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Easy level up for Illusion

Simply keep casting the spell illuminate while travelling or moving around. If your out of magicka just wait till it refills and do thesame thing again and again. Hope this helped. Have fun.

Added 3 Feb 2009, ID #1347, by raptor91 and get

Get Your Sneak Skill High!

All you have to do is
1)go to the Imperial City- Prison District
2)Enter the building at the center- called Bastion I think...
3)Once inside, go left, you shall arrive at a door which should be locked..pick the lock...Make sure the guard wont see you!
4)Go down the stairs and you will see jail cells on each side--one will have someone in it.
5)Go to him-use sneak mode- and start pickpocketing him, he has nothing to steal, but it will raise your sneak level anyway-he will never call the guards when he catches you-and the guards will never come down there
*unless your were arrested anyway and sent to jail*

Added 7 Oct 2008, ID #942, by Aerodian

Enchantment Forever!

There is a way to make an enchantment on a wearable object stay on your character! This requiers the dupe cheat. 1.You get an item with a good enchantment and 2 sets of scrolls with on of greater value or more than the other in number of scrolls. 2.Dupe the item with the set with the LEAST amount of scrolls. 3. Equipt the item and dupe the one not equipt with the set of scrolls with the GREATEST amount. If all went well you should have the item off ,the enchantment on ,and you shouldn't be able the wear the item. NOTE: this still works under the grounds of the dupe cheat so see that for more detail. EXTRA NOTE: This can be used multipil times ,but with differt objects, so have fun having a character that is the fastest ,strongest ,smartest ,and the list goes on and on. P.s. If you have a hourse ,99healing ,and admision to the university make a fortification spell for speed to use on touch then use it on the hourse to make it as fast as lightning. It's better to use on the hourse you get in the assasion's guild that way it dosen't die.


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Added 27 May 2008, ID #636, by Hardc1

Get away with murder

Once you have obtained the grey fox cowl you can commit any crime and get away with it. All you have to do is,just before you steal,kill or whatever you intend to do,equip the cowl,then when you have finished simply remove the cowl. All fines and infamy is allotted to the grey fox,so you keep yours clean.


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Added 13 May 2008, ID #614, by Russellgj

everything you need to know

In the following, I will tell you how to get to expert in heavy armor, light armor, armorer and acadamy.

For heavy armor all you have to do is put the difficulty at the lowest that it can be, then attack a guard and just let them hit you (you should have some healing potions or spell so you don't die. Another thing is don't kill the guard or you will have to pay a fine of $1000 and for beginers that's alot.
(you must have your heavy armor on for this to work) I'm an expert in heavy armor.

To level up in light armor you do the same as you do with the heavy armor, just with your light armor on.

To get really high armorer(fixing broken items) all you have to do is repair your armor that you wore when fighting the guards.

For acadamy you get two item that put together makes a potion and use the duplacation trick to get as many as you want then all you have to do is kepp making potions. You can also sell all the potions that you made to make a little money on the side.

Happy cheating

Added 7 Apr 2008, ID #512, by Towelee

Duplicating Items

I feel that people havent fully explained how to do the duplicating, as I tried to follow the instructions that they've given, but failed. I had to find out how on my own, so here is what I did:

First, I knew that I needed two magic scrolls of the same type. In this case, I used 2 starlight scrolls.
The hard part is finding two scrolls of the same type. I just stumbled across these two starlight scrolls in the bruma mages guild. Once you enter the main entrance, it's the room to the left of the desk. Once in the room, face to the right to find two starlight scrolls on the shelf. Beware! The only option is to steal them!
Once you have them, go into your inventory, and go to the starlight scrolls. Press 'X' twice on them, then go to an item you want duplicating, and drop it. After, exit the inventory screen, and you should have two of the item that you dropped. Oh, it doesnt work if you already have 2 of that item. If you want that item duplicating, you must drop 1 of them in advance before activating the starlight scrolls.

As someone has already said, you can duplicate an item more than once at a time if you have more scrolls! I got more scrolls by using the starlight scrolls to duplicate a different scroll. I kept doing this until I had a satisfying amount of them. In the end, I had 103 scrolls, and successfully duplicated items with that amount. I think it will freeze, depending on the remaining memory in your PS3. I had to try a massive amount, but the game froze once I tried to duplicate an item with 430 scrolls... Just don't try it :p

Added 6 Jan 2008, ID #380, by Brother dusty

Advanced dupe cheat

Get any number of scrolls instead of just two and you will get that mant items back for example if you have 4 snowball scrolls and a sigil stone just do the dupe cheat and you will get 3 more. And for the people who ont know how to do the dupe cheat all you have to do is click the scrolls twice and drop whatever you want dupelicated.

Added 4 Sep 2007, ID #194, by gamer 4 life

Super character

This isn't exactly a cheat but what you do is take some grand soul gems with grand soulds in them go to the arcane university if you are in the mages guild you will have to go to the enchanter and there you will enchant the armor you wear and the weapons you use with 25% chameleon no you can hit some one and they wont be able to hit you back so wail on them until they die.(fun to do this to umbra). If you are already the arch-mage just go to your room in the university and there is already one there.

Added 15 May 2007, ID #102, by JCizme

Easyest way ever to steal items

Do the item duplication magic scrolls cheat on invisibility potions(easyer to just buy in imperial city potion shop the one with the girl)then drink it and steal the item you will be visible again after that but your bounty wont go up and no one will catch you even if they are lookin at you

P.S. The item you steal will be a stolen item so do this cheat for the theives stuvs like the fencing so yea peace on

Added 11 Apr 2007, ID #81, by UFO_MASTAJAKE
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