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Rotom's key

Ok do you know rotom can change his/her from right? Well if you want it just follow what I say. Go to jubilife city go talk to the directer on the third floor of the tv station talk to him he will ask you something push yes. You put everyone happy and for feedback put wi-fi conntion then save the game click the mystry gift and it will be rotom's key once you reacived the key go to a pokemart talk to the man in green he will give the key .save just in case go to eterna city. Go to team glaetic's base .go inside stay on the first floor go left of the counter you will see a tv and aweird divice go to the wall next to it push a and go inside.

You must have wi-fi please rate :D

Added 2 May 2009, ID #11148, by matt3491
Ask.com and get

Dialga and Palkia in Platinum!!!!!

Well go to the spear piller after you beat the elite four on your way up there will be a new door go into it and there will be two orbs get one then go to the spear piller you will see one of them. Then repeat this but with the other orb...

Added 15 Apr 2009, ID #10951, by wii700

A Ghost cry, A Helicopter noise, and "The Song of The Unown"

First, you Must have numbers 114, 127, and 152 on the pokedex. Go to 114 (unown) and go under "cry". On the bottom of the pokeball, there should be a button. Push it. Now, push play, and unown's cry will start playing over and over. When ready, at the beginning of a cry, hold the stylus right on the white part of the pokeball, until the cry is over. There should have been a cry sounding like a song. Do the same for 127 (skorupi) and 152 (rotom). 152 = ghost, 127 = helicopter sound.

Added 9 Apr 2009, ID #10883, by romeo7011

Skip Cynthia!

You can skip Cynthia in the elite four! All you have to do is have the walk through walls A.R. Code. Go to Lucian's room and go through the wall, behind the door, and keep going up! You don't have to face Cynthia and that's how.

Added 4 Apr 2009, ID #10806, by Link743

Secret Box Wallpaper


Go to that site, type in your ID Number, select Game Version, then go to Jubilife City. Go to the TV Producer on the 3rd floor and tell him those words.

Added 5 Apr 2009, ID #10797, by .Impact

Legendary Birds

If you talk to prof. Oak he will tell you qbout the 3 legendary birds (Moltres, Artico, and Zapdos.) They are roamingt Pokemon only after you get the national pokedex.

Added 30 Mar 2009, ID #10730, by hmnunez

How to become invisable and catch Arceus and Dialga

First to become invisable you go to snow point and yous a walk through walls cheat (see Action Replay Codes) to go behind the boat driver and then you talk to him and you become invisable the only way to no wher you are is the foot prints on the ground.And thats how you become invisable. For my next part of the cheat I will tell you how to catch dialga first you go to the water fall part of th cave right under the peir pillar and ther will be a cavern you go in ther and ther will be a lustreus orb and a admen orb (sorry about the spelling) get the adment orb and go to the speir piller and you will see dialga. And that is how you catch dialga. For my next part of the cheat I will tell you how to get arceus. First you buy an action replay then ther will atomaticly be a cheat to get you the flute you need to catch arceus.Then you go to the speir piller it will ask you if you whant to blow the flute say yes and sters will apear and then you go up the stairs and you battle arceus. So ther you go that cocludes my cheat for Pokemon platinumthank you for reading.

Added 28 Mar 2009, ID #10680, by jacobmac123

How to catch Dialga and Palkia and get origin form Giratina

After you have cought or defeated Giratina and beaten the elite four, simply go to the part of Mt.Coronet with the waterfall and there will be a small cavern.In there,there will be the Adamant(Dialga) and Lustrious(Palkia) orbs together. Then,go up to Spear pillar where you will find the blue and pink portals from before. If you didn't figure it out already,blue is for Dialga and vice-versa.They will be level 70(both of them).No tips on catching because on my first try on both I caught them after 3 ultraballs each(no joke). Just save before you battle please!

To get Giratina in origin form you must have already caught him go to Turnback cave and go the the portal(kepp running through random doors) then go back into the distortion world and after a little running there will be an item called the Griseous Orb.Atatch it to Giratina and he is in Origin Form! He looks cooler and Has the ability Levitate instead of Pressure!
Hope this helped!!!!

Added 26 Mar 2009, ID #10654, by yugem0

A couple of things you can do

----Please touch the statue----

Do you know the Pokemon Mansion? If you do, you must know the policeman who guards the statue. Well, at 2-6 AM, he takes a break. Meaning you may touch the statue. I have done it myself.Really.

----The Croagunk Imposter----

O.K first go to Pastoria. Go behind the croagunk photo board. Sometimes if you do it, a real one will go into the Great Marsh. I have tried this as well. Truly.

----This is one generous guy----

Once a day, you may see a man all by himself in Amity Square. Talk to him! He will give you either 5 rare berries or an accesorie! But you must enter the East entrance of Amity square and warp around until you find him.

Added 25 Mar 2009, ID #10645, by Star_Meteor_Dragon

Get a Gible after you beat the second gym leader

After you beaten the second gym leader go down cycling road and to your right there will be trees that you can cut down.(must have a Pokemon that knows cut) After you have cut down the trees ride all the down until you get to the cave entrance but don't go in instead go under the cycling road and keep pressing left up and youll enter a secret cave and run around for like 3 minutes and youll find a Gible but this will only work after you have beaten the second gym leader.

Added 23 Mar 2009, ID #10582, by Drakyuubio

Catch Regigigas

There is 2 regigigas you can get in platinum. One from an event and then you have to get all three regis in caves. After all that is done hatch an egg like a shinx or something that is from an egg. Train it up about to lv3. Get the three regis in your party (you don't have to migrate) at Snowpoint city, then go to that temple, enter it and then go round untill you are right next to him.

Put your level 3 Pokemon at the front of your party and then talk to the Level 1 (seriously) Regigigas and make sure you have at least 10 dusk balls.

Added 22 Mar 2009, ID #10569, by Theodagreat

Catch Dialga

Something weird but as being a remake of D/P, YOU can catch DIALGA

First, Stop Team GALACTIC at Stark Mountain From ctaching HEATRAN.
Go to the cave with the Pixyz in The town where Cynthia's Grandmother lives, and Cynthia will appear.
She will tell you about the Adament and Lustrous orbs If you have the Platinum orb.
Go to the part of MT.Coronet with the Waterfall and go in the part the waterfall blocks.
In it you will find ADAMENT ORB on the the left and LUSTROUS ORB on the right.
Next go to the spear Pillar.

There will be a Blue Demension when you go there.

There is a new sprite for DIALGA.

Most suggseted team for catching Dialga:


Added 25 Nov 2008, ID #9632, by burrito123
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