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? Boxes

When you experence (find) a light in the main hall press X and look up bye

Added 31 Jul 2006, ID #1118, by Cheat 101 and get

Poker mini-game trick

When Luigi deals you a hand, and you don't like it, before you place a bet, quit the Mini-game. You will not lose or win any coins, and you can play again for a better hand. With this, it's easy to get a higher score safely.

Added 21 May 2006, ID #837, by johnkrill

Wario and luigi

To unlock wario you must go into the mirror room as luigi. Get one of the power flowers and go through the mirror. Then simply jump into the wario painting and defeat the boss.

To unlock luigi you need to go to Big Boo's Haunt as mario. Go upstairs and go into the room on the far right. Get the power box and float up to the platform. Go through the door and jump into the luigi painting and defeat the boss.

Added 30 Apr 2006, ID #775, by pokemaniackid

My 30 Secret star corrections

About the submitted cheat about my 30 secret star list, there were some that were incorrect because I didn't check on the DS. So these are the corrections on some of them
13 & 29. Where you save Mario, Collect the red coins and right of where you start the area, where the switch star is, step on the switch and wall jump where the star is on the map. 25, 26 & 27 (Toad's stars)
25. Near the Entrance to Hazy Maze Cave, as Yoshi.
26. On the second floor, under the stairs to the top tower, as anyone.
27. Near Tick Tock Clock, in the top tower, as anyone

Mario Cheater

Added 14 Jan 2006, ID #504, by Mario Cheater


When you are playing, press start and close your ds. Then, listen to what mario says.

Added 4 Jan 2006, ID #475, by Mac G

To kill browser (the second time)

To kill browser let him charge up to you, and wait till he is wobbling, kick him NOT PUNCH and the second way, let him charge at, you but run round in circles, wait till he is tired, then grab his tail, and fling him out of the arena on to the spikes that hurt him more or out into the darkness! (note you have to do it two times)

Added 2 Aug 2005, ID #214, by jelly car

? Boxes

If you go into the main hall you will see a mat stand on the mat with mario and go into first persons view (press z). The look up to the light you will need more than eight stars to do this but when you look into the light you will be in another level. Go to the middle castle in this level and activate the ? Switch, then go over every level and there will be extra boxes.

Added 1 Aug 2005, ID #212, by games_guru05

Glitch in Battle Fort (this glitch is on VS only so you have to

First grab the wario hat and grab your opponent with the A button after you knock them down by punching then, after you grab them take tham to the edge of Battle fort were the red brick wall is keep on throwing them and kicking them on the wall.

Added 3 Jun 2005, ID #161, by GTAJd94

A connon outside of the castle?!

There is, believe it or not, a cannon outside of the castle that you can unlock after collecting all 150 stars. The cannon is located by the lake by the steep sandy hill off to the left when you're facing away from the castle. The cannon can be used to blast yourself to the Castle roof, where you can find one of Luigi's minigame bunnies.

Added 17 May 2005, ID #135, by darkboarder_77


Play as luigi:

get the power flower in the mirror room
go through the mirror
go trough the door
hey presto the white room is all yours
NOTE:there is a star in there

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