Video - Skills of Legend

Submitted by Volke
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Me vs a CPU to demonstrate my 'skills' with Marth.
Added 27th Aug 2009, ID #1823

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the vid was good and i also think that the level ones are pretty hard

Added 11th Sep 2011, ID #2658

that looks easy

Added 15th Oct 2010, ID #771

For the record, this video was so good that it won me a free game. Seriously, I'm not lying.

Added 2nd Nov 2009, ID #99

You put on a good British accent. It sounded about how I expected you to sound, really.

Traffic Monger
Added 30th Aug 2009, ID #85

I suppose I should have expected the accent but... :P

Added 29th Aug 2009, ID #84

That's not my proper voice. You probably wouldn't understand a word I was saying if I had spoken in my regular accent.

Nevertheless, that's 65 views. Sequel coming soon. Basically, I'll do it whenever I get some privacy.

EDIT - Wait, do you mean that I actually sound bad-ass, like you expected, or you thought I would and I didn't?

Added 29th Aug 2009, ID #83

Wow, I can't believe it. I always imagined Volke to sound like a classic bad-ass tough guy.

This video has taught me something.

02 Dissociative.
Added 29th Aug 2009, ID #82

Thanks guys.

I'll add a sequel soon. Might let this get a few more views first, though.

Added 28th Aug 2009, ID #80

nice video volke Very entertaining... Cool to see some of your personality coming through

Team SuperCheats
Added 28th Aug 2009, ID #79

Well it was cool, can't wait to watch more 'Comedy' game play.

Added 27th Aug 2009, ID #78


Yeah, I couldn't think of what I could get done and upload quickly. Then I thought a quick Brawl match would be quick and easy.

Added 27th Aug 2009, ID #77

Volke, language... lol

Nice video man, I would never thought it was for Super Smash Bros. Brawl... =p

Added 27th Aug 2009, ID #76

Incase any of you were wondering, this WAS submitted as a pure joke.

EDIT - Okay, 'Skills of Legend: Part II' will be added once the view count gets up to 65, and I'm not going to cheat by refreshing this page so be sure to spread the word. Please Rate and leave Comments, too. I'd like to know what more people think, whether it be good or ill.

Added 27th Aug 2009, ID #75

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