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The stuff here is over run with bogus cheats so I'm here to help.

1st, you can't fight as Laura, Devil, Angel, Natasha Shung, Smoke, Snake, 500 new street fighters, Jun, Marshall law, Kazuya, Golden armour King, or anyone else from any of the previous tekkens (with the exceptions of Paul, Lei, Heihachi, Nina, Anna and Yoshimitsu)

2nd, you can't get a secret "cheat mode" for tekken 3 at the continue creen.

3rd: There is no other gons there is only gon with red boxing gloves (highlight gon and press triangle or square) and Gon in a turtle shell with blue boxing gloves (highlight gon and press X or O). Some fool who goes around by the name "cheat master XL" said you can unlock disco gon and armour gon and 3 different gons but that is a lie!!!

4th, there is no "Hwoarang's secret kick kombo" it is another lie made up by another fool!

In order to clear up modes, there are only 2 hidden modes you can unlock:

Theater Mode (complete Arcade mode with 10 original characters)

And tekken ball mode (complete arcade mode with kuma, julia, anna and bryan)

There that is the modes cleared up:

as for playing as armour King that is the biggest lie in the history of bogus cheats!

You can only play as 23 different characters! You unlock 8 different characters by completing arcade mode with the original characters (kuma, julia, anna, gun jack, true ogre, ogre, heihachi)

Ok now to submit some cheats that do work:

Panda: To fight as Panda, when selecting Kuma, highlight him and press O or X.

Tiger: ALOT of people have been saying bogus ways of how to get this disco-fan!

I believe i have discovered an accurate way to do so!

When you are playing arcade mode, beat it once with all the original characters EXCEPT Eddy. Then, complete Arcade mode a 10th time WITH eddy. so long as your 10th time is with eddy, you will have unlocked tiger. he won't appear on the characetr select list though. You will have to highlight Eddy And press start. simple enough?

Dr.b.: Complete tekken force mode 4x then on the 4th time, the words "FINAL STAGE CHALLENGE" will apeard on the screen then kill dr.b. to unlock him.

Gon: There are 5 known ways to get gon.

1. complete Arcade mode with dr.b. once you unlock him. Then go to the character select screen and highlight ling xioayu and press left once then you will have highlighted gon. Well, duh!

2. unlock ball mode. your 1st opponent will be gon. defeat him to unlock him.

3. Defeat time attack mode and when it asks for a highscore, enter your initials as G-O-N then you will unlock gon.

4. Get at least 4 or more wins in survivor, then enetr initials as G-O-N. this is probably the best way and the easiest.

5. when you are fighting eddy gordo, press +P then you will unlock gon

OK to unlock a secret record-a-combo trick, go into practice mode, select practice mode, go into free mode, then highlight OK and hold l1+l2+r1+r2 and press circle then you will have tada a secret record a combo selection! now press down and select to record or replay a combo!

OK I AM THE MASTER OF TEKKEN AND I KNOW HOW TO GET NINA'S SECRET SWIMSUIT COSTUME (from anna's ending FMV) i will try yo post it as soon as soon as i can.

i hope i've helped

Ask.com and get

...this isn`t a cheat...or stuff like that...I just want 2 share some of my knowlege...

Did ya know that Paul killed Kuma`s mother...

Did ya know that Lei is looking for a criminal in the game...and the criminal is Bryan Fury!

Did ya know that Bryan want 2 find Dr.B.

`couse he want 2 become an cyborg

Did ya know why is Hwoarang`s rival Jin...`cause it was da first fighter who beat him in a battle...

Did ya know...that nobody knows how did Gon get to the game...it is a mysteri!

..that`s it...if I lear something new I`ll tell ya!stay cool

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