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How to get Giratina Origin Form

OK first off you need giratina in your party and you must have beaten the elite four and Cynthia now remember before you beat Cynthia you couldn't go to the reverse world a second time because Cynthia was in front of the cave entrance well when you beat her you can go through and when you get in there will be a little maze but you don't need a hm slave but always go to the top entrance on the wall and soon there will be a room with a portal go in and go all the way through the distortion world and no Cyrus is not there but eventually you stumble on a poke ball the giseruos orb make giratina hold it and it and it will stay origin form forever unless you take it from giratina but don't worry you can turn him back to origin form

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Added 20 Sep 2009, ID #12482, by soren1
Ask.com and get

Catch Dialga and Palkia 100

1)Get 8th Badge and HM waterfall
2)Go to Mt. Coronet (Hearthome Side)
3)Find and go up the waterfall around the 3rd cave room (not snow rooms)
4)Get the adament orb and lusterous orb.
5)Go to Celestic town and talk to the Elder, she will talk to you about the orbs.
6)Go to Spear Pillar.
7)Go left of where giritina was, there will be a blue light-Dialga, Battle/Catch then exit spear pillar then enter, go back and the right side will be palkia. Do the same.

Ive done it,they are lv. 70 each and know roar of time-dialga spatial rend-palkia, and both earth power.

Added 20 Sep 2009, ID #12481, by pokeplayergf08

The 3 Legendary Birds

You can get these birds once you have the national dex and have talked to professor oak in Pal Park.Then visit his housse in Eterna city and talk to him. They should now be on your marking map.

Added 31 Aug 2009, ID #12396, by treeko loading

Pokemon shiny

If you would like to know what a shiny is well it is a Pokemon that has different colors than usual.

Added 29 Aug 2009, ID #12387, by treeko loading


First of all, you have to make sure the Pokemon that you are trying to breed is a female.

When you are going to breed the Pokemon you want to breed, you put that Pokemon in the daycare, with another Pokemon, but a male, and it has to be the same type as the Pokemon you want to breed.

And then wait a few minutes, and walk around, check the daycare for an egg.

Note: Cannot breed Lengendaries.

Added 27 Aug 2009, ID #12375, by cheetah21

Strange Poke'mon Cries

Go To Your Poke'dex and select a Poke'mon, then go to the "Cry" selection. You will see a Play button and a Repeat button in the lower left. Hit Repeat and then Play. After the cry starts playing touch and hold down the moving lines underneath the Play Button. The cry will move three times slower and you will here the weirdest cries EVER!!!

Added 19 Aug 2009, ID #12304, by 1122andyozz33

Quickest and Efficient way to encounter rares (Roam)

There is a way to encounter those really annoying rare Pokemon that would run all around Sinnoh. That would be explained here. This also goes for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

As you may know, when you fly or change areas, those roaming Pokemon will change places.

First off, make sure you have your poketch app on marking map. You should already see the little monster icon that looks like a sad monster (idk why).
Then, go to any town (Floarama town was easiest way for me) and get your running shoes on (I know you already have them... Expression). Leave the town any way (North, South, etc.) and come back into the town. The roaming Pokemon should have moved places. Keep leaving the town and coming back in. By leaving I mean when it says that your in a different place (Like Route 201). After going back and forth over and over again, the roaming Pokemon should get closer, once you two are both in the same map, Run into the grass and you should find the roaming pokemon. (Sometimes another Pokemon will pop up instead, BUT that roaming Pokemon will NOT change places).

Added 18 Aug 2009, ID #12299, by SenichiSeung

How To Know Where And When To Find Rare Pokemon

Fisrt, you must go to any house and click on the TV. Click on the TV until somethng comes up about a bunch of Poke'mon. They will tell you where you can fond this "herd". Go to the Route and they will be there. Most of the time, they are rare Poke'mon like Beldum.

Added 18 Aug 2009, ID #12298, by 1122andyozz33

Rotom after second gym

After you have beaten the second gym and have gotten the HM cut, go into eterna forest and have your clock say something between 4 am and 8 pm. If it does find the room with the tv, click on the tv, and rotom should appear.

Added 16 Aug 2009, ID #12287, by cheetah21

How to get Darkrai (Without AR)

This event will help you catch Darkrai!(Only from August 3,2009 through September 13,2009) Before you catch him, Stock up on Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, and Timer Balls.

Wi-Fi Connection
Pokemon Platinum Game
Have released Cresselia

First, you have to obtain the members card through mystery gift. If you do not already have mystery gift then here is how to get it. You go to the third floor of the Jubilife TV building and talk to the producer. For your opinion, say
"Everyone Happy", and for your feedback say "Wi-Fi Connection". After you do that then he should say that he thinks he knows you and he will give you a mystery gift(or something like that). Then, you should save. After that restart your ds. Go to the game and don't press continue!!! There will be a new option and it will say mystery gift. Click on it. Then it will ask you how to get th gift. Get it from Nintendo WFC. Wait a few seconds and voila! You have the members card. Now I think the game will restart on it's own but if it does not then restart your ds. Now that you have the members card go to the locked house in canalave city and use your members card. If it does not work, then you have not met the requirements. Next you should see a boy having night mares, talk to him and you will be at newmoon island. Go to the cave and you will see darkrai. In diamond and pearl, he is lvl 40. In platinum, he is level 50 so he is a bit harder to catch. Just because he is level 50, doesn't mean he is easy to catch. I caught him with a dusk ball because they work better than Ultra Balls.

Have fun catching it!


Added 12 Aug 2009, ID #12259, by Oyhitar


Beware. If you use walk through walls AR code and walk behind the middle lady or
Third lady to the right on the top floor of the Pokemon center, talk and enter
The union room or battle colleseum, you will exit and be in the mystery zone
FOREVER. It happened to me and I had to start a new game. So Beware!!

Added 31 Jul 2009, ID #12148, by Link743

Cresselia & Darkrai

To catch Cresselia you need to have the national pokédex and you must beaten
The Pokémon League.
Go to Canalave City and go to the sailer who also can sail you to iron island.
Don't talk to him but go to the house near him. There is a boy in bed, talk to him and then talk to his mother. Got outside and talk to the sailor.
He will take you to an island. There is Cresselia. Fight him but he will flee.
He will drop a Lunar Wing (in a Pokéball like always). Take the Lunar Wing and
Go back to the sailor. He will bring you back. Now go back to that house and talk to the little boy. His father (the sailor) comes in and he will thank you.
Now you can find with the Poké-APP (forget his name) Cresselia. (you can get the Poké-APP from the president of Pokétch at Jublife City.

If you have done all this you can Catch Darkrai (You don't need Cresselia).

-WARNING- Darkrai is an Event Pokémon, you can only catch him during Event or when you use hacks.

First you need the member's Pass.
You can get it from the green guy in the Pokémart (during event).
Then go to Canalave City. Above the Pokémon Center there is an house where you first never got into. But now you can just walk into the door and it will open. Inside the house there is a guy and he takes you to a bed. You fall asleep and you wake up on an Island. If you follow the road just like by Cresselia you will come into a same place as where Cresselia was but then there is Darkrai. Fight with him he is level 50 (Platinum, for D/P he is level 40). Take lots of awakening with you because he makes your Pokemon fall asleep.
Psychic :Makes your Pokemon fall asleep.
Nightmare :Only when you are asleep.
Faint attack :Dark attack. (not very strong).
Double team :Roses he's eveanisses(don't know how to spell).
He's ability is Bad Dreams (takes damage when your Pokemon is asleep)

Hope it works and r8 good :P

Added 11 Jul 2009, ID #11951, by sumorndh

Battle Frontier: Arcade Ace Dahlia

This brain has a duscnoir, medicham and a ludicolo. I suggest using a spiritomb for dusknoir. A flying type would be a great idea possibly a Honchkrow for ludicolo and medicham and the dark does normal damage so it is o.k. The last Pokemon should be in my eyes a slow strong Pokemon with hyper beam at least and 2 status moves ie:thunderwave or toxic or howl or bulk up.The last move should be chosen by you but be safe and choose a smart move like rest or recover. This isn't the party I used because I didnt know any of her Pokemon and I have devised a good team. My team was an infernape-close combat, fire blast, strengh and aerial ace. Empoleon-hydro cannon, waterfall, flash cannon and drill peck. Mamoswine-avalanche, stone edge, blizzard and earthquake.

Added 9 Jul 2009, ID #11920, by 123mystery1

Catch Runaway Legendaries, Easily

Runaway Legendaries are the legendaries that,well...run away. First of all, find a city that the Poke'mon you want to capture hangs out alot by. Then, Fly to that city. Next, keep running in and out of that City. Doing this will cause the Poke'mon to re-position itself. When the Poke'mon comes by where you are, go get it. When you run into it, Immediatlly throw an Ultra Ball. When the ball opens, press Select and say "Gotcha" into the Mic. There ya have it.
HINT: It is a good idea to use your Poke'tch Map that lets you see where all the runaways are.

Added 7 Jul 2009, ID #11907, by 1122andyozz33

Find The Legendary Birds In The Wild...In Sinnoh

PUT DOWN THE GBA. For this Game, you don't have to Migrate Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. Alls you have to do is this: Get the National Dex by seeing all the Poke'mon in the Sinnoh Dex. After that, Fly to Eterna and go to the house in the bottom left hand corner (right hand corner if you are playing up-side down). You will notice that the person living there is no other than the legendary Professor Oak. Talk to him and he will say something along the lines of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are flying around Sinnoh. Now, switch over on your Poke'tch thing to the map that shows you where the run-away legendaries are. Now, Fly to Solaceon Town and keep exiting and entering the City. This wll cause the Poke'mon to change position. Most of the time they will hang out around Solaceon so thats the ideal place to be. When one gets close, go get it. When in battle, throw an Ultra Ball and when it opens, Press Select and at the same time yell "Gotcha". This worked for my brother and he cuaght them all in under five minutes by doing this...no lie.

Added 7 Jul 2009, ID #11906, by 1122andyozz33

See Missingno

In order to do this glitch, you have to have an Action Replay with the Walk/Run Anywhere Cheat on. This glitch is recommended only in Victory Road becuase I haven't tested it anywhere else yet. I made up this glitch.

First, go to Victory Road until you get to the room with the fog and the Marley girl. She will ask for your help when you get too close to her. Now, run through the south walls (down). If she follows you through the walls, keep running until you get to the Mystery Zone. She should be gone now. Now go around (Still in the walls) and go out the doors. She shouldn't have talked to you again. Now, to make sure it works, run around until you run into a Poke'mon Two of them should come up and Marley will be fighting with you. End the battle and she still won't be there. Now heres the fun part, exit the Victory Road so you are by the Poke'mon Center. Walk on the water and run into a Poke'mon. Only one should come up and it will be a little more to the right. Stars will then flicker on the other side of the Poke'mon. Instead of Marley fighting by your side, a clone of you will fight beside you. Your clone will then send out a shiny Missingno. And also, the words are muffed up. Its really cool.

Added 7 Jul 2009, ID #11904, by 1122andyozz33

The real way to get rotom!!!

This is the Real way to get rotom:
(u can trust me I have the guide)

Now look here... All of you say you have to get the national dex first... You're wrong... (only applies for Platinum not Diamond or Pearl)

Also you don't need to have the time set to 22:00 you can have it set to (and this is between the two (also includes them) 8:00(20:00)pm-4:00(4:00)am)

The last things you need are HM cut, a couple of great balls, some Pokemon that know how to hypnotize or paralyz a Pokemon, the second gym badge and thats really it.

No national dex...

Rotom: Lvl 20
HP: 50/50
Ability: levitate
-ThunderShock 30/30
-Confuse Ray 10/10
-Uproar 10/10
-Double Team 15/15
Item: none

Good luck

Added 6 Jul 2009, ID #11883, by Megashadowstriker

Easy Evolution

Go to the GTS in Jublife city and put the a Pokemon that can evolve by trade, (equip with item if you need to,) and put it for offer. Then take it back. It will evolve.

(I tried this with a porygon and it worked

Added 30 Jun 2009, ID #11824, by Looney-Raj

Change Arceus Colors

All you have to do is give arceus a plate. Each plate is a differnet color

EX:if you give him the splash plate, he will turn part blue !!!!! Its really cool

Added 29 Jun 2009, ID #11814, by 1122andyozz33

Get Regigigas

What you need is:
1.the national dex

2.the three regis IN YOUR PARTY ( migrate from ruby/sapphire/emerald )

3.To have Beaten the game

Follow these steps to get regigigas

1. Fly to snowpoint city

2.go to the temple where the lady wont let you in. Candice will come and tell her to let you pass. She will say that there are alot of rare Pokemon in there but the only Pokemon in the temple are sneasel golbat steelix and regigias

3.follow the path down to where you see regigigas

4. Fight him

As I said earlier, ou can find steelix in the temple. Up until this point you probably havent seen one yet. Well, in the room with regigigas, you must find your way to the little squares in the ice, it is there where you will find steelix

Added 29 Jun 2009, ID #11813, by 1122andyozz33
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