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Game Reviews for Tekken 3


Quick Reviews

Cool.Added 26 Jan 2005, ID #12471
I think this fighting game is cool.

It's a little upgraded from Tekken 2 and there are more good fighters.

Of course Nina and Anna suck.

It dosen't stand up to Soul Calibur 2 though. 87%

Fight onAdded 19 Feb 2004, ID #11241
I was alking to my friend the other day and he aked me what was my favourite fighting game.

I said the tekken series and his reply was that tekken games were a poor mans beat'em up.

So I asked him what was his and he said soul calibur 2.

So I say soul calibur 2 was so easy I completed it in a few days he was so angry that he tried to hit me so i beat him up.

Oh and I'd give the game about hhhhmmmmm 92%.

ID #7799
Namco's top gun coin-op fighting series comes back to PSone in Tekken 3. T3 takes place a few years after the 2nd "King of The Iron Fist" tournament.

Some old characters are back, while other old fighters such as, Jun, Bruce, just name a few, were killed of by a green being known as Ogre. But the old fighters (the lucky undead ones) are joined by new characters.

Lei Wulong is back,Paul is back for his own puposes, Jin Kazama is in the contest to avenge his mother, Jun, Whorang is here to avenge his mentor, Baek and other people have entered.

With fine graphics and stunning moves, Tekken 3 should not be missed by any fan of the series.

The ups: more than 5 hidden characters, nice character designs.

The downs: kinda hard, not too many facial expressions.

Score: 9.9 Honorable

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