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Item FAQ

by Just500x

   ______  _____  _______    ______  ______   ______ __  ___  ___  ____  ____
  / __/ / / / _ \/ __/ _ \  / __/  |/  / _ | / __/ // / / _ )/ _ \/ __ \/ __/
 _\ \/ /_/ / ___/ _// , _/ _\ \/ /|_/ / __ |_\ \/ _  / / _  / , _/ /_/ /\ \_ 
/___/\____/_/  /___/_/|_| /___/_/  /_/_/ |_/___/_//_/ /____/_/|_|\____/___(_)

                               For Nintendo Wii

|                                                                             |
|  Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Item FAQ                                         |
|  Written by Just500x                                                        |
|  Copyright 2008 Justin Thomson. All rights reserved.                        |
|  Version 1.00                                                               |
|                                                                             |

~~~~Table of Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{000}~~~

Press Ctrl-F and type in the code to find a specific location in this guide.

I. Version History.....................................................{100}...

II. Introduction.......................................................{200}...

III. Items.............................................................{300}...
  A. Melee Weapons                                                     {MEL}
  B. Projectile Weapons                                                {PRJ}
  C. Throwable Weapons                                                 {THR}
  D. Assistance Items                                                  {ASI}
  E. Restorative Items                                                 {RST}
  F. Containers                                                        {CON}
  G. Pokeballs                                                         {PKB}
  H. Assist Trophies                                                   {AST}
  E. Other                                                             {OTH}

IV. Frequently Asked Questions.........................................{400}...

V. Conclusion..........................................................{500}...

VI. Contact............................................................{600}...

VII. Legal Stuff.......................................................{700}...

VIII. Credits..........................................................{800}...

~~~~I. Version History~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{100}~~~


- Detailed descriptions of each possible Pokemon.
- Detailed descriptions of each possible Assist Trophy
- The series that each item originates from.

Version 1.00 17/03/2008

 - Finished the guide, submitted to GameFAQs.

Version 0.90 14/03/2008

 - Started the guide.

~~~~II. Introduction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{200}~~~

This FAQ was created in order to provide people descriptions of each item in
the game and what they do. This FAQ will describe the appearance of each item
as well as it's uses in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For some items I will be
providing strategies on better ways to use some items. When searching for a
specific section, press CTRL+F and type in the search code to be directly taken
to that section.


~~~~III. Items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{300}~~~


--------------------------<X>-A. Melee Weapons-<X>---------------------{MEL}---
Melee weapons are weapons that can be held, and will usually alter some of your
moves. Melee weapons can usually be thrown for a large knock-back, with some


<X>-Beam Sword-<X>

Appearance - A long blue beam sword.

Description - When you grab a Beam Sword, all of your forward moves will change
to suit it. These attacks have improved damage and knockback, and when charged
the beam sword will have a longer reach.

Strategy - This weapon has a very long range, so take advantage of that and
keep your opponents far from you. If you're opponent is at a high percentage
do not be afraid to throw it at them and pick it back up.



Appearance - A traditional paper fan.

Description - While this item may be weak, it has a very quick attack speed
making it simple to combo opponents for racking up damage. You will find that
this item has a surprisingly large knockback when thrown.

Strategy - This weapon is great for large combos, and if used correctly can
inflict a ton of damage. Try to get your opponent pinned up against the wall
so you can get alot of hits in before they'll be able to react. The major
downside is that the fan has a short reach so you will need to get close.


<X>-Home-Run Bat-<X>

Appearance - A traditional style Baseball bat.

Description - The Home-Run bat is a very powerful item. A forward smash while
holding one of these bats is almost guaranteed to get you a KO. Another very
useful property of this item is that when thrown, it can inflict a HUGE
knockback, making it simple to KO your opponents.

Strategy - The Home-Run bat has a very powerful smash attack but you will need
to know how to use if first. Try and predict where your opponent will land
while they're in the air and use a smash just a bit before they land. Another
thing, I find that throwing the baseball bat is a LOT more effective than using
a smash attack, because it has a huge knockback and does alot of damage.


<X>-Lip's Stick-<X>

Appearance - A flower with a stem for a handle.

Description - Attacking an enemy with Lip's Stick will cause a small flower to
grow on their head, which grows after each subsequent hit. These flowers cause
damage to be constantly applied to your opponent. The flower can be shaken off
easily by dashing in either direction repeatedly.

Strategy - The key to the Lip's Stick is to not let your opponent lose their
flower, how would you do this? Just keep attacking them as much as possible and
hope it doesn't fall off.


<X>-Star Rod-<X>

Appearance - A striped rod with a glowing star on the end.

Description - When using a charged forward smash, this Star Rod with fire a
golden star ahead of you which deals a moderate amount of damage. This item
has a large knockback when thrown.

Strategy - While the Star Rod is a Melee weapon, it is better used as a
projectile weapon. Keep yourself away from your opponent and fire the
projectile at them, if they get close to you, just throw the Star Rod at them
and pick it back up.



Appearance - A black hammer with a wooden handle.

Description - This Hammer, when picked up, will cause you to automatically
start rapidly attacking with it. This Hammer inflicts massive damage to your
opponents and usually earns you a KO.

Occasionally, the head of the Hammer might fall off, and it can be used to
throw at your opponents.

Strategy - The Hammers usefulness really shines on flat stages. One of the
major downsides of the hammer is the fact that you will lose your ability for
your second jump, so if you are on a stage with alot of platforms your opponent
can easily escape. If you're on a flat stage, there's not much to say about the
hammer, just keep following your opponent and try to hit them with the hammer.


<X>-Golden Hammer-<X>

Appearance - A Golden Hammer on a blue-glowing pedestal.

Description - Even rarer and more powerful than the normal Hammer, the Golden
Hammer is essentially just a buffed up version of the Hammer. It has a higher
attack speed, and deals more damage and it also grants you the ability to
float. If you press jump or attack rapidly in mid-air, you'll be able to float
around the stage.

Like the normal Hammer, this item can also have a defect. On some occasions
you'll pick up the Squeaky Golden Hammer instead, which causes no damage and
squeaks on impact!

Strategy - The Golden Hammer is exactly like the Hammer, the only difference
is you can glide this time around. Try to use this to your advantage and glide
to opponents that are off the edge of the screen so they cant recover.


------------------------<X>-B. Projectile Weapons-<X>------------------{PRJ}---

<X>-Cracker Launcher-<X>

Appearance - A giant cannon that shoots fireworks.

Description - The Cracker Launcher packs a massive punch, with a fast rate of
fire and large knockback, it's very easy to knock your opponents off the map.
To aim the Cracker Launcher, you have to use Up or Down to change the direction
of fire. To turn around while holding this massive cannon, you have to quickly
tap the direction opposite of the way you are facing.

Strategy - The best Strategy for the cracker launcher is to get your opponent
in the air. The blasts have a tendency to send them straight up so this
shouldn't be a problem. Once your opponent is in the air, keep trying to hit
them while IN the air to send them off screen. It usually takes 2-3 shots
depending on the opponents percentage.


<X>-Fire Flower-<X>

Appearance - A Fire Flower from the classic Mario.

Description - Picking up this flower will allow you to send a short stream of
fire at your opponents! The fire deals minimal damage, but it racks up quite

Strategy - The only real strategy for the Fire Flower is to pin your opponents
against a wall, making it hard for them to escape. Another good use is to use
it when the opponent is trying to recover to the edge of an arena so that they
wont be able to grab on.


<X>-Ray Gun-<X>

Appearance - A futuristic looking gun, with glowing green lights.

Description - The Ray Gun is similar to Fox and Falco's blaster. You can fire
16 shots in total, each one causing minor knockback and minor damage. 
Characters near the edge of the screen can be easily KO'd by being knocked off
the screen by blasts from this gun.

Strategy - I find this item best used when your opponent is near the edge of
the screen, you can occasionally catch your opponent in mid air and combo them
off the screen.


<X>-Super Scope-<X>

Appearance - A grey rifle with a scope on the top.

Description - This beam gun has two options. The first option is rapid fire,
by repeatedly tapping A you can fire 48 small shots at your opponents. The
second option is charging the shots up, resulting in one massive shot capable
of launching your opponents large distances. 

Strategy - If you're opponent is nearby you will want to use your short bursts
because they can combo your opponent. If your opponent is far away, try to get
a charged shot in because they wont be able to stop you from charging the
blast. Be careful when facing anyone who reflects as they can just send your
shots right back at you.


--------------------------<X>-C. Throwable Items-<X>-------------------{THR}---

<X>-Banana Peel-<X>

Appearance - A yellow banana peel.

Description - Stepping on a Banana Peel after it has been thrown will cause
your character to slip and fall.

Strategy - Try to place this item somewhere where it wont be noticed, so it can
catch your opponent off guard. When your opponent slips, quickly run in for a
smash attack.



Appearance - A blue and white circular object with a golden Smash Bros. symbol
on top.

Description - The Bumper can be put on the ground or thrown in the air. Anyone
who comes in contact with the Bumper will be knocked back a certain distance
depending on their damage percentage.

Strategy - Try to place this item in a strategic manner, like at the edge of a
stage when your opponent is trying to recover, or even close to the edge so
that they will get sent flying off the stage.


<X>-Deku Nut-<X>

Appearance - A small nut similar to a walnut.

Description - Throwing this near an enemy will cause a minor stun. If an enemy
is directly hit by a Deku Nut it creates an explosion.

Strategy - The stun from the Deku Nut can be quite useful when used properly.
Don't stand too close to your opponent when you throw it so you don't get 
caught in the stun. After your opponent is stunned, you should have enough time
to run in for a smash attack.



Appearance - A small iceberg with eyes and a frown that slides slowly across
the stage. 

Description - If this item is thrown at you or your opponent, you will be
frozen in a block of ice. When your opponent is frozen, you'll want to attack
them as much as you can, or get a charged smash attack off on them. If you
become trapped in a block of ice, you can tap buttons or move the control stick
as fast as you can to get out.

Strategy - There's not much strategy here other than throwing it at your
opponent and trying to get a smash attack in.


<X>-Gooey Bomb-<X>

Appearance - A bomb covered in a thick goo.

Description - The Gooey Bomb has a neat property that lets it stick to your
opponents. After throwing this at your opponents, it will take about 5 seconds
to explode sending them flying. This bomb can be sometimes transferred to your
opponents by touching them.

Strategy - If you have the Gooey Bomb, toss it on your opponent and stay away
from them. Not only do you not want to be caught in the explosion, but if they
are near you, you might get the bomb passed on to you, and trust me, that
wouldn't be good.

If there is a case where the Gooey Bomb is stuck to YOU, try to chase your
opponent and have it pass on to them.


<X>-Green Shell-<X>

Appearance - A green Turtle Shell.

Description - A turtle shell that when hit and/or thrown will be sent sliding
across the stage until it either hits a wall or falls off the edge. Moderate
damage and knockback.

Strategy - You will want to throw the green shell into large groups of people
because it will pass through as many players as there are in its way. Also,
try to throw it in an area where it will stay on the screen the longest, for
example the edge of a stage.


<X>-Hot Head-<X>

Appearance - An orb of fire that was two black eyes.

Description - Throwing this item sends the Hot Head sliding around the stage.
The Hot Head will deal damage to whomever it touches.

Strategy - There isn't much strategy for the Hot Head because it will keep
rotating around the platform until it eventually disappears.


<X>-Motion-Sensor Bomb-<X>

Appearance - A purple and blue landmine.

Description - Throw this weapon on the ground or at a wall and it will act like
a proximity mine. The bomb itself wont become active for a few seconds, but
after it activates, anyone who comes near it will cause it to explode sending
the opponent flying. The small size of this item makes it easy to blend in to
it's surroundings making it able to quickly catch your opponents off guard. 
Getting hit by this is almost certainly a KO.

Strategy - Similar to the banana peel, you want to put this where it wont be
noticed. Let it catch your opponent off guard and send them into oblivion.


<X>-Mr. Saturn-<X>

Appearance - A head... With feet and whiskers... Oh yeah, it has a cute bow tie
on the top of its head.

Description - Mr. Saturn is essentially a useless item. He walks around the
stage and when thrown he deals minimal damage and little to no knockback.

Strategy - This item is literally... Useless.



Appearance - A small white ball with an exclamation (!) mark on it.

Description - If someone walks over the spot where the Pitfall was set, they'll
fall into the ground and get stuck. Use this opportunity to your advantage to
get a charged smash attack in on your opponent.

Strategy - A neat effect of the Pitfall is that after it's been put in the 
ground, there is no way of knowing where it is. Make sure to remember where
you threw it so you can be ready if your opponent falls into it. When your
opponent does fall into it, use the time where they are in the ground to get
a fully charged smash attack in.


<X>-Smart Bomb-<X>

Appearance - A circular bomb with a capital "B" in the middle.

Description - Throwing this Smart Bomb will detonate a MASSIVE explosion that
gradually grows. This explosions racks up damage very fast (Over 50%) and
finishes with a large knockback. This bomb will occasionally not detonate when

Strategy - Keep away from the bomb after you throw it! If you get caught in
the blast you will be stunned and will not be able to escape. The best way
to use this item is to stand back and throw it at your opponent so you dont get
caught in the blast.


<X>-Smoke Ball-<X>

Appearance - A white ball. That's it.

Description - The Smoke Ball, when thrown, expels a large amount of coloured
smoke, obscuring you and your opponents vision. That's all, really.

Strategy - Attatch this to your opponent and don't let yourself get distracted
by the pretty colours.



Appearance - A blue ball with spikes.

Description - If you throw or attack the Unira the spikes covering its body
will extend. Any players that come in contact with the spikes while extended
will be damaged and knocked back. In single-player, the Unira can usually KO an
opponent in one hit.

Strategy - This item is best used when your opponent is already at a high
percent. Your opponent will have to run into it for any real effect so this
item can be hard to use at times. It's always god to have items like these
near the edge of the stage to help prevent recovery and making it easier to
knock your opponents off the stage.


-----------------------<X>-D. Assistance Items-<X>---------------------{ASI}---

<X>-Bunny Hood-<X>

Appearance - A brown hood with eyes and bunny ears.

Description - Putting on a Bunny Hood will increase your running speed and jump
height by double.

Strategy - When you pick up the Bunny Hood, use your new speed to your
advantage. Keep your opponents at bay by running in to attack and quickly
rolling then retreating out. The added jump height is also useful for getting
back onto the stage.



Appearance - A golden lightning bolt with sparks surrounding it!

Description - Remember the lightning from Mario Kart? Well this lightning has
the same effect, it will shrink all of your opponents making them easy to KO.
Occasionally the lightning will backfire, leaving you as the only one who was

Strategy - If the effect works properly and your opponents shrink, try to hit
them with as many powerful attacks as possible. When they have shrunk it will
be much, much easier to knock them off the stage. Even at low percentages.


<X>-Metal Box-<X>

Appearance - A green box with an exclamation (!) mark on it.

Description - Hitting or picking up the Metal Box will turn your whole body
metal. While metal any attacks from your opponents will do almost no knockback.
The downside to the Metal box though, is that you fall at double the rate you
normally do. This makes recovery very hard, so be careful when at high
percents. Lasts 10+ Seconds.

Strategy - The key to the Metal Box is to stay AWAY from the edge, and when I
say away, I mean far away. You fall extremely fast when metal so if you get
knocked off it's almost certain death.


<X>-Poison Mushroom-<X>

Appearance - Exactly the same as the Super Mushroom except that it is one shade
of red darker, and has eyebrows over its eyes.

Description - Coming in contact with a Poison Mushroom will cause you to
shrink. While shrunk your attacks will do significantly less damage and you
will be easily knocked back. Lasts about 6 - 10 seconds.

Strategy - If you accedentally pick up a Poison Mushroom, try and run away from
your opponents until it wears off. If your opponent picks up one of these
follow the same strategy as the Lightning item.


<X>-Super Mushroom-<X>

Appearance - A red mushroom with white spots and black eyes.

Description - Coming in contact with one of these Mushrooms will cause you to
grow in size, greatly increasing your damage, and reducing how far you get
knocked back. Lasts about 6 - 10 seconds.

Strategy - You picked it up and now you're HUGE. Dominate the stage using
powerful attacks which will easily knock your opponents away. Remember though,
the Super Mushroom makes you a bigger target.



Appearance - A golden star with eyes that bounces around the stage.

Description - Touching a Starman will grant you temporary invincibility. While
invincible, enemy attacks will be useless. Lasts around 10 seconds.

Strategy - If you pick this up, you're invincible, so go nuts. If your opponent
happens to pick this up, you will want to try and run away from your opponent
seeing as there is no use fighting them.


<X>-Superspicy Curry-<X>

Appearance - A plate with orange curry in it. The curry is apparently on fire.

Description - Picking up and eating this Curry will cause you to spew fire in
three directions. It is very similar to the fire flower except that you can
still use your default A attacks and move around at full speed. Another side
effect is that you can only walk and no longer run. The flames them self do not
do too much damage but the damage quickly adds up. 

Strategy - See Fire Flower.



Appearance - A blue and white handwatch-esque timer.

Description - Touching the timer will give you one of three effects. The first
effect is that it will slow all of your opponents down and leave you at full
speed. The second effect will only slow you down, making you an easy target.
The third and final effect will slow EVERYONE down in the match.

Strategy - If you pick this timer up and you find everyone but you slowed, this
is good. You will be able to quickly and easily predict enemy attacks, you will
also be able to get charged attacks in easier because your opponent wont be
able to dodge.

If you get slowed down by the timer, jump up into the air and keep yourself
above the stage. Your fall speed is also slowed down so you can usually stall
the entire duration of the slow effect by staying in the air.


--------------------------<X>-E. Restorative Items-<X>-----------------{RST}---



Appearance - A great variety of foods and desserts.

Description - Each type of food that you eat will restore a different amount of
HP from 1-8%


<X>-Heart Container-<X>

Appearance - A crystal orange heart.

Description - The Heart container will appear in the air and drift to the
ground allowing to grab it in midair. Picking up a Heart Container will restore
100% damage.


<X>-Maxim Tomato-<X>

Appearance - A red tomato with a bold letter "M" in the center.

Description - The Maxim Tomato will restore 50% damage when eaten.



-----------------------------<X>-F. Containers-<X>---------------------{CON}---



Appearance - Either wooden, metal, or like a present.

Description - Picking up and throwing a barrel will cause it to roll across the
stage. The barrel will only break after hitting an opponent or hitting a wall.
Each barrel yields 3-4 items.

Strategy - Throw it at your opponent.



Appearance - A pink and white pill-shaped capsule.

Description - Breaking a capsule will reveal a random item. You can also throw
these capsules at your opponents to do damage. On some occasions, when broken
open, the capsule will explode.

Strategy - Avoid breaking this when it is nearby because of the chance of it
exploding. You can also use the explosions to your advantage by throwing the
capsule at your opponents.

If you don't want to let your opponent get the item inside, just jump into the
air and throw it straight down, this will leave you out of the explosion if
there happens to be one. You can also just take the risk and break it open
right in front of you...



Appearance - Comes as either wooden, metal, or as a present.

Description - Throwing or attack these crates will cause it to break open and
drop 3-4 random items.

Strategy - See Barrel.


<X>-Party Ball-<X>

Appearance - A moderate sized yellow ball.

Description - Breaking open a party ball will yield you with 4 random items.
On some occasions the party ball will drop 6-8 items of food or on even rarer
occasions, it will drop 5 bob-ombs.

Strategy - Try to be underneath the party ball before it opens so you have
first choice on the items that it yields. Be aware though, if it drops Bob-ombs
you want to get out of there as fast as you can.



-----------------------------<X>-G. Pokeballs-<X>----------------------{PKB}---

- Bellossom 
- Bonsly 
- Celebi 
- Chikorita 
- Deoxys 
- Electrode 
- Entei 
- Gardevoir 
- Goldeen 
- Groudon 
- Ho-Oh 
- Latios 
- Lugia 
- Jirachi
- Kyogre
- Manaphy 
- Meowth 
- Metagross 
- Mew 
- Munchlax 
- Piplup 
- Regigigas 
- Shaymin 
- Snorlax 
- Staryu 
- Suicune 
- Togepi 
- Torchic 
- Weavile
- Wobbuffet 


--------------------------<X>-E. Assist Trophies-<X>-------------------{AST}---

- Andross
- Barbara
- Devil
- Dr. Wright
- ExciteBike
- Gray Fox
- Hammer Bro.
- Helirin
- Isaac
- Jeff
- Jill Hozer
- Kat and Ana
- Knuckle Joe
- Little Mac
- Lyn
- Metroid
- Mr. Resetti
- Nintendog
- Ray
- Saki Amamiya
- Samurai Goroh
- Shadow the Hedgehog
- Stafy
- Tanks and Infantry
- Tingle
- Waluigi


------------------------------<X>-E. Other-<X>-------------------------{OTH}---


<X>-Blast Box-<X>

Appearance - A wooden crate with a warning logo on the front.

Description - Hitting one of these explosive boxes enough will cause it to
explode, sending anything nearby flying. Even at moderate percents this will
usually KO you.

Strategy - Throw this into your opponents attacks and hope they break it open.
It's usually safest to stay as far away as you can from these so you don't get
caught in the explosion.



Appearance - A blank CD disk.

Description - Picking up a CD will unlock a hidden song in the game. Be quick
when picking these up because they only last for a few seconds!



Appearance - An Air Ride machine with every colour from the spectrum.

Description - One of the more unique items in the game. In order to actually
USE this item, you must first collect three parts of it. The good thing is that
after the first part drops, the second and third are certain to appear after.
While holding each part, it's possible to have it knocked out of you by being
hit enough.

Now, after obtaining all three parts the Dragoon will be complete and will pick
you up. You will now get a crosshair on your screen, aim this crosshair at your
opponents and press A. If the Dragoon hits it is almost always a one hit KO, so
try and get more than one opponent at once.

Strategy - There isn't much strategy here except that you should really try to
keep your opponent from picking up pieces. Make sure that you are ready for the
next piece to drop so you can quickly pick it up. If your opponent happens to
get a piece, keep hitting them until it falls out of them. When you finally do
get all 3 pieces, make sure you hit your opponent with it because you only get
one shot.


<X>-Franklin Badge-<X>

Appearance - A small circular badge with a blue lightning bolt in the middle.
The word "MOTHER" is written across its front.

Description - Picking up the Franklin Badge will attatch it to your body. While
wearing the Franklin Badge, and projectile thrown at you will be reflected off.

Strategy - If you're wearing this, try to get yourself in the way of projectile
attacks so they'll be sent back at your opponents.



Appearance - A white sandbag with two beady eyes. How cute <3

Description - The Sandbad acts like a punching bad, but as you beat on it, it
will drop random items. Like players, the Sandbag as a damage meter and attacks
will do more knockback as the damage is increased, only in this case, the meter
is invisible, so you wont be able to tell what percent it's at. If no items
are turned on the Sandbag will only drop CDs and Stickers.

Strategy - When the Sandbag drops quickly beat on it and try to get the items
that it is holding.


<X>-Screw Attack-<X>

Appearance - A purple sphere with samus' "S" on the front.

Description - Like the Franklin Badge, you can also wear this item. While
wearing the screw attacks, your jumps will now cause you to rapidly spin,
damaging any opponents you touch.

Strategy - One great thing about the Screw Attack is that it lets you combo
opponents well. Jump at your opponents while they are in the air to do a decent
chunk of damage.


<X>-Smash Ball-<X>

Appearance - A rainbow coloured Smash Bros. symbol that floats around the

Description - When the Smash Ball appears, things get hectic. The screen will
turn darker and a Smash Ball will appear, if the Smash Ball is beaten on
enough, the player who scored the final blow will be able to use their Final
Smash. A Final Smash is a super powered attack unique to each character (Except
some, like the Landmaster...). 

Strategy - When this appears, stop everything you are doing and go break that
thing open. Final Smashes can make or break a game, so you never want to let
your opponents get this. When you do get this... Activate your final smash
by pressing your special attack button and have fun.



Appearance - A blue and yellow spring board.

Description -  Jumping on top of this springboard will bounce you up high! This
item can be thrown at opponents, and can even be thrown straight up to make
them bounce really high. Occasionally the Spring will land on its side and
anyone who comes in contact with it will be bounced to the side.

Strategy - The spring is usually best when it is on its side and near the edge
of a stage so that your opponents will get bounced off. Try to hit your
opponents into the spring to make sure they get hit by it. The spring can also
be repeatedly thrown, so use this to your advantage.


<X>-Soccer Ball-<X>

Appearance - A traditional black and white Soccer Ball (Football for you

Description - You cannot actually pick up the Soccer Ball, but a strong hit
will start it on fire and send it in the direction of the hit. If you are hit
by the Soccer Ball, you will be knocked back and damaged a great amount.

Strategy - The best way to use the soccer ball is to wait until your oppents
are close to you before you use it. When an opponent is close it is very hard
to miss.



Appearance - Looks like a small white piece of paper when falling.

Description - Picking up one of these will add a Sticker to your collection.
Stickers appear in normal brawls but they provide no benefit in a fight.


<X>-Team Healer-<X>

Appearance - A glowing blue ball with two golden rings around it.

Description - The Team Healer only appears in Team Brawls. This unique item,
when thrown at an ally, will heal them depending on the amount of damage that
they have taken. Be careful when throwing them though, because if it hits your
opponent they may end up being healed!

Strategy - Only strategy here is to make sure it hits your team member and not
your opponent.


<X>-Warp Star-<X>

Appearance - A golden yellow star, larger than the starman.

Description - Grabbing the Warp Star will send you flying into the air. After
a few seconds, you'll come crashing down creating an explosion. Anyone caught
in the blast will be sent flying and take alot of damage. You can control the
location where you land by holding left or right on the control stick.

Strategy - When you pick up the Warp Star, try to direct yourself into a large
bundle of players to maximise the effect.


~~~~IV. Frequently Asked Questions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{400}~~~

Q: Why didn't you provide details on each Pokeball?

A: The reason I did not provide details on each pokeball is because the
pokemon themselves are NOT items, they only appear from the item.

Q: Why didn't you provide details on each Assist Trophy?

A: I didn't provide details on each Assist Trophy for the same reason as above.
I will likely include descriptions of each Pokemon and each possible Assist
Trophy in a later revision.

Q: You missed the ________ item!

A: If I've missed an item, or provided inaccurate information please notify me.

Q: I love you.

A: I love you too.

~~~V. Conclusion~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{500}~~~

Well, this is the end of my Item FAQ. I hope it helped you with anything you
needed to know about the items in this game. I spent alot of time writing this
FAQ and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I'd love to hear feedback from you
readers out there, so feel free to send me an email.

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question, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]. I'll make sure
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~~~~VIII. Credits~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{800}~~~

Nintendo for creating this game/series.

lvl99link for helping me come up with some of the titles.

DJ Tiesto for providing me with the music that kept me from dying of boredom
while writing this FAQ.

Sakurai for creating such a great game.

If I missed someone on this list PLEASE notify me.