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Shi no nume multiple weapons cheat

First, make sure the mystery box is in one of the 2 huts( fishing hut and doctors quarters). Then make sure you have at least 5500 points( depending on the perk)
1. Open the box
2. Sprint to the perk machine and buy it
3. Sprint back to the box( while still drinking the perk) and get the weapon
* it does not matter what weapon you get , as long as you get three , you can still trade it for something else

NOTE! This cheat takes time to get right

This glitch was found by the gamertag: a peanut just
So don't copy me!

Added 19 Jun 2009, ID #4600, by sniperdude_otis and get

A cheat that should never be used

Many people claim that if you drop a bouncing betty right when you buy a weapon on the new nazi zombie map you will get a third not believe this cheat it does nothing but makes you LOSE a weapon.thats right it is a lie so please do not try this it will just ruin your whole game. Happy cheating everyone. Please rate.

Added 11 Jun 2009, ID #4535, by CoD5 Adiction

How to get a Ray Gun

On the second mission on call of duty 5 where you are on the beach go to the far right and find a water puddle. Keep going to the left finding emty water holes if you keep going you will find the farthest water hole stand in the middle of it then the screen will start to shake then 3 statues will come out of the ground they will be holding a ray gun each.

Added 11 Jun 2009, ID #4534, by CoD5 Adiction

Glitch for Nazi Zombies

You can do this anywhere in the building you are in. By the way this is for two player only.

1. Go into a corner.

2. Have one person stand in the corner and one person lay down.

3. The person who is laying down has to crawl toward the person who is standing up. The person standing up has to jump as the person on the ground crawls under his feet.

4. Then stand up. You can't use the left thumbstick or this will mess up.

NOTE: I wouldn't throw a grenade, because if you get a zombie crawling on the floor, then they can still get you, but only the zombies on the floor can hit you.

Added 5 Feb 2009, ID #3932, by Groudondude7

Bipod Glitch

To do this glitch you need a machine gun with a bipod. Place the bipod where you want it and move the left stick up. You should have unlimited ammo when in the bipod only (If you get up from that spot in the bipod you will have to do this glitch again).

Warning: It is harder to get up from the bipod when using this glitch. The glitch may only work in Xbox live.

Added 19 Jan 2009, ID #3842, by red04

How to beat Nazi Zombies (Glitch / Cheat)

There is a way to beat Nazi zombies by yourself, it will work 100% of the time. Here are the steps to your victory:

1: Fight zombies, buy the M1A1

2: Unlock Hell/Help door at level 5.

3: Continue to buy from the random weapon case until you get the flamethrower or Ray gun (Preferably the ray gun)

4: After you get one of those weapons, open up the upstairs by clearing the debris/couch.

NOTE: If you are extremely unlucky and are unable to get a ray gun or flamethrower to the point of which the zombies will soon kill you, then just try and take the most powerful weapon you can get and clear the debris anyway.

5: Run up the stairs and turn left, go forward and you should see the area where you can buy grenades from a pouch. Run toward that wall and the pouch, right before you hit the wall jump and crouch RIGHT UNDERNEATH the outline of the grenade pouch. If done right , at the top of the screen (while you are crouching) it should say " Can not stand here". Stay in this area, and when zombies come there will seem to be some sort of invisible wall they can't go through, but you can shoot/flamethrower them. Make sure no teammates come close to you, or the wall will vanish, and also note that ONLY 1 PERSON CAN BE IN THIS GLITCH AT A TIME.

Happy cheating everyone.

Added 26 Dec 2008, ID #3697, by qwertyuio

Secret Achievements

Secret achievement 1: reach prestige number 1
Secret achievement 2: reach prestige number 10

Added 25 Nov 2008, ID #3541, by mr.dude786
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