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the ? mark block

You can only get it when in the hall you see a light u have to look up by pressing x then pressing up.when You transport there you have to fly down to the botten and press it(you need mario)

Added 27 Dec 2010, ID #15006, by Guest and get

Beating Bosses

Big BaBomb on the Summit: Pick up a babomb and throw it at the Big Babomb. Do this repeatedly.
Big BaBomb's revenge: Go behind big Babomb, pick him up and throw him But not off the stage.
Chip off Womp's Block: Get in front of Womp. Wait till he tries to smash you. Hop on his back and ground pound him.
Bowser in the Dark World: Go to the edge of the ring
wait till Bowser spits fire at you. Go behind Bowser. Pick him up and throw him at the spiky ball.
Boil the Big Bully: Go behind big bully and punch him. Do this until he is off the stage.
Bowser in the Lava Sea: Go to the edge of the stage, wait till he runs after you, do a backflip over Bowser's head, pick Bowser up, throw him at the spiky ball.
Bowser in the Sky: Go the edge of the stage. Wait till Bowser stops stomping around like crazy, pick him up, throw him at the spiky ball, if you throw him off the stage he'll ground pound a piece of the ring off. Do this again then the stage will look like a star. Wait till he comes to the edge of the stage, do a backflip over his head, pick him up, and sling him around harder and stronger. Do this until he hits a spiky ball.

Added 2 Nov 2010, ID #14789, by Guest

Fight Bowser with anyone

I'm not sure if only I've noticed but after you beat any Bowser level with Mario, you can go back and fight him with anybody!

Added 6 Jan 2010, ID #12998, by Jazzy12x

destroying tox boxes

To destroy those annoying tox boxes in shifting sand land just switch or turn into wario then wait for one of the tox boxes to come toward you and right when you get to the part that is hollow just punch or kick in any direction to send the tox box flying into the air and you're pathway will b cleared.

Added 28 Aug 2009, ID #12382, by residentevil1239

easy coins

Instead of ground pounding the wooden posts that you c in various levels just run around them 3 times and they will give you five coins this method is much faster then the other.

Added 28 Aug 2009, ID #12380, by residentevil1239

Yoshi Crawls down stairs.

Hold R and move yoshi down the stairs to make him crawl.

Added 25 Aug 2009, ID #12355, by Shiny Grovyle

How to avoid drowning

If you are going to a level what has pretty much water in it (for example, jolly roger bay or dire dire docks) use Luigi. Luigi is very fast swimmer and can swim back to surface without any trouble. But if you're using someone else, and you're low on power (swimming underwater depletes your power meter slowly) try to get some coins or press start and choose to exit course. Coins will increase your power meter quickly, and you can rise to surface.

Hope I helped with this!

Added 22 Jul 2009, ID #12055, by Doctor Dominic

How to avoid fall damage

Here are some neat tricks to avoid that annoying fall damage.

1. If you are Yoshi, use the flutter kick by pressing B. If you do this at the right time, you should be well unharmed. Needs practice though.
2. If you are Luigi, try to scuttle by pressing B. If you do this at the right time, you should be well unharmed. Needs practice as flutter kick.
3. If you are Mario, try to slide aginst the wall but without wall jump.
4. Press A. You will either slide, or do a jump kick. Either of these will work. Doesn't work on Yoshi though.
5. Use the ground-pound at the right time.
6. Try to land into water if possible. The water will prevent fall damage.
7. Try to avoid enemies that will throw you away from a high place (such as those strange small bulldozers with footprints on their shovel things in wet-dry world and in battle fort, or the Big Bob-omb).

Hope this helped!

Added 22 Jul 2009, ID #12054, by Doctor Dominic

Ground-pound signs

Go up to any sign of your choice,Jump on top,do a ground-pound,then get off to read the sign Mario will crouch to read the sign then get back on and do a ground-pound then the sign will be fully in the ground.

Added 30 Apr 2009, ID #11135, by Flameblaster1.1

Live Fishing!

Have fun gaining lives!

1. Go to top of castle roof, collect 1-ups. Triplejump off roof. Repeat until dead. Rinse and repeat for as many lives as you like!
2. Go to Goomboss battle as Mario. Make Goomboss stop by running behind him, then jumpkick him. Get the Super Mushroom and destroy all the goombas. Lots of lives quickly!

The Mario

Added 11 Nov 2008, ID #9533, by The Mario Bros. Team

World 1-1 2nd Star-Coin

In world 1-1, jump on the 3rd Warp Pipe you see and press down. You'll go in it!! You'll be underground! Just go left and there's the star-coin!

Added 30 Oct 2008, ID #9459, by LuigiMan99


Did you know that you can teleport in the game? You can. Even without a action replay.just stand on a teleport spot and you teleport. There are two teleports in each level.

Course 1. In the middle of a spot of flowers near a cannon, in the first hole where the balls drop.(use these to help beat koopa the slow)

Course 4. At the end of a bridge broken off of, near the fat mama penguin somewhere.

Course 12. On one of the mushrooms without a red coin on it

Added 25 Aug 2008, ID #8946, by divadmccheat

Easy way to win on DS download play at castle grounds.

Make sure you get the 1st star. The next star should appear in a tree, climb the tree and sit there. Your opponent has no way to get passed you to get the star in the tree.

Added 23 Jul 2008, ID #8497, by Orin

The Caps

Whenever you loose your Cap/Hat, go back to where you lost them. They will be at the same place where you lost it!

Added 18 Jun 2008, ID #7974, by Hovertm

Easy Stars!

You might already know this, but if you go in one world and collect 100 coins, a secret Power Star will appear! Nab the star, and then just complete the level and you will leave with two stars for the price of one! Or if you die, you will still have the 100 coin star, and then go back in for the other one!

Added 26 May 2008, ID #7681, by Yoshi1-Up

fun with giant goombas

In tiny/huge island you can ground pound giant goombas (huge island) and get blue coins. You don't even have to be Luigi. Great for 100 coin Stars. Hope this helps.

Added 3 Apr 2008, ID #7139, by ipb55

pluck the piranha flower

To do this mission go to the tiny island. Go to the tree and jump when you're at the top of it. Do a backflip and teleport to the huge island. Go to the farthest right log and ground-pound it. Get the giant mushroom and start knocking all those piranha flowers. They won't do any damage to you if you take the giant mushroom. This is an easier way instead of punching them.


Added 31 Dec 2007, ID #5918, by hellkaizer

How to save mario

If you want to save mario and play as him you will need 8 stars.If you already have 8 stars go to peaches rec room (which is in one of the number 1 doors). Then go into a door in the rec room that has a number 8 on it.When you do that and your inside the other room go into the painting that has mario on it.After you finish that fight your way to the x(which is shown on the map).When you get to the x jump into the hole in the middle of where you are at.Then you you will meet the mushroom boss.Defeat him.After you defeat him you will get a key .Then go out of the rec room and go to this bid door with a red m.Unlock the door with the key you just got.Mario will jump out of the open door.Now you can play as mario. This isnt really a hint (its a walkthrough to how to save mario)but I didnt know how to do all that walkthrough stuff.

Added 27 Dec 2007, ID #5854, by skater8318

Cool wing effect

When you are mario and have wings swoop down ,then up you wilget a super high fly.Do this a lot an you will be a fly expert.

Added 14 Nov 2007, ID #5445, by cheater726785

Boss hints

Don't just throw the boss of the edge because it doesn't hurt them at all most the time.but if you will get hurt from falling off a cliff.also most bosses usally take 1-3 hits to kill them .
hope this helps

Added 13 Nov 2007, ID #5430, by cheater726785
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