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Bomb Bag Upgrades

There are 3 bomb bags to obtain and 1 capacity upgrade that affects all 3 bags.

--How to Unlock
Bomb Bag 1
--Purchace from Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko after 2nd temple. Bomb Bag 2
--Free the goron from the giant lava rock located underwater in zoras domain. Bomb Bag 3
--Destroy the rock barriers for the River Canoe mini-game owner. Bomb Bag Capacity Upgrade (Double):
--Score 25 points or more on the River Canoe Mini-Game.

Added 31 Dec 2006, ID #103, by SPV999 and get

Make Lots Of Money Quickly

All you need is to be in Lake Hylia in your human form and 30 rupees:

First go to the house in the middle of the lake and pay 10 rupees to be launched out of a cannon into another house. (press - twice to skip the cutscene)

Then pay 20 rupees to take part in the cucco gliding game, glide down onto the rotating platform and open the chest to get 100 rupees. (70 really because you've paid 30 to do this)

Repeat as many times as you wish.

Added 30 Dec 2006, ID #99, by MasterHunter

Funny Ganondorf Defeat (4th Battle)

I'm not sure if this works all the time, but it's funny.

When you are fighting Ganondorf (the last battle, as in the sword fight), and take out your bobber fishing rod, and cast it. Ganondorf should stare at the bobber as you swing it side to side. That's your chance to start slashing; he'll be distracted for a couple of seconds after you put it away.

I'm going to post a question for the people who used this cheat, to tell me if it worked and if it was funny. My friend helped me discover this tip.

Added 26 Dec 2006, ID #88, by cheatfreak58

Beating Ganondorf

To beat Ganondorf if you haven't played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the first apart of the battle he in a she's body will do three attack's one of which you can harm her or him with the attack that I'm talking about is when she charges her sword and send's a bolt your way. Fight back and when she send's it target her and hit the bolt when it comes to you, do not sheild bump it or you will send it to the ground, instead wack the thing with your sword, do so until she fall's and wack her, repeat this untill he turn's to a beast.

Don't get too much distance between you and her or she will not get hit by the bolt but she'll keep wacking it faster until you are down. When he does turn to a beast he will summon portles, bring your bow up and look for a blue portle he will apear from that one, when he apear's he will charge you shoot the spot on his head then get out of the way he's going to slide and if you do not move he will hit you, if he does make a mad dash for his stomach and hit the hell out of it again repeat this and you will apear in the field charge him using half the sprint's he wil summon ghost's to dispatch you off your horse, dash when he raises his sword, it's a polite warning that he is going to summon, Zelda will shoot him race up and hit him, once again repeat this.

The final part of the battle is the toughest keep an eye on the heart's if you do not have enough crack the skull's open, if you have quick reflexes you'll be fine when the screen has chance at the bottom keep clicking that button to thrust him back and finish him off. You are rewarded with an awesome long cut seen and beeting the game, and one more thing when you have a parade you will see a Link guy.


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Added 21 Dec 2006, ID #86, by xXcrazygamerXx

Be A Chicken

First go to Ordan town with your sword, not the wooden one but the one you get from being a wolf.

Find a chicken, slash it over and over, and then the screen will turn black for a second and you're a chicken for 2 minutes.


Added 7 Dec 2006, ID #37, by O_Steel994
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