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Heart taker

This is not a cheat it just a heads up if fall it the darkness like off a bridge it takes 1 heart if fall into lava it takes 2 if you go into the goron mines fill you're bottles with milk at the shop


No thumbs

Added 25 Nov 2012, ID #5384, by C.O.D.expert181140 and get

Faster Swimming

After you get the "Zora Suit", if you want to swim super fast, then rapidly tap (a) as you wish and even the longest of swims don't seem so bad!

Added 12 Jan 2012, ID #4930, by skippertherobotpirate

200 easy rupees

If you go to Kakariko village, turn into a wolf and climb on top of the sanctuary (the building closest to the spirit spring). If you shoot a bomb arrow at the bell on top, a silver rupee (200) will fall out.

Added 28 Jul 2011, ID #4615, by ilikebutter123

150 easy rupees

If you go to ordon village, if you look behind rusl's house (the house across from the mayor's house) on the left side, there will be an orange rupee in the vines there. You can use your claw shot to get to it. When you're done with that, go to the grass next to the water mill. There will be a fence blocking you from the grass but if you use your spin attack, you should be able to get it (Both of these rupees can only be obtained once).

Added 28 Jul 2011, ID #4614, by ilikebutter123

Piece of heart from malo

You have to have the bow first and you go into kakariko village and you climb up the big wooden tower and get the goron to shoot up up farther go in through the wooden door and open the chest on the right you will get a purple rupee and then you exit climb the ladder and then talk to the boy on top and he will get excited that he is watching the town and going to blow his head off if some monster (you in wolf form) comes into town and then he will be like if only I had a *bow*. Then he will ask you to show him your ninja skillz with the bow and then malo will make you hit a target 30 feet away give or take five and then he will say that was a little on the easy side then he will make you hit one 60 feet away and then he will say that your getting better then the boy on the tower will say "HEY! SHOOT THE POLE UP HERE!" and it is about 100-200 feet away. Hitting it is easy if you have a very stable hand and if you put the dot as close as you can over the pole. And then malo will say you have some skill with it. Very *impressive*. Here take this and you get a heart piece.

Added 12 Mar 2011, ID #4338, by worldsoffunwithlink


You know that bird outside the forest temple? if u don't pay he will attack u the next time. but I know a way to get free juice without him calling u a thief.

1. go to his shop
2. take something but don't leave yet
3. save and quit then go back in


Added 13 Jan 2011, ID #4269, by Guest

hidden fish

if you try to fish bonb fish or skullfish when you catch it says this a forbiden fish

Added 16 Oct 2010, ID #4021, by Guest

Easy money

Go to the fishing hole once you have unlocked it in upper zoras river. Go around and cut all the grass and you should be able to get. Anywhere between 60 to 90 rupees all together.

Added 12 Sep 2010, ID #3961, by Mr. Information


In the game once you get a the bow and i think you need the quiver upgrade. I'm not sue but in differnt places throughout hyrule. There are crows that fly around in large bunches. One of the bunches is in the grraveyard in the village. I for got how to spell it but it begins with a K. But anyways once you kill them all gems of differnt colors will fal ex( blue yellow and greens) will fall together for sure. this is a esay way to get money.

Added 12 Sep 2010, ID #3960, by Mr. Information

what to do to stallorn's head

ride the rail up to the top then his head will appear he will shoot fire balls at you when he does jump from the rails to therails on the wall then you will be right at his head after you get right at his head jump off the rail and hit his head and then his head will fall down onto the ground then you go down there and hit the sword that is in his head do that a few more time and there you go

Added 8 Jul 2010, ID #3819, by chowder421

secret cave!!!!

In lake Hylia(not under-water) there is a secret cave with a very special item in it...but you need to use a bomb to get inside!plus,the item isnt just in the begging...u have to go through a maze like thing...and you will NEED A LOT of bombs...hope this helps!;3

PS:the special item is.....nah! I'll let you find out for your selves!(yes I am evil,just deal with it!!!!! X3 Tame bai!)

Added 16 Dec 2009, ID #3380, by thunderfreak56


If you look at the girls outside the Star minigame in eats castle town, the resemble Nayru Din and Farore.

Added 28 Aug 2009, ID #3085, by lilbbob

Clawshot in the holy place.

After you have gotten all three peices for the helmet thing minda wears,and Zant comes to where you talk to the last spirt,go back threw and do this.

1.Walk all the way forward without going into the water.
2.Look at the wall and you will see a clawshot holder.
3.Follow all the holders until you get to the other plateform.
4.Go into the door and take the treasure.
5.Come outside and jump into the water.
6.Repeat this and stop at the holder on the top.
7.Lower yourself all the way down.
8.Make sure you have iron boots in your items and can get them on quickly.
9.Still on the holder and clawshot raise yourself to the top.
10.Equip your iron boots.(this should make you fall)
11.Unequip then quickly.
12.You will fall down.Instead of hitting the water you will die.
13.Take out your fishing rod and go to the right side of the room.
14.Get to the lowest part an fish.
15.You should get either a small fish or a bag of rupees.

I was only able to get the rupees after the dying thing.This works on GC also.

Added 29 Jul 2009, ID #2969, by Aeroude96

Rupee bags?

Ok in the hidden grotto near the howling stone, after you defeat all the enemies and stuff, I fished in the fishing spot and got 2 rupee bags wich totaled up to about 70 rupees from the bags.

Hope that helps,

Added 2 Jul 2009, ID #2876, by Darklink132

1 rupee oil and potion

Near the forest temple there is a shop that is run by a bird go in there and pick from lantern oil and potion or both and pay 1 rupee. The bird will let you off with it he'll just tell you "next time pay right, cheapskate".

Added 2 Jul 2009, ID #2874, by Darklink132

Easy arrows for 20 rupees

To get full arrow quiver, go to the canoe riding game near upper zora's river and right when it says GO! Press the + button on the wii remote then save. After that don't press yes or no to continue the game, press the home button then restart the game. Vouila, you have a full quiver of arrows for only 20 rupees. If you want the 20 rupees back just go to the grass near the fishing hole and cut away. P.S. It might give you a full bomb bag too but it has only happened to me once, tested 5 times,works

Added 2 Jul 2009, ID #2873, by Darklink132

Big Wallet, 60 Poes

In order to get the Big Wallet, you have to give one bug to the bug princess girl in the City of Hyrule's streets.

If you get 60 poes to Giovanni, I think that's his name, then he will give you a prize. I don't remember what it is, but he will tell you that he is going to see his girlfriend. Talk to his cat, go find him at the bar, go back and talk to the cat. And he will keep on giving you 200 rupees until you can't hold anymore.


Added 14 Apr 2009, ID #2666, by unknownroxas

Free Potions!

Are you running low on potions? Well I have found the answer, in some dungeons such as the Lakebed temple there are these colored slugs around, kill one of those and it will drop some of itself, scoop it into a bottle and there you have a free potion!

Happy Gaming,

Added 11 Apr 2009, ID #2648, by Evee

Wolf Start

I know I had trouble figuring this part out;

When you first become a wolf, you are stuck in a cell. The way out is through a hole in the bar base underneath the box. You have to Z target then attack it not dash it. Sorry to those who already know this, I just believe that many people may have difficulties.

Happy Gaming,

Added 11 Apr 2009, ID #2647, by Evee

info on the monsters

To kill torch Slug just use finish after it lets out it's plume of fire.To kill redead Knight just use ball and chain.To keep away poison Mites use your lantern.To kill Moldorm use clawshot then slash.Do not use sword on mini Freezard just use ball and chain or clawshot.Use claw shot on Helmasaur.
Try to kill the guays the give you money when in flocks but their are not worth the arrows use claw shot.

Use bombs on Darknut on the second stage after the dodge something else.The Darknuts come in three forms Black is the weakest, yet the only one you'll face outside the Cave of Ordeals. Red is a lot faster and more aggressive, but wears less armor. Blue is the best; it shares the same traits as the Red, yet has more armor then the Black.

Added 9 Apr 2009, ID #2644, by dragman77
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