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Unlock New Songs

Complete the following tasks to unlock 3 songs in the game. The first two can be used in the Music Mixer and the last one is only availible on the stereos.

Unlock 'Combat Mode':
Collect 12 License Plates

Unlock 'Credits Theme':
Beat the game

Unlock 'Razor Burn':
Collect 24 License Plates

Added 19 Dec 2006, ID #1748, by Sanzano and get

Unlock Mongoo Monkey for the Casino

Have The Sims 2 GBA in the DS while playing The Sims 2 DS.

Added 26 Jun 2006, ID #969, by Sanzano

Unlock Alien Invasion

During game play save your data and switch the DS off. Set the internal clock so it is earlier than the save and this will unlock a short cutscene where you have to fight off an alien invasion.

Added 1 Mar 2006, ID #592, by Sanzano

Magoo monkey

Play the game on December 14th.Honest Jackson should call you saying HAPPY MONKEY DAY! He will then say that Magoo monkey is available in the CASINO

Added 15 Jun 2013, ID #17959, by katiemax9989

Bigfoot's Cousin! And how to time travel without getting an alie

In December, go to the store. (If it's not December you can time travel). In the special item of the month roped off area, there should be a yeti statue for sale. Buy it (but it is 4500 simoleans so make sure your saved up) put it anywhere you like; a good place is in the jungle room. Sometimes if you run into the room, you can see it move! One time the yeti I bought was actually walking around! It scared me so badly at first but now it's kind of funny
Also! *random thing* you can decorate your jungle room to look like a zoo! Put items like plants, the mummy sacro thing, that little caged animal thing, yeti statue, and more
Ok, now here's the good part. I'm going to tell you how to time travel without getting an annoying alien invasion!
1) take the sims game out of your ds
2) change the time
3) put the sims game back in
4) load your account
And ta-the! No alien invasion!
IMPORANT: NEVER time travel to the past! Only the future! The concierge will know if you go backwards and time and there will be an alien invasion - so please don't travel into the past!!!! I did and now my sim walks funny, the game is really slow, and there are aliens everywhere(plus I had finished the game and decorated all the rooms grr)!

Added 31 Dec 2012, ID #17782, by Sims2NDSExpert


Here is how you can make chocolate milk and milkshake when you milk a cow :D
Note- you have to have the sax lounge to do this

Step 1: Go to the lounge and go to Cannonball Coleman (the barman) buy some chocolate.
Step 2: Then go to where the cows are (opposite the jail).
Step 3: You need to go up to one of the cows and as a gift, give it a bar of chocolate, this will turn the cow brown.

To make chocolate milk: You then (after following step 1, 2 and 3, need to milk the brown cow and you get chocolate milk
To make chocolate milkshake: after following step 1,2 and 3, you then have to tip the brown cow and then (before it gets back up) milk it. This will give you chocolate milkshake.

Hope this helped

Added 8 Dec 2012, ID #17736, by Guest

Secret warehouse and bigfoot

To find the secret warehouse go to the basement. Keep running turn left until you see the lab. And a pile of wood and red tanks. Run toward it( if you got it built) and and then you see dust and bigfoot wondering around. Click whats up and he will talk to you. Zoltron is a fortune teller unside the warehouse. Feed bigfoot and be his best friend. Then bigfoot will tell his secret that his name is Stu and will leave the secret warehouse

Added 1 Dec 2012, ID #17731, by Guest

Living with other sims forever!!!

Hey everyone!!! I just thought this was a cool cheat that I figured out: if are in love with one of the other sims on the game that CAN be checked into the hotel, follow these steps!!!
First fast-forward time about 10 or so years into the future.
Next find a day when your crush is waiting to be checked in.
Check them into your favorite room (I check them into the penthouse, which is where I "live." I mean, really, who would prefer the managers suite over the penthouse?)!!!
Rewind time back to the year you had before.
Talk to the Concierge and see the regestry.
If it worked your Sim should not be checking out for another few thousand days!!!

Added 29 Oct 2011, ID #16331, by Guest

How to get emperor Xixxle out of the hotel

Go outside the hotel and you will find a guy named Giuseppi Mezzoalto he will give you a super- drencher (but you have to pay him 250 simoleoms).T hen drench him with the super-drencher (which you can acess through the pocket menu).

Added 29 Sep 2011, ID #16241, by Gamergirl2011

Skill Point times (including Mechanical)

This was to the person who asked me to help them find Mechanical Skill Points.


12.01 a.m. On Sun Deck: Creativity Skill Point

12.01 a.m. Next to Dance Floor in Saloon: Business Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In blue corrugated carton in Secret Warehouse: Body Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In bathroom of Asian Emporium: Charisma Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In central seating area of the Sax Lounge: Creativity Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In corner of Freezer: Body Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In corner of Hotel Lobby: Charisma Skill Point

12.01 a.m. In Casino, between Mongoo Monkey and Keelhaulin' Cards: Creativity Skill Point
12.01 a.m. In centre of Art Gallery: Creativity Skill Point
12.01 a.m. Behind Concierge's Desk: Business Skill Point
12.01 a.m. In main room of Vault, eastern wall: Business Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In northwest corner of Government Laboratory: Mechanical Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In southeast corner of Strangetown, next to the outer wall of the cattle pen: Business Skill Point
04.00 p.m. At shrine dedicated to Auda Sherif in Mamma Hogg's bedroom: Mechanical Skill Point

12.01 a.m. In blue corrugated carton in Secret Warehouse: Mechanical Skill Point
12.01 a.m. To the left of the main stairs in the Basement: Body Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In the 2nd Floor Lobby, in the corner with the potted plant between the Jungle Room and Deluxe Guest Room: Business Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In Gym and Spa: Body Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In northeast corner of Asian Emporium: Business Skill Point
04.00 p.m. On pallet in Furnace Room in Basement: Mechanical Skill Point

12.01 a.m. Beside cattle shed in Town Square: Creativity Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In far left corner of Lion Lounge: Charisma Skill Point
08.00 a.m. Over table between Mongoo Monkey and Keelhaulin' Cards in Casino: Charisma Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In Bovine Shrine, to the east of the entrance: Creativity Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In Honest Jackson's office in City Hall: Charisma Skill Point
04.00 p.m. Opposite the pallet in the room with the pallet in the Vault: Mechanical Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In alcove in Manager's Suite: Business Skill Point

12.01 a.m. In Northeast corner of the Store: Business Skill
12.01 a.m. In front of abandoned spacepod in the Desert: Business Skill Point
12.01 a.m. In locker room in Spa and Gym: Charisma Skill Point
08.00 a.m. Above the pallet in the Furnace Room: Mechanical Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In alcove in the Atrium Centre: Creativity Point
04.00 p.m. Next to the stairs in the Basement: Mechanical Skill Point

12.01 a.m. Next to the shower in the Rat Cave: Creativity Skill Point
12.01 a.m. In the Freezer: Mechanical Skill Point
12.01 a.m. In the Sax Lounge: Charisma Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In the alcove in the Managerial Suite: Charisma Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In the corner of the Lion Lounge: Creativity Skill Point
04.00 p.m. Next to the Dance Floor in the Saloon: Body Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In the Sheriff's Office in the gaol: Creativity Skill Point

12.01 a.m. In alcove in Atrium Centre: Mechanical Skill Point
12.01 a.m. Next to the Store: Body Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In Sheriff's Office in the gaol: Body Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In northwestern sunbathing corner of Sun Deck: Body Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In the Freezer: Business Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In the middle of the oasis in the Desert: Body Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In the centre of the Art Gallery: Charisma Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In Bovine Sanctuary: Body Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In Government Laboratory: Mechanical Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In Tanning Salon in the Spa and Gym: Charisma Skill Point

Please keep in mind that all Skill Points are in their spots for exactly 8 hours!! Glad I could help!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on any of my cheats. I will get your question and reply with a cheat answering your question. I go by Snoopylvr5 or Snoopy100 , my other name on SuperCheats.

Thanks for reading. Snoopy100 or Snoopylvr5.

Added 31 Aug 2011, ID #16153, by Snoopylvr5

Where's my Mummy?

Here are the steps in order to find Horus Menhoset IX.

1. Ava Cadavra will call you and tell you to find the pyramid at night.

2. So, at night, go to the desert and find the pyramid on one of the sand dunes. When you get closer to the pyramid, tap the "Admire" selection. A mummy, or Horus Menhoset IX should appear from the pyramid.

3. After that, he will tall you to dig up his Sarcophagus. If you don't know how or where it is located, luckily, I am here to tell you how.

4. Remember to get your Metal Dectector from the "Pockets Menu". (Make sure it's charged!)

5. If you're wondering where the Sarcophagus is located, it isn't above ground.

6. Go to the Oasis with your Metal Detector, turn it on and move towards the back of the Oasis and your Detecor should read "???". This means that you have found the Sarcophagus!

7. Once you have found it, go back to Horus (he should still be in the Desert) and tell him you have his Sarcophagus. He will tell you to put it in a safe place and to put it somewhere where no one else can reach.

8. If you are wondering where to put it, you put in the Manager's Suite. Then, Horus should come out of the Sarcophagus. He will tell you that he wants to stay in the Manager Suite for a while and that he will call you when he is ready to leave.

Thanks for reading! Snoopylvr5

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this cheat for any questions related to The Sims 2. In order to answering your questions, ii will post a cheat answering your question. I also have 2 names on Supercheats, my names are Snoopylvr5 and Snoopy100 . I can go by both if you'd like to ask a question.

Thanks again,

Snoopy100 or Snoopylvr5.

Added 24 Aug 2011, ID #16108, by Snoopylvr5

The Sims 2 Q &A

Hi, I'm Snoopylvr5. I will answer the most common questions people ask about tough situations or just plain questions in the Sims 2.

1. How do I get Lord Mole to stop chewing the Satilite wires?

First of all, go up and talk to him. Then, take out your Squirt gun and give him a good squirt. Then, talk to him once more. He should be angry. Then, after that, calm him down. Then, go back to the Penthouse and tell Optimum Alfred.

2. What happens of I don't pay my bills?

What will happen is if you are currently living in the Manger's Suite, some of your furniture will be repossesed. So, if you don't want to pay your bills, they will keep adding up an amount over time.

3.It is time to defeat Optimum Alfred, why does he keep throwing me out of his room?

This is because Optimum Alfred is guarding the blueprints in the Penthouse. To steal the blueprints, you must go between the hours of 6:00 and 10:00 pm. At this time, he is charging his battery pack.

4.How do I get a husband/wife?

Many people supposedly give you the cheat to get a huband or a wife. This isn't true. I have actually tried it myself. First of all, they say you must be the ranking of "Soulmate". This isn't possible and the highest rank is Best Friend. So, remember, don't try it, it's a waste of time.

5.I have just started the game, how do I get new furniture?

I think it's best to hang on to the free furniture you get with your Manager Suite for a while. Until you make some serious cash, I would wait. In the beginning of the game, It's kind of difficult to make money because you have no rooms built yet. You mainly have to rely on saving gourds and nuclear fuel rods to sell. Once you have enough money, or if you want to spend your money right away, the Strangetown Store is located at the right hand side of the hotel. I think every 2-3 days or so, there are different items available to purchase.

6. When I start the game, why do the same people keep checking in?

This is because your hotel'score isn't high enough. What I mean by this is because the "Low tippers" come in at the beginning of the game. When your score gets higher, more people come to stay and the "Big tippers" come.

7. How do I get my score to be higher?

You can mainly get your score higher by buying rooms for the Atrium or buying rooms for the guests to stay in. Once you have purchased all the available rooms , you hotel's score should be 100% and you no longer need to buy any more rooms.

8. How do I get my Sim to wear different clothes?

At the beginning of the game when you name your Sim and all that jazz, you can choose the clothes your Sim wears. You Sim wears those clothes until you purchase a chest or a closet, or whatever you want to call it. Once you buy it, you can choose the pants, shirts, PJ's or even the bathing suit your Sim wears.

Thank you for reading. If you need an answer to any questions about the Sims 2, feel free to click "Comment" and tell me your question that way. Once I get your question, I will post a cheat made especially for you! Remember, I will be checking for questions everyday.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks, Snoopylvr5 "The Sims 2 expert "

Added 23 Aug 2011, ID #16103, by Snoopylvr5

Weird White

This VERY weird thing has happened to me a few times before, so, to see how weird it truly is, I will share it with you.

For those who have the Sax Lounge built,

1. Play the keyboard for exactly 2 hours.
2. Make sure Kent Hackett is in the Lounge.
3. Stop playing the Keyboard.
4. If he isn't angry already, to make him angry, take out your water gun and squirt him.
5. Wait until he is near the door of the Lounge.
6. Then, when you have him there, calm him down there.
7. After that, go to Cannonball Coleman and buy all three of his fruit drinks.
8. Drink all of them in the order you bought them.
9. Then, save the game and turn off the system.
10. Turn it back on.
11. Go from where you saved ( The SaX Lounge)
12. Exit the Sax Lounge.
13. Everything should be white and bolbus, including other people and you.

For those who would rather use the Manager Suite

1. Make sure Kayleigh Wintercrest is by your door to the Manager Suite.

2. Make sure she is sad and needs a cheering up.

3. ( She should still by by your door.)

4. Cheer her up.

5. Go inside your Manager Suite.

6. First, take a shower

7. Then, go to sleep in your bed.

8. Then use the toilet.

9. Then, save the game

10. Shut off the DS

11. Turn it back on.

12. Everything should be white and bolbus.

13. When you exit the Manager Suite, everything will be back to normal shape and color.

Added 13 Jul 2011, ID #15950, by Snoopy100

Voice Malfuction

Here's a cheat involving a voice malfunction between Ara Fusilli and Dusty Hogg. NOTE The Deluxe Guest room must be built in order to do this.

1. Make sure Ara Fusilli wants to check in
2. Make sure that the Deluxe Guest room is available.
3. Check Ara into that room
4. Then, when she isn't in the room, take her sink
5. Wait until she calls you
6. DO NOT ANSWER! Wait until she leaves a message
7. Listen to her message and she will sound angry on the phone, not only that, she will have Dusty Hogg's voice!

Added 13 Jul 2011, ID #15949, by Snoopy100

Tanning Bed

NOTE: In order to do this glitch, you must have had the Gym built.

In this glitch, you can make your Sim REALLY tan. I'll tell ya how. I will tell you both ways in case if you do or don't have the Gym built.

The Not- built Gym way

1. Head over to the City Hall
2.Buy the Gym for 2.000
3. Wait at least 8 hours for Tristin to build the Gym for you.
4. After 8 hours, the Gym will be ready.
5. Go inside
6. Walk over to the tanning bed and get inside.
7. You Sim will be tanner than usual!
8. To get your Sim even tanner keep repeating step #6.

NOTE: If you can't find the gym it is located in the Atrium.

For those who have the Gym built.

1. Walk over the the Gym.
2. Go inside
3. Go in the tanning bed.
4. Your Sim should come out tanner than usual.
5. Repeat #3 for about 3 or 4 times.
6. Then finally, your Sim should look like a piece odf burnt bacon! LoL

Added 6 Jul 2011, ID #15923, by Snoopy100

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

At one point in the game, there is a mirror available to buy. When you buy the mirror, put it on the wall in your Manager Suite. Select the admire button. The game should take you to a different screen. In that screen, you can change your hair color to blue or pink, even! I also believe you can change your makeup or face.

Thanks Snoopy100

Added 6 Jul 2011, ID #15922, by Snoopy100

The Haunted Hotel

I am going to tell you how to get your hotel haunted, step-by-step.

1. Turn on your DS
2. Change the date to 12/12/2099
3. Shut the DS off
4. Go to the game
5. Go to the Strangetown Store
6. There should be a "Cute Ghost Painting" for sale
7. Buy it NOTE: The painting will be 1.000 Simoleans
8. Hang it up in the Manager's Suite.
9. Once it's hung up, walk up to it and tap on "Admire"
10. Once this is done, you should have a cute ghost around the hotel!

NOTE: When you have the ghost in your hotel, it WILL haunt your other guests. To stop the ghost from haunting your guests, take the vacuum out and suck the ghost up. This will get rid of him. This process doesn't permanantly get rid of you ghost, but he will be gone for a few days or so. Sometimes, your ghost will be traveling around town. You can also find him in the Saloon or outside or sometimes in the basement.

Thank you! Snoopy100

Added 6 Jul 2011, ID #15921, by Snoopy100

Nuclear Fuel Rods and Gourds

Nuclear Fuel Rod Places and Times:

Atrium and around it - Everyday
Where the cows are - Every other day
Beside the Jail - Every other night
Beside the well - Every 2 days or nights
Dessert - you have to dig it up or near the oasis
In town square every day. (Spawns more at night)
Back of The Hotel - at Noon, maybe
*note - you should not sell it you will need it *

Gourd Places and Times:

In the atrium (can be around) - Every day
In town square - Every night
Back of the hotel - every day
Beside The well - every other day
Dessert - around the oasis sometimes you dig it up
*note - do not sell these you might need these*

PS. To be more accurate, start from the day you fist played the game. (ex. If you started on Monday, Gourds beside the well will spawn at Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday.)

Added 12 May 2011, ID #15756, by SweeTaste*

Info on The Sims 2 DS game

1. The more and more expensive furniture adn decorations you put or have in the guest's rooms the more they will pay you when they Check out.

2. Always have plenty of decorations in guest's rooms. If you notice at the Saloon the video game (don't remember the name) you see people clapping at it. That is a decoration. The guests and people at decorations. Here are the list of decorations and furniture you can buy.

Black bed
Maple Rouge deluxe
Mahogany Night deluxe
Red bed
Ceader Skies deluxe
Satin Heart deluxe
Royal Ebony deluxe


White shower
Red shower
Blue shower
Green shower
Seafoam shower
Onyx deluxe
Red deluxe
Blue deluxe
Green deluxe
White deluxe
Gold/ yellow deluxe



Blue couch
Red couch
Black couch (comes free when you build rooms)
Tan couch
Red/Black deluxe
Green/Purple deluxe
Pink dreams deluxe
Midnight Blue deluxe
Green/Black deluxe


Sorbet deluxe
Red fridge
Blue Fridge
Green Fridge
Gold deluxe
Ivory deluxe


Crimson deluxe
Blue deluxe
Black deluxe
Cream deluxe
Ivory deluxe


Large plant
Blue frilly plant
Fireworks dance machine
Massage Bubbler
Video games
Skydiving machine
Holiday Yeti
Large Plasma TV
Jellyfish Tank
Giant ancestrial bonsai


White Porcelain
Black deluxe
Red deluxe
Green deluxe
Blue deluxe

Thanks for reading )))

Added 3 Nov 2010, ID #14799, by Snoopylvr5

Some ways to make $$$$$

1.Sell your furniture (your bed, toilet, sink, shower etc.)These items are located in different places. Here's a list below.

Bed- Jeb's room, City Hall, Mamma Hogg's room.

Toilet- City Hall, Saloon rooms (where Jeb's and Mamma Hogg's room is located.) Lion Lounge, and Asian Emporium.

Sink- wherever there's a toilet.

Shower- Gym NOTE:There is only one place to take a shower without buying one.

2. You can sell milk even though it's $2 a glass. Don't forget to milk the cows regularly.

3. Use the Metal Decector. Find items in the Desert such as Nuclear Fuel Rods, Gourds, Mummified aliens, spaceship parts and gold, silver and copper bars.

4. Mix Music. You can mix music in the Sax lounge and the lion lounge. You'll get paid $5 every minute. It's a great and easy way to make money.

5. Interact with your guests. If they're sad, cheer them up. If they're angry calm them down.This is also a good way to get money. Sometimes they give you a tip of $1,$5 and $10 Simeoleans. They also can give you gourds and nuclear fuel rods.

Added 27 Oct 2010, ID #14769, by Snoopylvr5
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