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An easy way to kill !!!!! Or flee

If you are cornered by enimies, shake the nunchuck and Link will spin around and hit the enimies and the you FLEE {only flee if you want}

Added 20 Jan 2007, ID #176, by Nintendog Brian and get

Silver Ruppees

Ok a silver ruppee is worth about 200 ruppees and there is probably only one is the game so you wanna get it. By the Spirit Oasios in Kakarkio Village, there is a house with a bell on top, get up with the wolf form of link and shoot the bell with a bomb arrow but you have to change back into the human link. A silver ruppee should drop down and you just got 200 ruppees right there.

Added 13 Jan 2007, ID #137, by twocool892

Get Health Quick

Make sure you have beaten the first level of the STARS minigame(south east hyrule castle road), when you go out side three girls will scream, go over and talk to them and they will say "IT'S HIM" and drop 3 hearts, go into a building and come out again to repeat the process.

Added 6 Jan 2007, ID #132, by MasterHunter

Beating Zant

Beating Zant is easy if you know what to do. So first of all all you need to do is use the tactic's that you used beating the bosses before exept the water temple illusion there all you need to do is when he open's is big mouth claw shot him and whack the heck out of him after getting a few shot's in at him four head's will apear making more confusing but still easy listen for him to laugh then turn to that direction. Once you've passed that part you will apear before Zelda's castle he will then start spinning Z target him and wait for him to stop. When he does he'll start swinging step to the side or charge him ( side stepping work's the best ) while doing either tactic attak him after a few hit's he's gone ( dang that was just getting good. ) = )


No thumbs

Added 21 Dec 2006, ID #85, by xXcrazygamerXx

Hyrule Castle Graveyard

When you first enter the castle grounds (the outside portion of the castle) enter the west part of the outside (the place with all the fences and where the trolls and hogs that you can ride and destroy fences with are). Towards the back of this area you will come to a spot with a bunch of pillars with switches on top of them that you need to activate with the gale boomerang. You should also see some leafy sort of patches on the ground near this area. Turn into a wolf and look for the sparkling spot in one of the leafy patches and dig into it. You should now be in the hidden Hyrule Castle Graveyard.

Added 16 Dec 2006, ID #71, by BUF

Cats vs. Cucoo

In the Hidden Village there is a cucoo behind a building and if you throw it into the middle of town it will be ambushed by cats

Added 14 Dec 2006, ID #63, by cheesemonkey

Get Heart Pieces Easy

When you go see the fortune-teller in Castle Town, and you ask for a love fortune, there's a heart piece around the area that she shows you, however I can't explain how to get the heart pieces in that area.

Added 3 Dec 2006, ID #27, by cheatfreak58

Getting Big and Giant Wallet

Big Wallet - Collect 1 Golden Bug and bring it to Agitha in Castle Town

Giant Wallet - Collect 24 Golden Bugs and bring it to Agitha in Castle Town

Added 3 Dec 2006, ID #26, by cheatfreak58

Cut Donating Money by 1/10

In the Malo Mart, after you donate 1000 rubees the first time, and finish the quest where you have to pour hot springwater on the Goron on the western bridge of Castle Town, the 2000 rubees that you have to donate will be cut by 1/10 so instead of donating 2000 rubees, you only have to donate 200 rubees.

Added 3 Dec 2006, ID #25, by cheatfreak58

Make money Easy

After you get the ability to transform from a wolf to a human, and after you have the Zora Suit and the Iron boots, dive down into the water in Zora's Domain. Look under all of the rocks, and if you look hard enough, you should get 70 - 90 rubees each time you dive down into the water in Zora's Domain.

Once you collected all those rubees, go to someplace close, but somewhere where there is nothing but you and Midna, and warp to Zora's Domain, even if your already in there. Then just repeat the process and you should fill you wallet in a couple of tries and minutes

Added 2 Dec 2006, ID #24, by cheatfreak58
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