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Zombie, 3 Gun Glitch

By playing Zombie mode, like Five. Use the Wall Guns or the Mystery Box to do the 3 gun glitch. If you picked up the gun, if you want 3 or more guns I think only works on Xbox 360, by pressing X and Rt at the same time. And, count till 3 and throw the grenade directly on the celling or out outside.

Added 4 Nov 2013, ID #9488, by RussDust and get

3 arc unlock

At the main screen tap rt and lt rapidly till you stand up then go to the back wall computer then enter '3arc unlock' to unlock all campaign levels and five then dead ops arcade free.

Added 21 Apr 2013, ID #9157, by scottdurfee13

Mystery box

When you turn the console on go on zombies kino der toten save up 750 open upstairs door or downstairs door dosnt matter open the door until and look for the mystery box if you can't see it there then restart the level do this until you get the box and when you die DO NOT CLICK RESTART LEVEL because then the box will go missing it will stay there until you turn the console off.

Added 16 Mar 2013, ID #9096, by Guest

Manniquin secret nuketown

On multiplayer nuketown blow off all the heads off the manniquins and sympathy for the devil by the rolling stones will play in backround by bruss7812

Added 2 Mar 2013, ID #9053, by Guest

Black ops zombies five easter egg don't back down by eminem song

There are three red phones throughout the pentagon that ring and flash the first is located were you first start AFTER opening a set of doors in the corner. The second is on the catwalk circling the room after leaving the first elevator. The third is in one of the rooms after a cell phone ring and follow it to the red rotary phone. Look at them and hold down x till the ringing stops and you here a busy signal. Ps the one who done the new glitch was me by bruss7812

Added 1 Mar 2013, ID #9051, by Guest

Black ops zombies five new glitch

The opisite side of the m1911 the window near the table make sure you have two barriers build 2 to climb up and instad of going on the table keep climbing till you get to the roof face the corner and the zombies die automaticailly

Added 1 Mar 2013, ID #9048, by Guest

Cheat to get dead ops arcade

1. Press Rt and Lt 5 times each

2. Go around the tvs on the left

3. Then you will se a computer

Go up to it then hold x

4. Then type in doa

Then say "ta da"

Added 8 Nov 2012, ID #8792, by Guest

3-4 player on zombies glttch

If you want 4 player you gotta have 4 conrollers (YOU ALL KNOW THAT) if you don have dead ops arcade go to the main menu and keep tapping LT and RT then walk over to the computer behind the chair you get out of and put in the code DOA then go to zombie split-screen go to change map then go to dead ops arcade only 1st player is to be signed in evry one press A then player 1 goes to start game, while the game is loading every-one else signs in to a profile then the game should stop and say sign in changed and go start menu then go back into zombies split-screen you can change the map (it should say 2/3 or 2/4 players in the bottom righ hand conner) pleze give it a thumbs up

Added 13 Oct 2012, ID #8732, by dbadh1

Cheater cheter pumpkin eater

All you need to do is have a m14 and a ray gun and then you go the elevator then radiumlly pressing a than you will have every gun packupuch and have every perk

Added 2 Sep 2012, ID #8638, by Guest

Get the Thunder Gun on Numbers (Campaign Mission)

Fist off, after the torturing of the guy at the beginning of the level, throw a grenade down the hallway where the enemies come from when they breach the building. Then, before it explodes, run into the room to the right. Now, Hold X on the cassette player before the grenade explodes and a little earthquake should happen. Then just go on with the mission. Once you get to the part where your team mates push the fridge over go into the room filled with weapons. To the left there should be another cassette player. Hold X again just like the first time and it will make a weird sound. Look on the wall and the Thunder Gun should be there!


Added 29 Aug 2012, ID #8634, by 1122andyozz33

Map Five Zombies Table Glitch

When You Start The Game Go The Right Window Where The M14 Isn't At Break Only Two Parts Of The Window Then Rebuild It Then You Should Have Two Wooden Sticks One On The Bottom And One On The Top After That You Have To Jump On Those Two Sticks And Then On Top Of The Door Then Go To The Edge Of The Door And Jump If It Doesn't Work Keep Trying

Added 9 Aug 2012, ID #8606, by Callofdutyozzy

Computer Cheat for zombie maps

To get Kino Der Toten, Five, and Dead Ops Arcade, you must break out of the surgical chair, go to the computer. On the computer you must type:ARC3 UNLOCK.

Hope this helps.

Added 2 Aug 2012, ID #8594, by KnockEmDead1996

How to get to the antenna on black ops in summit

First you go to the control room that has a whole bunch of computers then you climb then run and jump on the top then press a(x for ps3)and it should let you up in the catwalk then break the window and double tap a(x for ps3)and you should be up there!

Added 16 Jun 2012, ID #8453, by Guest

Dog glitch

You have to unlock the stage (kino der toten). When dogs come go to the stairs closest to the tele porter. Then crouch at the edge of the stairs away from the tele porter enough were you can't see the edge of the stirs. The dogs should sit in front of you. It takes a couple of tries to complete. If you want me to send more cheats message me on Facebook. My name is shyheim gonzalez. Trust me I have plenty of cheats

Added 6 Jun 2012, ID #8433, by shyg

Dog Stairs Glitch

You have to unlock the stage. When dogs come go to the stairs near the teleporter. Crouch on the edge of the stairs away from the teleporter (enough were you can't seee the stairs when you loook down on the edge. It takes a couple of tries to complete but it works. If you want me to submit more cheats message me on facebook. My name is shyheim gonzalez. I have plenty of cheats.

Added 5 Jun 2012, ID #8431, by shyg

How to de-rank yourself

Go to the call of duty lobby where it says find game/switch lobbies then unplug the power to your internet router, then plug it back in, then you should be de-ranked

Added 2 May 2012, ID #8368, by Guest

The ghost gltch

Go to tha green house on nuketown in multiplayer andwalk up to tha 4 windows beside tha door to tha right and throw a tomahawk through tha botom left window and tha glass will float and if you shoot it your bullets will go through tha floating glass

Sent by dylan arrowood

Added 21 Mar 2012, ID #8286, by Guest

Kino Der Toten Grenade Glitch/ Mystery box

On Kino in the first five rounds do not open any doors and throw all of your frags into the teleporter. This will multiply the chances of getting a power up when you kill a zombie.

Also When getting a mystery box crouch and shoot 7 shots with the m1911 into the top left corner of the box. It always gives you a goood gun. ONLY SHOOT 7 TIMES! If you have to shoot once before

Added 29 Feb 2012, ID #8238, by Guest

Glitch to not get down on nacht der untoten

You go up the stairs, then right beside the door there will be a window and there will be a crack beside the door and somehow you put your gun into it and the zombies will sometimes ignore you . And remember do NOT move or they will try and get you.

Added 24 Dec 2011, ID #8088, by Guest

Cheat to nuketown

Set the speed as fast as you can and break the window in the yellow house and get on the ledge on the front of the house then sprintjump on the truck in front of you and you will be stuck then turnaruond and camp but if you move you will fall this is a glitch

Added 27 Nov 2011, ID #8023, by Guest
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