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Stickers FAQ

by Seibei4211


                               *               *
                               *  Sticker FAQ  *
                               *               *

                         Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii
                         Version 1.12 - June 15, 2008
                                 By Seibei4211


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Using This FAQ
3. Version History
4. Sticker List                                                        [STCKLS]
   4.01. By Name                                                       [STNAME]
   4.02. By Effect                                                     [STEFCT]
      4.02.01. Effects List                                            [EFSLST]
      4.02.02. Effects Sticker List                                    [EFSTLS]
   4.03. Challenge Stickers                                            [CHLNGE]
5. Frequently Asked Questions                                          [FRQASK]
6. Contact                                                             [CNTACT]
7. Credits                                                             [CRDITS]
8. Legal Stuff                                                         [LGLSTF]


1. Introduction


Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ. Since it's my first FAQ, I would really
appreciate any feedback about it. If you find an error or typo, I encourage
you to send me an email. I want this FAQ to be as good as I can make it.
I decided to make two lists with all of the stickers. One list can be used
as a checklist or for reference if you're just curious as to who has a sticker
or if you want to see all the stickers of a particular series. The other list
is for various reasons concerning the effects of stickers for the SSE. Maybe
you wanna see the strongest sticker for each effect or which stickers for an
effect you're missing. These lists cover a good amount of reasons. In addition
to these two sticker lists, I also included a list of all of the effects of the
stickers and a brief explanation for each. Some can be confusing, so I think a
lot of people might find that to be useful. As a side note, I did not take
these lists from any source other than my copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Any
other sources used in any of the sections other than the lists are credited.


2. Using This FAQ


To jump to a specific section of the FAQ, just pull up the Search function
with Ctrl+F type in, and search once or twice for the bracketed letters next to
the section you want. If you're looking for a specific sticker, you should be 
able to search for that if it's spelled how it is in the game. If you're
searching for a particular series, you might want to use generic terms for it
like "Zelda" instead of "Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker" or "Zelda: Wind Waker."
Since the names are straight from the game, the name spaces are limited and
thus abbreviated every now and then so they can fit in the provided space.
Zelda: Wind Waker becomes Zelda: WW often and many other games do this. And as
you can see from a quick scroll through the list, the stickers are divided by
letter. Oh, and the reason I didn't put quick-jump codes for the first three
sections is because they're easy enough to scroll to, right?


3. Version History


Version 1.00 (April 06, 2008): Name and Effect sticker lists finished and all
stickers have been cataloged. Challenge stickers have also been listed and
given a couple of strategies. All effects have been listed and given

Version 1.01 (April 07, 2008): Stumbled upon a handful of typos. It was bound
to happen. If you find any typos that I missed, don't be shy about pointing it
out. Also, Neoseeker contacted me about adding the FAQ, so I added them to the
list of sites allowed to host this FAQ. That's it.

Version 1.02 (April 08, 2008): Yet another minor update. Super Cheats contacted
me about adding this FAQ to their site, so they've been added to the allowed
sites list. Also, a not so minor, but not quite major update. I added three new
questions to the FAQ that I was asked in an email. The answers aren't
definitive, but I thought they were worth adding to the FAQ anyway. If my
answers are horribly noobish, you can always send me an email and set me
straight with the correct answers.

Version 1.10 (April 09, 2008): I can't call this a minor update, so the
version's jumped from .02 to .10. So here's what's changed... If you've seen
the FAQ prior to this update, you'll probably notice that the headers have
been improved. The Credits and Legal Stuff sections have been split and are
their own sections now. The little copyright thing at the top of the FAQ has
been moved down there with the Legal Stuff, as well as GameFAQ's copyright
statement. Oh, and I flipped the Version History list. Now it goes from oldest
to newest from top to bottom like it very well should.

Version 1.11 (April 14, 2008): A couple of FAQ questions have been edited to
reflect the confirmations of today's Smash Bros. DOJO update. In addition to
that, I added one more question that was answered in the update that I didn't
have in the list.

Version 1.12 (June 15, 2008): Fixed a few typos in the Alphabetical list
thanks to KnightmareSin and helek_aphel's observations. Also added updates to
a couple of FAQ questions.


4. Sticker List                                                        [STCKLS]

Here it is. The Sticker List section. Here I will list every sticker in two
ways, with the challenge stickers in their own list for easy finding. 
The first list is the alphabetical order of every sticker in the game 
according to the Sticker Album in the Vault. The second way is for those
wanting to know which stickers have what effect and who can use them.  Every
sticker's name and game is listed exactly as it is in the game.


4.01. By Name                                                          [STNAME]


(To skip to a particular letter, type [*-LIST] in the search box and replace
the * with the letter you want to skip to.)

18-Volt (WarioWare: Touched!)
1-Up Mushroom (New SMB)
9-Volt (WarioWare: MPG)
9-Volt (WarioWare: Touched!)

Acro (Kirby 64)
Aijou Boom no Ya (Sennen Kazoku)
Akari Hayami (1080 Avalanche)
Akari Hayami (Wave Race BS)
Akuma (Sennen Kazoku)
Amy Rose (Sonic CD)
Ana (Mother)
Ana (WarioWare: Touched!)
Andrew (Star Fox: Assault)
Andy (Advance Wars)
Annie (Custom Robo V2)
Arwing (Star Fox 64)
Aryll (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Ashley (Trace Memory)
Ashley (WarioWare: Touched!)
Ashley Viewing DTS (Trace Memory)
Ashnard (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)

Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island)
Balloon Fight Enemy
Balloon Fighter
Ballyhoo & Big Top (Mario Party 8)
Banana (Mario Kart DS)
Banana Bunch (DK: Barrel Blast)
Banana Coin (DK64)
Barkle (Tingle's Rupeeland)
Barrel Train (Mario Kart: DD!!)
Bellossom (Pokemon series)
Big Boss (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Big Switch (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror)
Big The Cat (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut)
Black Shadow (F-Zero GX)
Blargg (Yoshi's Story)
Blathers (Animal Crossing: WW)
Blaze The Cat (Sonic Rush)
Blipper (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Blood Falcon (F-Zero GX)
Blue Falcon (G-Zero GX)
Blue Pellet (Pikmin 2)
Blue Pikmin (Pikmin)
Blue Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Bone Dragon (Yoshi's Story)
Boney (Mother 3)
Bonkers (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Bonsly (Pokemon series)
Boo (Mario Tennis)
Booker (Animal Crossing: WW)
Boomerang (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Boulder (Excite Truck)
Boundish (Digiluxe)
Bow (Paper Mario)
Bowser (DDR: Mario Mix)
Bowser (Mario Kart 64)
Bowser (Mario Power Tennis)
Bowser (Super Paper Mario)
Bowser Coin (Mario Party 6)
Bowser Jr. (Mario Superstar Baseball)
Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Sunshine)
Box Boxer (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Boxy (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Boy (Animal Crossing: WW)
Boy (Magical Starsign)
Boy (Magical Vacation)
Brewster (Animal Crossing: WW)
Brier (Yoshi Touch & Go)
Brighton (Mario Party 6)
Bronto Burt (Kirby 64)
Bubble Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island)
Bulborb (Pikmin 2)
Bullet Bill (New Super Mario Bros.)
Bullet Blaster (Mario Kart: DD!!)
Bullfrog (Star Fox Command)
Burt the Bashful (Yoshi's Island)

Cackletta (Mario & Luigi: SS)
Candy (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Capsule (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Capt. Falcon (F-Zero GX)
Capt. Falcon (F-Zero X)
Capt. Falcon (F-Zero)
Captain (Trace Memory)
Car Yoshi (Yoshi's Island)
Celebi (Pokemon series)
Celeste (Animal Crossing: WW)
Cell Phone (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror)
Chain Chomp (Mario Party 8)
Chao (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut)
Chaos (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut)
Charizard (Pokemon series)
Charmy Bee (Knuckles' Chaotix)
Cheep Cheep (New Super Mario Bros.)
Chef (Game & Watch)
Chef (Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi)
Chef Kawasaki (Kirby Super Star)
Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo)
Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol)
Chihuahua (Nintendogs)
Chikorita (Pokemon series)
Chonmagyo (Densetsu no Stafy 2)
Chozo Statue (Metroid II)
Chromatron (Digiluxe)
Chunky Kong (DK64)
Classic Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog JP Ver.)
Classic Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog US Ver.)
Claus (Mother 3)
Coinc (New Super Mario Bros.)
Colin (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Colonel (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)
Commander Kahn (Elite Beat Agents)
Cook Kirby (Kirby Super Star)
Copper (Animal Crossing: WW)
Cornimer (Animal Crossing: WW)
Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)
Cranky Kong (Donkey Konga 3 JP)
Crazee Dayzee (Yoshi's Island DS)
Crazy Redd (Animal Crossing: WW)
Cream The Rabbit & Cheese (Sonic Adventure 2)
Crimson Candypop Bud (Pikmin 2)
Cupid Kirby (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror)
Cupit (Sennen Kazoku)

Daisy (Super Mario Strikers)
Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (Zelda: WW)
Dark Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)
Dark Suit Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)
Darknut (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Daroach (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Dash (Star Fox Command)
Deke (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade)
Deku Baba (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Deku Link (Zelda: Majora's Mask)
Deku Nut (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Deoxys (Pokemon series)
Derek (Elite Beat Agents)
Devil Car (Mother)
Dice Block (Mario Party 8)
Diddy Kong (DK64)
Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
Diddy Kong (Mario Hoops 3-on-3)
Diddy Kong (Mario Superstar Baseball)
Digidrive (Digiluxe)
Dixie Kong (Donkey Konga 2)
DK (Mario Superstar Baseball)
DK Barrel (Donkey Kong Country)
Dk with Barrel (Mario vs. DK 2: MotM)
Don Bongo (Yoshi's Story)
Donbe (Shin Onigashima)
Donkey Kong (DK Jungle Beat)
Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Counry)
Donkey Kong (Mario Kart DS)
Donkey Kong Jr. (Mario Tenns)
Dr. Crygor (WarioWare: Touched!)
Dr. Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy)
Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy: WD)
Dr. Mario (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Dr. Shrunk (Animal Crossing: WW)
Dr. Stewart (F-Zero GX)
Dribble (WarioWare: MPG)
Dry Bones (Mario Party 7)
Duck (Duck Hunt)
Dunning Smith (Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
Duster (Mother 3)
Dyna Blade (Kirby Super Star)
Dzuke-chan (English Training)

E-102 Gamma (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut)
E-123 Omega (sonic Heroes)
Egg (Game & Watch)
Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus)
Eight Yoshis (SMA 3: Yoshi's Island)
Eirika (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)
Eldstar (Mario Party 5)
Electrode (Pokemon series)
Eliwood (Fire Emblem)
Emerl (Sonic Battle)
Energy Tank (Metroid)
Enguarde (Donkey Kong Country)
Entei (Pokemon series)
Ephraim (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)
Epona & Link (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Erazor Djinn (Sonic & the Secret Rings)
Espio The Chameleon (Knuckles' Chaotix)
Eva (MGS3: Snake Eater)
Ezlo (Zelda: Minish Cap)

Fairy (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Falco (Star Fox 64)
Falco (Star Fox Adventures)
Falco (Star Fox Command)
Falco (Star Fox: Assault)
Fat Hockey Player (Ice Hockey)
Federation Trooper (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)
Female Pianta (Super Mario Sunshine)
Fierce Deity Link (Zelda: MM)
Fire (Game & Watch)
Fire Flower (New Super Mario Bros.)
Fire Stingray (F-Zero GX)
Firefly (Excite Truck)
Flag Man (Game & Watch)
Flint (Mother 3)
Flower Fairy Lip (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Flower Icon (Paper Mario: TTYD)
Fly Guy (Mario Power Tennis)
Fox (Star Fox 64)
Fox (Star Fox Adventures)
Fox (Star Fox Command)
Fox (Star Fox)
Fox (Star Fox: Assault)
Free Ranger (Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol)
F-Type (Wild Trax)
Funky Kong (Donkey Konga 3 JP)

Gale Hawg (DK Jungle Beat)
Ganondorf (Zelda; Ocarina of Time)
Ganondorf (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Gardevoir (Pokemon series)
General Guy (Paper Mario)
General Pepper (Star Fox: Assault)
Girl (Animal Crossing: WW)
Girl (magical Vacation)
Gleeok (The Legend of Zelda)
Goldeen (Pokemon series)
Golden Fox (F-Zero GX)
Gomar & Shioh (F-Zero GX)
Goombella (Paper Mario: TTYD)
Goonie (Yoshi's Island DS)
Gordo (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Goron (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Gracie (Animal Crossing: WW)
Gravity Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission)
Gray Fox (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Green Rupee (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Greil (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)
Groudon (Pokemon series)
Grutch (Drill Dozer)
Gulliver (Animal Crossing: WW)
Gulpin (Pokemon series)
Gunship (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)
Guy (Fire Emblem)

Hajime Tanaka (Ouendan 2)
Hammer Bro (New Super Mario Bros.)
Hanenbow (Electroplankton)
Happy Mask Salesman (Zelda: MM)
Harriet (Animal Crossing: WW)
Hawke (Advance Wars: DS)
Hayato Saionji (Ouendan 2)
Hector (Fire Emblem)
Helibokaan (Kururin Squash!)
Hero's Bow (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Hinawa (Mother 3)
Hiroshi (Trade & Battle: Card Hero)
HM Mech Rosa (Chosoju Mecha MG)
Hoofer (DK Jungle Beat)
Ho-Oh (Pokemon series)
Hookshot (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Hooktail (Paper Mario: TTYD)
Horse Call (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Hot Head (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
HP Pot (Magical Starsign)
Hylian Shield (Zelda: Minish Cap)
Hylian Shield (Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Ike (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)
Ike (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
Instructor (Pilotwings)
Iron Tiger (F-Zero GX)
Item Box (Mario Kart: DD!!)
Ivysaur (Pokemon series)

J (Elite Beat Agents)
Jake (Advance Wars: DS)
Jeff (EarthBound)
Jessica (Trace Memory)
Jet The Hawk (Sonic Rides)
Jewel Fairy Ruby (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon series)
Jill & Drill Dozer (Drill Dozer)
Jill (Drill Dozer)
Jimmy T. (WarioWare: MPG)
Jirachi (Pokemon series)
Joan (Animal Crossing: WW)
Joshua (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)
Judge (Game & Watch)
Junior (Donkey Kong Jr.)

K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing: WW)
Kafei & Keaten Mask (Zelda: MM)
Kai Doumeki (Ouendan 2)
Kalypso (DK: Barrel Blast)
Kamek (Yoshi Touch & Go)
Kamek (Yoshi's Island)
Kamisama (Sennen Kazoku)
Kammy Koopa (Paper Mario)
Kanden (Metroid Prime Hunters)
Kapp'n (Animal Crossing: WW)
Karate Kong (DK Jungle Beat)
Kat (WarioWare: Touched!)
Katrina (Animal Crossing: WW)
King Bulblin & Lord Bullbo (Zelda: TP)
King Dedede & Kirby (Kirby 64)
King Dedede (Kirby Super Star
King Dedede (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
King Dodongo (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
King K. Rool (DK64)
King of Red Lions & Link (Zelda: WW)
King Zora (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Kirby (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror)
Kirby (Kirby 64)
Kirby (Kirby Air Ride)
Kirsh (Magical Vacation)
Klaptrap (Donkey Kong Country)
Knuckles The Echidna (Sonic The Hedgehog 3)
Koopa (Super Mario Strikers)
Kooper (Paper Mario)
Kraid (Metroid: Zero Mission)
Kritter (DK: King of Swing)
Kritter (Mario Strikers Charged)
Krystal (Star Fox Adventures)
Krystal (Star Fox Command)
Krystal (Star Fox: Assault)
Kumatora (Mother 3)
Kururin (Kururin Paradise)
Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
Kyogre (Pokemon series)
Kyorosuke (Densetsu no Stafy 4)

Lakitu (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)
Lakitu (New Super Mario Bros.)
Lanky Kong (DK64)
Lantern (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Latias & Latios (Pokemon series)
Legend of Outset (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Leon (Star Fox Command)
Leon (Star Fox: Assault)
Lightning (Mario Kart DS)
Lilina (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade)
Linebeck (Zelda: Phantom Hourglass)
Link & Pigs (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Link (Zelda: Link to the Past)
Link (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Link (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Link with Goron Mask (Zelda: MM)
Link's Grandma (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Lion (Game & Watch)
Liquid Snake (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Little Saucer (Mother)
Lloyd (Mother)
Lon Lon Milk (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Louie (Pikmin 2)
Lucario (Pokemon series)
Lucas (Mother 3)
Ludwig von Koopa (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Lugia (Pokemon series)
Luigi & Baby Luigi (Mario & Luigi: PiT)
Luigi (Luigi's Mansion)
Luigi (Mario & Luigi: SS)
Luigi (Super Paper Mario)
Luminoth (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)
Lyle (Animal Crossing: WW)
Lyn (Fire Emblem)

Mabel (Animal Crossing: WW)
Mace Guy (Yoshi Topsy-Turvy)
Mach Rider
Mad Truck (Mother)
Magkid (Slide Adventure MAGKID)
Makar (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Male Pianta (Super Mario Sunshine)
Malo (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Manaphy (Pokemon series)
Manhole (Game & Watch)
Manky Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
Mario & Luigi (Mario & Luigi: SS)
Mario & Yoshi (Super Mario Sunshine)
Mario (Mario Kart DS)
Mario (Mario Superstar Baseball)
Mario (Super Paper Mario)
Marth (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo)
Master (Trade & Battle: Card Hero)
Master Belch (EartBound)
Master Miller (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Materu (Densetsu no Stafy 4)
Max (Advance Wars)
Maxim Tomato (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Medli (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Mega Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros.)
Mega Rush Badge (Paper Mario: TTYD)
Mei Ling (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Meowth (Pokemon series)
Meryl Silverburgh (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Meta Knight (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Meta Knight Ball (Kirby Canvas Curse)
Metagross (Pokemon series)
Metal Gear RAY (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)
Metal Gear REX (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Metal Sonic (Sonic CD)
Metroid (Metroid Pinball)
Metroid (Metroid: Zero Mission)
Mew (Pokemon series)
Micaiah (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
Midna & Wolf Link (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Midna (Zelda Twilight Princess)
Midori Mushi (Slide Adventure MAGKID)
Mila (Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
Millennium Star (Mario Party 3)
Mini Mario (Mario vs. DK 2: MotM)
Miniature Dachshund (Nintendogs)
Misstar (Mario Party 5)
Mist (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)
Moblin (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Mokka (Magical Starsign)
Moltres (Pokemon series)
Mona (WarioWare: Touched!)
Monster (FGPII: 3D Hot Rally)
Mona & Moped (WarioWare: MMG)
Moon Fairy Seren (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Morph Ball (Metroid Pinball)
Morris (Elite Beat Agents)
Mother Brain (Metroid: Zero Mission)
Mouser (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Mr. EAD (F-Zero GX)
Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing: WW)
Mr. Saturn (EarthBound)
Mr. Saturn (Mother 3)
Munchlax (Pokemon series)
Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros.)
Musketeer Daltania (Chosoju Mecha MG)
Muskular (Mario Party 5)
Myrrh (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)

Nabaaru (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo)
Naked Snake (MGS3: Snake Eater)
Nana (Ice Climber)
Nanocarp (Electroplankton)
Naomi Hunter (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Needle Kirby (Kirby 64)
Ness (EarthBound)
New Age Retro Hippie (Mother)
Ningyou Kouchuu Viigaru (Chosoju Mecha MG)
Ninian (Fire Emblem)
Ninten (Mother)
Noki (Super Mario Sunshine)
Nruff (Kirby 64)

Ocarina of Time
O'Chunks (Super Paper Mario)
Octoman (F-Zero GX)
Octopus (Game & Watch)
Octorok (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Olimar & Louie's Ship (Pikmin 2)
Olimar's Daughter (Pikmin 2)
Onion (Pikmin 2)
Ooccoo (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Orbiter (Digiluxe)
Orbulon (WarioWare: MPG)
Otacon (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)

Pak E. Derm (Yoshi's Story)
Panel (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Panther (Star Fox Command)
Panther 9Star Fox: Assault)
Pap (Chibi-Robo)
Parachute (Game & Watch)
Paratroopa (Super Paper Mario)
Party Monkey (DK Jungle Beat)
Pascal (Animal Crossing: WW)
Paula (EarthBound)
Pauline & Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)
Peach & Daisy (Mario Party 7)
Peach (Mario Strikers Charged)
Peach (Mario Superstar Baseball)
Peach (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Peach (super Princess Peach)
Pelly (Animal Crossing: WW)
Penny (Wario Ware: Smooth Moves)
Peppy (Star Fox 64)
Peppy (Star Fox: Assault)
Perara (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Perry (Super Princess Peach)
Pete (Animal Crossing: WW)
Petey Piranha (Mario Golf: TT)
Petey Piranha (Mario Strikers Charged)
Phantom Ganon (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Phyllis (Animal Crossing: WW)
Piece of Heart (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Pigma (Star Fox: Assault)
Pigmask (Mother 3)
Pikachu (Pokemon series)
Pinkle (Tingle's Pupeeland)
Piplup (Pokemon series)
Pit (Kid Icarus)
Pit (Kid Icarus: OM&M)
Plum (Mario Golf)
Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon series)
Poo (EarthBound)
Porky (EarthBound)
Postman (Zelda: Majora's Mask)
Postman (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Power Jump Badge (Paper Mario)
Prince Peasley (Mario & Luigi: SS)
Propeller Shy Guy (Yoshi's Story)
Purple Pikmin (Pikmin 2)
Putty (Magical Starsign)

R.O.B. (Mario Kart DS US)
Raccoon Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Rachel (Advance Wars: DS)
Rad (Excite Truck)
Raiden (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)
Rakensen (Custom Robo: BR)
Rambi (Donkey Kong Country)
Raphael the Raven (Yoshi's Story)
Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario: TTYD)
Ray (Custom Robo)
Ray 01 (Custom Robo: BR)
Ray MKIII (Custom Robo Arena)
Rayquaza (Pokemon series)
Reaper & Reapette (Kid Icarus)
Reclining Red Pikmin (Pikmin 2)
Red Fire (Mario Kart: DD!!)
Red Gazelle F-Zero GX)
Red Pellet Flower (Pikmin 2)
Red Pikmin (Pikmin)
Red Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
ReDead (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Revolver Ocelot (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)
Ricky Winterborn (1080 Avalanche)
Ridley (Metroid)
Ridley (Metroid: Zero Mission)
ROB (Star Fox Adventures)
ROB 64 (Star Fox: Assault)
Rob Haywood (Wave Race BS)
Robo Cube (Custom Robo: BR)
Robot & Blocks (Stack-Up)
Robot (Mario Kart DS JP)
Rosie (Animal Crossing: WW)
Rotohex (Digiluxe)
Rouge The Bat (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle)
Rover (Animal Crossing: WW)
Roy (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade)
Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo)
Running Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: ZM)
Rusl (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Rutoga (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade)
Ryota Hayami (Wave Race BS)
Ryuta Ippongi (Ouendan 2)

Sable (Animal Crossing: WW)
Sabure Prince (Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru)
Saharah (Animal Crossing: WW)
Salsa (Mother 3)
Salvatore (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Sami (Advance Wars)
Samurai Goroh (F-Zero X)
Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)
Samus (Metroid Fusion)
Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)
Samus (Metroid)
Sayaka Amemiya (Ouendan 2)
Seal Head (Custom Robo: BR)
Seichu-kun (Densetsu no Stafy 3)
Shadow Beast (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Shadow Mario (Super Mario Sunshine)
Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle)
Shagohod (MGS3: Snake Eater)
Shahra (Sonic & the Secret Rings)
Sheik (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Shiba Inu (Nintendogs)
Shiida (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo)
Shine Sprite (Super Mario Sunshine)
Shroob (Mario & Luigi: PiT)
Shy Guy (Yoshi's Story)
Sidestepper (Mario Bros.)
Silver The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Skull Kid (Zelda: Majora's Mask)
Skull Kid (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Skulltula (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Slippy (Star Fox 64)
Slippy (Star Fox: Assault)
Snifit (Mario Party 3)
Snorlax (Pokemon series)
Snowman (1080 Avalance)
Solid Snake (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Solid Snake (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)
Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Sothe (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
Space Pirate (Super Metroid)
Sparrow (Magical Starsign)
Special Token (Metroid Pinball)
Spinner (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Spiny (New Super Mario Bros.)
Spiny Shell (Mario Kart: DD!!)
Spitz (WarioWare: MPG)
Squeaker (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Squirtle (Pokemon series)
Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy 2)
Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy)
Sapy (Densetsu no Stafy 3)
Starman (EarthBound)
Starman (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Starman (New Super Mario Bros.)
Starship (Metroid Fusion)
Starship (Metroid Prime Hunters)
Staryu (Pokemon series)
Stork (Yoshi's Island DS)
Stork Stop (Yoshi's Island DS)
Storm The Albatross (Sonic Riders)
Stuffwell (Mario & Luigi: PiT)
Suicune (Pokemon series)
Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight)
Super Baby (Yoshi's Island DS)
Super Mario Bros.
Super Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
Sylux (Metroid Prime Hunters)

Takamaru (Nazo no Murasamejo)
Tamagon (Devil World)
Tameo (Trade & Battle: Card Hero)
Tap-Tap (Yoshi Touch & Go)
Teddy (Mother)
Telly (Chibi-Robo)
Tetra (Zelda: Wind Waker)
The Black Knight (Fire Emblem: PoR)
The Boss (MGS3: Snake Eater)
The Great Fairy (Zelda: Wind Waker)
The President (Pikmin 2)
Tikal (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut)
Tingle (Tingle's Rupeeland)
Tingle (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Tiny Kong (DK64)
Tiny Wario (Virtual Boy Wario Land)
Tippi (Super Paper Mario)
Toad & Toadette (Mario Party 7)
Toad (Mario Party 6)
Toad (Mario Party 7)
Toadette (Mario Party 6)
Toadsworth (Mario & Luigi: PiT)
Toadsworth (Super Mario Sunshine)
Togepit (Pokemon series)
Tom Nook (Animal Crossing: WW)
Torchic (Pokemon series)
Tortimer (Animal Crossing: WW)
Tractor Trailer (Wild Trax)
Training Academy Coach (X)
Treasure Chest (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Triple Red Shells (Mario Kart: DD!!)
Turbo Birdo (Mario Kart: DD!!)
Twila (Mario Party 6)

Valoo (Zelda: Wind Waker)
Vector The Crocodile (Knuckles' Chaotix)
Vermin (Game & Watch)
Vivian (Paper Mario: TTYD)
Volvoice (Electroplankton)

Waddle Dee (Kirby 64)
Waddle Dee Ball (Kirby Canvas Curse)
Waluigi (Mario Superstar Baseball)
Waluigi (Super Mario Strikers)
Wario & Bike (WarioWare: MMG)
Wario (Super Mario 64 DS)
Wario (Super Mario Strikers)
Wario (WarioWare: Smooth Moves)
Wario Car (Mario Kart: DD!!)
Wario World Symbol (Wario World)
Wario-Man (WarioWare: Touched!)
Warrior Ing (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)
Warrior Mech Gauss (Chosoju Mecha MG)
Water Fairy Elias (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Wave Race Blue Storm
Wave The Swallow (Sonic Riders)
Weavel (Metroid Prime Hunters)
Weavile (Pokemon series)
Weish Corgi (Nintendogs)
Wendell (Animal Crossing: WW)
Whispy Woods (Kirby Super Star)
White Cat (F-Zero GX)
White Pikmin (Pikmin 2)
Wiggler (Mario Power Tennis)
Wild Goose (F-Zero GX)
Wild Gunman
Wobbuffet (Pokemon series)
Wolf (Excite Truck)
Wolf (Star Fox Command)
Wolf (Star Fox: Assault)
Wolfen (Star Fox 64)
Wolfen (Star Fox: Assault)
Wrinkly Kong (DK: King of Swing)
Xananab (DK Jungle Climber)

Yadokarita (Densetsu no Stafy)
Yakuman Player (Yakuman)
Yellow Pellet (Pikmin 2)
Yellow Pikmin (Pikmin)
Yellow Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Yoshi (Mario Party 2)
Yoshi (Paper Mario: TTYD)
Yoshi (Yoshi Touch & Go)
Yoshi Ship (Yoshi Topsy-Turvy)
Yoshi's Egg (Yoshi Touch & Go)
Young Cricket (WarioWare: Smooth Moves)
Young Zelda (Zelda: Minish Cap)
Young Zelda (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Zant (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Zebes Inhabitant (Metroid Fusion)
Zelda (Zelda: Link to the Past)
Zelda (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission)
Zinger (DK: King of Swing)
Zora (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Zora Link (Zelda: Majora's Mask)

4.02. By Effect                                                        [STEFCT]

First thing's first... The setup of the entire list is like this:

[Effect] Attack (If there are characters here, they're the only ones who can
use the stickers in that section.)

(Name of sticker) (+##) - (If only specific characters can use the sticker,
they are listed here.)

There are a few exceptions to the list for special stickers like Dizzy Time,
in which case, it uses a negative sign instead of a plus sign and it doesn't
have Attack after the Effect name. Also for effects like [Battering]
Resistance, Attack is replaced with Resistance.

Note: There are stickers with the same name, but since they have different
effects and are in different lists, they still don't have the game name next to
them to set them apart. If you don't have the sticker and want to get it, it
wouldn't make a difference once you got the sticker. You would see that it's
the wrong sticker from the effect on the sticker you got. Knowing exactly which
sticker you need won't help you get that sticker any faster. Anyway, if you see
an "error" in this list, make sure it's not a same name sticker and that it's
really an error before you send me an email about it or something.


4.02.01 Effects List                                                   [EFSLST]


So just to make things easier on you, here is a list of all the effects and
what each effect affects. Searching for one of these terms should jump you to
that section of the sticker list below this list.

[Arm] Attack - For arm-based attacks
[Leg] Attack - For leg-based attacks
[Weapon] Attack - For weapon-based attacks, such as swords
[Head] Attack - For head-based attacks, such as Ness' Uair
[Body], [Spin] Attack - For body or spin-based attacks, such as Bowser's up
smash or Luigi's down special respectively.
[Throwing] Attack - For throws (The Z-grabbing kind)
[Tail] Attack - For tail-based attacks like Diddy's standard A combo
[Arm], [Leg] Attack For arm or leg based attacks
[Magic] Attack - For Peach and Zelda's magic based attacks, such as Peach's
side special or Zelda's smashes
[PK] Attack - For Ness and Lucas' PK-based attacks; mainly their specials
[Bite] Attack - For biting attacks, such as Wario's standard special
[Energy] Attack - For energy-based attacks, such as Fox's blaster or Samus'
standard special
[Explosive] Attack - For explosive attacks, such as Snake's side special
[Slash] Attack - For slash-based attacks, such as Marth's attacks
[Electric] Attack - For electric-based attacks, such as Pikachu's
[Flame] Attack - For flame-based attacks such as Fox's up special
[Aura] Attack - For Lucario's aura-based attacks
[Freezing] Attack - For freezing-based attacks, such as Ice Climbers' standard
[Water] Attack - For Squirtle's water-based attacks
[Pikmin] Attack - For Olimar's Pikmin-based attacks
[Grass] Attack - For Ivysaur's grass-based attacks
[Darkness] Attack - For Ganondorf's darkness-based attacks
[Specials: Direct] Attack - For specials that make physical contact, such as
Luigi's down special
[Specials: Indirect] Attack - For specials that are ranged, like Samus' side
[Battering] Resistance - Resistance to attacks from physical contact, such as
punches or kicks
[Slash] Resistance - Resistance to sword-based attacks, such as the Beam
Primid's swords
[Flame] Resistance - Resistance to flame-based attacks, such as the Glire's
[Electric] Resistance - Resistance to electric-based attacks, such as the
Launch Power - Increases your ability to launch enemies
Launch Resistance - Increases your resistance to being launch
Flinch Resistance - Helps keep the character from flinching from attacks
Trophy Drops - Increases the drop rate of trophies
Sticker Drops - Increases the drop rate of stickers
Trophy Stand Drops - Increases the drop rate of Trophy Stands
Shield Resistance - Increases your shield's resistance to attacks
Dizzy Time - Decreases your dizzy time
Shield Recovery - Decreases the time it takes for your shield to recover its
size after shrinking
Food Effect - Increases the effect of food
Maxim Tomato Effect - Increases the effect of Maxim Tomatoes
Heart Container Effect - Increases the effect of Heart Containers
Swim Time - Increases the time that you can swim
Carry - Every time you start a section or go through a door, you start off
holding the item specified in the sticker


4.02.02. Effects Sticker List                                          [EFSTLS]


[Arm] Attack

Wario (+30) - Wario
Legend of Outset (+26) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Ridley (+25)
Bowser (+23) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Donkey Kong (+22) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Goron (+21)
Classic Sonic (+21) - Sonic
Mouser (+20)
Wave The Swallow (+19) - Sonic
Pauline & Donkey Kong (18) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Samurai Goroh (+18) - Captain Falcon
Commander Kahn (+18)
Judge (+16)
Donkey Kong Jr. (+14) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Rambi (+13)
Tingle (+12)
Jake (+11)
Hajime Tanaka (+11)
Boy (+11)
Instructor (+10)
Pascal (+10)
Kooper (+10)
Mankey Kong (+10)
Fire (+9)
Bowser Coin (+8)
Aijou Boom no Ya (+8)
Parachute (+8)
Max (+8)
Dice Block (+8)
Pigma (+7)
Skulltula (+7)
Emerl (+6)
Special Token (+6)
Zebes Inhabitant (+5)
Midori Mushi (+5)
Waddle Dee Ball (+5)
Rawk Hawk (+5)
Ocarina of Time (+4)
18-Volt (+4)
Tiny Kong (+4)

[Leg] Attack

Excitebike (+31)
King Dedede (+28) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Diddy Kong (+28) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Peach & Daisy (+27) - Peach, Zelda/Sheik
Midna & Wolf Link (+26) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Mario (+22) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Octopus (+22)
Skull Kid (+20)
Barrel Train (+19)
King Bulblin & Lord Bullbo (+19)
Jet The Hawk (+17)
J (+16)
Amy Rose (+14) - Sonic
Funky Kong (+13) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Lakitu (+13)
Diddy Kong (+12)
Noki (+12)
Postman (+11)
Happy Mask Salesman (+9)
Medli (+9)
Zero Suit Samus (+9) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Sidestepper (+8)
Kapp'n (+8)
Rosie (+8)
Shahra (+7) - Peach, Zelda/Sheik
Arwing (+6) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Dunning Smith (+6)
Naomi Hunter (+5) - Peach, Zelda/Sheik
Lilina (+5) - Marth, Ike
Mila (+5)
Daisy (+5)
Red Gazelle (+5)
Power Jump Badge (+5)
Octorok (+4) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
1-Up Mushroom (+4) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Shu Guy (+4)
Banana Coin (+4)
Duster (+4)
Goldeen (+4)
Bonsly (+3)

[Weapon] Attack

Pit (+26) - Pit
Running Zero Suit Samus (+25) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Peach (+23) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Ike (+23) - Marth, Ike
Mace Guy (+22)
Micaiah (+21) - Marth, Ike
Marth (+19) - Marth, Ike
Ray MKIII (+18)
Kai Doumeki (+17)
Bonkers (+16) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Turbo Birdo (+15)
Vermin (+15) - Mr. Game & Watch
Helibokaan (+13)
Bowser (+13) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Warrior Mech Gauss (+12)
Takamaru (+11)
Lyle (+11)
Gravity Suit Samus (+11) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Falco (+11)
Sayaka Amemiya (+10)
Slippy (+10)
Starship (+9) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Yadokarita (+8)
Zant (+7) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Peppy (+7)
Meryl Silverburgh (+7) - Snake
Hammer Bro (+6)
Wolf (+6)
Plum (+5)
Chonmagyo (+5)
ReDead (+5)
Morph Ball (+5)
Whispy Woods (+4)
Captain (+4)
Egg (+4)
Balloon Fighter (+4) - Pit
Hookshot (+4)
Boomerang (+4)
Chibi-Robo (+3)
Running Chibi-Robo (+3)

[Head] Attack

Kraid (+33)
Waddle Dee (+32)
Needle Kirby (+29)
DK (+27)
Firefly (+20)
Ezlo (+19)
Blood Falcon (+18)
Dr. Mario (+18) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Toad & Toadette (+16) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Goonie (+16)
Derek (+13)
Gale Hawg (+13)
Wobbuffet (+12)
Ballyhoo & Big Top (+10)
Stafy (+10)
Wild Goose (+9)
Octoman (+8)
Training Academy Coach (+7)
Celeste (+6)
Party Monkey (+6)
Ningyou Kouchuu Viigaru (+5)
Fly Guy (+5)
9-Volt (+5)
Telly (+4)
Kururin (+4)

[Body], [Spin] Attack

Mr. Resetti (+33)
Boulder (+32)
Sonic The Hedgehog (+32) - Sonic
Jigglypuff (+31) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Tap-Tap (+24)
Kirby (+22)
Stork (+21)
Wario & Bike (+21) - Wario
Sheik (+17) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Metal Gear RAY (+16)
Enguarde (+15) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Jewel Fairy Ruby (+12)
Copper (+12)
Espio The Chameleon (+12) - Sonic
Yoshi's Egg (+12) - Yoshi
Togepi (+11)
Koopa (+10)
Robo Cube (+5)
Nruff (+5) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Shine Sprite (+5)
Green Rupee (+5)
Bronto Burt (+4)
Mew (+4)
Spinner (+4)

[Throwing] Attack

King Dedede (+30) - King Dedede
King K. Rool (+29)
Boy (+22)
F-Type (+22) - Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.
Millennium Star (+21)
Linebeck (+20) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Bowser (+20) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Classic Sonic (+20) - Sonic
Ashley (+16)
Dark Suit Samus (+16)
Boo (+14)
Greil (+14) - Marth, Ike
Brewster (+13)
Tortimer (+12)
Paratroopa (+12)
Gracie (+10)
Gulliver (+8)
Leon (+7)
Lanky Kong (+6) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Goombella (+5)
Yoshi (+5) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Gordo (+5) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Harriet (+4)

[Tail] Attack

Barkle (+32) - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
Wolfen (+30) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Miniature Dachshund (+28) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Diddy Kong (+28) - Diddy Kong
Bowser Jr. (+25) - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
Falco (+20) - Falco
Panther (+18) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Fox (+18) - Fox
Krystal (+17) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Wolfen (+16) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Chihuahua (+12) - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
Spitz (+12) - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
Rouge The Bat (+10) - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
Pak E. Derm (+9) - Yoshi
Blathers (+7) - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
Stafy (+7) - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
Fairy (+7) - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
Car Yoshi (+7) - Yoshi

[Arm], [Leg] Attack

Wario-Man (+18) - Wario
Eighty Yoshis (+18) - Yoshi
Kirby (+17) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Super Mario Bros. (+15) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Wolf (+15) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Fox (+15) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Pokemon Trainer (+13) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Charizard (+10) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Dr. Lobe (+10)
Epona & Link (+9) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Yoshi (+8) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Hawke (+8)
Capt. Falcon (+8) - Captain Falcon
Jirachi (+7) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Solid Snake (+7) - Snake
Ninian (+6) - Marth, Ike
Peppy (+5)
General Pepper (+5)
Mushroom (+5) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Manhole (+5)
Deku Baba (+4)
Papa (+4)
Penny (+4)
Young Cricket (+3)
Mei Ling (+3)
Snifit (+3)
Dash (+3)
Pete (+2)
Link's Grandma (+2) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Dr. Crygor (+2)

[Magic] Attack (Peach, Zelda/Sheik)

Zelda (+27)
Ashley (+22)
The Great Fairy (+21)
Girl (+21)
Girl (+19)
Moon Fairy Seren (+16)
Pinkle (+15)
Myrrh (+15)
Acro (+15)
Katrina (+13)
Kamek (+11)
Horse Call (+9)
Bow (+8)
Kyorosuke (+8)
Toadette (+7)

[PK] Attack (Ness, Lucas)

Ness (+33)
Jeff (+24)
Ninten (+24)
Boney (+16)
Crazy Redd (+16)
Porky (+15)
Devil Car (+14)
Lucas (+13)
Claus (+13)
Stork Stop (+12)
Kumatora (+11)
New Age Retro Hippie (+11)
Starman (+10)
Paula (+10)
Poo (+9)
Salsa (+9)
Magkid (+9)
Pigmask (+7)
Mr. Saturn (+7)
Lloyd (+6)

[Bite] Attack (Yoshi, Wario, Pokemon Trainer, Wolf)

Petey Piranha (+32)
Boxy (+24)
Chain Chomp (+23)
Wario (+15)
Bone Dragon (+13)
Warrior Ing (+10)
Master Belch (+9)
Burt the Bashful (+6)
Bubble Baby Mario (+6)
Sable (+6)

[Energy] Attack

Fox (+33) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Robot (+32) - R.O.B.
Wolf (+27)
Kyle Hyde (+25)
Fox (+23)
Fox (+18)
Female Pianta (+15)
Falco (+14) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Energy Tank (+12) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Krystal (+12)
Seal Head (+10)
Leon (+9)
Panther (+9)
Colonel (+8)
Orbiter (+7)
Rakensen (+7)
Misstar (+7)
Vivian (+5)
Tom Nook (+5)
Golden Fox (+5)

[Explosive] Attack

Mach Rider (+29)
Don Bongo (+25)
King of Red Lions & Link (+20)
Solid Snake (+19)
Samus (+18)
Tameo (+16)
Propeller Shy Guy (+14)
Wendell (+14)
Rusl (+11)
Louie (+10)
Jessica (+8)
Ludwig von Koopa (+8)
Electrode (+7)
Ooccoo (+7)
Gunship (+5)

[Slash] Attack

Meta Knight (+32) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Ike (+27) - Marth, Ike
Hector (+27)
Roy (+24)
Ephraim (+23)
Musketeer Daltania (+21)
Fierce Deity Link (+21) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Jill & Drill Dozer (+18)
Link with Goron Mask (+17) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Eirika (+16) - Marth, Ike
Moblin (+15) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Mr. EAD (+15)
Waluigi (+15) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Darknut (+13) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Guy (+11)
Deoxys (+10)
Rover (+10)
Joshua (+9)
Spiny (+9)
Luminoth (+9)
Deke (+9)
Hero's Bow (+8)
Mist (+8) - Marth, Ike
Fire Stingray (+7)
Charmy Bee (+7)
Peach (+5) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Meowth (+5) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Weavile (+5) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Kat (+4)
Ana (+4)

[Electric] Attack

Pikachu (+33) - Pikachu
Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (+31) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Krystal (+28) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Daroach (+24)
Little Saucer (+24)
Young Zelda (+20)
Mario (+20)
Luigi (+20)
Metroid (+20) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
HM Mech Rosa (+17)
Gulpin (+16)
Nanocarp (+12)
Hanenbow (+12)
Electroplankton (+12)
Volvoice (+10)
Salvatore (+9)
9-Volt (+8)
Aryll (+8)
Chromatron (+7)
Dr. Stewart (+6)
Blue Virus (+5)
Snorlax (+5)
Cupit (+5)
White Cat (+4)
Lightning (+4)

[Flame] Attack

Peach (+41)
King Dodongo (+38)
Black Shadow (+37) - Captain Falcon
Link (+31) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Erazor Djinn (+28)
Free Ranger (+27)
Red Fire (+26) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Tetra (+25)
Moltres (+20) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Red Virus (+20)
Entei (+20)
Ho-Oh (+12)
Kirsh (+11)
E-102 (+11)
Hot Head (+10) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Tikal (+9) - Sonic
Torchic (+8) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Boy (+7)
Boundish (+7)
Reclining Red Pikmin (+6)
Digidrive (+6)
Mabel (+6)
Baby Mario (+5)
Capsule (+5)
Banana (+4)

[Aura] Attack (Lucario)

Lucario (+41)
Box Boxer (+26)
Chozo Statue (+25)
Rayquaza (+24)
Dry Bones (+17)
Munchlax (+13)
Chikorita (+13)
Rachel (+11)
Starman (+6)
Lakitu (+6)

[Freezing] Attack

Sabure Prince (+31)
Snowman (+26)
Metroid (+18)
Akari Hayami (+14)
Orbulon (+12)
Jimmy T. (+9)
ROB 64 (+8)
Item Box (+8)
Rob Haywood (+7)
Materu (+7)

[Water] Attack (Pokemon Trainer)

Squirtle (+41)
Ryota Hayami (+34)
Water Fairy Elias (+30)
Piplup (+26)
Seiuchi-kun (+18)
Akari Hayami (+8)
Saharah (+8)

[Pikmin] Attack (Olimar)

Olimar & Louie's Ship (+40)
Bulborb (+34)
Yellow Pellet (+22)
Blue Pikmin (+16)
Crimson Candypop Bud (+12)
Red Pikmin (+11)
White Pikmin (+10)
Olimar's Daughter (+7)
Blue Pellet (+6)
Red Pellet Flower (+5)

[Grass] Attack (Pokemon Trainer)

Ivysaur (+29)
Latias & Latios (+22)
Lugia (+18)
Suicune (+17)
Celebi (+14)
Bellossom (+8)
Crazee Dayzee (+7)

[Darkness] Attack (Ganondorf)

Petey Piranha (+47)
Phantom Ganon (+40
Ganondorf (+33)
Ridley (+30)
Ganondorf (+29)
Shadow Beast (+28)
Bowser (+21)
Revolver Ocelot (+17)
Space Pirate (+13)
Skull Kid (+7)

[Specials: Direct] Attack

Nana (+29) - Ice Climbers
Kritter (+28)
King Dedede & Kirby (+21) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Shadow The Hedgehog (+20) - Sonic
Capt. Falcon (+19) - Captain Falcon
Ashley Viewing DTS (+17) - R.O.B.
Wario World Symbol (+15) - Wario
DK with Barrel (+15)
Tractor Trailer (+14)
Raiden (+14)
Prince Peasley (+13)
Lion (+13) - Mr. Game & Watch
Blargg (+13)
Eggplant Wizard (+11)
Gomar & Shioh (+10) - Captain Falcon
Vector The Crocodile (+10)
Morris (+8)
Kammy Koopa (+8)
Mega Rush Badge (+8)
Shiida (+7) - Marth, Ike
Perry (+6)
Ray (+6)
Banana Bunch (+6)
Candy (+4) - R.O.B.
Manaphy (+4)
Squeaker (+4)
Colin (+4) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Staryu (+3)
Blue Falcon (+3) - Captain Falcon
Postman (+3)

[Specials: Indirect] Attack

Naked Snake (+32) - Snake
Robot & Blocks (+27) - R.O.B.
Chef (+25) - Mr. Game & Watch
Valoo (+19)
Link (+17)
R.O.B. (+15) - R.O.B.
Rad (+15)
Samus (+15) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Mario & Yoshi (+13) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Fat Hockey Player (+12) - Ice Climbers
Sylux (+12)
Sami (+12)
Stom The Albatraoss (+12)
Ricky Winterborn (+12)
Falco (+11) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Toadsworth (+10)
Mona & Moped (+8)
Waluigi (+8) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Cranky Kong (+7)
Andy (+6)
Slippy (+6)
Kamek (+5)
Wild Gunman (+5)
Flint (+4)
Balloon Fight Enemy (+4) - Ice Climbers
Stapy (+4)
Coin (+4) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Deku Nut (+4)
Flag Man (+4) - Mr. Game & Watch
HP Pot (+4)

[Battering] Resistance

Mokka (+27)
Karate Kong (+25) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Mad Truck (+23) - Ness, Lucas
Ryuta Ippongi (+18)
Young Zelda (+16) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Big The Cat (+14)
Joan (+12)
Dark Samus (+11) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Hoofer (+10)
Master Miller (+7)
Dribble (+6)
Monster (+4)
Wrinkly Kong (+4) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Hinawa (+4) - Ness, Lucas
Teddy (+3)

[Slash] Resistance

Ashnard (+34) - Marth, Ike
K.K. Slider (+28)
Link (+27) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Donbe (+26) - Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.
Capt. Falcon (+23) - Captain Falcon
Kanden (+15)
Perara (+13)
Rutoga (+12) - Marth, Ike
Yellow Pikmin (+10)
Hyliaan Shield (+10) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Otacon (+9)
Zinger (+5)
Mona (+4)
Makar (+4)
Cell Phone (+4) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede

[Flame] Resistance

Donkey Kong (+41) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Hooktail (+36)
Eliwood (+33) - Marth, Ike
Tingle (+24) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Mario & Luigi (+19) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Akuma (+19)
Zelda (+18) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
E-123 (+17)
Groudon (+14) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Reaper & Reapette (+12) - Pit
Tamagon (+11)
Lantern (+7) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Count Bleck (+5)
Tippi (+5)
Iron Tiger (+4)

[Electric] Resistance

Eva (+44) - Snake
King Zora (+33)
Link (+31)
Yakuman Player (+28) - Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.
Super Sonic (+27) - Sonic
Knuckles The Echidna (+23) - Sonic
Chibi-Robo (+19)
Samus (+16) - Samus, Zero Suit Samus
ROB (+15) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Donkey Kong (+10) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Cream The Rabbit (+9)
Klaptrap (+7)
Deku Link (+5)
Sparrow (+5)
Jill (+4)

Launch Power

DK Barrel (+53)
Bullet Blaster (+50)
Silver The Hedgehog (+49) - Sonic
Wario Car (+47) - wario
The Black Knight (+40)
Starman (+33) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
General Guy (+31)
Kalypso (+26)
Luigi (+23) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Starship (+22)
Gleeok (+20)
Diddy Kong (+20) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Lon Lon Milk (+18) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Pit (+16) - Pit
Metal Sonic (+16)
Shiba Inu (+12)
Bullet Bill (+12)
Spiny Shell (+11)
Sukapon (+10)
Annie (+10)
Meta Knight Ball (+8) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Luigi (+8)
Shroob (+7)
Toadsword (+5)
Luigi & Baby Luigi (+5) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach

Launch Resistance

Wario (+57) - Wario
Dyna Blade (+46) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede
Dixie Kong (+39) - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Dr. Eggman (+39) - Sonic
O'Chunks (+35)
Yoshi (+35) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Zora (+31)
Peach (+29) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Tiny Wario (+26) - Wario
Metagross (+23) - Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff
Triple Red Shells (+21)
Junior (+21)
Samurai Goroh (+21) - Captain Falcon
Xananab (+20)
Chef Kawasaki (+20)
Duck (+20) - Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.
Malo (+19)
Big Switch (+18)
Wiggler (+16)
Onion (+15)
Kritter (+13)
Muskular (+13)
Dzuke-chan (+12)
Toad (+10) - Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach
Toad (+9)
Brier (+7)
Andrew (+7) - Fox, Falco, Wolf
Raphael the Raven (+6)
Eldstar (+6)
Super Baby (+6)

Flinch Resistance

Wave Race Blue Storm (+168)
The Boss (+161)
Mother Brain (+147)
Cook Kirby (+140)
Miles "Tails" Prower (+140)
Raccoon Mario (+112)
Sothe (+105)
Gray Fox (+98)
Hayato Saionji (+84)
Cackletta (+84)
Shadow Mario (+70)
Chao (+49)
Flower Icon (+49)
Kyogre (+42)
Purple Pikmin (+35)
Master (+30)

Trophy Drops

Bowser Jr. (+25)
Treasure Chest (+16)
Grutch (+9)
Stuffwell (+8)

Sticker Drops

Link & Pigs (+40)
Phyllis (+26)
Hiroshi (+17)
Dr. Lobe (+11)
Cheep Cheep (+9)

Trophy Stand Drops

Big Boss (+30)
Nabaaru (+22)
Cornimer (+21)
Rotohex (+9)
The President (+7)

Shield Resistance

Kamisama (+26)
Pelly (+14)
Gardevoir (+9)
Brighton (+8)

Dizzy Time

Shagohod (-150)
Male Pianta (-94)
Midna (-50)
Twila (-46)

Sheild Recovery

Kafei & Keaton Mask (+10)
Blaze The Cat (+7)
Hylian Shield (+5)
Mini Mario (+3)

Food Effect

Lyn (+7)
Welsh Corgi (+6)
Liquid Snake (+6)
Booker (+5)
Chaos (+4)
Yellow Virus (+4)
Putty (+3)
Chef (+3)
Panel (+2)
Mega Mushroom (+2)

Maxim Tomato Effect

Maxim Tomato (+50) - Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede

Heart Container Effect

Piece of Heart (+50) - Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link

Swim Time

Zora Link (+60)
Kirby (+40)
Blipper (+20)


Cupid Kirby (Star Rod)
Flower Fairy Lip (Lip's Stick
Metal Gear REX (Cracker Launcher)
Federation Trooper (Super Scope)
Ray 01 (Ray Gun)
Fire Flower (Fire Flower)
Weavel (Beam Sword)
Mario (Home-Run Bat)
Dr. Shrunk (Fan)
Bullfrog (Bom-omb)
Mr. Saturn (Mr. Saturn)


4.03. Challenge Stickers                                               [CHLNGE]


For those of you who are curious, these are the five stickers you can earn
by completing certain challenges. They're already in the lists, but here they
are again with the challenge requirements.

Boo (Mario Tennis) - Hit 900 ft. in the Home-Run Contest
Liquid Snake (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - Defeat 10 Alloys in Cruel Brawl
Phyllis (Animal Crossing: WW) - Clear All-Star mode on Normal
Running Chibo-Robo (Chibi-Robo) - Clear Classic mode on Easy
Ryuta Ippongi (Ouendan 2) - Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 min. 30 sec.

Only two of these stickers need any sort of strategy, but here are a couple
strategies anyway.

Defeat 10 alloys in Cruel Brawl: This one is a major pain... It's not really
hard, but it does require lots of patience and is indeed tedious. I was
able to manage 13 KO's with Jigglypuff. Maybe you've heard of this method?
I'll explain anyway. Use Jigglypuff and go to the edge of the stage and hang
there. Let the alloys come closer, then drop down under the stage and float
under it to the other side and grab that ledge. Generally, it only takes about
3 "jumps" to get to the other side, so it's ok to mess up occasionally. Now if
you're lucky, one or two of the alloys will try to follow you and jump off. If
you're luckier, they won't be able to make it back and die. This doesn't happen
often, but if you do it enough, they'll kill themselves. I seem to have the
most luck with the yellow and blue alloys not being able to make it back.
Greens usually always make it back, but I've had a few get caught on the lip
and run out of jumps. Speaking of that lip, be careful not to take a couple of
jumps, miss the lip, and turn around. You can't see where you're going very
well when you're jumping under the stage and might misjudge where the incline
starts and turn around too soon. I've died too many times doing that. If the
alloys don't jump off often enough, try dropping off to the side at an angle.
And if you stay on the edge too long, they will try to attack you.
Occasionally, they will try to attack you if they catch you in the air, which
is deadly if they connect. This strategy also works for 15-Minute Man Brawl.
Good luck.

Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 min. 30 sec.: This one isn't too hard at all.
Doing this unlocks the 100-Man Melee 1 CD, too, for beating 100-Man Brawl in
under 4 minutes. The easiest way I know of is to use Pikachu, stand on the
left/right platform and spam his down-B Thunder attack. It shouldn't be too


5. Frequently Asked Questions                                          [FRQASK]


Here are the answers to a handful of common questions I've either made up
or seen in the forums somewhere. If you have a question not listed here,
you can email it to me and I'll add it to the list if I have a sufficient
answer for it.

Q: What are stickers used for?
A: Stickers are used to enhance your character in a variety of ways in the
Subspace Emissary. They can increase the damage you give out, increase your
resistance to flinching and being launched, or increase sticker, trophy, and
trophy stand drops. These are just a few of the things they can do. They don't
make your characters crazy-powerful or anything, but they do make subtle
enhancements that can help keep your character from getting launched while
launching other enemies, too. Other than the SSE, stickers are merely used
for collecting.

Q: Can I equip multiple stickers of the same type to get a bigger effect?
A: It was said in the Smash Bros DOJO that no, you can't equip multiple
stickers of the same effect to get an increased effect. Only the sticker with
the biggest effect power will count. can get a combined effect
if you equip an "[Arm]" and/or "[Leg]" sticker with an "[Arm],[Leg]" sticker or
other pairs like that. For example, if you equipped a +5 [Arm] sticker and a
+10 [Arm],[Leg] sticker, you would get +15 Arm and +10 leg. Thanks to the
SmashWiki for that info.

Q: How many stickers are there?
A: 700.

Q: What happens if I remove a sticker from a trophy that I only have one of?
A: You lose the sticker and the name of the sticker remains as if you had it,
but the quantity of that sticker just becomes 0. And that sticker still counts
as part of your sticker inventory.

Q: Is there anything special about the stickers with different colored 
A: Nothing special, per se. But I came across an answer in the forums. The
colored backgrounds are merely there because a white background would otherwise
ruin the picture in some way. Thank you, NeoPsiboy, for this enlightening

Q: Can I only get one challenge sticker each?
A: Every time you fulfil the challenge requirements for obtaining a sticker,
you can redo the challenge and get more copies of the sticker as many times
as you want. Also, they become part of the random pool of stickers. One thing,
however, that I read in the forums is that the Ryuta Ippongi sticker can
only be gotten twice due to a glitch. Thanks to Mingy Jongo for that info.
Note: This doesn't confirm anything since I haven't KO'd 10 alloys in Cruel
Brawl twice, but I've done it once and I only have one Liquid Snake sticker
after all the time I spent collecting stickers. Like I said, this neither
confirms nor denies anything. Just a side note.

   Update: The whole "stickers getting added to the pool" thing was something I
kept seeing on the forums the first month or two after the game came out, so I
thought maybe they knew what they were saying. I no longer believe this to be
true. Thanks to helek_aphel for putting the last nail in the coffin on this.

Q: Can I use stickers outside of the SSE?
A: No. Stickers are for the SSE only.

Q: If a computer picks up a sticker/CD, does it get added to my collection?
A: According to the Smash Bros. DOJO, no.

Q: What's the fastest way to get stickers?
A: Like most people, I use the CD Factory to get the majority of my stickers.
You can look up CD Factory on Youtube to see some examples, but I use the
standard one block, three conveyor belts method. That's where you have one
block for player two to stand on and be out of the way, then you have two
conveyor belts rolling into the block and another conveyor belt over the block
rolling towards the other conveyor belts. Then you simply turn off every item
except the Sandbags and put the item rate on High. Since the items are turned
off, the only items it'll drop will be CD's and stickers. Now if you want a
method that you can just set up and leave it while it does the work, I have
a pretty good one, but it requires a turbo controller in addition to any 
other controller. Go to Special Brawl, put it on Fast, set it to a 10 minute
match or so to avoid having the sticker count reset on you, pick Falco with the
non-turbo controller (or the other turbo if you have two), and pick Jigglypuff
with the turbo controller. The reason you pick Jigglypuff is because she's the
only small person whose standard A can be turboed while still picking up
stickers while also being out of Falco's range and doesn't move while doing it.
Holding A won't pick up the stickers. Now go to that CD Factory stage, have one
of the two self-destruct (if you're doing a time match) to avoid Sudden Death,
put Falco on the very edge of the block and put Jigglypuff under him with her
back to the block. Set the turbo to A and hold A on that and start Falco's
standard A combo until he starts spinning. Pause, tape down the A buttons on
both controllers, unpause, and let the match finish. It'd help to find an easy
way to hold down and release the Falco controller because you need to tap it a
few times before holding it down and taping it over and over again would be
cumbersome. The reason for a 10 minute match is because it is believed that the
sticker/CD count resets after getting a certain amount. I've done an all-night
match with this technique and got absolutely no new stickers from it, but got
some new ones after doing a couple 10 minute matches. Other people have
reported having this happen to them, too. You might be able to go higher. I'm
not sure. It's your call.

   Update: helek_aphel did a test with a 40-minute CD factory run. He figured
up his sticker amount before the match, tallied the amount of sticker obtained
during the match, and figured up his sticker amount afterwards and found it to
much less than the 550 stickers he counted during the match. Awesome work.

In an email, Starion presented a few questions that haven't been addressed yet
in this FAQ. While I'm not, and possibly can't, be positive about the answers
to these questions, I thought I'd put the questions and my educated guesses in
the FAQ just in case it might help someone. And if my guesses are wrong and you
know the answer for sure, please email it to me and I'll update the FAQ and
credit the answer to you.

Q: "Do all stickers share the same rarity level? I can't generalize from
personal experience whether larger stickers are supposed to be harder to find
than smaller ones or if there is some other pattern."
A: Thanks to the Smash Bros. DOJO, we now have an official answer: "Each
sticker has a set level of rarity."

Q: "Are some stickers restricted from dropping if you haven't unlocked certain
playable characters, assist trophies, etc.?"
A: Smash Bros. DOJO: "Things are arranged so that new stickers unlock as you
progress through the game. Expect to see new stickers as you play through the
game, then again once you enter the Great Maze and then yet again once you’ve
completed the game once." This may or may not confirm that you get new stickers
by unlocking characters and such.

Q: "For that matter, do you have a better chance of getting stickers related to
a certain game universe if you use a character from that same universe to hunt
for them (i.e Mario related stickers drop more if you use a Mario character)?"
A: "I don't think what character you use affects what series of stickers you
get. I used Falco/Jigglypuff for the latter end of my sticker collecting, and
before that I used Kirby/Marth. Besides Boo, my highest counting sticker is HP
Pot, followed by Fox, Young Zelda, and Sayaka Amemiya. So it's not like there's
a bunch of Star Fox and Pokemon characters near the front."


6. Contact                                                             [CNTACT]


If you have any questions, fan mail, suggestions, errors or typos to point
out, or anything having to do with this FAQ in general, feel free to contact
me using my email: seibei4211(at) Put "Stickers FAQ" in the subject
line or something similar to it so I know that it's for the FAQ. If you have
any errors to point out, please tell me who I should credit it to so I can
credit you properly in the credits.


7. Credits                                                             [CRDITS]


Special thanks to CJayC for making GameFAQs, the first site to host this FAQ.

Thanks to the GameFAQs forums for presenting some questions/answers for the

Big thanks to Nintendo for making a sequel to an awesome game series.

Huge thanks to the Smash Bros DOJO for giving me those frequent updates and
occasional information on the stickers.

Thank you, SmashWiki, for some good information about stickers and sticker

Thank you, Mingy Jongo and NeoPsiboy for your help with the FAQ in the 
GameFAQs forums.

Also thanks to KnightmareSin and helek_aphel for pointing out a few typos in
the list. Extra thanks to helek_aphel for his work on the rumor killings and
theory bashings.

And thank you, the reader, for even looking at this FAQ.


8. Legal Stuff                                                         [LGLSTF]


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