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Follow the dark path or use the light
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How to survive longer in kino der toten =D hints and tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops

How to survive longer in kino der toten =D


Okay, if you want to learn how to survive longer in the zombie map "Kino Der Toten" then you might want to listen to this particular hint.Alright,to survive longer you must the following:good weapons it doesnt matter if it's upgraded or not if you want,then you must have all the doors open (of course),finally you must have at least 5,000-10,000 or more points just in case.After you have all the things you need listed above you must use the teleporter that's in the theater room then if you do not teleport to the room with the Pack-A-Punch weapon upgrading machine then try another teleporter until your in the room with the Pack-A-Puch stay there until whenever you want to get out make sure you and your friends stick together no matter where you guys go just stay together because you never know what's going to happen this hint is guaranteed to help you stay alive.Thank you for reading this helpful hint and your welcome.

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Oct 11th 2014 Guest
In the beginning in Kino don't buy any weapons just knife to levels 4 or Five Then open the all the doors and camp in stage if you have 3000 or 2500 turn on power and get juggernog go to get mp40 first.
ID #457377
Jul 26th 2013 Guest
All i do is knife until round 3 then i start using the pistol and then when i get 3000 or 2000 i go open the first door i get the pm63 and then rack some point open the second door and get mp40 and yeah my advice dont hit the mystery box until you turn the power on and you have all the perks and pack a puched cause the mystery box is a gamble you wouldnt know what you will get you might either get the wunderwaffes or just a pistol. Use the traps for your advantage and make trains of zombies cause it can really earn allot of points and if you have someone with you make sure to stick close together. For my opinion use the teleporter allot cause you can really rack allot of points there to and yeah and get jugg for your first perk or second if you play solo but i dont get quick revive first i get jugg. Get the four main and important perk get juggernog,quick revive,speed cola, and double shot
ID #300435
Apr 13th 2013 bob1290
just knife until round 4 then get a crawler. open the two doors up stairs. and survive until round 8 buy the stakeout or mp40. or get the box. then go to the power room but don't turn the power on survive until round 10 turn the power on and get Juggernaut. then link the teleporter for a escape route. then run round the map creating trains killing zombie. buy speed cola and then
pack-a-punch a good gun and buy self revise online its called quick revise. good luck.
ID #273320
Apr 13th 2013 Guest
just knife until round 4 then get a crawler. open the two doors up stairs. and survive until round 8 buy the stakeout or mp40. or get the box. then go to the power room but don't turn the power on survive until round 10 turn the power on and get Juggernaut. then link the teleporter for a escape route. then run round the map creating trains killing zombie. buy speed cola and then
pack-a-punch a good gun and buy self revise online its called quick revise. good luck.
ID #273317
Dec 14th 2012 Guest
Get 3/4 players on and get to the alley and camp their but DO NOT open the door next to the double tap machine else it's basically game over ! Have 2 aiming towards where u came from and 1 watching the barricade at the back... SIMPLES Smile
ID #221492
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
Hey guys I suggest that when by yourself offline have first match be scouter then on second match when you immediately get sent back to beginning you know where box is and try to get decent weapons and survive. After this every round use teleported tip wait for zombies to come in teleported they get killed by it. Use pack a punch if you have the resources and keep throwing grenades put the window, also have atleast one wall weapon so you can keep reloading it with upgraded ammo cost 4500 and survive longer also try to get quick revive perk juggernaut perk and monkeys lifesavers other perks can be bought if having the resources. Also if playing together with a freind run then save if they get now if to many zombies don't risk it. Also don't stand to long and shoot it will get you crowded with zombies and die. Hope I be a great help
ID #166737
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
all you gotta do is stay in first room till dogs come dont waste your money on guns thats there once dogs come go up stairs and open the doors till mp40 room buy that gun and kill dogs from there just stay in that room killing zombies till you get overwhelemed then open the next 2 doors turn on power get jug link teleporter then kill the rest of zombies after that just run around stage throw grenades behind you and turn around and shoot make sure to leave one crawler so you can rebuild window and hit the box dont get greedy with the box just try and get rpk and thundergun pap both and get sped cola quick revive jug and double tap and dont stay in one area for to long
ID #165847
Jul 7th 2012 Guest
ID #161185
Jun 20th 2012 Guest
What me and my friend do is stay in lobby untill round 5 then open up stairs get MP40 someone get the back window and someone stay next to the portraits on the wall and just make points until like round 9 or 10 then open the next door someone get stakeout someone get machine gun then stay about 3 levels there then go to the theater buy traps or those guns on the tables then just get box if your above round 15 use teleporter pack-a-punch if needed then just run around the map open all doors atract zombies then someone turn around shoot them and someone get their back buy jugernog and quickrevive its nessacery

We made it till round 47 me with upgraded galil and ray gun and my friend had rpk upgraded and thundergun

Hope this helps.
ID #154808
May 20th 2012 Guest
Wow guys wow u need to do a train and revive ur team mates if they are down
ID #143631
May 16th 2012 Wr3cK3r14
For perk wise if you get to the bowie knife early (between 4 and 6) it will take 1 knife so it will be easy and you wont have to use bullets. But other wise its jugg then speed cola if you have a lmg if not quick revive then speed. after that its between mule kick (3 guns) and double tap. i would advise double tap because in tight situation with mule kick the gun you need is the next next gun so its kinda bad.
ID #142601
May 15th 2012 Wr3cK3r14
Honestly you just need to know how to route zombies and put your iron sight on them and your good. XBOX LIVE Gamertag ohnonono5 (round 40 but my cousin turned off game)
ID #142347
May 13th 2012 Guest
You get down if you stay together. Stay in one room and run a train for 6 or 7 rounds and get like $17,000. Use the traps so zobitches don't kill you.If someone gets down and you have like 100 zombies,dont get them or it will end the game,well maybe not if you are a PRO like me.[video][/video]
ID #141716
Apr 25th 2012 Guest
Really... I left the first room with 7000 before opening the first door. 2nd room 10000... Upgraded the pistol and made to round 26. Only with quick revive. Got caught in the stairs.
ID #136915
Feb 15th 2012 Guest
dont open the first door until round five!!!!!!
ID #115210
Dec 10th 2011 Guest
What i do at the beggining is i dont buy guns, i knife them at first cause they only take on hit and there down, when it gets to round 3 i shoot them with the pistol, until i have 2000 point i open the upstairs hoping that the mystery box will be there if not then just buy the gun on the left hand-side.
ID #93855
Dec 3rd 2011 Guest
Open Doors Until Ur In The Theater Then Run In Circles Then They Will Be In Back Of u
Kill Them All For More Points! Keep On Doing This And Pack a Punch!!!
ID #92286
Nov 27th 2011 Guest
Ok these are all good tips but to simplify is stay in first room for bout 3 rounds with m14 and use your gernades. u should hav enough to open upstairs door then go straight to next door in there and get stakeout. just survive until dogs at like round 6 or 7 and stakeout pwns dogs. then open doors to stage if u get to a random weapon box along the way dont blow ur money on it. only buy like 1 or 2 weapons. stay on stage for one round then turn on electricity and link teleporter and just do the huge loop around the doors u unlocked and get some crawlers buy throwing gernade near zombies and they lose legs and slow and then u can rebuild barriers, buy random weapons and packapunch weapons when u can. :D p.s. any light machine gun, ray gun, and thundergun are the weapons to live.
ID #90891
Oct 10th 2011 Guest
does not work only the stay together part works
ID #79454
Sep 13th 2011 jdavis26
what me and my buddys do is we open the top door and proced to the theater room once you turn the power on you have a loop from there back to the spawn room its usually just two of us so one walks the cirlce of the theater while the other stays down by the seats and if gets to hectic we just walk the loop killing zombies as we go. you want to buy juggernog first thing and then quick revive. after that we mess around with the box until we get good guns to upgrade we usually keep the steak out and mp40 until the 11 round but one thing you dont EVER want to do is open the second door on the stage unless you plain on doing that loop witch i dont recomend because you can get hung up on the stairs. i hope this helps good luck guys Smile
ID #74389
Aug 23rd 2011 Guest
fail.. i got to round 50 with me and ust ma friend
ID #69479
Jul 30th 2011 Guest
You guys are all noobs
ID #62559
Jul 17th 2011 5687q
kino is pretty easy, you can make it to round 20 without buying box weapons or upgrading. All you need is an m14, mp40, & juggernog & your set
ID #58601
Jul 17th 2011 Guest
i made it to wave 26 by myself and to wave 29 with a friend i sugest to anyone who is have ing difficulties to use either the h&k21 and the ray gun, or the h&k21 and the thundergun
ID #58562
Jul 14th 2011 selene4523
these are all good strategies u guys. ok so the highest ive gone is about level 11. i always try to get ray guns and stuff but all i get are stupid pistols. so i play with 2 players or by myself and i dont get very far. i open the doors upstairs, use the teleporter and stuff but why do i keep dying.... any suggestions or tips? thanks
ID #57970
Jun 14th 2011 Guest
its a good thing i found this i cant get past round 5 on a good day
ID #49296
May 31st 2011 Guest
ID #46131
May 15th 2011 Guest
I thenk u shud have 2 players wit u , one person get the olympia and the other person get the other gun one person shud guard the upstairs and the downstairs where the doors are kinda close by and another person guard the barriars by the stair case and the guard the door next 2 the counter
ID #43228
May 8th 2011 Guest
Wo I always stay in a room. I camp with an hk-21 or an rpk. This is how I made it to 63 by myself so yeah I pwn. I dont even have gold membership on xbox live and yet i can beast all of you. Remember that!!
ID #42001
Apr 19th 2011 Guest
Why doesn't anybody put not to stay in one room to long? If you do you get overrun. Also level 39 by myself.
ID #38359