information. You need to travel from
the hospital's roof to the hotels roof via a collapsed antenna.

Once inside the hospital its a pretty straight forward trek but 
should be noted that their is three nurse terminal which can be
hacked. The reward? Unlocking chem supplies, a real junkies dream.

The hospital is full of treasures but is also full of muties and
centaurs so explore and loot carefully. After you have filled your
quota of looting and killing speak with Jack Burton and he says:

"All I know is, this Lo Pan character comes out of thin air in the 
middle of a goddamn alley while his buddies are flying around on 
wires cutting everybody to shreds, and he just stands there waiting 
for me to drive my truck straight through him 
with *light* coming out of his mouth!" 

Well I lied about that last part but that movie kicked ass didn't it?
Anyway's, when you are done looting its time to head to the second floor.
Explore/massacre the second floor and when all is said and done head
towards a door with an "exit" sign over it. This door leads outside which
gets you over to the Statesmen Hotel.

***Note: Once you are inside the hotel you are trapped there until
the completion of the quest. Make sure you are prepared!***

When ready walk across the downed antenna and make your way inside.
Make your way through the hotel disarming any traps you see and be heading
any muties you see. You will eventually come across Theo's corpse. Use the
code you received from Reilly to gain access to his stuff. To bad you 
can't use his body as a meat shield...

Make your way to the next level of the hotel. Up here you will encounter
your usual super mutants but it should be noted that on this level you
can acquire a holotape (beside a skeleton on a bed). Which is titled "A
Note from Little Moonbeams Father". This is an item used for the quest
titled "Stealing Independence". Hey, sorry I was just trying to save you
a trip.

After picking the holotape up continue exploring and you will soon come 
across a broken elevator. If your repair skill is high enough ( I hope to
Andre the Giant that it is) you can repair this elevator and save yourself
a ton of time and fighting.

If you weren't able to repair that pile of crap head into the main 
corridor make your way to the far end to the location of a staircase.
Here you can enter a collapsed room which will allow you to climb the
rubble up to the stairs. Continue on your way to the Alfresco Lounge.

You have two ways to gain entrance to the lounge. The easiest way is to
unlock the door by means of science or lockpicking skill. The said door
is located by heading south then taking a left at the T-junction.

The more annoying route has you taking a right at the T-junction. By
taking this route you will be forced into a few more confrontations with
your mutated foe. Of course, if you like that then be my guest...

The lounge is home to a few super mutants as well as some nice loot. 
including a Quantum, Grongank the Barbarian, and some chem's. Despite
all that your goal here is a fission battery which is located in a 
storage closed under the stairs. At this point a new objective becomes

Objective: Give fission battery to Donovan.

It's time to head outside now, once their speak to the remaining
mercs. Speak with Butcher and he can patch you up if need be.
Butcher and/or Donovan can explain that they need a battery to
boot up the elevator. Too bad your sticky fingers already
picked one up huh? Although before giving him the battery I 
would greatly recommend giving the rangers any available ammo
you have. As when they fighting starts you will learn all to
quickly that they are out and will have to switch to side arms.
Lets try to keep them alive shall we? The objective section in
your PipBoy changes again here.

Objective: Lead Reilly's Rangers to Safety.

***Note: If you explore the roof a bit you can find some sheet
music which is useful for the quest "Agatha's Song".***

Once ready hop into the elevator and the massacre begins. Take
point in this assault as its obvious you can take more of a 
beating than these NPC's can. Try to draw as much fire on 
yourself as possible. Its not necessary that they live but
it is beneficial. These muties need a wake up call...and 
you're going to be the one to phone it in. 

After the assault loot the place blind and then speak to
Butcher. He speaks of a reward of gives you directions to
the Rangers compound. Alternatively if all three died head to
the Ranger compound anyway's.

Travel there and search for Reilly, when you locate her
inform her of the events that unfolded. If all rangers happened
to die she will not give you a reward. Although if one or more
lived she will be impressed and give you a couple of options
for a reward.

      - 300XP
      - Ranger Battle Armor OR Eugene The Minigun

End Quest Notes:

- If Butcher survived he can heal you if you ever need it.

- If Donovan survived he will repair your equipment.

- Speak to Reilly after the mission to receive a Misc. quest.
Here she will give you a Geomapper. Basically you will receive
20 caps for every primary location you discover! I know it 
doesn't sound like much but it really does add up. Besides, 
it's hardly an inconvenience. 

(Sorry about all the movie references during this quest's
walkthrough. I was watching Herby: Fully Loaded with my
pants off and it got me in the mood.)

I.----The Nuka-Cola Challenge----

This truly is a strange quest (even stranger than that time I
got was given a free handy by that prostitute for popping all the
zits on her back.) 

***Pre Quest Note: There are 94 Quantum's in the 
capital wasteland.***

To begin this quest first head to Girdershade. Chances are you 
will need to head here to hand over the Naughty Nightwear 
anyway's. Girdershade is located in the southwest section of the
capital wastelands. All this settlement consists of is two crappy
shacks located under a crumbling freeway overpass.  Once there
you will notice that the western shack happens to be empty, so 
instead head inside the other one.

Objective: Take Sierra's Nuka-Cola Tour.

Objective: Speak to Sierra Petrovita.

Once inside you will meet Sierra, an avid collector of all things
Nuka-Cola. Remain polite and continue the conversation with her.
She will tell you about her neighbor who sounds like a real
gentleman. After a bit more conversing she will offer to give you
a full tour of her crap... uh...I mean treasures.

After the tour you will need to speak to Sierra again and she will
tell you about a drink called Nuka Cola Quantum. Chances are, you 
have probably seen this stuff before and chances are, you probably
drank some of it. Well don't worry, there is plenty of bottles
to go around. 

It turns out that Sierra wants you to collect thirty bottles of
Quantum so she can fill up that vending machine of hers. At this
point you can attempt a speech challenge that if you win causes
Sierra to spill her guts on a schematic that teaches you how to
build Quantum grenades .Sierra will now give you the location of 
the Nuka Cola bottling factory. Before you go you can speak to 
her about some general matters and after your done
her exit her shack.

Once outside you will be confronted by some honky who is pissed
your macking on his woman. Turns out his name is Ronald and he
is obsessed with Sierra. Ronny offers to buy the quantum's from
you for the same price as Sierra so he can seal the deal with
the ole gal. At this point you can attempt a speech challenge
and if you win he is forced to double his price. Also if you
have the Black Widow Perk you can obtain a unique shotgun from
him...or just take it off his corpse. You can agree to this
without a negative hit to your Karma as you can always change
your mind later. Also of note here, if you are a female and
use your Black Widow perk you can "convince him to help you
look for them...haha.

***If you have the Naughty Nightwear this would be a good time
to give it up. If you don't have it yet take a peek at the
quest "Those!" for some tips on were it is located. If you
feel like it anyway's.***

Lets head to the Nuka Cola Bottling facility but before you
do make sure that you donít already own 30 Quantum's. Its very
possible that you could have obtained that many during your
quests. If not lets head to that bottling plant.

The plant is not far from here, simply follow your PipBoy
and you will arrive there quickly. Before you enter the
plant be sure to pick up the two Quantum bottles from the
container truck parked in the back of the building. Once
inside you will quickly notice a door a large metal double
door with red lights above it. If you can manage to pick this
lock you can save yourself a crapload of time. If not, well be
ready to explore.

After a bit of exploration you will quickly enter a loading bay
then find a set of stairs that leads down. As you head down these
stairs be prepared to fight an interesting mutation of the regular
old Mirelurk. After your first fight enter the mechanics workshop.
If you science skill is proficient you can activate that
Protecton. You might need his help. Also make sure to pick up the
Employee ID card and piece of paper.

Head down the stairs and continue on. Continue exploring until you
come across a set of stairs which leads you to the offices of this
plant. Once in the offices do as much exploring as you feel like 
but remember that the stairs which leads to "Shipping" is in the
main corridor. 

Up on this floor there as a few things you should look for before
continuing up the stairs again. The most important is a note which
is on the body of a dead merc. This note starts you on a Misc. quest
which is titled "Finding the Formula". I suggest doing this as it is
a quick way to obtain some caps. After you're done with this level 
head up the stairs to shipping and the factory floor.

Once inside this section of the building you will soon meet a robot
named Milo. He will question you of your identity.

- You can attempt a speech challenge and if you win the bot thinks
you are the plants owner. Milo will then give detailed instructions
on the manifests as well as some Quantum info. Take the key as well.

- You can present your Employee ID you picked up earlier. You can then
ask for Shipping Computer login code and key.

- If you failed at either of the above you can run...hopefully back to
the location of the ID card.

Once you get past the robot enter his quarters. Loot the place before
logging into his computer. Either use your data module or hack this 
thing to obtain the location of three test markets for Nuka Cola Quantum!

These Are:

1. Paradise Falls Shopping Mart.

2. Super-Duper Mart.

3. Old Olney Grocery.

Finish any looting you need to do. Hint: the wall safe is full of 

Exit this area until you see a conveyor belt guarded by a couple of
Protectrons. After shutting them down use your science skill to hack
this machine as once it boots up it gives you access to three more
Quantum's! After this your time here is almost up except for one
minor thing. Remember that key we took of Milo the Raiders body?
Its the key to the research dept safe. Return there and grab its
contents. Its necessary to fulfill the Misc. quest "Finding 

You now have a good start on your quest to track down thirty
Quantum's. Begin searching and collecting now. After you have
the necessary amount its time to head back and seal the deal
with Sierra or Ronny. Selling them to Sierra is obviously the
right thing to do as selling them to creepy Ron only furthers
his goal of trying to score with Sierra.

      - 1200 caps total.
      - Positive Karma (If sold to Sierra).
      - Negative Karma (If sold to Ron).
      - Nuka Grenade & Schematics (If Given to Sierra)
      - 2400 caps total (if sold to Ronny and speech challenge won.)

End Quest Notes: 

After clearing out the safe in the research department of the bottling
plant you will have a formula for Nuka Cola Clear. If you want to see
this through head north of the bottling plant until you come
across a tricycle factory. Here you will meet a raider named
Goalie. He offers to buy the formula from you for 250 caps.  

Obviously this price can be challenged through speech. If you
win the amount raises to 400 caps. Not bad from a small walk.
Before you go though, decide if its worth it to kill Goalie as
his mask is unique in the fact that it gives you plus twenty five
action points. There is no Karma loss for killing him. After all
he is a filthy raider. 

Fish_guts says: Sell him the formula 
then rip his mask off his bullet riddled corpse.

J.----The Replicated Man----

Finally a Blade Runner reference! Anyway's this quest begins when you
first enter Doctor Li's lab in Rivet City. You will witness her 
subordinates arguing with some asshat. After the conversation is 
over approach Dr. Simmer and find out what he has his panties in
a bunch about.

Zimmer states that he "misplaced" an android and would like your
assistance in retrieving it.  If you assist him he will reward you
with "advanced technology from the commonwealth". Sound likes some
communist made crap to me. 

During the conversation Zimmer will continue to dish out information
regarding the android and its purpose. He will also give you a few 
hints on where to begin your search.

Objective: Search for clues about Zimmer's Missing Android.

Optional Objective: Discover what Doctor Preston at Rivet city might
know about the android.

At this point the quest becomes completely up to you. You can scour
the wasteland with what hints you have. Clues can be discovered a couple
of ways; by either convincing the person to give it up or by just taking
it from their residence. What you need to do is discover the persons 
corresponding holotape then speak to them regarding the android. With the
exception of Doc Preston the others wont give up information otherwise.

Here is a list of all those with information to give. Its important to note
that use of speech makes convincing these people much easier and for most
of them will let you skip the annoying process of finding their holotapes,
instead letting you get the information from them right away.

You also have other options of getting the information. With doctors use your
medicine skill. With scientific individuals try science. Alternatively you 
attempt bribery...

***Note: You do not need all clues to complete this quest. Only three
or four. Depending on the route you decide to take.***

Complete list of those involved with the replican...I mean android:

- Father Clifford: Rivet city.
Holotape: At the base of his sermon stand.

- Sister: Rivet City/ Paradise Falls.
Holotape: is on the desk in his room in Rivet City.

- Doctor Preston: Rivet city.
Holotape: None, just speak to him at his clinic.

- Seagrave Holmes: Rivet city.
Holotape: Located in his room next to his bunk.

- Moira Brown: Megaton.
Holotape: Behind the counter on a small round table.

- Doc Church: Megaton
Holotape: On his desk, near the terminal.

- Manya: Megaton.
Holotape: On a table in her house.

- Herbert Dashwood: Tennpenny Tower.
Holotape: In the corner of his central bookcase.

- Doctor Banfield: Tennpenny Tower.
Holotape: On the floor, behind the examination divider.

- Cutter: Paradise Falls
Holotape: On top of a corner filing cabinet.

- Eulogy Jones: Paradise Falls.
Holotape: Desk in his main bedroom.

- Grouse: Paradise Falls.
Holotape: On the ground close to him, close to some sandbags.

- Lucy: Little Lamplight.
Holotape: On her desk in the Essentials clinic.

- Knick Knack: Little Lamplight.
Holotape: On a desk near the "Miner Mole" store. 

- Red: Big Town
Holotape: On a desk inside her clinic.

- Doctor Barrows: Underworld
Holotape: On a desk near the nurses terminal.

- Tulip: Underworld
Holotape: On the workbench.

- Wintrap: Underworld.
Holotape: On a desk in his room.

- Scribe Bowditch: Citadel.
Holotape: Near the scribe's terminal.

After you have discovered three or more clues you will most likely
be confronted by a lady named Victoria in Rivet city. She isn't 
happy with your recent investigation and asks that you assist her
in getting Zimmer off the Androids back. She gives you a fake
Internal component and sends you on your way. 

Objective: Continue to search for clues or tell Zimmer the android
is dead.

Obviously this is the moral thing to do and if you decide to take
this route locate Zimmer and convince him of the androids death. If
you choose to do this is nets you a nice positive Karma bonus. Skip
down to the "Meet with Harkness" section to see what to do next.

If you decide to ignore Victoria your fourth discovered clue reveals
that Pinkerton is behind the android's facial reconstruction. Chances
are you have already met Harkness and know where he lives. Although if
you don't Pinkerton is a crazy guy you lives on other broken half of the
giant boat that is Rivet city! Here are instructions on how to reach his
place (copied from the quest "The Wasteland Survival Guide".)

While in Rivet city exit to the flight deck and make your way to 
the broken half of the ship. Once you are facing the other half 
of the ship dive into the water and look for an underwater 
passage on the right side of the other half. Once inside you 
will quickly notice that your are still underwater. Move quickly
and you will soon come across a  pocket of air. Breath if want 
to live and continue on. Soon enough you will be out of the water
and exploring the derelict boat.

A small warning here, this place has a few Mireulurks roaming
around as well as booby-trapped rooms. This place is fairly
straightforward and I wont ruin a good opportunity for some
down home exploration. That's half the fun right?

Once you finally find Pinkerton begin questioning him regarding the
android. After a civil conversation (hopefully) Pinky will give you
some interesting news; Harkness the security chief is the android!
Pinky and the Brain will also giver you tons of additional information
regarding the android, his recall code, a picture, and his terminal

If you chose to continue speaking (I suggest you do) Pinkerton will 
also educate you on the commonwealth AND offers facial reconstructive
surgery. Side effects include dangling your kids balconies. When you 
are finished looking at his notes on his terminal and looting any
goods its time to pinch off a loaf and finish this quest.

-Meeting with Harkness-

Harkness is usually guarding the entrance to Rivet city. If you have
Pinkertons proof you can convince Harkness of his true identity. Once
Harkness has his memory back you have a few choices on how to handle

-Good Karma Route: He authorizes you to kill Zimmer and his bodyguard.

-Good Karma Route: Let Harkness take care of Zimmer himself. Follow him
to watch the showdown.

-Evil Karma Route: Convince him to follow Zimmer back to the commonwealth.

If you choose either of the good karma routes Harkness rewards you with a
custom plasma rifle...nice.

****NOTE: It is possible to meet with Harkness, recieve his rifle then turn
around and sell him out to Zimmer. Its trully evil but you do recieve both 

      - 300XP
      - A3-21's Plasma Rifle

-Meeting with Zimmer-

Meet with Zimmer in the science lab for the following end quest

-Good Karma Route: Convince him the component you were given is an 
actual piece from the androids corpse. Zimmer Leaves and gives you 50 caps.

-Evil Karma Route: Reveal everything you discovered. Zimmer is satisfied and
awards you with a combat module perk. 

      - 300XP
      - 50 Caps (only if you lie to Zimmer about the android).
      - Combat Enhancer Perk (Only if you reveal everything to Zimmer).

K.----The Superhuman Gambit----
In the eastern portion of the capital wastelands lies the once bustling town
of Canterbury Commons. When you first near this settlement you may run into
a few different traveling merchants who will tell you what's going on. 
Believe it or not their are two whacked out "hero's" battling in the
streets of this poor town. Watch them battle it out and after 
the fight they leave the town. Take out any stray ants and 
lets figure out how we fix this mess.

After the fight the scared townsfolk exit their hiding places. You will be 
greeted by a man named "Uncle" Roe. He is mayor around these parts and would
like your assistance in stopping these weirdos. Roe offers you 200 caps if
you can stop the fighting. This can be raised to 400 caps if you use 
successfully use your speech skill Knowwhutimean?.

Its time to do as Roe says and track down his nephew Derek. Many objectives
now become present.

Objective: Find the Mechanist or AntAgonizer and stop their rivalry.

Optional Objective: Ask Derek for information about the Mechanist 
and AntAgonizer.

Optional Objective: Find the AntAgnoizer and stop her.

Optional Objective: Find the Mechanist and stop him.

Its not a good time to do some sleuthing on both heroes. The best course of
action is to question the local townsfolk for anything they might know.
If you speak to Machete and Dominic they will reveal that Dom and the
Mechanist were once buddies. Towards the Diner speak to Joe Porter and

When speaking to Joe make sure to question him specifically about the 
super heroes. He has alot of useful information regarding the AntAgonizer 
and why she is so messed up. (Did her step dad have boundary issues like

When speaking to Derek make sure to question him about both nutjobs and 
he will enlighten you to the location of both heroes lairs. There is one
more thing you can do. Head over to Hubris Comics and read up and the
AntAgonizer on the terminal there. After this you really have nothing
left to do but decide which one to deal with and head off in that 
direction. The Antagonizer has a lair north of town and the Mechanist
has a hideout south of town in a old factory.


Head south and follow your PipBoy map when doing so. You will soon come
across a rocky hill. You have two options to gain entrance into the Ant
Queens lair. If your lockpick skill is sufficient you can unlock the
sewer grate and get right in.

If not, head to the bottom of the small mound and locate a metal door.
This leads into the sewer. This place has a few junctions but it is
fairly difficult to get lost down here. Explore to your hearts content
just be weary of booby traps and mines.

when you finally uncover the AntAgonizer's lair she will quickly ask
"Why shouldn't I have my pretties kill you where you stand?" At this
point you have a few options on how to handle this.

- Simply continue to threaten her until a fight breaks out. Destroy 
any ants and finally the AntAgonizer herself. After killing her, loot
her corpse and then return to Canterbury Commons.

- Inform this hoe that her days of terrorizing the town are over. At this 
point you have three ways to complete this. This route results in good
karma. This route is only possible if you havenít already spoken with the

1. With sufficient speech skill and previously talking to Joe Porter you
can explain to her pain and suffering she has caused to all the citizens
of Canterbury Commons. She will reveal her human form and give you her
suit and helmet.

2. If you visited the Hubris Comic store and read the letter to the 
editor on one of the terminals you still know the villains true
identity. She will reveal her human form and give you her suit
and helmet.

3. you can attempt to argue with her. Which always ends in conflict.

- If you have the Mechanists suit the ant queen demands that you hand
it over as proof.  You can then either agree and she will be on her way
or you can refuse and she will initiate combat. With a sufficient speech
skill you can negotiate with her so you can keep the costume.

- Tell her you are here to help her decommission the Mechanist (if you 
wish to side with the Mechanist I wouldnít go here). Oddly enough if
you choose this option the Mechanist conveniently attacks the 
AntAgonizer's lair! Prepare for a costumed brawl! Take the Mechanists
costume off his lifeless corpse and present it to the ant queen as a 
gift. She will reward you with a special weapon titled the "Ants Sting".

Whatever way you decided to complete this its now time to head back to
Canterbury Commons for your reward.


South of town lies the Robot Repair Center. The parking lot for this 
complex is packed with enemies so plan accordingly. Once inside be
prepared to combat a few robots (plan accordingly). Inside head west
to a room full of desks. After the Protectron is destroyed search all
the desks. If you search the two desks in the southwest corner you will
quickly discover that one has a accessible terminal with some interesting
information on it. Behind the terminal is a key. This key gives you
access to the nearby ammo box. Which contains, you guessed it Pulse 
grenades. I used to hate these things...about time they come in handy.

You now have  few options on how to access the Mechanist. If your 
lockpick skill is good enough you can unlock a nearby elevator which
takes you directly to the Mechanist. If not lets move through the cargo
door. Once inside climb the stairs fighting any
opposition along the way. Stay on the upper section and locate the repair
terminal. You'll quickly learn that their is a small pod issue. If you
activate the control switch near the pods it will cause them to open.
All this does is release some Protectrons. Watch them as they endlessly
walk off the platform. Destroy them if you need supplies.

Continue on to the control room. Once inside attempt to hack the terminal
for some assistance in this hellhole. Continue your explorations until
you reach the forge. There is many ways to gain entrance to the Mechanists
lair, I am just assuming you are taking the most basic route. You will
quickly discover a back office. Everything in her is junk with the 
exception of a coffee maker. Activate it for a cliche hidden passage.

The Mechanist confronts you quickly with " Speak now citizen or I'll be
forced to detain you! Etc, etc..." At this point you have a few options
on how to handle this.

- You can attempt to convince him that you are hear to find a peaceful
outcome to the situation. After he blabs on about "the scaly claw of
tyranny". This is only available if you have not already spoken with
the AntAgonizer. Try the following Speech and Perk:

1. If your speech is sufficient you can convince him that his battles
with the AntAgonizer cause more harm that good. 

2. If you have the "Child at Heart" perk you can play on this. It will
cause him to give up as well.

By doing this he will give up his ways and give you his costume. This
option obviously rewards you with positive Karma.

- If you are here for blood then simply antagonize the freak until he
attacks you. Your only issue during this battle is the Protectron in the
corner. Dispatch of it right away then deal damage on the walking trash
can. His armor sucks and he will go down in no time. This option is 
only available if you have already spoken to the Antagonizer.

- Speak to the Mechanist and your wishes to rid the world of the
Antagonizer. Obviously this results in negative Karma. If you
decide to go this route the Antagonizer conveniently attacks the
compound. Be prepared to defend the Mechanist from a few ants and
the queen herself.

After the battle the Mechanist demands her suit. Give it to him and
try to stay on friendly terms as he will give you a special weapon
titled "The Protectrons Gaze" he then leaves. If you are rude he 
leaves without giving you the weapon.

- If you happen to already have the Antagonizer's suit the guy still 
demands that you give it to him. You have a couple of options here.

1. Give it to him and receive the Protectrons Gaze.

2. Refuse which initiates combat with him.

3. With a successful speech challenge you can convince him to let
you keep the costume...sweet I guess.

Head through the elevator for a quick exit through the factory.

Which ever way you decided to complete this quest its now time to
head back to Canterbury Commons and speak with Uncle Roe. If either
or both Hero is dead or dismissed he will reward you. 

***Note: If Roe happens to be dead then speak to his 
nephew Derrick for your reward.***

      -200 Caps (400 if speech was successful)
      -Ant's Sting (If Mechanist outfit was given to AntAgonizer.)
      -Protectrons Gaze (If Antagonizer outfit was given to AntAgonizer.)

End Quest Notes:
Rumor has it that if you wander the wasteland in either of the hero's 
costumes you may be confronted by a small child...interesting.

(Although this time he won't be claiming you're his biological father. 
Or was that just me this happened to?)

L.----Stealing Independence----

(Strangely enough this quest reminds me of when I was in college. All
the jocks were having all these crazy sexual experiences. One guy even
had an idea of an orgy was using more than one magazine.)

To begin this interesting quest head over to Rivet City. Follow the signs
throughout the ship until you reach the Capitol Preservation Society.
Explore this museum to your hearts content (make sure to check out the
terminal as well). After a bit of exploring you will quickly notice
some famous documents which have been framed on a wall you might also
quickly notice that some frames are empty...more on that later.

After you are finished looking around speak to Abe Washington. Try to
stay remain civil with your remarks and ask him about "the greatest
prize". Abe explains that this is the Declaration of Independence. Of
course you are tasked to retrieve it. while speaking to Abe make sure to
get as much info from him as possible. You can also attempt a speech 
challenge, if you win he tells you where he got all this info.

If questioned Abe also states that he would be interested in increasing
his collection. If you bring him any other documents of historical
significance he will reward you. If interested, I have compiled a list
of every item he is looking for and its location at the end of this
guide. After you are finished speaking with Abe I would recommend 
gearing up with combating Super Muties in mind. Happy Hunting!

Objective: Retrieve the Declaration of Independence from the 
National Archives.

The National Archives is near the mall and the closest subway station is
the Pennsylvania Ave./ Mall Metro Station. The National Archives building
happens to have two entrances. the rear entrance is pretty much straight
ahead from the subway station and the front entrance is approached from
the mall itself. Either way, you will have be faced with a swarm of
super mutants to battle and remember, just like that case of herpes your
cousin (didn't know it at the time) gave you...they just keep coming
back. Or was that just me?

Once inside there is two ways of locating the missing treasure hunter. 
You don't actually have to save her but she is helpful and any kind of 
interaction with a female (even if pixelated) is awesome.

(God...I'm so lonely.)

You could head through the outside rear entrance which leads into a
basement. After tons of exploring you will reach the rotunda, which 
happens to be your destination. If you enter through the main entrance
you will be literally feet away from the rotunda. Also after a bit 
exploring you will uncover a "Guess and Win!" terminal. Here is the
questions and answers for this game:

Question 1: The Declaration of Independence was an act of what body?
Answer: Second Continental Congress.

Question 2: How many North American colonies rebelled against Britain?
Answer: Thirteen

Question 3: Who was the first person to sign the Declaration?
Answer: Andre The Giant...just kidding! It was John Hancock.

Question 4: How many delegates signed the Declaration?
Answer: 56.

Question 5: Which of the following is not a written section?
Answer: Ratification. 

Question 6: Who was the ruler of Great Britain when?
Answer: King George III.

Question 7: Complete this famous phrase from the Declaration.
Answer: Happiness

Question 8: Who was the principal author of the Declaration?
Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

Your reward for correctly answering all eight? A prize voucher.
This can be turned in to the prize terminal, which is right next
to the Guess and Win machine. Also if you locate the nearby 
administration office there is a safe which if unlocked gives you
six more vouchers. you can redeem the prize vouchers for fruit
flavored mentats. Now only if they had fruit flavored Enzyte...
Continue exploring of you feel the urge.

Once you're done here head through the large double doors with
a sign titled " Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom" above it.
Once inside be prepared to be annoyed by two things. One, you
will hear a girl screaming and two, you will painfully notice
that the ground is riddled with landmine's. Deal with the 
landmine's and oncoming wave of super muties. Make sure to
protect her as best you can. Unless you want the karma hit
of course.

Objective: Defend the Rotunda.

***Note: you can complete this quest with Sydney dead. It's
just easier if she's alive.***

Once you have laid waste to every mutant speak to Sydney.
She quickly learns that you to have similar reasons for
being here. She asks that you team up. I would...maybe you
can get into those skin tight combat stretch pants she's 

Continue speaking with Syd and learn as much as you can about her.
She will tell you about her past, her customized gun, and her
hopes of hearing back from her father (see End quest Notes for
more details on this).

If you do team up with Sydney she will tell you that the document
you seek is located underground in a storage room. Though she
has discovered a hidden cargo lift that will take you straight
there. You have two ways of reaching your destination.

- If Sydney did happen to die you will have to head over to
the locked door with the wall terminal and attempt to unlock it.
you can use either your Science or lockpick skill here to hopefully
get this damn door open. This path is a real pain in the ass but
it does take you to the same destination.

- If Sydney lived head over to the remote terminal and use the 
password she gave you. The center of the rotunda will raise 
slightly, step up and wait for Sydney. Once she is on look
down and activate the lift.

Whichever way you reached this place it quickly becomes something
of a war zone. Keep this in mind if you intend to keep Sydney alive.
Remember to save often or just tell her to wait and clear the
place out.

Move north and eventually through the large hatch door. If you have 
spoken to Sydney at all about this she will mention that you have a
few different paths at this part. They are as follows:

- Short: Move north to the utility gate and use your Science skill to
unlock the door. Destroy the robot in the following room.

- Long: Move west, destroying a robot along the way. Turning right will
lead you to a metal door. Use your lockpick skill to gain access. 

- Longest: If your skills suck and you can't gain access through
either of the previously mentioned routes you can still reach the
end. Head west and eventually turn at the second door on the left.
Be warned of a gas leak in a room following a very well lit area.

All of these paths now combine at a pile of debris. Before you take
the stairwell down make sure to inspect the Turret generator. By 
using your repair skill you can effectively shut down all the turrets
on the floor below. this is important because they guard some 
important documents which can be sold to Abe Washington.

Head down the stairs and locate the hatch on the north wall. Step 
through and you will notice three doors. Head over to the one on
your left first. Pull out your Bobby pins and start lockpicking
once you have that door unlocked you will quickly be greeted by
another locked door. Once you have that unlocked you will enter
a small room. Inside is some good loot as well as the Bill of
Rights. Which can be sold to Abe Washington for a nice pile of
caps. After you're finished looting head back to the corridor
you just came from.

Lockpick the door at the bottom of the stairs, once inside you
will have to unlock yet another door. Do that and you have access
to the Magna Carta! As well as some ammo.

Back in the original corridor make sure to attempt to hack the 
wall terminal before you access the door on the east wall as this
shuts down the turret behind the door. This would be a good time
to use a stealth boy if you have one. Otherwise just prepare to
turn some robots into steaming piles of metallic shit.

Continue exploring, looting, and fighting and you will quickly
discover the door which leads to the archival storeroom. Enter it
when you feel you're ready.

Once you enter you will be confronted by a crazy robot who thinks
he is the second governor of Georgia (They should have made a sexy
robot version of Gov. Palin. That would be two fantasies of mine
combined!). This guy quickly thinks that you are a redcoat spy. 
You can attempt to dismiss his accusations but the robot doesn't
fall for it. At this point you have a few options on how to handle

- You could kill him, looting the security password off his corpse.
this gives you negative karma.

- You could play along with him and tell him that you are from the
congress. At this point use your speech skill and tell him that you
are in fact Thomas Jefferson (or his agent if you are a female). The
mechanized chap is overjoyed and gleefully hands over the document.

- You could prove your honesty by tricking the redcoats. The only
way to do this is by making a fake Declaration. To do this he needs
ink from 500 years ago. Where do you get this? Arlington Library...
yeah that's right. If you are going this route look up the quest
titled "The wasteland Survival Guide". Chapter three: Part three
details some general directions on how to get the ink.

Optional Objective: Bring Button Gwinnett the ink.

I really hope your speech skill is sufficient because trekking all
the way to the Arlington library would really suck if you haven't
been there before. Sometimes doing the right thing (and not 
terminating this robotic jackass) really sucks ass.

After you have received the declaration and password for the 
archives security terminal Button asks you what his next orders
should be:

- You could continue to lie to him and tell to "keep up the good
fight. This leads to positive karma.

- you could tell this crazy robot bastard to self destruct. Of 
course this leads to negative karma.

After you have delt with the robot continue exploring the area.
Behind his desk is a door which leads to three safes. The middle
one has the real Declaration of Independence. The others have
some general loot consisting of ammo and caps.

***Note: Button's wig is wearable. If you're into that sort
of thing.***

After you are finished here, meet back up with Sydney and decide
to head back to Rivet City. Meet up with Abe Washington to receive
your reward. He awards you with a nice schematic, not bad for 
retrieving a piece of paper. You also get rewarded with some caps
if you returned with some other important documents that you may
have picked up.

      - Schematic: Railway Rifle
      - 75-100 caps (if Magna Carta was delivered.)
      - 100-125 caps (If Bill of Rights was delivered.)

End Quest Notes:
While on the quest "Reilly's Rangers" you may have picked up a
holotape (Statesmen Hotel, on a bed by a corpse) that gives 
a little insight on Sydney and her dad. It also lets you in
on a stomach wrenching nickname that Sydney's father called
her..."Little Moonbeam". After this quest find Sydney in either
Rivet city, 9th circle Drinking Est. (Underworld, where she moves
to after this quest), or easier yet, you could speak to her while 
in the National Archives.

Once this is done Sydney reveals her thoughts on the situation
and awards you with her custom submachine gun. It holds more 
rounds and has a higher crit per shot. Its a nice weapon if you
specialize in small guns.

As I promised earlier here is a complete list of the items that 
can be sold to Abe:

- Declaration of Independence: Found on the quest "Stealing
Independence". Located in the National Archives. Reward is 
Railway Rifle Schematics.

- (Fake) Declaration: Found on the quest "Stealing
Independence". Located in the National Archives. Reward is 
Railway Rifle Schematics.

Bill of Rights: Found on the quest "Stealing Independence".
Located in the National Archives. Reward is 100-125 caps.

Magna Carta: Found on the quest "Stealing Independence".
Located in the National Archives. Reward is 75-100 caps.

- Agatha Soil Stradivarius Violin: Found on the quest
"Agatha's Song".  Located in Vault 92. Reward is 200-300 caps
depending on a speech challenge. Please note that this item is
required to complete the quest "Agatha's Song".

- Lincoln's voice: Found on the quest "Head of State". Located in
the Museum of History. Reward is 60-80 caps.

- Lincoln's Diary: Found on the quest "Head of State". Located in
the Museum of History. Reward is 100 caps.

- Lincoln's Penny Collection: Found on the quest "Head of State". 
Located in the Museum of History. Reward is 15-30 caps.

- Lincoln's Hat: Found on the quest "Head of State". Located in 
the Museum of History. Reward is 70 caps.

- Lincoln's Rifle: Found on the quest "Head of State". Located in 
the Museum of History. Reward is 100-125 caps.

- Action Abe: Found on the quest "Head of State". Located in the 
Museum of History. Reward is 10 caps.

- Civil War Draft Poster: Found on the quest "Head of State". 
Located in the Museum of History. Reward is 60 caps.

- John Wilkes Booth Wanted Poster: Found on the quest 
"Head of State".  Located in the Museum of History. 
Reward is 70-90 caps.

----M. Big Trouble in Big Town----

Chances are you will most likely come across a settlement of
children called Little Lamplight sometime during the game's
main quest. Little Lamplight is in the Midwest. A little 
southeast of Vault 87.

Once you have located and gained entrance to this strange
settlement its time to embark on this quest. Locate a man
named Sticky (he's wearing a party hat). Sticky is a total
pansy and wants you to escort him to Big Town. Agree to
this and be on your way. 

***Note: You can make Sticky take his hate off, give him
a weapon to defend himself with. Or if you are feeling 
truly evil....kill him. Oddly enough if you win a speech
challenge you can get him to shut up as well.***

Follow your PipBoy map and you will quickly arrive at your
destination. Sticky is as worthless as they come and you 
should truly feel proud of yourself if you manage to make
it to Big Town without him dyeing by enemies or your hands.

After speaking to Dusty the town guard learn a little bit
more of what's going on here. Speak to the towns inhabitants
to learn of their problem with Super Mutants. 

Objective: Ask the People of Big Town about their Captured Friends.

Your best bet is to speak to a young man named Pappy. He gives you
the most information of what's really going on. It turns out that
muties are taking the citizens of Big Town to the nearby German Town
Police Headquarters. Your PipBoy and quest log are both updated. Pippy
is also willing to repair your equipment if needed.

Objective: Rescue the Big Town captives from Super Mutants.

After you are finished in Big Town head out across the bridge and then
north. follow the destroyed road until you come across an old cemetery.
you will be able to recognize it by its ruined steeple. After you have
cleanse the area of any muties head inside the chapel. Be prepared for
a couple mutants to try and ambush you. Inside you will find some ammo
and first aid. You will also find a wasteland captive. You can leave her
as she is unrelated to this quest but saving her nets you some positive 
karma and its the right thing to do I suppose.

Once you you're finished here head back outside and continue on in a 
north-northeastern direction. you will soon discover the ruins of the
police headquarters. This is your destination and its swarming with
Super Mutants. Destroy any you see and continue to the back of the
building as this is where the only entrance is located.

Before you head inside you might want to explore the nearby tents. Not
only is there muties patrolling but there is also some useful loot as
well as an terminal which once accessed houses some interesting info.
After you are done here head to the north side of the building and prepare
to head inside.

***Note: There is a locked door almost right after the mesh gate. It leads
right to Red's cell but requires an incredibly high lockpick skill. If you
have that, then good for you because you're basically done with this quest.
There is still the matter of saving Shorty though.***

The interior of this building is swarming with Super Mutants, also be warned
that the floor is riddled with landmine's. Just keep an eye open at all times.
Head south and explore the rooms there. Search until you discover a room with
a terminal on a desk. One the desk is also a holotape containing an 
important password grab this and attempt to hack the terminal. Successfully
hacking this terminal unlocks a nearby safe with some good crap inside.
If you're feeling up to it you can now explore the rooms on the north end.
If not located the stairs which lead down. 

Begin to slowly descend the stairs, be warned of a trap on the landing.
Exit the stairs and head east locating the nearby dispatch room. Be warned
of a frag mine in the middle of the room. You can also access the terminals
in this room which lets you sound the stations alarm. Although I wouldn't
recommend this unless you are feeling lazy and want the entire Super Mutant
force in the building to come to you. When you're finished here head out the
other door into the debriefing room.

Exit the debriefing room and turn north, at the end of this corridor is a 
stair case that leads down. This is where you need to go but I recommend 
exploring this level more before descending. Just keep this door in mind. 
On the ground level you will eventually discover a series of holding cells. 
This is where Red is located. the door is locked with a difficult lock 
to pick. Move to the nearby terminal and use the password
you picked up earlier. This unlocks all the cells, but before you do this you
should clear the area and any enemies. As Red needs as much life as she can

After you have unlocked her cell speak to Red and she tells you that another
human might still be here. You can offer to save him (which I recommend
you do). Or just leave with Red. Tell Red to wait here and head back to that
staircase we discovered earlier, this leads to the basement and where
Shortly is being held.

Head down the stairs and explore this basement. Make sure to check out the
gun range for your daily dose of messed up. There is tons of loot down here
so make sure to really look around.  Inside the gun range is a locked door
with some really nice weapons inside. continue exploring until you find the
kitchen, be careful with your gun fire and grenades around here as Shortly
is tied up near by. Disinfect the kitchen of any Mutants and untie Shortly.
He thanks you and expresses his interest in getting the hell out of here. 

Retrace your steps back to Red, after the sappy reunion its time to get
exit this craphole. with both of them present you have the option of
giving them both a weapon, which if you can I recommend doing. 

Objective: Escort Shorty safely back to Big Town.

***NOTE:If you are very determined to make sure they both make it safely 
home I would recommend saving as this could take a few tries.***

Begin retracing your steps through the building and when you arrive outside 
begin your trek back to Big Town. It is suggest that you leave Red and 
Shorty behind, scout ahead a little bit, kill any enemies, then pick the
two civilians back up and continue on. Alternatively you could just fast
travel back to Big Town. This saves you a ton of work and both Red and Shorty
will make it back alive.

Once you arrive back in Big Town speak to Red for your reward. you get 
positive karma and 300 caps for rescuing her. You could attempt a speech
challenge for additional caps although if you win it nets you negative karma.

      -300 caps
      -200 caps (Only if Red died).
      -200 caps (only if speech was challenged).
      - Positive Karma (When Red and/or Shorty make it to Big Town).

End quest Notes:
After the quest you can return to certain Big Town citizens for a variety
of different services:

-Radiation healing from Red.

-Medical supplies from Red.

-Item repairs from Pappy.

Immediate after the quest Red or another Big Town citizen will tel you
that the Super Mutants are planning on attacking and would like your
assistance. Depending on your area of expertise you have the following

- Offer to fight off the Super Mutants yourself.

- Train them in Melee weapons, they swarm and batter the muties.

- Train them in sneak, everyone hides from the mutants.

- Use small guns and give them firearm training. 

- With a high enough explosives skill you can train them to lay mines.

- With a good science skill you can assist them in activating local
defense robots. Of note, People (myself included) have reported a glitch
when choosing to repair the robot. It often times doesn't show up at all.
Make sure you save before choosing.

- You could just ignore their plea and leave the town. Next time you arrive
in Big Town everyone is dead.

***Note: No matter what you do it would be wise to lay as many mines as 
possible across the bridge. This really gives the Super Mutants something
to cry about. That and they donít know their parents. Haha***

Right after you have finished training the citizens of Big Town prepare
for the Super Mutant attack. Try to keep as many people alive as possible.
If you layed any mines it will definitely slow them down giving you time to
lob a fat man in their direction. If you have one, although you should have
recently found one earlier in this quest. 


(As a major Fallout fan I'm glad they created a quest like this. Not only
is it fun (with a nice perk awarded) but Harold was one of the coolest
characters from the previous Fallout games, kudos Bethesda.)

While exploring the middle of the far northern wasteland you will soon
come across a strangely shaped mountain. Approach the nearby rope bridge
and cross this rickety beast. The closer you get the more live vegetation
you will see. Soon a guy named Father Birch. He seems to be keen on you
and wants you to meet someone. Agree and continue if you want to 
partake on this quest.

Objective: Undertake the Treeminder's Ceremony

Once inside you can speak to anyone and/or explore this woodland. Once
you are ready follow Birch over to the central pavilion. When speaking to
Birch try to keep your comments polite (otherwise things could turn 
hostile.) Birch will continue his crazed religious ranting's at which point
you could attempt a speech challenge for him to get straight to the point.

The father states that they reject technology and embrace nature. Much like
Charles Manson's cult these guys are dangerously insane so resist the urge
to be a smart ass. Birch states that he wants you to meet their God but
first you must partake in a strange ritual. It looks like you have to drink
some sap or something. Drink it, black out, and when you awaken you are sent
to meet the tree God...How many times have we all been there?

You enter a large wooded area with a giant tree in the center. Speak to this
tree for an incredibly awesome (and strange) conversation. This guy might be
familiar to you if you played the previous Fallout games. Anyway's, it looks
like Harold wants you to end his painful existence. You can't just shoot him
up though, he wants you to take out his heart. This organ hangs below him and
you will need to gain access to it. 

Exit through the wooden gate back to Oasis. After a bit of walking you will
stumble on Father Birch and Leaf Mother Laurel have a hippy argument. 
Basically the father wants you to slow down Harold's growth and Laurel wants 
you to speed it up. Both of the treehuggers give you items to perform 
either option. 

Optional Objective: Apply Birch's Sap to Harold's Heart to stop his growth.

Optional Objective: Apply Laurel's Liniment to Harold's Heart to 
accelerate his growth.

After listening to both sides of the argument and optionally speaking to
the other hippies about the situation its time to head down into the 
Oasis caves. Speak to Cypress for the key to gain entrance this abyss.
Which oddly enough is infested with Mirelurks (types vary on your level).

Make your way through the caverns fighting any and all Mirelurks you come
across. Continue exploring until you find the Sunken Chambers. Enter here
and continue on. In this level is a few raiders bodies in a pool of 
radiated water. Search these bodies for the mini-nuke. Make sure to loot
any other bodies you come across, there is some nice loot down here.

Continue to the dead-end cave tunnel which places you right under Harold's
heart. At this point you have a few different options on how to solve this
dilemma. Another objective becomes available as well.

Optional Objective: Kill Harold by Burning him.

- Apply Birch's Sap.
If you apply the sap to Harold's heart and return to Birch he rewards you
with a Druid outfit and missile launcher .Speak to different treeminders to
claim your rewards Harold continues to suffer.

- Apply Laurels Liniment.
If you apply this crap and return to Laurel you will be given a nice
suit of power armor and a hood. Speak to different treeminders to claim
your rewards. Harold Continues to suffer. 

- Shoot Harold's heart.
When shooting Harold's heart it ruptures and spills blood on you. Which
gives you the Perk "Barkskin". It gives you +1 Endurance and +10 damage

- Burn the place. Your not rewarded with anything except what you loot
off burnt corpses.

To be completely honest shooting Harold's heart is the best thing to. It
not only puts the guy out of his misery but also gets you that nice perk. 
After shooting Harold Birch hold no hard feelings as this is what the guy

      -Barkskin Perk (If you put Harold out of his misery).
      -Missile launcher (If you applied the sap, get from Cypress).
      -Druid Outfit (If you applied the sap, get from Maple).
      -Outcast Power Armor (If you applied the liniment, get from Linden).
      -Villager Hood (If you applied the Liniment, get from Poplar).

End Quest Notes:
After completing the Oasis quest speak to Bloomseer Poplar for clues on
other side quests that you haven't yet completed. I guess you can get a 
new clue every 24 hours or something. 

O.----Head of State----

(Typing up this quest was more stress on my wrist than that time I watched
the final episode of "Golden Girls".)

To start this quest locate one of two locations the Lincoln Memorial (which
is guarded by slavers) or the Temple of the Union (which is home to the
abolitionists). You could also get this quest by helping out Mei Wong in
Rivet City, after which she gives you info on the Temple of the Union. 
Three Dog will also talk about it but doesn't give a specific location.

This quest is very freeform and its up to you to decide with side you
want to take, abolitionists or slavers? The choice is yours.

- Siding with the Abolitionists -

North of Canterbury Commons is the Temple of the Union. Once you arrive
head toward the western side of building and you will be greeted by a
gunman named Simone (arrive during the day). If for some reason Simone
isn't there ring the bell and she will answer. State that you are here
to trade and crap and she reluctantly lets you in.

Once inside head upstairs and speak with Hamlin, the guy clad in Recon
Armor. Hamlin makes you swear that you will not screw over these people
and once you do You are given a key to the door. Continue learning about
Hamlin and his crew, he tells you that the banded together to free slaves.

The problem is that this building is no longer able to support the people
living in it. Hamlin asks your assistance in clearing out the Lincoln
Memorial which not only would solve their housing crisis but would also
stand as a symbol of hope for all slaves. You are given the task of 
clearing out the Lincoln Memorial which happens to be infested with
Super Mutants. You also need to speak with Caleb Smith as he is
tasked with repairing the memorial. Don't forget to do this or
you will regret it later.

Objective: Make sure the Lincoln Memorial is free of Mutants.

Objective: Talk to Caleb Smith.

****NOTE: For an interesting "re-telling" of Lincoln's life head over
to his head around noon to hear Hamlin speak.****

Head downstairs and speak with Caleb. He has skills that pays the bills
when it comes to masonry. The only problem is he can't repair the building
unless he has a reference picture to work with. Caleb thinks that the
Museum of History might have this (and possibly some other valuable

Objective: Get a Picture of the Lincoln Memorial.

As of right now its your choice on where you want to head first. For 
simplicity sake lets head over to the Museum first and get that out
of the way. Make your way to the D.C. ruins and begin your trek towards
the mall. Just a little ways north of the Washington Monument is the
Museum we need to explore. 

You really need to go over this place with a fine tooth comb as not only
is the picture we need located here but it is also filled with many other
Lincoln themed objects which you can sell to Abe Washington in Rivet City.
Be warned that this place is infested with Feral Ghouls. If you have 
completed  the quest "Tennpenny Tower" and received the Ghoul Mask this
would be a good time to wear it. this building is pretty straight forward
an impossible to get lost in, I'll leave the exploration up to you.

Here is a list of Lincoln related items that can be sold to Hannibal
Hamlin, Leroy Walker, or Abe Washington (In Rivet City Preservation Society).

****NOTE: Prices vary between Hamlin, Walker, and Washington. Each guy gives
a different prices for each item and no one 
guy gives the best all around.**** 

- Lincoln's voice

- Lincoln's Diary

- Lincoln's Penny Collection

- Lincoln's Hat

- Lincoln's Rifle

- Action Abe

- Civil War Draft Poster

- John Wilkes Booth Wanted Poster

Make sure to search this carefully if you are trying to find these
rare objects. The Lincoln Memorial Poster that Caleb needs in on
the upper level, behind a desk. Nearby are a bunch of other artifacts.

Now that we have that we should clear the memorial out of any Super
Mutants. Travel to the Lincoln Memorial. Which is best traveled to by 
exiting the Georgetown/ the Mall Metro. Once there you will quickly
discover that this place has been cleared out by slavers. Instead of
decapitating Super Mutants you will be instead gutting slavers. To
make your job a bit easier approach the guard Silas and tell him that
you are not looking for trouble. Immediately after that move behind him 
and give his head an extra air hole. Take your time gunning every slaver
down and this will be easy. After the fighting is over loot the place
blind and head back to Hamlin, make damn sure you have that Lincoln 
Memorial poster.

Travel back to the Temple of the Union and speak with Caleb He thanks
you for the poster and sends you to meet with Hamlin. Inform Hamlin that
the Lincoln Memorial is now free of any threats. He is extremely happy 
and asks you to meet him there. Fast travel to the memorial and sleep
for a few hours (around six of so). After Hamlin and his crew show up he
rewards you with a Dar Gun Schematic and his thanks.

      -Dart Gun Schematic

End Quest Notes:
Check back from time to time to see the changes and activities of the
abolitionists now residing in the memorial.

- Siding With The Slavers -

To side with the slavers on this particular quest head straight for the
Lincoln Memorial. Exit through the Georgetown/ the Mall Metro and its only
a short walk from here. Once you arrive at the memorial speak with Silas
who happens to be guarding the door. Tell him you are not here for trouble
which gets you access into the building. Once inside seek out Leroy Walker
and speak with him.

Leroy tells you that he recently banded some slavers together from Paradise
Falls in search of Escaped slaves. At this point you can attempt a speech
challenge and if you win Leroy gives you more insight into what they are
truly looking for. If you fail the speech challenge you can either tell
him that you haven't seen any or that you wouldn't tell him anyway. If
you choose the first option Leroy asks if you are for hire.

Looks like Leroy needs you to head in the Museum of History and 
locate at least one Lincoln artifact, although any others you find can
be sold for some decent caps.

Objective: Find Hannibal Hamlin and The Temple of the Union

Objective: Find at least one Lincoln Artifact in the Museum of History.

Make your way to the D.C. ruins and begin your trek towards
the mall. Just a little ways north of the Washington Monument is the
Museum we need to explore. Alternatively you can travel to a location
near the Mall's general vicinity.

You only need one artifact from this building but it is littered with
many Lincoln themed items which Leroy will buy as well.
Be warned that this place is infested with Feral Ghouls. If you have 
completed  the quest "Tennpenny Tower" and received the Ghoul Mask this
would be a good time to wear it. this building is pretty straight forward
an impossible to get lost in, I'll leave the exploration up to you.

Here is a list of Lincoln related items that can be sold to Leroy Walker,
Hannibal Hamlin, or Abe Washington (In Rivet City Preservation Society). 

****NOTE: Prices vary between Hamlin, Walker, and Washington. Each guy gives
a different prices for each item and no one guy gives the 
best all around.****

- Lincoln's voice

- Lincoln's Diary

- Lincoln's Penny Collection

- Lincoln's Hat

- Lincoln's Rifle

- Action Abe

- Civil War Draft Poster

- John Wilkes Booth Wanted Poster

- Poster of Lincoln Memorial.

Objective: Sell Lincoln Artifacts to Leroy Walker.

Once you have recovered any one artifact return to Leroy and sell one or all
that you found to him. You can attempt a speech challenge to double the 
price you receive. After selling the artifact Leroy tells you about another
proposition he has. He wants you to locate a band of Abolitionists and
escaped slaves. To do this you need to locate the Temple of the Union.

North of Canterbury Commons is the Temple of the Union. Once you arrive
head toward the western side of building and you will be greeted by a
gunman named Simone (arrive during the day). If for some reason Simone
isn't there ring the bell and she will answer. State that you are here
to trade and crap and she reluctantly lets you in. Once inside you can
speak to Hamlin, the leader of this outfit or just head back to Leroy.
Remember to keep things civil...for now. If you do speak to Hamlin make
sure to remain calm and get that key from this trusting fellow.

Once you have returned to Leroy inform him of your recent discovery and
he rewards you with one hundred caps. A new objective becomes present:

Objective: Join Leroy Walker in attacking the Temple of The Union.

You are now tasked with assisting the slavers in attacking the hideout
of the abolitionists. The easiest way to do this is to fast travel back to
the Temple of the Union and use your map to find the location of the slavers.
Meet them on the outskirts of town then follow them as they assault the 
hideout. If you happened to get a key from Hamlin this make the attack much
easier. Ruthlessly kill any ex-slave and/or abolitionist except Hamlin as
Leroy wants to take him out. After the body harvest is over speak to Leroy
again, satisfied with the results this maniac heads back to Paradise Falls.

      -100 caps (For making contact with the abolitionists.)
      -100 Caps (If Leroy killed Hamlin. you only receive 50 caps if you do.)

P.----You Gotta Shoot' Em in the Head----

Underneath the ruins of the Museum of History lies the Underworld. You may
have heard of this place during your travels. Once you have arrived in the
underworld speak with Mister Crowley who happens to frequent the Ninth
Circle Bar. He may also be wandering around the Underworld or perhaps at
Carol's place.

Once you have located Crowley he eventually speaks on four human bigots
who have wronged him in the past. He gives you some background info as
well as a rifle and one rule: It needs to be a headshot. 

Objective: Kill Allistar Tenpenny.

Objective: Kill Dukav and get his key.

Objective: Kill Ted Strayer and get his key.

Objective: Kill Dave and get his key.

****Note: If you are worried about losing karma don't fret my well 
intentioned friend. It is possible to complete this quest using means
other than violence. No matter how satisfying it is.****

After you have spoken to Crowley and gotten all the information you
needed it is possible to speak to the other ghouls in the Underworld
to hear their opinions of this mess. Greta the ghoul is the only one
who gives a clue without a speech challenge. If you want, attempt to
persuade: Charon, Doc Barrows, Quinn, other ghouls have information as

If you have optionally uncovered information on Crowley return to him
and confront him on this. He seems pissed but admits that he wants
these people dead for reasons other than revenge. He needs those keys
for something big. The keys are really what he wants, except Tenpenny
that guy really is a bigot. The ghoul gives you 100 caps to do it.
You can tackle any of the targets in any order you like, for simplicity
sake I will post in order of the objectives:

****Note: I'm going to give each section a comedic name as that seems
what all the "cool" walkthrough writers are doing these days.****

-Removing Tenpenny's Obnoxious Smirk-

****Note: Tenpenny is an important part of the quests "Tenpenny Tower"
and "Power of The Atom". Make sure you are comfortable killing this old
British guy. Also of note, if you had earlier uncovered Crowley's true
intentions regarding the keys then taking care of Tenpenny is 
completely optional.****

Head over to the famous Tenpenny Tower for some bribery/murder. Speak
to the door guard and either bribe yourself in (100 caps) or win a 
speech challenge. Once inside make your way to Tenpenny's penthouse
suite. Take out your piece and corner the assface. 

When speaking with Tenpenny he almost right away offers you to knock
off Crowley. He agrees to pay you 200 caps. By winning a speech
challenge you can up this to 100 caps right off the bat.

Objective: Kill Mr. Crowley 

what I suggest doing is winning the speech challenge and agreeing to
kill the ghoul. After you have received your 100 caps turn around
and snipe Tenpenny in the face. It's even sneakier than that time
I used the clothing racks in Abercrombie and Fitch to take a poop
while everyone around me continued to shop.

Objective: Tell Mister Crowley that Allistar Tenpenny is dead.

- Dukov and Your Boot Up His Ass-

Use the Metro station Georgetown to get near Dukov's place. It is
really close to the Tepid Sewers. Once you enter Dukov's STD ridden
palace locate Dukov and be prepared to get yelled at. This
guy thinks its funny to continue calling you names. If you are a
person of high morals this one might be difficult for you.

Once you make your way past the prosties speak with Dukov. At this
point you have a few options on how to handle this guy.

1. Put up with is vulgar language and when he demands caps attempt
a friendly speech intimidation which he laughs at but pulls the key
out of his urine soaked pants.

2. You could also get Cherry the prosty to steal the key for you. It
is much easier to this than persuade Dukov but it comes with a price.
You have to escort Cherry to Rivet City. It would be really kind of
you to do this but we all know how a stray bullet from your gun could
clip her in the neck right? Whatever you decide to do after, Cherry 
delivers the promised key.

3. If you are a male and have the Lady Killer Perk Fantasia will steal
the key for you. she wants nothing in return. Alternatively if you are
a female and have the Black Widow perk Dukov will hand the key over
to you without trouble.

4. If you are feeling evil simply put a .308 round in Dukov's head. This
is what Crowley wanted and you will be rewarded with some caps.

5. If you are feeling sneaky you could pickpocket the key from Dukov.
Just make sure to get a penicillin shot afterwards. Who knows what kind
of Disease that guy has.

After you have Dukov's key its time to head out and get the next one.

-Slapping Teddy Strayer in The Eye-

Ted Strayer is in Rivet City and is incredibly easy to find. He is 
located in the common room probably sleeping or wandering around.
find him and get that key using a few different options.

1. Wait until Ted is alone and snipe him in the back of the head. Make
sure he is alone and the door is closed.

2. Pickpocket the key from Ted.

3. If you have the toughness perk Ted becomes nervous and gives you 
the key without any hassle.

4. Ted gives you a little background info about his dad, Crowley and
the key. Use your speech skill to threaten this butt dart. He hands
the key over without much fuss.

-Teaching Dave The True Meaning of Lead Poisoning-

Dave's residence is in the far northeastern corner of the capital 
wasteland. After preparing for a long trip head out and continue
walking until you reach the Republic of Dave. Once you get to the
gate request an audience with the "president". the kid escorts you
to Dave and the final key you need.

****NOTE: There is a Misc. Quest here, speak to the locals to learn

1. With a high enough luck simply ask for the key. Dave doesn't need
it and hands it over without much fuss.

2. Pickpocket Dave for the key.

3. Use the rifle Crowley gave you and give his wife's something to clean

4. With three successful speech challenges Dave gives you some serious
background info on the keys and a place called Fort Constantine. He thinks
Crowley suffered a horrible fate, little does he know he suffered a worse
one. Convince him to hand the key over and get the hell out of this 

When you have successfully dealt with Tenpenny and retrieved all three 
keys its time to head back to Crowley. When you have returned to the
ghoul he quickly expects results. If you ironically killed each person
with a head shot Crowley pays you 100 caps per head. If they were killed
by other means or kept alive he gives you 25 caps a piece.

Right now would be a good time to use your speech skill to persuade
Crowley to give you the 411 on this Fort Constantine place. Crowley
does so and this place now becomes present on your Pipboy map.

      -400 caps (Only if all four targets were killed with a headshot.)
      -100 caps (Only if all four targets weren't killed with a headshot.)
      -200 caps (If Crowley was killed for Tenpenny.)
      -100 caps (Given if agreed to kill Crowley for Tenpenny.)

End Quest Notes:
Crowley has all three needed keys to gain entrance to Fort Constantine.
The facility is to the northwest and you could follow him all the way 
there, meet him there or if you are feeling evil you could kill him 
somewhere quiet and loot his rotting corpse for the needed keys as he
is evil and killing him does not result in a karma loss.

I will not go into detail on the layout of this place but will tell you
that you will be facing robots, locked doors (hope you have the keys).
and some other minor obstacles. Although this place is more than worth it
as you will not only loot a bobblehead but you will also find a Fat Man,
some mini-nukes and the one of a kind T-51b Power Armor. 

Hopefully you have the needed Power Armor training but if not just continue
on through the main quest and you will receive it. This armor is easily
the best in the game, not only does it offered unmatched protection but
does not decrease your agility like other Power Armors do. Worth it
any way you look at it.

Q.----Trouble on the Homefront----

This quest is only accessible until you have reached a certain point in the
main quest. When it does become available you will be given the opportunity
to listen to Vault 101's Emergency Broadcast only at locations near the
vault, such as Megaton.) The not so cryptic message gives you details on
what's going on inside the vault and the password to get back in. Looks like
you have a mess to clean up in the vault.

Objective: Return to Vault 101.

Objective: Learn what happened at Vault 101.

****NOTE: If you happened to miss the bobblehead before remember to pick up
the one resting on your fathers desk.****

enter the cave and approach the control panel which grants you access to the
vault. The password is automatically entered and the giant door grinds open.

After a bit of exploring its easy to see that this place really went to shit.
You will soon be confronted by Officer Gomez (or a different guy if he died).
When chatting with him try to keep Amata's name out of your conversation as
the guy doesn't know about the radio broadcast. The officer gives you a brief
rundown on what happened the night your dad left and what has 
transpired since.

Looks like you have a few options here:

1. You could follow the officer to either the Overseer or Amata.

2. You could go exploring on your own and speak to the remaining citizens.

3. You could turn around and leave the vault forever. This ends the quest.

4. Have relations with Amata and make her Roleplay as the older brother from
that old Nickelodeon show "Pete & Pete".

Objective: End Vault 101's troubles.

I guess that last one was a joke until Bethesda releases the upcoming 
expansion. Anyway's, its only important that you speak with Amata, 
the Overseer, and Butch. Everyone has a take on the current events 
though and should be spoken to as well. Here is the three 
basic routes you can take:

-Siding with Amata-

You could speak with the rebels and Amata right away but the best thing to do
would be to locate Officer Wilkins who happens to be in the admin area. Enter
the server room and in moments you will be approached by Wilkins. He quickly
opens fire, take the pig down and search his corpse for a password to a 
security terminal.

Investigate the locked security room after using the password. You will 
quickly discover that they have your old teacher locked up. With a 
successful lockpick skill you can release your old mentor.

Alternatively you can access the nearby terminal. With a successful science
skill you can unlock the cell door and read an interesting note left by
security. This note is important if you are going to side with the rebels.

Objective: Talk to the rebels and stop the Overseer.

Head over to the western wing of the vault speaking to any inhabitant you
feel like. Eventually you need to locate Amata. when speaking to her
agree that you will stop the Overseer no matter what it takes. 
Head up to the Overseer's office now.

Before you speak to the Overseer make sure to access his terminal. After a
successful hack you will learn some interesting truths about the man. It
also makes convincing him to stop a lot easier.

When speaking to the Overseer you have the following options:

1. By successful speech challenge convince the Overseer that he does not
have enough people to stay down here forever. This is alot easier if you
have read his log entries.

2. If you read the cell terminal you can inform the Overseer that his
guards are planning on taking things to far.

3. Shoot him in the head.

****NOTE: If you killed the original Overseer in your initial escape 
you are not given the chance for diplomacy. Combat starts when you
approach him.****

After you have successfully convinced the Overseer  to step down its
time to head back to Amata. She is grateful if you used diplomacy and
is upset if anyone was killed. At this point she tells you that for
the Vault to prosper you must leave. She gives you a modified jumpsuit
which sucks at this point in the game. Doing the right thing is hard

Objective: Leave Vault 101 forever.

-Siding with the Overseer-

Head up to the Overseer's office. Make sure to save your progress before
you enter as it could be tricky (depending on earlier choices) to 
side with the Overseer. 

Optional Objective: Talk to the Overseer and stop the rebels.

When speaking to the Overseer make sure to choose dialog choices that
boost his already swelled ego. After an annoying conversation its time
to speak with Amata.

****NOTE: Use science to hack the Overseer's nearby terminal as it 
contains some interesting info on the Enclave and their recent 

Travel to the west wing of the vault to speak with Amata. You have
only a couple of options on how to convince Amata to let the Overseer
continue his command.

1. If you hacked the Overseer terminal you can use this information to
convince Amata that he truly is doing a good job. Amata drudgingly 
agrees and allows the Overseer to keep his position.

2. Attempt a speech challenge with Amata and convince her that the
outside world is incredibly dangerous. If you fail you need to head
back to the Overseer, speak to him and try again.

After you have convinced Amata using either of the above methods its
time to return to the Overseer with the good news. for a job well done
he awards you with a  crappy jumpsuit and kicks you out of the 

Objective: Leave Vault 101 forever.

-Siding Witch Butch-

A third less favorable option is to side with good old Butch. If you
wish to do this track down the fancy haired gangster near the rebels
make shift base in the western side of the vault. Speak to Butch
and get to the bottom of his troubles. It looks like he is desperate
to escape the vault. Butch can also give you a haircut if you so

Objective: Sabotage Vault 101 and Evacuate the Vault.

Make your way to the reactor room at the very bottom of the vault.
When you locate it enter the filter room. A guy named Stanley is 
down here messing around with the Water Chip. Apparently this thing
is very delicate, obviously we need to sabotage it. Locate the
Vault 101 Maintenance Terminal.

You can sabotage the vault in a couple of different ways.

1. Use your Science skill to hack the terminal. It is very hard but
possible. Run through the programs until you reach "Run Systems 

2. Pickpocket or kill Stanley for his password to the terminal. 
Obviously killing him comes with negative karma.

***NOTE: If you are feeling truly evil overload the system while
Stanley is working on it. would be proud...****

Objective: Evacuate the Vault.

At this point it would be wise to evacuate the vault. As you make 
your escape you may be confronted by some inhabitants of the vault.
You can attempt a speech challenge with a few of these individuals
which includes Amata and the Overseer. Others just wanna kill you.

Which ever way you decided to resolve this problem this interesting
quest is now complete.

      -Modified Utility Jumpsuit (If sided with Amata or Overseer.)
End Quest Notes:
I really hope you looted the Vault while you had the chance as there
is many interesting finds down there including your fathers books, a
bobblehead, Rad Suit, as well as chem's and other goodies.

If you assisted in Amata becoming leader or sabotaged the vault it
does allow Butch to Flee. Check around Rivet city for the greasy
haired pansy as he might just become a friend....

If you sabotaged the vault many people do flee and you could come
across them in your travels. Look around Megaton in particular.
Its a real shame what happens to Amata though. Oh well the 
important thing is that you meant well, right?


5.----Closing Messages/ Contact Info/ Thank You's----

Looks like another Fish_guts guide is over. I truly hope you enjoyed the
jokes and if not I at least hope that you did find the guide itself 
useful as I put alot of time, effort, and crying into it.

If you would like to contact me email me at [email protected] I
love discussing the Fallout universe, RPG's, Warhammer 40k, and just
about anything nerdy. I also frequent XBOX Live quite a bit. 

****NOTE: If you are contacting me to set up an interview please 
don't. I no longer do interviews, after that time a guy from 
asked to interview me in his basement. When I arrived he asked that I
strip down, cover myself mayonnaise, and chase him around his basement
with a Stretch Arm Strong doll...Mayo is surprisingly hard to wash off.****

I'd like to start out my thanks you's by taking this time to grant
Bethesda my eternal gratitude for making Fallout 3. As a long time
Fallout fan it gives me pleasure to say that Bethesda pulled it
off. I'd also like to thank the many gamers who write guides and
posted on the many forums I frequented, your input helped me greatly.

Until next time...I am saying goodbye- not farewell and hopefully
that strange rash clears up...