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Table Glitch

On zombie mode stage five you break the right winfow behind your starting point then yu rebuild it but when you rebuild it make sure therez only two bars of wood facing towardz you the you jump on the 1st one then 2 the second one then to the top of the window wen your on top then you try to jump to the table after you jump to the table you jump over to the other one Hope this helps =)[/b]

Added 10 Nov 2011, ID #7964, by Bryan789 and get

How to get the ray gun or thunder gun glitch

Before you get the box turn the look sensitivity down to 1.then buy the box shoot in the air at the top lid . When you land turn all the way around until you see the box then shoot the open lid of the box again.when you do that you'll have a 45%chance of getting the ray gun a 15% chance of getting the thunder gun and a 40% chance of getting another weapon .if you do the same thing again you'll have a 65% chance of gettting the ray gun a 25% chance and a 10% chance of gettng another weapon.if do the same thing without 1 sensititivy 2 times(5 sensitivity) you'll have a 60% chance of getting the ray gun a 15% chance of getting the thunder gun a 50% chance of getting another weapon. If you try getting the box without doing nothing you'll have a 50% chance of getting the ray gun a 15% chance of getting and a 25% chance of getting another weapon. Ps. Only at kino der toten

Added 16 Aug 2011, ID #7646, by darksiders010


OK so if you know how to get out of the chair go ahead and get out but if you don't repeatedly press RT and LT go to the computer behind you and hold X when you get in type 3arc unlock and you will have all maps

Added 29 Jul 2011, ID #7576, by darien23

Concussion cheat

First make sure you have aconcussion grenade.. Whenever a enemy does anything that involves fire throw your cocussion grenade in the fire.. The fire would go away...

Added 24 Jul 2011, ID #7537, by gageman77

Increase your Chances!

You can Increase your chances of getting the Ray Gun or Thunder Gun in zombies. Or just a good gun, like the HK21 or SPAS12.
Thunder Gun: With M1911, shoot 4 times in front, 4 times in back. DO NOT SHOOT THE MYSTERY BOX!!!
Ray Gun: 4 times in front, 3 times in back, with the M1911. DO NOT SHOOT THE MYSTERY BOX!!!
Good gun: have seven bullets in your magazine of both of your weapons if possible. My M1911 was 7|7 and I got the HK21 twice.

Added 16 Jun 2011, ID #7402, by Emerald Zephyr

Move the Box

To do this cheat You need three people. Have one person lay down in a corner, facing the walls, then have someone else run and dolphin dive onto him. You will both need to be revived. You will hear the little girl laughing like you would if you got a teddy bear in the box. Then the third player can revive both of you and keep going

Added 13 Jun 2011, ID #7396, by quiksilver23

Thundergun Easter Egg Improved

You can get a Thundergun in the campaign mission 'Numbers'. After interrogating Dr. Clarke, several enemies come down the hallway. Now your supposed to shoot the Nova 6 gas containers, but I found that's practically impossible. Heres an easier way. Throw all or some of your grenades down the hall, the more you throw, the better. Now shoot the one closet to you, as the explosions won't get to it. Now turn around and go into the little office place behind you. There is two things here; one is intel, and the other is a tape recorder. Crouch down by the tape recorder and you should see a black tape. Hold X to pick it up. The screen should shake. Now continue the level until the part where you jump onto that balcony adn into the room where Weaver moves the fridge. WARNING: You must watch Weaver, or it wont work. After he moves it, go inside and turn to your left. There is another tape recorder. Coruch and press X. There will be some beeping and the Thundergun will appear on the wall in front of you. It has 12 shots, 2 to a magazine. It is relaoded at all checkpoints. Get the G11 and go killing!

Any problems, contact me form the email in my bio.

Added 13 Jun 2011, ID #7395, by Emerald Zephyr

Keeping zombies in windows

All you have to do is hold down x, or whatever the use button is, and whenever a zombie starts breaking the window, while holding the button down, knife then back up then knife again and so on. As long as you time it right they should not be able to hit you. I once had about seven trying to get in at once. Ps: I would recommend that you use a smaller weapon such as an Smg or a pistol to knife faster.

Added 1 Apr 2011, ID #7185, by Flooflo


Ok I have no clue how this happened but in rebirth as mason I had made it in to the building into the main complex past the elevator but before the door you go through to get into the very next room anyways I had been backed up into a corner and killed all the soldiers there then as I walked to the door and saw another guy then I shot him 7 times with a shotgun and he didnt die I realized I took no damage from him yet because he had no weapon but walked like he did the only way he hurt me was walking up and meleeing me I tried to melee him but he still lived so he stuck with me the rest of the level always following me and trying to hit me....creepy

Added 23 Jan 2011, ID #6879, by secret king 1

RC-XD Holes

In some levels, when you have a RC-XD, it can fit into vents or small holes. For Example, in Nuketown there is a hole in fence on each side of the map, a RC-XD can fit in there. This trick espcially works for flanking people. Just watch out for the jump in Nuketown.

Added 10 Jan 2011, ID #6827, by sundalo90

get out of chair

When you are at the title screen on Call Of Duty Black Ops use the right Xbox 360 stick that you usually look around with. Then look down at your hand and press the left and right triggers at the same time. if you do this enough you will escape from your chair. move to the back of the room. go up to the computer and press x. then use these codes listed when you type.

Alicia- a therapist
Zork-to unlock kindertoten on zombie
3arc intel- it will unlock all intel and missions on campaign
DOP-lets you play on the dead ops arcade

Added 6 Jan 2011, ID #6805, by flammoxx

all zombie maps (kino der toten,five,dead ops)

First when your in the main menu strapped onto the chair tap either (LB and RB) or (LT and RT) I really dont know well if you do that youll break free from the chair and after that go forward a little bit then turn to your left then when you see a computer use it and type in this code "3arc" (either with a "c" or a "k") when you are finished you have then unlocked all zombie maps.[color=red][/color]

Added 23 Dec 2010, ID #6763, by Guest

Unlockable: Pentagon Map for Zombie Mode (Five)

Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Zombie Mode,
where you play as Nixon, Castro, Kennedy, McNamara,
beat the game on any difficulty. Alternately, you
can enter the 3ARC UNLOCK code in the cheats menu.

Added 17 Dec 2010, ID #6745, by Guest

Dead Ops Arcade

The Dead ops arcade is an Arcade version of "Zombies". The view is third-person and is in a bird's perspective. To unlock Dead Ops, go to the Main Menu and Press RT and LT at the same time a few times until Alex Mason gets out of the chair. Now, head over to the computer that is behind the chair that you just got up from. Hold X until a screen pops up and enter the code "doa". Congratulations, you just unlocked Dead ops Arcade!


Added 14 Dec 2010, ID #6727, by 1122andyozz33

Unlock All Available* Zombie Maps

To do this, you must start at the Main Menu and press RT and LT at the same time a few times until Alex Mason gets up out of the chair. Now, there will be a computer behind the chair. Go over to it and press and hold X. Now, enter the code "3arc unlock". This will grant you access to all available Zombie Maps, including Dead Ops Arcade.
*Does not unlock Nazi Zombie maps on the Prestige Edition on the Regular game.


Added 14 Dec 2010, ID #6726, by 1122andyozz33

Array Glitch

This is actually a glitch more than a cheat. With this cheat, I will show you how to get into the book cases on the map Array. First, break the window near the spawn when you are defending the bomb sites in Search and Destroy. Now, climb on, not over, the window and look towards the book cases and stuff to the right. Now, run onto the top, you will then go through the things on the top. Now, head forward and you will fall behind the bookcases. There is no way out of here if you fall behind, so don't go there if you have plans of leaving. Also, the place on top of the bookcases, where you were before you fell in. makes a great camping spot.


Added 14 Dec 2010, ID #6725, by 1122andyozz33

Super Fun!

To get this out of the way, my friend an I are the original founders of this "glitch". We found it playing S&D one day.

This isn't really a cheat, but it's SUPER fun and funny to do. With this cheat, I'm gonna show you how you will be able to kill your own team mates on any game type. First, find a Red Barrel near your spawn and wait for one of your team mates to come near it. Starts shooting the barrel until it explodes and then, if your team mate was close enough, your team mate will DIE! HAHAHA. This is good because it counts as a suicide for them and doesn't count negatively towards your points like in Hardcore game modes. This is even funner to do in Search. The best map to do this on is Radiation. When you spawn on the side with the bomb, go into the doorway and aim at the barrel that most people will rush by (near the metal stairs).

Have fun

Added 11 Dec 2010, ID #6687, by 1122andyozz33

Money glitch

Simple you will need two people rank 50 in combat training lots of money on combat training then the party leader goes to online match making the second person goes to edit playrer card then the party leader switches to combat training the second now backs out it should say prestige mode do that and all the money on your combat training mode will go to your match making

Added 11 Dec 2010, ID #6685, by XUnholyReaperX

zombies table

go to the window near the small table then break th two botton glass then rebuild it then jump on the firts then second thenju,p on the small table thenjump on the big table when your are on the big table no zombies will be able 2 kill you


Added 5 Dec 2010, ID #6665, by Guest
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