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Final Smash Guide

by GreenMage7

by GreenMage7

Version 2.7
1.) Warning 
The warning here is before the Table of Contents, so I put the Table of 
Contents within itself because this is before it, so whatever 
(redundancy!).  I can do that.  The warning is that this guide contains 
spoilers about the hidden characters and maybe even hidden stages 
within the game.  Obviously those characters have final smashes so I 
included them in this guide.  I'm just letting you know now in case you 
have not unlocked them and don't want to know who they are.  
Considering you are at a site such as this, you probably already know 
who they are anyway, but what the hey, I'm a nice guy who dislikes 
spoilers I don't want to know, so I figured I'd let you in on it.  
Scrolling down any further will let you in on the greatness. 
2.) Table of Contents 
1) Warning 
2) Table of Contents 
3) Introduction 
4) FAQ 
5) Characters 
A. Mario             [M1] 
B. Link              [L1] 
C. Kirby             [K1] 
D. Pikachu           [P1] 
E. Fox               [F1] 
F. Samus             [S1] 
G. Zelda             [Z1] 
H. Sheik             [S2] 
I. Bowser            [B1] 
J. Donkey Kong       [D1] 
K. Yoshi             [Y1] 
L. Peach             [P2] 
M. Ice Climbers      [I1] 
N. Pit               [P3] 
O. Wario             [W1] 
P. Zero Suit Samus   [Z2] 
Q. Ike               [I2] 
R. Pokemon Trainer   [P4] 
S. Diddy Kong        [D2] 
T. Meta Knight       [M2] 
U. Snake             [S3] 
V. Lucas             [L2] 
W. Sonic             [S4] 
X. King Dedede       [K2] 
Y. Olimar & Pikmin   [O1] 
Z. Ness              [N1] 
AA. Marth            [M3] 
BB. Luigi            [L3] 
CC. Falco            [F2] 
DD. Captain Falcon   [C1] 
EE. Lucario          [L4] 
FF. R.O.B.           [R1] 
GG. Mr. Game & Watch [M4] 
HH. Toon Link        [T1] 
II. Wolf             [W2] 
JJ. Jigglypuff       [J1] 
KK. Ganondorf        [G1] 
6) Updates/Misc.
7) Thanks 
3.) Introduction 
My name is GreenMage7...well, that's not really my name but that 
doesn't really matter now, does it.  This is a guide about the 37 
different characters in Brawl's Final Smashes.  Hey, so now you know 
that.  Pretty much anyone can use this guide as long as they give 
credit where credit is due, but I mainly made it for GameFAQs because 
that's where I go.  I don't have any big ASCII picture or anything at 
the top because I don't really like them and also don't care to make 
them.  I'm not affiliated with anyone who made this game or anything 
like that, just so you know.  I don't really know all the legal stuff 
that I should say so hopefully no one cares I made this little guide.  
Maybe I can update with better legal stuff later...hmmm...
Also, I'm saying right now that the best site for this game is the 
Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Website: 
The Dojo is absolutely fantastic, and if you're even the least bit 
interested in the game that's the place to go. 
Also, as for credit, I got the names for all of the final smashes from 
this website, so they are official.

Make sure you check the thanks sections, where I thank all the great 
people who made this game and such.  Plus, if you helped me clear up some 
things in this guide then that's where you'll be mentioned, too!

Another note about very skilled players and dodging/avoiding final smashes 
and such.  I understand that many people may be able to dodge a lot of the 
final smashes very well, and I don't know how to take that into 
consideration that greatly because if I base ratings on it too much, the 
average game will get the wrong impression of the final smash and how good 
it is.  Dodging is a definite factor and I mention it a couple times, but 
in general I'm not going to greatly lower a rating by great players 
ability to dodge final smashes, especially considering that in really high 
level play and tournament play it is my understanding that Final Smashes 
will likely be turned off.

Lastly, make sure that you check out the Misc. section of the guide, that 
is slowly becoming one of the most important sections in this whole thing.  
You'll find lots of useful information there that may help you maximize 
the effectiveness of any Final Smashes you decide you want to use, as well 
as letting you know all the ins-and-outs.  Make sure you check it out.

4.) Frequently Asked Questions 
1) Who are you? 
Answer: I'm GreenMage7. Read the introduction. 
2) Why is this guide useful to me? 
Answer: It might not be.  You might not care, you might figure 
everything out yourself, you might not want to be told how things work 
or what someone else thinks of them, there are a multitude of reasons.  
However, I'm pretty sure it will help someone somewhere and I wanted to 
make it so here it is. 
3) How do I unlock all the characters? 
Answer: That's not what this guide is about, but I suppose it couldn't 
hurt for you to know.  You can unlock every character in the game by 
playing the Adventure Mode "The Subspace Emissary".  The Cheats and 
Secrets section at GameFAQs will also tell you how to unlock the 
characters (Jigglypuff, Toon Link, and Wolf are apparently well-hidden 
in that mode), but since you're here I can relay the better 
The best way (in my opinion) to unlock every character is to play 450 
Vs. Matches and beat the character that unlocks in a battle.  This will 
get you every character along the way. 
*I'm pretty sure this information is accurate.  If you want a fast way 
to get through 450 Vs. Matches: go to Special Brawl, set damage to 
300%, make everyone tiny, turn on super speed, and turn on infinite 
curry for everyone.  That'll get you through the matches pretty quick, 
to the point that the load times will be faster than the matches, 
especially if you don't get Hyrule Temple, 75m, or New Pork City.

Some more information from Adam Ahmed:

"In your guide, you mentioned that a fast way to get through 450 VS 
matches to unlock all characters is to go to Special Brawl, set damage 
to 300%, make everyone tiny, turn on super speed, and turn on infinite 
curry for everyone. There's a faster way. Set Stage Choice to Random so
you skip the stage select screen (you didn't mention that), then go to 
Special Brawl and enable Stamina, Flower, and Fast. Then, on the 
character select screen, set the CPU's HP to 1. The flower will damage 
the CPU, ending the match as soon as it starts. All you have to do is 
keep pressing start until a challenge match comes up."
4) Okay, there's a Smash Ball on the screen, how do I use it? 
Answer: The smash ball floats around the screen randomly.  What you 
have to do is hit it with any of your attacks.  It will take quite a 
few hits to get it to absorb into you, and everyone will likely be 
battling you for it.  The person who gets it will start glowing.  In 
order to use your final smash you have to hit B (aka The Special Move 
Button).  Make sure you don't tap a direction while hitting it or you 
will do your special move for that control.  Just hit B when you're in 
the proper position.  Let it be known that your opponents may not run 
in fear when you get it, because they can knock it out of you and try 
to get it themselves again, or just knock you off the field which solves 
the problem for them as well.  This works both ways, so you'll have to 
decide whether you want to be aggressive or make a timely retreat.  
Just make sure you remember your opponents are easier targets than the 
Smash Ball. 
5) Smash Balls are awesome, how do I get them to come out more? 
Answer: Well, the best way to do this is to turn off all items except 
Smash Balls and Containers, and then set items to High.  This will make 
Smash Balls pop out quite frequently and make for a hectic and fun 
6) What format will you be using for this guide? 
Answer: Well, you're about to find that out by scrolling down.  
Basically, I'm going to have a bunch of categories and give them a 
rating of something out of 5.  Then I'm going to add all of those up 
and divide them by the number of categories, making an average.  That 
will be the overall rating, but if you're just looking for a specific 
category you can just look at that rating.  I'm sure people will have 
differences of opinions on some things but this is my guide.  I may 
change some things later but you never know.  If nothing else this will 
still give you the practical application of each final smash and how to 
use it well.  The difference between the overall rating and the without 
looks rating is whether or not looks are added in, obviously.  If you 
don't care about how the final smash looks, just what it does, you go by 
the without looks score.  Application is the topic that most people will 
read this guide for, it tells you how, when, and where to use the said 
character's final smash.  Everything else is basically fluff. 
7) Why just make a final smash guide and not a guide about all the 
characters in general? 
Answer: Well, firstly it's because I think the final smashes are the 
coolest things in the game.  Secondly, I'm not good enough with all 
characters to make a good enough guide about all of their moves and 
such.  I'm sure a lot of other nice people will make individual 
character guides and probably help you more than me, but I still think 
this will be helpful and enjoyable, plus I like having opinions about 
things or whatever. 
8) I'm not using the GameCube controller, so why are you being a jerk 
and telling me to push B? 
Answer: Sorry, but I like the GameCube Controller.  I just don't want 
to say, "Push the Special Move button" because that's harder than 
saying push B (what a lame excuse, right?).  Whether you're using the 
Wii Remote, Wii Remote plus Nunchuck, classic controller, or the 
GameCube controller, the way to always activate final smashes will be 
to push the Special Move button without a direction, and that is 
referred to as push B.  For example, on the Wii Remote B is the (1) 
button for the purposes of this guide.  This is very important to 
remember because I'm only going to refer to it as B and on the Wii 
Remote there is a B button that's not the same.  That B activates your 
shield and is located on the bottom of your controller.  Please 
remember this when I say "push B".  *B = Special Move Button*

9) Your ratings are terrible, you should change them, why don't you?

Answer: Well, that's the thing, they're my ratings.  They make the guide 
unique to me.  I'm sure there are lots of people who don't agree with that 
aspect of the guide, but as stated before that doesn't make the guide non-
functional to even those people.  I may change ratings after a while or 
something, but in general I like them the way they are.
10) I thought of a good question to ask you that isn't here.  You should 
answer it and put it in your guide. 
Answer: That is not technically a question itself, but I can understand 
where you're coming from.  You can send that question to 
[email protected] and I'll see if I can answer it for you.  I may 
or may not depending on the e-mails I get, and I'm sure some people 
will explain how they don't like me or my guide in so many words, so 
while I'm sifting through the multitude of those e-mails I might be 
able to answer your question or even add it to the guide. 
11) What's your e-mail address again? 
Answer: [email protected] 
5.) Characters 
A. Mario [M1] 
Final Smash - Mario Finale 
What happens? - Mario conjures up a huge firestorm that travels 
horizontally and gets larger as it travels. It consumes all enemies in 
its path.  Mario is invincible while executing the final smash. 
Application: Mario has a powerful and well balanced final smash.  
Unfortunately, it may not be wise to activate it the second you get it.  
You'll have to make sure you line up some enemies and they're caught in 
the firestorm.  It will be easier for them to jump it the closer they 
are to you.  It's not that great on stages with multiple levels of 
terrain (Hyrule Temple, New Pork City, Spear Pillar), but it's still a 
very good final smash and not incredibly difficult to hit. Still, 
getting the enemies in front of you can be difficult if they're in your 
face trying to smash it out of you, so make sure you're quick about 
letting it go and facing the correct direction.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Power: If you get hit by this thing it can really level you, but it 
isn't an instant K.O.  However, the longer you are in the firestorm the 
more damage it will cause you to take and increase your chances of 
getting knocked out.  Overall, it's quite strong but you can survive.  
Rating: 4/5 
Looks: Quite frankly, this move looks pretty awesome.  The first time 
you see the firestorm you'll be surprised that it came from Mario.  
Most people saw it in the first SSB trailer, and it was one of the 
things that caused even more excitement for an already highly 
anticipated game. 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent: If you're Mario and you get the Smash Ball, it would 
probably be wise to get an extra hit on your opponent to knock them 
away, then you can easily line them up and hit them with the finale.  
In most cases, it will probably take them out, and if not they'll be 
quite close.  Pretty good in most cases.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents: Mario has one of the final smashes that can hit 
everyone on the screen if you can line it up.  Your opponents will 
probably try to knock it out of you if they are near knowing you may 
need to line it up.  Or they may be able to avoid it while you 
concentrate on one person.  Just try to get near the edge of the stage 
and unleash, and you can probably hit most of your opponents.  Rating: 
Overall Rating: 4/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.9/5 
B. Link [L1] 
Final Smash - Triforce Slash 
What happens? - Link shoots the triforce out of his hand and it 
envelops his opponent.  He then proceeds to slash them several times 
with his sword and lets out one final slash that sends the opponent 
careening toward the edge of the screen.  Link is invincible while 
executing the final smash. 
Application: Link's final smash can be a bit tricky.  The thing is you 
have to line up your opponent directly in front of you horizontally.  
Then they have to be hit by the triforce when it shoots out of your 
hand, which actually happens very fast.  If you can line it up you have 
them.  The problem is aggressive opponents and even non-aggressive 
opponents aren't just going to let you line it up.  They'll evade you 
and get above/below you (there is slight vertical room for error, but 
not much), or try to knock it out of you before you even have a chance.  
Also, the triforce you shoot can only go so far so on giant stages you 
want to make sure you're close enough to the opponent (they don't have 
to be right next to you by any means but they can't be too far away).  
Overall, it can be difficult to execute properly.  To be fair, you can 
actually catch more than one person in this, but it seems like only the 
person you hit with the triforce gets the full brunt of the blow, but 
it's pretty unwise to get caught up in this if you're not that person 
because this still has a good chance of knocking you out.  Rating: 
Power: Once you get your opponent caught in the triforce slash, they 
are in trouble.  Your several slashes rack up the damage, and then 
final slash is an *almost* guaranteed one-hit KO at that point.  The 
sheer force of the move makes the set up worth it, because your 
opponent(s) are pretty much done if they get caught up in this.  
Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks: When you land this move, you are going to be impressed.  It 
looks very well done and even the opponent you catch in it will 
appreciate what's happening on the screen.  Few moves look this 
impressive and again, it's worth the set-up.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. One Opponent: This is where the move really shines, all you have to 
do is line up your one opponent and then send them flying.  Few moves 
are as good against a single opponent, and your opponent will be afraid 
when they see the smash ball.  Still, you have to line it up, but it's 
totally doable.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents: The thing is, your opponents are going to gang 
up on you and try to hit from all directions except from where you can 
hit the move.  If you try to land, someone else will probably try to 
get behind you and knock the smash ball out of you so they can use it 
themselves.  To be fair, you can catch more than one opponent in this 
and use Link's Up+B to get your opponents away from you, but this isn't 
the best environment for Link.  Rating: 1.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.4/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3/5 
C. Kirby [K1] 
Final Smash - Cook Kirby 
What happens? - Kirby bangs some pans together to let everyone know 
it's dinner time?  Enemies are summoned into his pot and put to a nice 
simmer.  The heat damages enemies and blows them away with intense 
heat.  Then goodies in the form of items pop out.  Needless to say, 
Kirby is invincible while executing the final smash. 
Application: Kirby's final smash is pretty simple.  You hit B and your 
enemies go into your pot.  It's got decent range but I have seen it 
avoided, particularly on large stages.  The angle at which brawlers are 
grabbed into the pot is similar to an upside-down triangle above the pot, 
but enemies who are too close horizontally will still get easily pulled 
into the pot and then you'll probably be the only one ready to 
grab the items that come out.  Random items lying around on the stage will 
also be pulled in and transformed into food.  If your opponents don't have 
much damage they can potentially recover quickly and get the items but you 
will have the upper hand.  Anyway, easy to land and gets your opponents, 
but does have a small range issue.  Rating: 4/5 
Power: Kirby's final smash isn't really that powerful compared to most 
of the other ones.  It only does a fair amount of damage and can 
potentially knock out all or none of your opponents.  It's ok but on 
the final smash power level scale it's not very high.  Rating: 2/5 
Looks: It's going to become a trend that smashes score well here, and 
the fact is this looks pretty good.  However, it doesn't exactly 
inspire the awe of a lot of the other final smashes and is only okay 
compared to them.  And since that's the bar this scores slightly below 
average.  Rating: 2.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Considering the power level and all, this isn't that 
great against one opponent.  Still, considering the ease of hitting it, 
it's still okay and quite serviceable  There are a lot of better ones 
though.  Rating: 2/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  This move shines quite well here as everyone's 
hungry for dinner! Until they find out there on the menu anyway, at 
that point it's too late for them though.  Grabbing potentially all 
opponents on the screen in your final smash and sending them flying is 
pretty good, and this is what the move is best at. Odds are you'll grab 
them too since they'll probably be close by from failing to grab the 
smash ball.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.1/5 
D. Pikachu [P1] 
Final Smash - Volt Tackle 
What happens? - Pikachu completely envelops himself in a ball of 
electricity and starts flying around the screen violently, going straight 
through platforms and such on the stage to engage his opponents with 
electric power.  Obviously, he's invincible in his ball of electricity. 
Application: Hit B the second you get the smash ball.  Pikachu is 
pretty hard to control while encompassed in Volt Tackle, but once you 
figure it out you can send your enemies flying, and even possibly get 
two KOs on the same person before they can respond.  The thing to point 
out here is that this move changes depending on whether or not you hold 
down the A button.  Without it held down, you fly like crazy to rack up a 
lot of damage on your opponents while not necessarily sending them flying.  
Holding down the A button gives the move slightly better range and has 
quite a knockback to it, blasting people the way Sonic's does.  Pikachu 
also slows down near the end for better control, but this will greatly 
reduce the power, and let's you know when Volt Tackle is about to end.  
Just make sure you're going to land on something solid before it ends, 
even though you can still quick attack afterwards.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power: Pikachu will send his opponents flying if they get hit by this 
at full speed with the A button held in.  Otherwise, he will do a lot of 
damage when hitting opponents.  Needless to say, only a couple of hits 
will KO an opponent who was even at 0% at the start of Volt Tackle.  You 
may still have to land more than two blows depending on damage, but his 
move is quite powerful nevertheless.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  Pikachu looks pretty awesome bolting around the screen in his 
plume of electricity.  Your opponents will be frantically avoiding the 
glowing ball of death while being mesmerized by it.  It's pretty cool, 
but it still only uses a very small part of the screen, so it's 
deducted some for that.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent: This only gives you one person to concentrate on, so 
you can home in on them.  Still, it will be easier for them to dodge 
than for you to hit, but you move so fast they may not be able to 
recover in time if you control it correctly.  You might even be able to 
get them twice as stated above.  Very good either way.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Same as above except there will be more than 
one person fleeing in terror.  Your opponents may still be fighting 
each other trying to grab some KOs in the panic, but either way you'll 
be racking some KOs with this even if you have minimal control.  Truly 
fearsome for a small electric mouse.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Overall Rating: 4.2/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.4/5 
E. Fox 
Final Smash - Landmaster 
What happens? - Fox calls to his ship to drop the Landmaster into 
combat.  Basically, you become the blue Landmaster, becoming invincible 
and having a giant cannon on the front.  You proceed to rampage in your 
tank for a decent length of time while your opponents figure out how best 
to evade. 
Application:  Grab the Smash Ball and immediately push B.  If you were 
almost off the screen (jumping of the edge to try to get the final hit 
on the smash ball, which I do frequently), you may have to use the jets 
to fly yourself back up.  You'll drop down from the top of the screen 
in the Landmaster.  Getting touched by the Landmaster itself won't harm 
your opponents, for example, they can jump on it.  However, if you run 
directly into them or fall on top of them, you can send them flying.  
You can also fire the gun with the attack button.  You basically fly as 
well by holding the jump button or up after jumping with the control 
stick.  This can allow you to get KOs off the top of the screen if your 
opponents are riding the Landmaster.  Alternatively, if you are on the 
ground (not a platform as you can still drop through them as if you're 
a regular character) you can push down to roll the landmaster and send 
travelers flying.  The gun can also "fire through the stage", for 
example on Corneria you can shoot through the top wing.  You can also 
still get knocked out while in the Landmaster if you fly too high or 
drive off the stage without recovering.  Still, the landmaster is very 
good and is one of the final smashes that can get multiple KOs on a 
single person, but you may not get any as well.  Still, it lasts a good 
amount of time.  Certain stages will make it difficult to navigate 
though.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power:  Well, running into your opponent or falling on them can do 
pretty good damage, and the gun is outright scary.  The Landmaster is 
pretty darn strong, and your opponents certainly won't want to take 
shots from your gun.  Rating: 4/5 
Looks:  It looks pretty cool at first and the design of the tank is 
great, but it gets old fast and doesn't look too impressive after a 
while.  The firing of the gun still looks good and all that, but 
overall it's not that great.  If Falco and Wolf didn't have the same 
thing, it would probably actually be higher here.  Rating: 2/5 
Vs. One Opponent: Only one opponent gives you only one person to 
concentrate on, but in some cases can make it easier to evade.  Still, 
this is very good and your opponent will have to decide whether they 
want to try to run or try to use their jumps to harass you from above 
(jump on the tank and then jump when you try to roll, get off after you 
fly upward), but overall you'll still be in very good position.  
Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  The move is probably better this way because 
your opponents will still be going at it while you're in the tank, and 
even if they're not, not everyone will be able to evade your wrath.  
Just rack up the knock outs before your tank magically disappears.  
Rating: 4.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.8/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.2/5 
F. Samus [S1] 
Final Smash - Zero Laser 
What happens? - Samus releases and intensely powerful beam from her 
cannon, horizontally enveloping a portion of the screen about the width 
of Samus from head to toe.  The beam will cause damage to all enemies 
caught within it and send them flying at the conclusion.  The beam 
overloads her power suit and falls off, leaving her in the Zero Suit.  
Samus is invincible while unleashing the beam but not while her armor 
is falling.  The armor can be thrown after falling off for a nasty 
Application:  This move is very similar to Mario's, except it doesn't 
have quite the vertical range, but probably travels further 
horizontally, though on most stages that won't matter.  You'll have to 
make sure your opponents are in front of you and you'll want to be at 
the very tip of the platform you're on (or land on) even more so than 
with Mario, because you'll be vulnerable right when your power suit 
falls off.  Still, it's not incredibly difficult to execute and Samus 
has some good moves to make some space around her.  If you use this in 
the air, you will slowly fall, and the beam does to get slightly wider 
vertically when used this way, but it might just be a trick of the 
eyes.  You can also aim the Zero Laser slightly by tilting up or down on 
the control stick.  It's important to remember that this will turn you 
into Zero Suit Samus, which might be problem if you're not used to 
controlling that type of that takes a slight bit away from 
this move for a change that you may not want.  Rating: 3/5 
Power:  This move is very bad for you if you're caught in the beam, and 
will probably take out you and anyone else around there.  It's not an 
instant KO but the closer you are to the edge of the screen the worse 
this is for your opponent.  Pretty strong.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  This looks amazing, from the immense power beam right down to 
the part where her armor overloads and falls off.  Everything is well 
done and it is a great sight to see.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Just make sure you're facing the right direction and 
don't let them get behind you.  This isn't too tough with only one 
opponent and the move is absolutely devastating.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  This can catch your opponents quite well, but 
if just one of them gets behind you, and that's very possible 
considering you don't want the smash ball to get knocked out of you, an 
opponent who can time things well can hit you with a fully charged 
smash attack from behind and there won't be much you can do about it, 
plus they can get more hits out of it by throwing your own armor at 
you.  Still, you can take out all of your opponents with this move, but 
it's still a little more dangerous than Mario's.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Overall Rating: 4.1/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.9/5 
G. Zelda [Z1] 
Final Smash - Light Arrow 
What happens? - Zelda pulls out a giant bow and fires the Light Arrow, 
piercing everything horizontally in the path and sending them flying.  
Zelda is invincible while unleashing the Light Arrow. 
Application: You have to exactly line up this move.  It can be jumped 
and avoided, and if your opponents can try to smash you while you 
attempt to line them up, plus having the smash ball absorbed into you 
takes away your ability to use Nayru's Love, which would be a good 
defense to set up the move.  Still, with its piercing nature, your 
opponents may not be near you, giving you a chance to line them up, 
and the arrow moves FAST, so even if your opponent is way across the 
screen, once they're lined up they're going to be pierced, and they're 
going to travel.  Your opponents will travel at about a 45-degree or 
50-degree angle after being hit.  Takes some set-up but is fast acting.  
Rating: 2.5/5 
Power:  If you get hit with this, you're in a lot of trouble.  It's quite 
potent and can KO pretty much anyone once they hit around 30% or 40% 
damage, which is probably what they took trying to get the smash ball.  
Depending on the stage you're playing on, the angle between Sheik's and 
Zelda's could make a difference, but since you almost definitely won't 
have time to change it can't really affect this. Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  Not much to the looks, you're shooting an arrow.  The bow 
design is cool and this does get adding points for freeze-framing the 
screen on each and every person that gets pierced, which is very cool 
because you get to see how they look as they're getting hit.  That's 
where most of these points come in.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Much like Samus and Mario, you line up your opponent 
and they're done.  It can be very difficult for them to get out of this 
path, but since there's almost no vertical width to the move it can 
still be avoided.  However, since there's only one target you can nail 
them with good timing. Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Same as Samus and Mario again, except without 
Samus's downside of getting nailed.  It shouldn't rate as high as 
Mario's because of the lack of vertical range, however, the sheer power 
of the move and the piercing effect puts it up there.  Rating: 4/5 
Overall Rating: 3.6/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.7/5 
H. Sheik [S2] 
Final Smash - Light Arrow 
What happens? - Sheik pulls out a giant bow and fires the Light Arrow, 
piercing everything horizontally in the path and sending them flying.  
Sheik is invincible while unleashing the Light Arrow. 
Application:  Okay, for characters that have the same or almost same 
final smash, I wasn't sure what to do, because this is almost the exact 
same as Zelda's.  Well, I decided to give them their own entry because 
the characters play differently enough to have their own entry (because 
I think of them as different characters in my head), but there's not 
going to be much here except see Zelda and an explanation of the 
differences.  The only difference in application here is the angle at 
which the characters fly from this move.  With Zelda's it was 45/50-
degrees, whereas with Sheik they fly at a 5-degree angle, almost 
straight horizontally in other words.  You may want to take the stage 
into consideration for this.  Rating: 2.5/5 
Power:  See Zelda.  Pretty awesome damage.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  See Zelda.  Same freeze frames and everything.  3.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  See Zelda.  3.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents: See Zelda.  4/5 
Overall Rating: 3.6/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.7/5 
I. Bowser [B1] 
Final Smash - Giga Bowser 
What happens? - Bowser grows immensely in size and looks even more 
fearsome than before.  Absolutely incapable of flinching from the other 
puny fighters, he wreaks unquestioned havoc upon them while they simply 
try to avoid his path of destruction.  While Bowser can take damage in 
this form, it's most wise to avoid him. 
Application:  The second you get the should Smash Ball you should 
trigger the transformation.  You control the same as regular Bowser 
except now you're huge and don't flinch, plus you have an immense 
damage increase.  You can take out multiple people with a single swipe 
and can get multiple KOs on a single person if you're good enough.  
Your opponents can actually needle you with damage while you're in this 
form, but they won't be able to knock you out or anything since you 
don't flinch.  Take out anyone who gets close and chase them with shell 
and flame.  This would be an easy max rating if you were fully 
invincible, but this is still amazing regardless.  Also, it might be 
good to remember that Bowser's down smash now has a frigid aura about 
it in this form, it'll freeze opponents caught in its wake!  Use this 
to your advantage.  Don't forget that his forward smash at the right 
distance can nail edge-hangers as well.  This doesn't get a 5 because it 
doesn't last as long as you would hope.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power:  All of your regular moves do significant damage and you can 
even just charge things like your up and down smashes on helpless 
opponents and watch them fly.  Your opponents may be able to avoid you 
but if they can't you can absolutely destroy them.  Still, it doesn't 
have the power of moves like Triforce Slash and Zero Laser so it's hard 
to give it a 4 or higher, but still better than average.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Looks:  If you played Melee and got to the final event or even just 
beat Adventure on Normal or higher, you what this is all about.  Bowser 
looks absolutely terrifying and he can completely tear through things 
and leave the stage in his wake.  It doesn't necessarily look as 
impressive as Mario Finale or anything (Mario's always got 1up on 
Bowser...sorry, but I get to have my bad jokes every once in a while), 
but it has its own great charm.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  You're Giga Bowser and they can't do much run.  With 
nothing else to concentrate on, they probably won't be able to needle 
you with projectiles or anything either.  Just go after them and start 
tearing them up.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Just more puny fighters for you to smash.  
Even if they to target you from afar you'll still be able to make it to 
them and destroy them.  You'll take some extra damage, but you'll wrack 
up KOs as you smash your way through them.  Worse than against one 
opponent, but still good, if it just lasted a little longer it would be 
up there.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Overall Rating: 4/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4/5 
J. Donkey Kong [D1] 
Final Smash - Konga Beat 
What happens? - Donkey Kong pulls out his Bongo Drums.  He starts 
playing a rhythmic, catchy beat the pulls in all nearby enemies as 
forces them to bounce around in the music.  DK will be invincible while 
playing his catchy tune, but it's not like you could get through his 
mesmerizing beat anyway! 
Application:  Well, once you grab the smash ball you can just hit B 
pretty much anywhere and you'll be grooving to the beat.  Still, 
there's always going to be one area of the stage that's probably the 
best place to hit it, but in general the best place to hit it is 
wherever your opponents are, because if you time the beat correctly 
they will not be able to escape.  On that note, after activating the 
final smash, it's better to time the beat and keep your opponents 
trapped in the music so you can do maximum damage (This sentence was all I 
had about it in the original guide, but it became obvious in e-mails that 
I needed to say it more clearly.  You tap A in time with the beat so you 
can do more damage and keep opponents locked in the music longer.  This is 
important to remember when rocking out with DK).  If you are good enough 
at timing the beat in the aforementioned manner, DK will occasionally clap 
with the beat, causing decent knockback with some KO potential.  Still 
hard to execute but you might need to get used to that catchy tune.  
Still, moving stages are not your friend at all so that takes some points 
away from this, but I suppose it also grabs the people caught in the 
beat...  Rating: 3/5 
Power:  Okay, this move racks up a lot of damage, and if you can figure 
out how to correctly time the beat (I had a lot of trouble with it, but 
then again it took me quite a while to get good at Rock Band too), you'll 
get that hand-clapping knock-back with some decent power.  This still 
doesn't rack up there with the power-packed single hit final smashes, but 
it's decent enough and the amount of damage if the opponents are caught 
long enough is considerable.  Rating: 3/5 
Looks:  The beat gets included here, so that's a bonus.  Plus, it's 
cool to see Donkey Kong knocking people around while rocking out.  Your 
opponents must be sad that they're fighting a quick, powerful monkey 
and getting tossed about by musical notes.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Well, you only have to get one person in the tune so 
that's not to difficult, but it might be easier for them to escape if 
you miss a beat so it's tough to rate this one.  It's alright but again 
everything else plays into this so it's hard to say.  Probably low end 
compared to all the other final smashes.  Rating: 3/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  The move is better against multiple opponents 
actually because you can knock them all around and into each other, and 
if people aren't in your beat your opponents will probably try to knock 
them into it since your move doesn't KO but racks up some damage.  
Still, not being able to instantly wipe out everyone on screen is kind 
of a downer, so it's still not that great.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.2/5 
K. Yoshi [Y1] 
Final Smash - Super Dragon 
What happens? - Yoshi grows tremendous angelic wings and becomes 
invincible.  He can now breathe fire and shoot fireballs, taking out 
anyone in his path!  Up, down, to the side, under the stage, in the 
air, there's nowhere to hide from the Super Dragon Yoshi! 
Application:  Just grab the smash ball and hit that button.  Nothing to 
line up beforehand because you can do it anywhere with your tremendous 
movement.  Tapping the attack button afterwards will shoot out fireballs 
that pack quite a punch, but you can also directly breath fire every once 
and a while if you don't hit non-jump buttons, but this probably isn't the 
optimal option (considering he stops the jet stream and restarts it at 
intervals).  If you're up against opponents who are good at dodging, this 
is a wise strategy as you might be able to catch them for some damage and 
then nail them with a fireball.  It also seems that Yoshi's flapping wings 
can also do damage, so add that to your strategy.  Either way, you can get 
several KOs as the super dragon and your opponents will be waiting a while 
for this thing to end.  You can follow their flaming bodies all over the 
screen by flying with your control stick (jumps seem to help some, they 
don't end until the smash does.)  Not hard to control either, this is the 
great.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power:  As stated, his fireballs pack a punch and the jet stream of 
fire can rack up the damage.  You'll send people flying like crazy.  
It's not the absolute most powerful move, but considering you can hit 
with several fireballs, that racks up and adds to it.  If you're good 
enough you should take out opponents regardless of previous damage.  
Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  The way Yoshi glows is sweet, and the wings look amazing.  The 
fire also has a sort of holy glow that just looks luminous.  You almost 
look majestic flying around the screen, which is weird because that 
isn't what I think of when I usually think of Yoshi.  This 
transformation is great.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  They will be running like crazy from you, but there 
isn't really anywhere to run (except on the Pictochat stage and even 
then only if they're lucky).  Only one guy to focus your fireballs on, 
and when they respawn they'll just be waiting to get hit some more.  
Bad news for them either way.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  There's just nowhere to run, and what's worse 
is that your opponents will help Yoshi take you out if it's a stock 
match.  Yoshi can just take out everyone and then take them out some 
more.  Not quite as good as just focusing on one person, but this more 
than gets the job done.  Rating: 4/5 
Overall Rating: 4.4/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.4/5 
L. Peach [P2] 
Final Smash - Peach Blossom 
What happens? - Peach starts to dance, and there's a different music 
for the activation!  Peach frames the screen, and suddenly everyone is 
put to sleep.  Actual peaches litter the screen ready to be eaten for 
health recovery.  Peach is invincible during the activation and 
everyone's asleep after it so they aren't going to hit you while you're 
launching them or eating peaches! 
Application:  Okay, all you really have to do here, like so many other 
final smashes (which makes them good) is hit B.  The dance will 
activate and everyone on the ground will take a snooze.  Enemies in close 
enough proximity to Peach will also take damage, around 20% for being 
mildly close, but if you're close enough to dance with her you'll take 
about 40% (must have two left feet).  Opponents in the air won't fall 
asleep, but they'll have a hard time doing that considering they lose 
control of their character when Peach starts dancing (meaning they'll have 
to be in the air considerably high when the smash actually activates).  
Now you have options.  You can send your opponents for a ride with fully-
charged smash attacks, or you can grab a quick snack with the peaches and 
keep yourself alive.  The choice you make could be different depending on 
whether you're playing stock or time (you may prefer to heal yourself in 
stock whereas sending people flying is the better option in time).  They 
actually stay asleep long enough that you may be able to do both, but 
that's a risk you're going to want to weigh.  On moving stages, this is 
absolutely deadly though.  There's a very high probability that you 
will take out all of your opponents without even having to touch them.  
Take that into consideration if you're taking turns picking stages or 
something.  Either way, this is pretty easy to execute and obvious to 
use.  Rating: 4/5 
Power:  There is no real power.  You can do damage if the opponent is 
close enough, but you don't send people towards a knockout without 
actually executing your other moves, which aren't all that powerful.  You 
put them to sleep and get to eat peaches.  I guess you can count the 
peaches as healing power (around 5% per Peach)...and the smash gives you 
the opportunity for powerful moves...I guess I won't give this a zero, but 
it's the closest thing to it.  Rating: 0.5/5 
Looks:  If you played Super Princess Peach then you know what the frame 
is all about.  The music is a nice little tune which I believe is from 
that game, and the screen homes in on Peach for her little dance.  It's 
also pretty cool to see the screen litter with peaches while your 
opponents have snooze bubbles.  I can't give it as high a rating as the 
more visually appealing moves but it's pretty cool anyway.  Rating: 3.5/5
Vs. One Opponent:  A very good situation, as you have the possibility 
of fully healing yourself and getting a knockout without having to 
worry too much about the clock.  Just don't mess up your charged smash 
attack or you definitely won't get the desired effect.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Still pretty good, you can heal yourself and 
possibly get more than one knockout, unless you're on a moving screen 
where this would be an easy 5 (the combination of knocking out all 
opponents plus healing yourself).  Opponents who were in the air when you 
unleashed this won't be asleep, but they will probably go for easy 
pickings or the peaches, whereas you'll get the other and still you're 
your opponents taken out.  Either way, this is still good.  Rating: 4/5 
Overall Rating: 3.3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.3/5 
M. Ice Climbers [I1] 
Final Smash - Iceberg 
What happens? - High Five!  The Ice Climbers summon a giant Iceberg to 
encompass most of the screen.  Enemies touching the iceberg will take 
constant damage, will be unable to move correctly, and have a 
possibility of being turned into a block of ice.  The Ice Climbers can 
handle the cold, but will still have a little trouble traversing the 
iceberg.  The Ice Climbers can be hurt by opponents while the iceberg 
is up, but it is unlikely your opponents will find the opportunity. 
Application:  Grab the smash ball and you can just hit B pretty much 
anywhere.  You can use this move even if Nana has already been knocked 
out, you just won't get to high five (see, everything's worse without 
Nana).  The part that's actually worse without Nana is that (unless 
there are available platforms) you probably won't be able to get over 
the tip of the iceberg to smash your opponents with your hammers (with 
Nana you can get up-draft on the side-B or Belay over it with the up-
B). Either way, you should be trying to hammer your opponents and not 
just be lazy and let the iceberg do all the work, especially since your 
opponents will be using all of the jumps at their disposal to avoid the 
ice (and most third jumps cause your opponent to be entirely vulnerable 
after using it).  Either way, this is easy to use and understand, but 
you can still technically be hurt during this, just not by the iceberg.  
Rating: 4/5 
Power:  The iceberg can rack up a lot of damage fairly quickly, and 
when your opponents get frozen they get jettisoned from the iceberg 
(I've never seen it strong enough for a KO in and of itself but it's a 
possibility...), and since you can smash your opponents with your 
hammers while they're getting beat up by a giant block of ice that's 
something. Opponents still continue to take damage if they are close 
enough to the Iceberg but not directly touching it, Final Destination is 
an easy place to see this in action. It's hard to give this an amazing 
rating but it's decent.  Rating: 3/5 
Looks:  The Ice Climbers final smash encompasses the stage, completely 
changing it.  It looks alright and I'm adding half a point for the high 
five, but if you only have Popo then just remember you lose that half 
point.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Pretty simply this will damage them pretty well and 
you only have that one person to concentrate on with your dual hammers 
of doom (unless you don't have Nana, and shame on you if you don't), so 
it's pretty good.  Still you may have trouble hitting them (the iceberg 
probably won't, but you might) so this is okay.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  There are more people to concentrate on, but then 
again there are more people who take damage and in matches they'll almost 
definitely still be trying to take each other out (even better for you in 
stock) and they are all still taking tremendous damage.  Rating: 3/5 
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.6/5 
N. Pit [P3] 
Final Smash - Palutena's Army 
What happens? - Pit calls to the heavens to summon the army of a 
goddess.  Palutena answers the call, manifesting herself as a large 
deity in the background and sending in winged troops for battle.  They 
attack Pit's opponents and send them for a ride.  Pit is invulnerable 
during the summoning but can still be attacked normally while the army 
is attacking. 
Application:  Recurring theme lately, hit B wherever you grab the smash 
ball since you don't have to line up anything.  The army attacks and 
sends your opponents flying.  Despite the fact that this seems the type 
of final smash that could get multiple KOs on a single opponent, that 
is very unlikely.  As mentioned before, you can be attacked regularly 
during this, and it's actually more likely that you will with this one 
than say Ice Climbers.  On the other hand, you can tear people up 
during this as well and since these guys actually have a good chance of 
knocking people out themselves that's an added bonus for you, so I'll 
give this the same score as the duo.  Rating: 4/5 
Power:  It'll most likely take the guys quite a few hits to take 
someone out and even then they might not be able to do it, and this 
smash doesn't rack up the damage anywhere near iceberg, even though the 
individual hits do send people sideways.  Pit himself also isn't as 
powerful as the Ice Climbers (few people can compare with TWO hammers 
after all) and several times I've seen this not KO anyone in a four 
person match.  Still, in the right hands it has potential and Pit is a 
very good character.  Rating: 2/5 
Looks:  If you've played this game then you probably know that Pit is 
annoying.  I don't know if it's that way for everyone but I can't stand 
to hear him talk.  Oh well.  The giant Palutena in the background is 
what gives this almost all of its points here because here army 
visually looks like a bunch of wimps.  So pretty much the giant 
Palutena is worth 3 points and the rest of the final smash is -1 so 
we'll give it...  Rating: 2/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  The entire army now has to home in on only one 
person, so...yeah, this is where the move is best.  You actually have a 
great chance of knocking them out and getting some bonus damage on them 
after they get back.  I suppose if you're really, really good you could 
get 2 KOs with this but I doubt it.  Anyway, the move shines here.  
Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Despite this being a final smash that "hits" 
everyone, there's a decent chance you won't get to knock anyone out.  
The optimal situation most of the time is they dodge one of the guys, 
you smash them as they come out of it and then they get hit and knocked 
out by another guy.  On a small stage this move is better (that's the 
way it is with almost all final smashes though).  It's decent but 
doesn't compare with many others.  Rating: 2.5/5 
Overall Rating: 2.9/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.1/5 
O. Wario [W1] 
Final Smash - Wario-Man 
What happens? - Transformation!  Wario becomes Wario-Man, and all he 
has to do is eat some garlic!  The mask!  The tights!  The cape!  Is 
that flying or something else?!  Is he laser gun proof?!  
Punches...they do nothing!  The power!  Wario-Man is here to save the 
day!  At least his day is better!!! 
Application:  Pop that garlic in pretty much anywhere you want, though 
being on or above solid ground isn't a bad idea.  Basically, you 
control Wario-Man just as you would control Wario.  He has mostly the 
same special moves with some spiffy new features.  Your smash attacks 
are more powerful and have better range.  You also rule the sky because 
you can basically fly by using your moves in the air.  This pretty much 
gives you an infinite aerial combo while invincible, so you really are 
quite fearsome.  Your opponents attack will pretty much do nothing so 
they're going to be running away from you.  A special note about his 
motorcycle's really, really fast now.  So fast that you'll 
likely take yourself out (you're still KO'd if you go off the screen, just 
like everyone else).  You the longer horizontal stages or if there are 
walls, you can still use it if you want to, but it's not advisable.  And 
just don't use it in the air ever, or you'll be in for a nasty surprise.  
Anyway, you know the drill here.  Rating: 4/5 
Power:  Since this is a buff move, the power comes from how much more 
powerful it makes you.  The difference to all your moves is pretty 
considerable, but it's not Landmaster level.  I'd say his regular smash 
attack's power moves up to about Ike's (or slightly higher) regular 
smash attack's power except for the fact that it's faster and your 
opponent can't hurt you while you're smashing them.  Which is actually 
pretty significant power.  I'll give this a point lower than Fox's 
Landmaster.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Looks:  He's Wario-Man.  Okay, the move is not visually impressive at 
all, but he's freaking Wario-Man.  Seriously, if you look close enough 
you can see the smileys on his tights.  Nowhere near as impressive most 
final smashes but I'm putting him higher than Pit.  Rating: 2.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Basic for this type of final smash, only one person 
to concentrate on so better for you.  Still, since you move like a 
regular character a skilled opponent will just run like crazy from you 
and maybe even get away, unlike Giga Bowser where you take up so much 
of the screen they can't really run away.  It's good but there's 
better.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents: The final smash is technically worse, but to be 
fair most people won't just stop attacking the non-Wario-Man characters 
just so they can escape, so you may actually have a better shot at 
knocking some people out.  So I guess this should get almost the same 
score.  Rating: 3/5 
Overall Rating: 3.3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.5/5 
P. Zero Suit Samus [Z2] 
Final Smash - Power Suit Samus 
What happens? - Energy surrounds Samus and she starts to spin.  All 
enemies in the immediate vicinity get sucked into the vortex and Samus 
is suddenly decked out in her power suit.  The vortex damages enemies 
and sends them flying at the finish. 
Application:  This one's tough to rate.  You're going to want to be on or 
above something solid (probably).  No matter what, activation will change 
you into Power Suit Samus so that's something you'll want to consider, and 
it will happen whether or not you hit someone.  The radius of getting 
someone isn't very big, but they don't have to be directly next to you.  
They just have to be *close* to directly next to you.  It doesn't even 
have the range or Link's, but to be fair it sucks from all directions 
and if everyone was around you trying to also get the smash ball you 
might still be able to get them all, plus even if opponents don't get 
sucked in they can still get damaged from some of the electricity.  Still, 
transforming into your Power Suit might actually be what you don't want to 
happen (considering how differently they play, I myself actually prefer 
Zero Suit Samus because I like faster characters).  You can technically 
taunt out of the Power Suit but it is very hard to do.  Anyway... Rating: 
Power: This move is alright in power but it's definitely not going to 
KO an opponent who's at 0% or close to it.  However, it does put some 
damage on them (probably around 25%) and if they've already taken some 
hits (likely) you have a fairly decent shot at KOing them.  Rating: 2.5/5 
Looks:  Samus spins people into the vortex and then has her power suit 
on.  There's not much to it and really doesn't look that impressive 
either.  So...I don't about...I guess the glowing and 
spinning is worth a point, considering I know a person who's amused by 
something as simple as the colors on Olimar's down-B.  Rating: 1/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Get near them and hit B.  If they try to hit it out 
of you they shouldn't have the chance because the radius is big enough 
that they shouldn't get the hit in if they're in range to get sucked 
in.  So just try to get near them and hit this.  It's doubtful they'll 
be able to dodge it if you get on top of them but they still might be 
able to.  The vortex lasts longer than the dodge which is the reason 
they shouldn't be able to.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Considerably worse unless they were all 
gathered around you to begin with, but even if they were the range is 
small enough that even if they're close they still might not be close 
enough.  Basically, pick the opponent you think you can actually knock 
out with the move unless another one is just closer and easier to hit.  
Rating: 2/5 
Overall Rating: 2.2/5 
Without Looks Rating: 2.5/5 
Q. Ike [P2] 
Final Smash - Great Aether 
What happens? - Ike swings his sword in a great flaming arc.  Ike and 
anyone caught in the swing are taken immediately to the top middle of 
the screen wear he slashes his victims several times with his flaming 
sword, ending in one final down slash that slams his opponents to the 
ground and subsequently sends them flying from the impact.  Ike is 
invincible while executing Great Aether. 
Application:  This is another of those that you have to get your 
opponents near you to hit.  In all fairness, Ike's sword is large so 
you get a fair arc, but it doesn't go completely around you.  If you 
don't hit anyone, nothing happens of course.  If you execute this move in 
the air, a great arc of fire will come out of the sword, probably doubling 
this move's range and making it easier to hit.  There's still little room 
for error but it's something to keep in mind.  Rating: 2/5 
Power:  Racks up damage and then has the big slam at the end.  It 
doesn't send people flying as well as Link's but racks up more damage, 
especially when you compare the effect on multiple opponents.  Either 
way, you can probably take your opponents out with this move not 
counting a really high ceiling.  Quite strong considering the amount of 
damage it also adds.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  This move looks great.  The first slash taking your opponent to 
the top and then the repeated fiery slashes, combined with final slam 
and explosion, it looks absolutely fantastic.  I haven't heard of 
anyone not liking this one, it just looks great.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. One Opponent: Moves like this are great against just one opponent, 
target them and take them out.  They'll be fully caught in all the 
slashes and the final slam.  This is what the move is for.  Rating: 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Try to catch as many as you can, you'll keep 
everyone you hit in this entire time (which isn't true for Link's), but 
still, you're probably not going to get more than one person.  Slightly 
better than Link's against multiple opponents but not much.  Rating: 
Overall Rating: 3.6/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.2/5 
R. Pokemon Trainer [P4] 
Final Smash - Triple Finish 
What happens? - Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard all pop out for one 
great blow.  Fire Blast, Solar Beam, and Hydro Pump all come out at the 
same time in a great line of power.  Traditional Pokemon text will 
flash across the bottom of the screen, just let you know it's Super 
Effective.  The Pokemon are invincible while executing the triple 
Application:  Luckily, I don't have to write something separate for the 
three Pokemon because unlike the Landmasters, Triforce slashes, and 
Light Arrow, there is absolutely no difference regardless of who grabs 
this one.  Anyway, the beam of elements travels all the way across the 
screen, but it's even smaller vertically than the Zero Laser.  It's 
larger very close to the Pokemon, where the blast originates, causing that 
area to have significantly more power.  So try to get near the edge of the 
stage and unleash, it's better for you when there's only one good place to 
stand.  Still, since you hit people in a line and it's not as wide as 
similar moves, it's a little lower, but not incredibly difficult to hit.  
Rating: 3/5 
Power:  For being Super Effective, this move just is not as powerful as 
I thought it would be.  It's most powerful near the Pokemon, seemingly 
becoming less effective the further the opponent is away.  Also, is 
seems possible to get out of the beam if you're opponent is only hit by 
the edge of it.  It's decent but not as good as expected.  Rating: 3/5 
Looks:  This is pretty cool, you see the Pokemon lined up according to 
height and unleashing their moves.  Ivysaur's Solar Beam seems to be 
the central part of the attack, surrounded by Squirtle's Hydro Pump and 
Charizard's Fire Blast.  It almost looks like an explosion at the 
beginning, and quite simple this looks cool.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Just do your best to get them lined up in the beam.  
It's not a bad idea to try and get them near the Pokemon when you hit 
for the extra power.  Still, this can be jumped and all that so it's 
only average.  Rating: 3/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents: Surprisingly, this is just about the same as 
against one person.  Try the same things.  You can hit multiple 
opponents but they can all jump it as well.  They might not even attack 
each other because it doesn't last all that long and their three 
jumps may or may not protect them.  Still, if you catch them you've at 
least got something.  This is the pinnacle of an average final smash.  
Rating: 3/5 
Overall Rating: 3.3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3/5 
S. Diddy Kong [D2] 
Final Smash - Rocketbarrel Barrage 
What happens? - Diddy Kong uses the jungle technology available to him 
to the fullest.  He pulls out his peanut popgun...wait, he has two!  He 
pulls them out and activates his rocket barrel boost...constantly!  
It's like a jetpack.  He starts wildly firing his peanuts while 
rocketing around the screen!  Diddy is invincible during his wild final 
Application:  Okay, you can pretty much hit B anywhere because you have 
a jetpack, but it's a lot smarter to do it over land, because you don't 
technically move up.  You control it completely by tilting right and 
left, though tilting up gives you a little more control upwards, but 
doesn't help you as much when trying to aim.  You fire the peanuts by 
attacking with either button.  He fires pretty fast and it's relatively 
powerful, but Diddy is quite hard to control like this.  And if you get 
stuck under the stage, you it actually takes a while to maneuver back 
around because of the controls.  You fire straight down so you aim 
completely by steering, which can be problematic.  You can get some KOs 
this way, but if you can't control it very well you might get none or even 
take yourself out.  Still, the move is okay once you get it down and it's 
easy to start up, so it's okay.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Power:  The peanuts pack a pretty fair punch, but you still likely have 
to connect with several of them, which is powerful.  The jetpack itself 
does damage as well if your opponent gets too close, so that's 
something to remember.  This really isn't Super Dragon or anything but 
the power is okay.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Looks:  Diddy Kong flying around with barrel jetpacks dual-wielding 
peanut popguns?  As crazy as it sounds, that's exactly what happens on 
screen.  If your opponents actually think about what's taking them out 
that makes it even better than it actually is.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Only one person to concentrate on...which might 
actually hurt this one.  It's pretty hard to get this to aim correctly 
and all that, and an agile opponent might be able to avoid you while 
you fly around unwieldy.  With enough control you can take them to town 
but it's pretty tough.  Rating: 3/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  The move is probably better here as you're crazy 
firing is more likely to actually land against someone.  Plus, people 
will probably knock each other around right into your path of 
destruction so bonus for you.  Who knows, the lack of control may even 
cause you to hit someone you didn't even think you could.  Rating: 4/5 
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.5/5 
T. Meta Knight [M2] 
Final Smash - Galaxia Darkness 
What happens? - Meta Knight grabs his cape and whirls it around 
himself.  If anyone is even remotely touched by the cape, the entire 
stage is engulfed in darkness for a second.  Anyone caught in this is 
then immediately slashed through the darkness for a great hit.  Meta 
Knight is invincible for the short time he swings his cape. 
Application:  You've got to hit someone with your cape.  Otherwise, 
you'll have done nothing but look cool.  The screen won't go dark or 
anything unless you actually land with the cape.  Once you do, anyone 
caught is hit with the slash, even if they were caught in the small 
area of the cape below and behind you.  It also seems that people can 
be knocked into the slash after the initial fling of the cape, but the 
timing has to be spot on for that to happen and don't count on it 
happen, and it can't even happen unless you got someone in the first 
place.  If you hit just one opponent with the cape however, the other 
enemies (and even teammates) on the screen will still take some damage 
from the move, they just won't get the big knockback that comes from being 
actually struck by the cape and slash unless they were caught in the slash 
to begin with, just something to keep in mind.  The cape extends a pretty 
good amount in front of you and even above, below and behind you there's a 
little bit.  Overall, it's not the worst but make sure you land it. 
Rating: 2/5 
Power:  There's no racked up damage or anything, it's just the big 
slash (and the extra damage to people not caught in the cape.  It won't 
knock out opponents with too low damage, but it will still do it at decent 
damage levels.  I'd say the slash is about as powerful as the final slash 
in Link's, except that everyone in the cape gets hit with that whereas 
extra people caught in Link's seem to be able to avoid that final hit.  So 
the power is pretty good but not as strong as the cool darkness thing 
would lead you to believe.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Looks:  Meta Knight looks darn good flinging his cape out there, and 
considering he blacks out the entire screen afterwards, it's pretty 
hard for him to be more awesome while doing this move.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Standard drill here, just get them in your cape, and 
don't forget about the room for error slightly above, below, and behind 
you.  The cape extends further in front of you than your opponent might 
initially expect, so do everything you can to get them.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Everyone caught in the cape gets the full 
brunt of the slash, no exceptions.  Obviously, anyone not there doesn't 
get knock-backed (unless caught in the small sliver of the giant slash 
animation), just takes some damage.  Easier to catch multiple opponents 
than several similar moves, with the added range in front of you and all.  
Rating: 3/5 
Overall Rating: 3.3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.1/5 
U. Snake [S3] 
Final Smash - Grenade Launcher 
What happens? - Show Time!  Snake sends in the call and gets taken up 
by helicopter, suspended from a ladder.  You then seem him in front of 
the screen and he has, yes, a grenade launcher!  Everyone can see the 
targeting reticule on the screen which Snake uses to aim 6 grenades at 
his opponents.  Then he...reloads?!  6 more grenades for your opponents 
to run in terror from.  At the end he's lowered back down to the Brawl.  
Needless to say, Snake can't be touched during his final smash. 
Application:  Doesn't matter where you are, the helicopter will bring 
you up in front of the screen, so you know the drill with this type of 
final smash.  The only thing is you actually have to aim here, so I 
hope you know how.  There's standard controls here A/B is fire, up is 
up, down is down, left is left, and right is right.  Why wouldn't it be 
that way?  Well, some people like aiming with an inverted axis but 
that's not the case here, so keep that in mind.  Basically aim and the 
explosion will send people up, then you can juggle them all the way to 
the KO.  You can get multiple KOs on a single person this way as well.  
If you wait to long to fire the game will auto-fire for you.  You 
definitely have time to aim but don't take too much time.  Also, don't 
forget after 6 shots you have to reload, so keep that in mind if 
juggling someone toward a KO.  Easy to activate and not to hard to aim, 
this is good.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power:  The grenades themselves are fairly powerful, each one is 
probably slightly more powerful than Power Suit Samus's smash missiles, 
slightly less powerful than a Bob-Omb.  The damage can rack up from 
these things if you get multiple hits, and if you opponent has enough 
damage (or are high enough on the screen) it may only take one to take 
them out.  This is a pretty powerful final smash.  Rating: 4/5 
Looks:  This is exactly what to expect from Snake.  He gets air 
support, he has a grenade launcher with a targeter, it's hard to ask 
for more than this for a character like this.  Everything is pretty 
much spot on except for the fact you don't have to worry about return 
fire...which is even better for you!  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Only one person for 12 grenades?  Bad news for them.  
It's very possible to get 2 KOs on that person with this, and if they 
don't dodge them and you're really good you could even get 3, but any 
opponent like that you could probably beat without the final smash 
anyway, so whatever.  Still, very good.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Even if you have 3 other opponents, this is 
still 4 grenades per person, which should be enough to take them out if 
you're good enough.  Or you could just go after that one guy/girl who 
has trouble avoiding them and hope others get caught in the explosions.  
Again, still quite good.  Rating: 4/5 
Overall Rating: 4.3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.3/5 
V. Lucas [L2] 
Final Smash - PK Starstorm 
What happens? - Lucas turns and shouts: "PK Starstorm!"  Giant comets 
rain down from the sky in a strictly vertical fashion, sending anyone 
caught by one flying.  Opponents can even get bounced around between 
the comets for even more damage and opponents just get sent flying.  
Lucas is invulnerable while conjuring the starstorm. 
Application:  Hit B where you grab the smash ball, solid land is your 
friend.  Anyway, you don't control where the comets rain down or 
anything, Lucas just stands amidst the powerful comets he summoned, 
completely un-phased by the chaos around him.  Since there's nothing to 
control, it's just basically hitting the button when you get it and 
that's easy to do.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power:  Each comet is fairly powerful, but his move's real power comes 
from your opponent getting bounced around several comets at the same 
time.  The damage racks up and the comets have the power to KO 
opponents at relatively low damage levels depending on location on the 
screen, and even if opponents are nowhere near a knockout, they could 
just get knocked into another comet for a KO, so this move is good, but 
if your opponents can avoid maybe all but one it's not that great, so 
it loses a point there.  Rating: 4/5 
Looks:  Okay, this looks awesome.  Giant glowing comets rain from the 
sky while you glow with invincible power.  It's even more fun to watch 
people get bounced around between the comets and blasting off the 
screen in a glowing pillar of doom.  Needless to say, this is cool.  
Rating: 5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Well, here's the thing, you don't control anything, 
it's all up to your opponent.  However, this move can be quite hard to 
escape, especially near the end when there are sometimes clumps of 
comets that seem to annihilate everything.  It's not nearly as good as 
here as against multiple opponents, but in a lot of cases it only takes 
one comet (whether it be because it bounces people between them or they 
already have high damage).  Either way, this is good.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  I can't think of a single final smash (except 
maybe Ness, since it's about the same thing) that's better at nailing 
everyone while you're untouchable.  I suppose someone who's really good 
at controlling Pikachu/Sonic would be better, but since the vast 
majority of people won't be able to do that, and even people who are 
great can't, this gets the highest score here.  It's just hard to 
avoid, especially on a small stage and even more so if your opponents 
are still trying to fight each other.  On second thought, there is one 
other final smash... but I guess you'll have to read on to find out.  
Rating: 5/5 
Overall Rating: 4.4/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.3/5 
W. Sonic [S4] 
Final Smash - Super Sonic 
What happens? - The 7 Chaos Emeralds are gathered and glow around Sonic 
and he is immersed in light!  He turns golden and starts to glow.  He 
flies around the screen at high speeds, going straight for his enemies.  
Brawlers run in terror from his golden glowing form.  Sonic is completely 
invincible while in his Super Sonic form. 
Application:  Okay, this is actually quite a bit different than Pikachu's, 
even though the two moves are still similar.  Firstly, Sonic can't fly 
through platforms, and he also doesn't have Pikachu's ability to rack up 
actual damage as quickly.  However, he seems faster, easier to control, 
and sends people flying, while possibly even lasting slightly longer.  
Grab the smash ball and hit B immediately, wherever you are, because 
you're going to be flying around the screen and won't have to worry about 
damage or falling in Super Sonic form.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power:  This move packs an obvious punch, capable of sending people at 
fairly low damage levels.  The damage to their actual health percentage 
isn't as great as what Pikachu can do, but his move is still very 
for opponents.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  This gets its own entry, because Sonic obviously doesn't turn 
into a ball of electricity.  The activation with the Chaos Emeralds is 
cool, and watching a golden Sonic fly all over the place at speeds that 
would boggle the other characters is looks good.  Actually, it's still 
about the same as Volt Tackle...  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  See Pikachu.  They're actually still quite similar here 
because your opponent will have tons of trouble with you and might lost 
stocks/points.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  See Pikachu.  The ratings still tell you how 
good these are and everything, there's just not much more to say.  
Rating: 4.5/5 
Overall Rating: 4.2/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.4/5 
X. King Dedede [K2] 
Final Smash - Waddle Dee Army 
What happens? - King Dedede is in complete control.  He glows and is in 
command of the Waddle Dee Army!  Even the music changes at the King's 
whim.  These guys come from out of nowhere and move faster than what 
you'd expect.  They attack everything in their path and sometimes 
Gordo's even come out for extra added punch.  King Dedede is invincible 
while using his dance to control the Waddle Dee Army. 
Application:  This right here is why no other final smash has gotten a 
5 here, even if it's easy to land.  Nothing beats landing this.  On 
screen, off screen  below the stage all the way up in the sky, moving 
stages...none of that even matters.  Just hit that B button the second 
you've absorbed that smash ball and Waddle Dee Army will appear.  If 
you're on absolutely nothing and below the stage, you'll literally 
float in mid-air while dancing and summoning the Waddle Dee Army.  Even 
on moving stages, the stage will actually slow to a crawl so you can 
execute the move.  I've purposely gone to the bottom of Rumble Falls 
(off screen but not KO'd) and to the left of Mushroomy Kingdom (same) 
and the screen slows enough so that if you start to recover at the 
immediate end the stage won't kill you.  Even if you jumped off Final 
Destination so you could grab the smash ball in the bottom right of the 
screen,  Dedede has enough jumps including his high-flying up+B to 
recover back to the stage.  Since you don't actually control the Waddle 
Dee Army yourself, you can't really take that into consideration for 
this move so all that counts here is executing, and like I said, you 
can really do that anywhere.  The closest move to application is 
probably Super Dragon or something like that, but since  you still have 
to control Yoshi for that I just couldn't give anything else this 
rating.  Rating: 5/5 
Power:  Well, this move isn't that powerful, I suppose it most closely 
compares to the other final smash with army in the title, Palutena's 
Army.  The Waddle Dees move relatively quickly and attack anyone 
around.  There are more of them than Palutena's soldiers, but since 
they can't fly I guess there's a difference (they do seem to be able to 
jump a little).  Getting hit by one Waddle Dee isn't really going to do 
anyone in, but a bunch of them might do the trick.  However, Gordo also 
has to be taken into consideration and he packs a real punch.  Pit 
doesn't have an equivalent for that so this scores slightly higher.  
Rating: 2.5/5 
Looks:  King Dedede knows style.  The music is under his complete 
control during this, and it fits to a tee.  Seeing a ton of Waddle Dees 
and the occasional Gordo encompass the screen looks cool, and when you 
add in King Dedede's little glowing dance it's just too much.  Pit 
wishes he was this cool, but he's not.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  The enemies here sweep across the screen and can 
attack, but it might not be all too difficult for one person to avoid.  
Especially since Dedede is being awesome and dancing, thusly being unable 
to knock the opponent into the army.  Still, they can definitely get to 
whoever it is. Rating: 2.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  The Waddle Dees just have to spread out their 
attacks here.  They use the same formation as against one person, except 
there's less places to run because opponents will be fighting over places 
are safe, possibly causing the enemies to get swept away.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.6/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.4/5 
Y. Olimar & Pikmin [O1] 
Final Smash - End of Day 
What happens? - Olimar knows well enough not to stay out at night!  
There are just too many large scary creatures out there.  So he and his 
Pikmin friends jump in his ship and blast off for the night.  
Unfortunately, the blast off traps everyone else on the ground to get 
attack by giant wild beasts.  You can't see the attack but you can hear 
it happening.  When it's time to come back Olimar crashes his ship on 
the stage, sending people flying, but he's okay!  Olimar is obviously 
invincible during his final smash. 
Application:  Once you got that smash ball, jump in your ship fast before 
it's too late, but being close is definitely better.  (If you use your 
Final Smash over a pit, you'll have to re-pick them when you land because 
they won't make it into the ship, so sad!)  Your poor opponents will get 
attacked by the beasts, while being almost definitely buried by the 
blast off if anywhere in your proximity (which is likely because a smash 
ball was just on the screen.)  The bury from the blast off is similar to 
what happens with DK's headbutt and the Pitfall item.  Also like the 
Pitfall item, if you hit this in the air with your opponent next to you, 
they will be meteor smashed down to the ground (or lack of ground) when 
you blast off.  When you come back down, unless you land on a platform or 
something that stops them from getting blasted, everyone in the area will 
go flying of the screen.  On stages like Rumble Falls and other stages 
with several platforms or that are very large, you just won't hit them 
with rocket crash.  Then all you really did was a lot of damage, which is 
still great but not the same.  You crash close to where you took off, so 
you want to be kind of close to your opponents and that's the thing that 
really makes opponents fly for this thing, so that's knocks some off.  
Opponents may also be able to jump away to avoid being ground (or even 
where the monsters are, enemies like Pit can actually fly around above the 
monsters and not take that much damage, though it may be a little harder 
for him to avoid the ship this way or come to the ground fast enough) and 
the platforms have to be taken into consideration.  Rating: 4/5 
Power:  Well, your opponent's take a lot of damage and if they get hit 
with the ship they are almost definitely gone.  More powerful against 
multiple opponents, but anyone who gets hit by this is going to wish 
they hadn't, and everyone gets hit by this.  Very good.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  The blast off is awesome and it's great how the screen switches 
to the stars.  The background sounds are great for this smash and you 
can even see some of the colorful beasts attacking your opponents.  The 
giant explosion of the crash is just good.  Very good.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Rack up the damage on them and then crash into them, 
pretty simple mechanics.  Even if they don't get taken out by the 
rocket itself, they'll have some big damage on them now and you should 
be able to take them out.  Great.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  The screen goes up so all of your opponents 
take some big damage, and the crash can actually take out all of your 
opponents as well.  However, if the crash doesn't hit, people can steal 
your KOs which can be depressing in time matches.  Still, that could 
happen with PK Starstorm as well...oh, and back to that, this is where 
that on second though comes in.  Yeah, here's a... Rating: 5/5 
Overall Rating: 4.3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.3/5 
Z. Ness [N1] 
Final Smash - PK Starstorm 
What happens? - Ness turns and shouts: "PK Starstorm!"  Giant comets 
rain down from the sky in a wide, fan-shaped fashion, sending anyone 
caught by one flying.  Opponents can even get bounced around between 
the comets for even more damage and opponents just get sent flying.  
Ness is invulnerable while conjuring the starstorm. 
Application:  See Lucas.  The only difference here is that the comets 
rain down at a slight angle, which may be good or bad depending on how 
you see it.  Once you mention that little fact, everything from here on 
out is the same.  So there's really not going to be much to say about 
it.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power: See Lucas.  Rating: 4/5 
Looks:  See Lucas.  I think this actually looks slightly better than 
the Lucas PK Starstorm (I like how they rain down better), but it's 
about the same and I already gave that max score so this gets the same 
as well.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  See Lucas.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  See Lucas.  Rating: 5/5 
Overall Rating: 4.4/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.3/5 
AA. Marth [M3] 
Final Smash - Critical Hit 
What happens? - Marth points his sword to the sky and the tip glows 
ominously.  Then Marth dashes across the screen quickly brandishing his 
sword.  When he reaches an opponent or opponents, he makes a single 
slash.  Suddenly, a life gauge appears and you see it completely 
deplete!  Your opponent just took a critical hit!  There they fly! 
Application:  This is another one of those final smashes that you have 
to line up.  However, when Marth dashes across the screen for this, he 
dashes quite far, as in he has better range than Link.  Anyone caught 
in this slash takes the critical hit and is immediately jettisoned.  
Since it's one of those that you have to line up, it can't get a good 
score here, but because of his giant dash he one-ups some of his 
competitors.  It is kind of important to keep in mind that if you miss 
with this move, you'll still continue that dash.  That's important to keep 
in mind considering it could send you towards your own knock-out.  The 
dash seems to be amplified when you start in the air, and is significant 
to worry about even on large stages.  That lowers the application of this 
move quite a bit, but as long as you are on land you should stop the dash 
at the edge of the platform you're on.  Rating: 1/5 
Power:  Basically, getting hit with this is bad.  Even though it's only 
one single slash, it's a critical hit.  One, two, three opponents, 
doesn't matter.  You get hit by this the damage is absolute.  You go 
away.  Unless something impedes you and you bounce multiple times this 
is going to take you out.  Scary.  Rating: 5/5 
Looks:  Not much to it, sword up, dash and slash.  The life bar 
appearing is pretty cool, but that's about it.  It's worth 2 and rest 
is good for a 0.5.  Not as good as Palutena, but since the rest of 
Pit's got that -1 this still beats him.  Rating: 2.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Uh...yeah.  Bye.  Absolutely devastating.  No other 
move quite compares.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Odds are you're not going to hit more than one 
person, even though you could potentially hit both or all three.  And 
if you do they are gone.  So this is okay, especially considering the 
power.  Rating: 2/5 
Overall Rating: 3.1/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.3/5 
BB. Luigi [L3] 
Final Smash - Negative Zone 
What happens? - A giant circle of darkness surrounds Luigi and 
everything is changed to shades of gray, black, and green of course.  
The music and the screen are Luigi's now, and his dance let's you know.  
Opponent's are helpless before Luigi in his world, and he's out to 
prove he's no second fiddle. 
Application:  Okay, firstly, I'm going to explain everything that 
happens to opponents when they are in this bubble.  But since I 
wouldn't have known everything if it weren't for the official site, I'm 
going to rattle off exactly what they said.  I got this from which is known as Smash Bros. Dojo, under the 
secret characters entry for Luigi where his final smash is explained.  
This is what happens in the Negative Zone.  Opponents suffer: 
    * Drastically reduced attack power 
    * Greater launch distance when hit 
    * Increased likelihood of slipping 
    * Steady increase in damage percentage 
    * Flower growth on head 
    * Dizziness 
    * Uncontrollable taunting 
    * Sudden sleepiness 
    * Decreased movement speed 
And so on....  Luigi's Up+B landed correctly is apparently instant KO 
for the helpless opponent's even if they were at 0% before hand, and 
his smash attacks will probably do the number as well.  If your 
opponents are jumping while in the negative zone, they can't fall 
asleep, taunt, or slip (also taken from the Dojo) so that's something 
to take into consideration.  The negative zone has limited range though 
so make sure you actually trap them in your bubble.  Not hard at all on 
small stages.  It's especially nice to make the Negative Zone appear 
near the respawn point to try to get multiple KOs out of single 
opponents.  Pretty easy to land, but you can't do it below the stage or 
too high in the air or anything like that.  Rating: 4/5 
Power:  The negative zone itself isn't too powerful even though it does 
do consistent damage.  The increased power of your moves, or more 
exactly, the increased launch distance is the real kicker, especially 
when you consider the Up+B being pretty much an instant KO.  So this 
gets... Rating: 4/5 
Looks:  Well, suggestive themes aside, you should take this at face 
value.  Luigi gets his own little world.  He's got the moves, the 
music, but he's got the real kicker.  Making your opponent's 
uncontrollably taunt is just amazing, and I get a kick out of it every 
time I see the super slow-motion taunts, especially ones like Mario's. 
Good rating here.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Too simple, only one opponent to trap in the 
negative zone and you are going to take them out.  Not only that, you 
have a better range than say Marth's or something, the only problem is 
if they jump or something.  But considering they will be slowed and 
you're not, you can still probably land the fire jump punch and knock 
them out anyway.  I guess they could get a lucky dodge and run away, 
but it'd be tough.  Since this guide is about telling you how to use 
the moves and such and now you know the instant KO, this has to get the 
best score.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  If everyone was around you trying to get the 
smash ball, they are in a lot of trouble if they failed.  Someone may 
be able to escape, but you can take them out of commission.  On a small 
stage, you've probably gotten yourself multiple KOs and depending on 
position, take people out more than once.  You could also miss-time the 
move and not get anyone in the negative zone initially which wouldn't 
do anything much for you, because it's not like it moves with you.  
Still, it's very good and a potential on multiple KOs.  Rating: 4/5 
Overall Rating: 4.3/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.3/5 
CC. Falco [F2] 
Final Smash - Landmaster 
What happens? - Falco calls to his ship to drop the Landmaster into 
combat.  Basically, you become the blue Landmaster, becoming invincible 
and having a giant cannon on the front.  You proceed to rampage in your 
tank for a decent length of time while your opponents figure out how 
best to evade. 
Application:  See Fox.  Here's the difference.  Fox's Landmaster has 
much better maneuverability on solid ground.  Running into enemies on 
the ground is more powerful.  He's faster there and can handle the 
terrain better.  Falco, on the other hand, his domain is the sky.  
Hitting enemies in the air is stronger and you move much faster and 
more gracefully in the air, which is better for flying your opponents 
up off the top of the screen if they decide to take a ride.  Other than 
that, you've got your basic tank.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power: See Fox.  Rating: 4/5 
Looks:  See Fox.  Same color and all.  Rating: 2/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  See Fox.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  See Fox.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.8/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.2/5 
DD. Captain Falcon [C1] 
Final Smash - Blue Falcon 
What happens? - Captain Falcon calls for his vehicle, the Blue Falcon!  
It comes to him, knocking the enemies nearby to...the race track?  Time 
freezes on the stage and a cinematic scene occurs!  Captain Falcon 
drives down the track in the Blue Falcon while his opponents try to 
figure out what happened.  Due to his amazing speed, they can't react 
in time and are jettisoned off the stage! 
Application:  Okay, the first thing to understand is that Captain 
Falcon has the only cinematic Final Smash.  Once you hit it, even if 
there are unaffected competitors on the screen, you will be transported 
to the track in the Blue Falcon, as will your opponents, except they'll 
be without a vehicle...bad call.  Anyway, the Blue Falcon comes in 
right in front of where you are and anyone hit by that initial drive-by 
will be in the cutscene.  Obviously, you can compare this to Link's or 
Meta Knight's or whatever, but you know the scores with these types of 
final smashes.  Rating: 1.5/5 
Power:  This move is very powerful, and is going to be a likely KO on the 
opponents you hit, though on a big enough stage and such your opponents 
actually can survive if you're too far away from the edge.  Capable of 
KOing 0% opponents in the right situation though.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  Okay, Captain Falcon has his own cinematic, which none of the 
other characters boast.  That gives him some serious points.  I don't 
know what idea Nintendo is giving kids by having Captain Falcon run 
over his opponents but I will say this right now...DON'T DO IT KIDS!  
HITTING PEOPLE IS BAD!  Anyway, this is great looking for what it's 
worth.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  You hit them and they go bye-bye.  Nothing else to 
say really.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Pretty much the exact same as Marth here as 
well.  Go for one person and if you hit another then good for you.  
Rating: 2/5 
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.3/5 
EE. Lucario [L4] 
Final Smash - Aura Storm 
What happens? - Lucario transports to the top of the screen.  With a 
thrust of his arms, he unleashes and amazing aura beam.  The beam grabs 
opponents caught in it and makes them feel the pain, and at the end of 
the blast opponents are sent flying.  Lucario can't be hurt while 
unleashing Aura Storm. 
Application:  First off, this is one of those where you can hit B as 
soon as you get the smash ball.  However, you then have to control the 
beam by tilting left or right.  It's not very wide and it moves slowly.  
Plus, you can only move it so far to the right and left, giving your 
opponent's an opportunity to jump over it long enough to avoid it.  
Just make sure you start moving it toward them as soon as you possibly 
can.  Something serious to consider is that this actually works like 
Lucario's other moves, in that the more damage you have, the more 
damage this does.  That doesn't really matter for when you execute, 
because you're going to do it as soon as you get it.  It's just 
something to remember.  The end of the beam is when they go flying, 
opponents are damaged during the duration.  You should point the 
control stick directly at your enemies near the end and you get some 
extra power.  Easy to start but not the best thing to land, it still 
gets good points for set-up.  Rating: 4/5 
Power: Honestly, it's not nearly as strong as it looks.  It's in that 
class with Pokemon Trainer (not surprising because Lucario is a 
Pokemon) where it doesn't pack the punch you thought it would.  Even if 
you have Lucario at high damage it just doesn't have amazing effect on 
low damage opponents, and even on decently damaged opponents it might 
not KO.  Odd.  It still KOs if the cards line up, and does rack up 
damage, so it still gets the same score as the Pokemon Trainer.  3/5 
Looks:  Okay, this move looks amazing.  It looks like an absolutely 
vicious beam, I don't know what does it, but it's almost scarier than 
the Zero Laser.  The light emanating from Lucario looks cool, and 
moving it just makes it cool.  What it lacks in power, it makes up for 
in style.  This category actually makes the move sound worse than it is 
in the other categories, simply because of how visually impressive it 
is.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  You get to aim at one person so good for you.  I 
suppose this is where it's better but now there's also no one to help 
you knock them into it.  On a small enough stage you'll most likely hit 
your opponent unless it's Jigglypuff or Peach or someone who just seems 
to stay in the air forever and get over the beam's range.  Pretty good.  
Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Okay, if they're on different sides of the 
screen you aren't going to hit both of them, you'll probably just want 
to aim where you see more bodies.  There's a good chance you'll catch 
multiple people in the beam even though it moves so slow, but still 
it's not amazing, just average, which is still surprising.  Rating: 3/5 
Overall Rating: 3.8/5
Without Looks Rating: 3.5/5 
FF. R.O.B. [R1] 
Final Smash - Diffusion Beam 
What happens? - R.O.B. activates the Diffusion Beam!  A swirling beam 
of light starts spiraling in front of him.  All enemies in front of 
R.O.B. are caught in the maelstrom of destruction in front in him, 
while he's still fully capable of attacking with most of his attacks.  
R.O.B. is vulnerable with the diffusion beam active, but anyone caught 
in it will be staggered and open for attack.  R.O.B. becomes invincible 
while executing his Diffusion Beam.
Application:  Firstly, don't get too fooled by the what happens part.  
I have to make them all sound cool.  The spiraling beam in front of you 
is only about two Luigis wide.  Secondly, it doesn't send people 
flying, just staggers and racks up damage.  However, the important 
thing to keep in mind is that you can use all of your Robotic Operating 
Buddy's moves except for his Robo Beam with this active.  With this in 
mind, you can actually KO several people with some skill because R.O.B. 
is pretty powerful and has some good moves pack a punch.  Not only that, 
his ability to basically fly wherever he wants for a short amount of time 
can't be overlooked.  Catching people in the diffusion beam isn't hard 
because you only have to be near them.  What's funny is that one of 
R.O.B.'s taunts (yes, you can taunt with Diffusion beam on, just like you 
can taunt with Wario-Man and Giga Bowser) will actually make the Diffusion 
Beam arc over him, potentially hitting people above and around you.  I 
don't really recommend doing this but it's funny to damage people this 
way.  Also, R.O.B.'s Diffusion Beam occasionally shoots out an actual beam 
with a much larger range that can really pack a punch on high percentage 
opponents.  Anyway, you can hit B right when you get the smash ball and 
then just find some people to torment.  You control just the same and 
everything so go get your opponents.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Power:  Well...the beam can really rack up some damage, and R.O.B. has 
some pretty powerful attacks for that matter, but I suppose the actual 
power of the actual final smash isn't that great.  There's some bonus here 
for the beam occasionally firing as well.  Still, lining people up for 
already powerful moves deserves some points. Rating: 3.5/5 
Looks:  Well, the spiraling power looks pretty cool, but really that's 
all there is to it.  It's hard to rate this one accurately but it's 
just not impressive past when you first see it and even then not so 
great.  Rating: 1.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  As long as you face your opponent, you can get them 
pretty good.  Thusly, this is a great situation for R.O.B. as he can get a 
potential KO here and then rack up some damage for next time.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  You just have to fight like you normally do with 
the added bonus of non-stop destruction in front of you and being 
invulnerable.  You actually have a decent shot at racking up several KOs 
here with your added beam power and the amount of damage your opponents 
accumulate.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.4/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.9/5 
GG. Mr. Game & Watch 
Final Smash - Octopus 
What happens? - Mr. Game & Watch is transformed!  He's takes the shape 
of a two-dimensional octopus!  Mr. Game & Watch can jump about in this 
form and lash out with his tentacles.  Even though he can't turn 
around, he can still move in both directions.  Surely this 2D terror is 
not to be trifled, because he can't be!  Mr. Game & Watch is an 
invincible octopus! 
Application: Okay, you want to hit B as soon as you get the smash ball, 
but still make sure you're on or above something solid, because in 
octopus form you only get the standard two jumps, there is no third jump 
to help you out.  You do control him like a regular giant character, the 
differences are you get those two jumps and tapping the attack buttons 
make the tentacles lash out.  When you aren't attacking with the tentacles 
your body can do good damage and when you're attacking the tentacle's are 
things that do damage.  Mr. Game & Watch is pretty easy to control here 
and you can get multiple KOs on a small stage, combined with his 
invincibility and new size this is a final smash to beware, just remember 
the one jump rule.  Rating: 4/5 
Power:  Mr. Game & Watch is pretty powerful here, just remember which 
part of his body you're attacking with.  You'll likely need to score 
multiple hits to knock people out, but that's not very hard.  It's not 
like the attack power bonus of Giga Bowser, but you're still quite 
strong and can't be hurt.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Looks:  Okay, you're an octopus.  And you have awesome 2D tentacles.  
And you can jump around a little bit.  And your opponents are running 
from a 2D octopus.  This is really cool.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Like most transformations, you only have one person 
to deal with, so you can fully concentrate all of your attacks on them.  
This should net you a knock out plus damage on the next, possibly even 
2 KOs if you get lucky or your opponent can't get out of your path.  
Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Similar to Giga Bowser except you can't be 
damaged, with a little less power.  On a giant stage this might be a 
little difficult, but you can theoretically take out all your 
opponents.  Plus, they might even give you a hand with it.  Rating: 3/5 
Overall Rating: 3.7/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.6/5 
HH. Toon Link [T1] 
Final Smash - Triforce Slash 
What happens? - Toon Link shoots the triforce out of his hand and it 
envelops his opponent.  He then proceeds to slash them several times 
with his sword and lets out one final slash that sends the opponent 
careening toward the edge of the screen.  Toon Link is invincible while 
executing the final smash. 
Application: See Link.  The difference here is slightly less range.  
You also do fewer slashes.  However, the final slash of the attack is 
more powerful, so that's something to consider.  Toon Link apparently 
doesn't get as much of the slight vertical leeway as Link's does either.  
Same as Link's, you can possibly get more people caught.  Rating: 1.5/5 
Power: See Link.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  See Link, except now you look all cartoony, which might 
actually make it better or worse depending on the person.  Same score 
though.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. One Opponent: See Link.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents: 1.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.4/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3/5 
II. Wolf [W2] 
Final Smash - Landmaster 
What happens? - Wolf calls to his ship to drop the Landmaster into 
combat.  Basically, you become the red Landmaster, becoming invincible 
and having a giant cannon on the front.  You proceed to rampage in your 
tank for a decent length of time while your opponents figure out how best 
to evade. 
Application:  See Fox.  Here's the difference for Wolf.  His Landmaster 
is like Fox and Falco's combined.  He's got Fox's land maneuverability, 
Falco's air maneuverability, and he has a more powerful gun than both 
them.  What's the catch then?  The amount of time Wolf spends in his 
landmaster is shorter, so use that extra power and maneuverability to 
get as many KOs as possible as quickly as you can.  0.5 less for the 
shorter time.  Rating: 4/5 
Power:  See Fox.  0.5 greater power for aforementioned reasons.  
Rating: 4.5/5 
Looks:  See Fox, except that Wolf's Landmaster is red.  Rating: 2/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  See Fox.  Rating: 4/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  See Fox:  Rating: 4.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.8/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.2/5 
JJ. Jigglypuff [J1] 
Final Smash - Puff Up 
What happens? - Jigglypuff starts glowing and begins to rapidly expand!  
Bigger, bigger, bigger!  Jigglypuff is gigantic, dwarfing even the 
mighty Giga Bowser.  What will she do in her new giant, invincible 
form?  JIGGLY!!!  Jigglypuff yells aloud and puffs up and down, sending 
anything close by far away!  Jigglypuff will then deflate and get back to 
the action.
Application:  Okay, basically, you want to be above something solid, 
but probably near the lowest point of the stage since you're going to 
be giant.  Once you meet those conditions you can just hit B, but 
meeting them isn't that important since you're going to be HUGE.  For what 
it's worth, you can actually do this move anywhere because Jiggly gets her 
jumps after the move and she stays in place while growing large, but the 
above conditions are still kind-of important to meet considering that's 
where your foes will be retreating to.  You'll want you're opponents near 
you but they may be able to get away, meaning this really won't do much.  
Still, it's not hard to hit because you're absolutely giant, and you can 
get taken out by moving stages, but only if you're practically already off 
the screen to begin with.  Rating: 4/5 
Power:  Okay, this one is tough.  The move itself does not actually do 
any damage.  (I have had people tell me that Jigglypuff's final smash 
actually does do damage if you are in close proximity to her.  I do not 
believe this to be true.  Damage can be resulted from this move, but the 
final smash of Jigglypuff does not actually cause it.  On a stage like 
Shadow Moses Island, if Jigglypuff knocks foes back and forth between 
herself and the stage, they'll likely take damage from being knocked into 
the stage several times.  This is a result of the final smash, but I've 
tried several times without factors like this, and this move just does not 
do damage on it's own without outside factors.)  However, if your opponent 
is touching you anywhere on your new, gigantic puffball body they will 
get sent away, likely resulting in a KO.  So this goes by your opponent 
getting hit, and even though they don't get damaged, it's a powerful push 
away, so that's worth some major points in and of itself.  Needless to 
say, this move is obviously better on smaller stages and can still be 
dangerous on large ones.  Something to keep in mind is that if you're 
playing on teams your teammate can get caught in this, so make sure you 
remember that.  Rating: 4/5 
Looks:  Okay, giant glowing Jigglypuff is just awesome.  It is so cute 
and when it says Jiggly it's amazing.  I can only imagine how 
sickeningly cute it is in Japanese when she says "Purin" because it has 
to be even cuter.  I don't care what e-mails I get for this little 
thing right here, I'm giving it max.  Rating: 5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  This is one of those moves that is definitely worse 
against a single opponent.  Unless there is absolutely nowhere to run, 
your opponent will be able to flee while you're expanding, so this move 
definitely gets knocked against a single opponent, even though on the 
right stage it is still devastating.  Rating: 1/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Here you go, this is when you're great.  You 
could possibly take out everyone because you're huge.  Even if they can 
get away, are your opponents really just going to trust each other 
enough to just stand in the same safe place and not do anything.  
Probably not.  They'll likely attack each other, possibly pushing them 
into you and sending them off screen.  You have the potential of 
getting everyone or no one, but this move is good against multiple 
opponents nevertheless.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 
Without Looks Rating: 3.1/5 
KK. Ganondorf [G1] 
Final Smash - Beast Ganon 
What happens? - Ganondorf transforms into Ganon!  He becomes incredibly 
large and lets out a mighty stomp.  Then he surges forward hammering 
anyone in his path, and then is transformed back at the spot the move 
was executed.  Ganondorf is invincible while executing this move. 
Application:  Okay, this is one you have to line-up, but you have a lot 
more lee-way than with Link, Marth, or Meta Knight (and I mean A LOT). 
Hitting this on the ground is better since the stomp will stun your 
opponents and then they will go flying.  I guess it's kind of a 
combination between Marth and Mario's, even though it doesn't look like 
either of those.  Beast Ganon is large that if you execute this move on 
one side of most stages and it travels across the stage, it takes up most 
of it.  A dangerous move to be sure.  Rating:  3.5/5 
Power:  This move does significant damage is another one of those 
almost sure KOs on anyone hit.  So just like those moves, this gets the 
almost max rating in the power category, fitting of the might Ganon.  
Rating:  4.5/5 
Looks:  Okay, he transforms into Ganon, and that is just amazing.  The 
charge is just great looking, especially with the standard final smash 
glow.  I especially like the shockwave from the stomp, but like in all 
his other endeavors, I'm going to have to have him be one-upped by 
Link.  Rating: 4.5/5 
Vs. One Opponent:  Just find them and nail them.  Beast Ganon is so large 
that it's actually pretty easy to hit them and with the moves devastating 
effects (especially if they're on the ground), this one is easy to rate.  
Rating: 5/5 
Vs. Multiple Opponents:  Unlike other moves like this, it actually has 
a bigger range.  Thusly, it gets a pretty good score here since the 
dash across the screen is quite large and it's still and almost assured 
KO on everyone caught in the path.  Rating: 3.5/5 
Overall Rating: 4.2/5 
Without Looks Rating: 4.1/5 
6.)  Updates/Misc.
"I'm not entirely sure what to put here, probably this is where updates 
will go.  Also, I'm sure I'll think of something to put here, maybe 
people will give me suggestions or something, I just think it should be 
here for some reason." - Me, Version 1.0 of Guide

Okay, figured out something to put here, an update list!

That's a pretty good start.


Update List:

3/14/08 - Version 1.0 - The initial guide was posted.

3/15/08 - Version 1.5 - Several changes in a short span, mainly on Pikachu 
and Sonic. Slight changes to clear some things up on Donkey Kong, Samus, 
R.O.B., Olimar, Peach, and Captain Falcon as well.  Lots of thanks.  Minor 
grammatical things.

3/18/08 - Version 2.0 - Tons of changes.  Too many to name, so hopefully 
this is the biggest update I'll ever have to make.  Check the thanks 
section for all the help I got.

3/23/08 - Version 2.5 - A few changes involving Ness/Lucas, Meta Knight, 
Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Marth, Donkey Kong, and probably some others I 
forgot.  More additions to Misc. and more thanks as always.

3/24/08 - Version 2.7 - Some minor grammatical and spacing fixes, as well 
as correcting a few errors.


Something else to put here already.  Neat little things that you may want 
to watch out for, but since they have to do with Final Smashes you may 
want to know them!


*Submitted by Zapatorf about DK's Final Smash:

"In regards to DK's Smash, there are multiple levels with varying effects:

The first, and most powerful level, is when you get a perfect hit on the 
beat. Not only will it make a 'sound circle', but what seems to be an 
actual sound wave (as in not circle-shaped) will also come out in opposing 
directions. This sound wave will often knock opponents out of the range of 
the final smash, so I find it's best to use at the end.

The second level I know exists but I'm not sure how to get it to happen 
when you want it to. Basically, it's just the level one sound circle 
without the sound wave. If I knew how to get it, it'd make a great way to 
juggle opponents within the circle.

The third level is when you don't press anything. It will make a very 
small sound circle that will juggle people inside it's confines."


Submitted by Austin Miller about Pikachu, DK, and Kirby/Pikmin:

"Pikachu: You can maximize the death by waiting about 0.5-1 seconds. This 
gives you a little bit more control over the psychedelic sphere.

Donkey Kong: If you get every beat in the Konga with the A button, you get 
a fully charged B move ready at the end, even if you didn't charge it 

Funny Glitch:  Pikmin count as items... this sounds irrelevant until you 
consider Kirby's final smash. Team up with Olimar and Kirby on a time 
match. Wait until your team leads by one kill then activate Kirby's 
final.  Have Olimar stand in the center and continuously pluck Pikmin.  
They will be sucked into Kirby's pot and Kirby will stand there waiting 
for all "items" to be sucked in.  You can run out the timer hard core.  I 
still remember the look on my friend's faces when they saw this one 
happen. (On a side note, for stock matches, Kirby's damage and throwing 
power, (unsure about items) increase the more items in the pot. Catch my 


*Submitted by Brolie3 about Luigi's Final Smash:

"Just letting you know that when you use Luigi's Final Smash, using his 
down-taunt (His previously silly little kick) gives more of a smash than 
his Up-B and, therefore, becomes very useful when his enemies are asleep 
in his negative zone."


*Submitted by NostalgicX/joelyp about Ness's Final Smash:

"I saw that you've got a pretty good description for Ness' Final Smash in 
your guide, but what you missed is its true application. If you can get an 
opponent above 30% and just get them off the edge, you can activate the FS 
and use it as an edge-guard."


Submitted by Dejavuagain? about Lucario and Pokemon Trainer:

"Lucario's final smash does extra damage if you're standing next to 
someone when you use it (i.e. when he jumps up in the air) and it 
generally becomes fatal on a no-damage enemy (if you hit right from the 
start) at 130-150% damage. Which obviously varies with terrain and enemy, 
but obviously if you got a smash ball there's very little chance the enemy 
has no damage. Also Pokemon Trainer's final smash is not more 
powerful right next to the Pokemon, in that close range it tends to send 
them out of the attack. There is an optimum range starting about two 
Mario's away from the Pokemon going to the end of Charizard's fire attack 
range where it seems to do the most damage, and at this range it is more 
powerful than I had previously suspected before-but still it's kinda weak, 
Disappointing indeed."


*Submitted by Chris Rice about Wario-Man:

"Just you inform you Wario`s final smash Wario-Man allows Wario to 
virtually "fly" using his aerial attacks .This give him infinite recovery 
,he can also spam aerial attack giving him ultimate aerial combo-ability. 
Finally Wario can Down Aerial and up aerial back to the stage for an 
amazing spike. Also it increases Wario`s range on move such as his forward 
smash. In fact as Wario-Man he covers half of Smashville!"


*Submitted by Zelloss for a more detailed difference list between Pikachu 
and Sonic's Final Smashes in case you wondering:

"Super Sonic vs. Volt Tackle: 
Although they may at first seem very similar, further testing with them 
has proven that they are very, very different moves - even if the damage 
abilities of them is roughly the same. 
Volt Tackle: 
-Is never stationary.  If you activate this Final Smash but do not touch 
the controller, you'll understand. 
-"Slings".  If moved, then it will tend to want to form a constant loop - 
try directing it, then letting the control stick go.  This also accounts 
for the seemingly unsteady movement it produces. 
-Near the end of the move, Volt Tackle slows down to a much smaller (and 
less damaging) movement.  This is the only time when it will actually slow 
down - due to the non-stationary movement and the "slinging" effect, it 
will until that time move fairly fast after its first movement.  This does 
give the user the advantage of knowing when the move is about to end. 
-Until nearing the end of the move, Volt Tackle is also capable of passing 
through solid walls.  Near the end, however, it will no longer have this 
-Pikachu will never enter "Magnifying Glass" range while using this move, 
preventing him from getting KOs but also from hitting characters in the 
very boundaries. 
Super Sonic: 
-Due to the lack of "sling", Super Sonic is more precise in control.  He 
will not move automatically if the control stick is released, and will 
also not bob or weave. 
-Super Sonic can be manually made to move slower, to help hit enemies 
trying to dodge.  Slower-moving Super Sonic does less damage. 
-Super Sonic is never capable of passing through objects. 
-Super Sonic can enter the "Magnifying Glass" range to hit recovering 
opponents, but will still not KO himself while Super Sonic is active 
-Super Sonic does not slow down when nearing the end of the move - in 
fact, there is no way to tell. 
-I can't be entirely sure, but I think that the "Hit Range" of Super Sonic 
is slightly smaller. 
-Super Sonic is also, of course, faster."


*Submitted by Austin Miller concerning Jigglypuff's Final Smash actually 
doing damage:

"Sorry that I have no pics or vids, but if you want to know when, you must 
touch Jiggly *as she is deflating*. It is actually very hard to do, and is 
almost irrelevant, but it should be included... I can't hook my pc up to 
my comp, so I guess it is a bit hard to show you, but if you can, get 2 
controllers and throw someone into Jiggly as she deflates, not the 
original screech of 'Jiggly!!!'"


*Submitted by Chris Rice about Yoshi's Final Smash:

"If you're up for mentioning tactics, one that I use is I'll hit them with 
Yoshi's body so that it ensures a direct hit. Once they're flinching from 
Yoshi hitting them. They can't dodge the immediate fireball."


*Submitted by a person who didn't want credit:

On Odin Bridge, if the bridge is busted, leaving the pit, you can press b 
while in the gap. Jiggly will grow until the bridge finishes rebuilding. 
If it doesn't rebuild while the final smash is being performed, then the 
glitch won't work. She then stays at that size. It doesn't increase attack 
power, and she still weighs the same. Also, it makes her a bigger target. 
But, it does allow for some mind games, and her jumps and range are 
enhanced proportionately by how big she got before getting stuck at that 
If you are confused by the description, then look at this video:


^Things like the above are definitely things that should be included in 
this guide, but I can't really look for every glitch in the game or 
anything so if you find something feel free to send it in and it'll go 
down here.
7.)  Thanks 
Awesome, thanking people time. 
Firstly, let's thank the people who made this game and made the 
characters in this game, and they are (thanks again to the Dojo site): 
*HAL Laboratory, Inc. 
*Creatures, Inc. 
*APE, Inc. 
*Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. 

And yet again, the official site for Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the 
Wii, Smash Bros. DOJO: 
Absolutely fantastic, so another special thanks goes to: 
*Masahiro Sakurai 
He's the mastermind behind Smash Bros. and the guy who was nice enough 
to give us the DOJO, so absolutely thanks to him. 

Now that I got that out of the way, I'm going to thank the people I 
play with because they are awesome and don't cry too much when I beat 
them, and I guess don't gloat too much when they beat me: 
TMAN, Schoch, Moo, John, Tru, Lucas, Trevor, Ian, Clarky, Ryan, Doug, 
But especially TMAN since we play at his house on his Wii on his game, 
and since he looked over the early portions of this guide for me. 

Thanks to the people on the GameFAQs Message Boards who figure out lots 
of things even though some of them know if you go 

Down here is where I thank people who e-mailed me with things I changed 
in the Guide.

*The_Soul_Gauge and Blueberry91 - The first of SEVERAL people to point out 
that the "gems" around Sonic are the Chaos Emeralds.  Credit for being 
first, I actually got quite a few e-mails about this, which really 
surprised me, and actually made me feel dumb for not knowing anything 
about Sonic.  After looking at the Official Brawl website again it even 
says they are the Chaos Emeralds so now I feel even worse for not reading 
completely everything there.  Oh well, it says Chaos Emeralds now.

*Daniel Brown - Big clarifications on Pikachu/Sonic and how they act with 
platforms and such and making me re-check Captain Falcon's Power.

*Mark Romero and Jake Marshall - Made me be more clear about DK's Final 
Smash.  I thought I had pointed out that tapping A in time with the beat 
on the original guide made the move more powerful in Application, but I 
was obviously not clear enough considering I got multiple e-mails about 
it, so now it's better for everyone.

*Matt Moses - Again, helped greatly with Pikachu and Sonic, had to make 
quite a few changes for them.

*Simeon Lim - Also pointed out about Pikachu's final smash, and another on 
the clarification of DK, and pointing out about R.O.B. occasionally firing 
on the Diffusion Beam.

*Adam Renninger - Pointed out moving Samus's beam with the control stick.

*Adam Ahmed - More help with character unlocking.

*HikaruYami - Caused me to replace "Power Gamer" to "Without Looks", which 
is what I probably should have done in the first place.  Also got me to 
lower Olimar's rating after considering what he said, and put a change 
into the introduction.  They're and their clarification on my grammar as 
well.  Lots of thanks.

*Peace_Frog - Clarification on Kirby's Final Smash.

*David Streifel and Evil Eye - First of a ton of people to e-mail me to 
tell me about Peach's Final Smash doing damage.  I got a lot of e-mails 
about his, not quite as many about the Chaos Emeralds but still a lot.  I 
can't name everyone who sent me something about this, but I thank them too 
for doing so.

*kirbyparufo - Big clarification on R.O.B.

*AzureLivesOn83 - A couple of different errors brought to my attention.

*Jeffrey McNeil - Quite a lot of things, including DK and others. Thanks.

*m at - A very large list of things were sent to me by this nice person, 
and tons of thanks for that.

*The Guy with M,any Aliases - Yet another of those people who sent me 
quite a few things that would take up too much time to name everything but 
is much appreciated.

*Froborr - Making me check something on R.O.B.

*Croove55 - Tried to help me with a different thing on R.O.B., but was a 
really nice person when e-mailing even though I had already updated, and 
since he was a cool guy I decided to put him here anyway.

*Zelloss - Another person who sent me a ton of information and deserves 
extra thanks.  List of Pikachu and Sonic differences in Misc.

*Jay - Another clarification on Marth.

*Tehdave - A small list of clarifications and such.

*Lee Ann Veatch - A small clarification on Wario-Man.

*Chris Rice - Clarification and tactics on Yoshi's Final Smash.

*Kyleab - One of several people who helped me on naming some of the as of 
yet unofficially named final smashes, but gets the thanks for actually 
giving reference as to why they were correct.

*Paul McGuire - Small clarification on Ice Climber's Final Smash.

*Sean - Clarifications on Jigglypuff and Luigi.

*Zapatorf - Big things about DK now under Misc.

*NostalgicX/joelyp - Ness FAQ creator who added the Ness entry under Misc.

*Marco Cruz - Small thing about Jigglypuff.

*Arathorn Ridondus - Change to Meta Knight's Final Smash.

*Austin Miller - Help on several things including Ike and many others. 
Quite a few thanks indeed.

*Brolie3 - Making the Misc. section now include Luigi.

*Dejavuagain? - Some things about Lucario and the Pokemon Trainer.

*Illgoma - Clarification on Olimar's End of Day.

If you e-mailed me something and I didn't give you thanks here, it's 
probably because one or several of the above people beat you to the bunch 
and it would be kind of ridiculous to have 20+ names for something like 
Peach's final smash doing damage.  I do appreciate the help and once again 
thank you for contributing, but I just can't put everyone up there, 
especially if I got the e-mails after I sent the actual update in.  Please 
keep e-mailing about things I have incorrect or little clarification or 
what not, I'll always try to keep the guide updated and give credit where 
applicable.  Thanks again.

And Thanks to GameFAQs and similar sites for making a place to put 
things like this.  They really help people out. 
I guess I'll thank you for reading it too, even though you don't really 
deserve it.  I take that back, you totally deserve thanks if you don't 
send me crappy e-mails.