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Get Eevee

Go to the house next to the Pokemon center, and talk to the girl she will then give you an eevee.

Added 3 Nov 2011, ID #16342, by pikachugirl and get

Get Porygon

Go to Velsone city and go to the house below the team galactic HQ to the left and he will give you a porygon!

Added 3 Nov 2011, ID #16341, by pikachugirl

Where to get all Legendary Pokemon avalible in the game

Uxie: Lake Acuity after visiting Distortion World
Mesprit: Lake Verity after visiting Distortion World
Azelf: Lake Valor after visiting Distortion World
Dialga: At the Spear Pillar in the middle of Mt. Coronet
Palkia: At the Spear Pillar in the middle of Mt. Coronet
Manaphy: To catch, must transfer from Pokemon ranger #2 or to get in pokedex, book in Mr. Backlots room
Rotom Examine the the TV in the Old Chateau 8 to 4 at night
Girantina: Encounter in Distortion World.
Shaymin: Available in Diamond And Pearl through mystery gift. Link trade for it.
Darkria: Avlaible in Diamond And Pearl through mystery gift. Link trade for it.
Phione: Breed Manaphy with a ditto.
Cresselia: Can be encountered after meeting at fullmoon island
Heatran: Spark Mountian very end
Reigias Snowpoint Temple With all other regis.
Articuno: Roams sinnoh reigon after going to proffeser oak in enterna city *must have national pokedex
Zapdos: Roams sinnoh reigon after going to proffeser oak in enterna city *must have national pokedex
Moltres:Roams sinnoh region after going to proffeser oak in enterna city *must have national pokedex
*all other legendary Pokemon you must transfer from GBA games.

Added 3 Nov 2011, ID #16340, by pikachugirl

Pokemon Leage Pokemon and Tactics

First up you have Aaron he is a user of bug type. Defeat him easily with fire. But, Daripon is different a poison dark type so hit him with ground moves. Recommended Pokemon Level: 55

Arons Pokemon:
Yanmega male Lv49 Bug Flying: Effective move types: Rock, Fire, Electric, Ice, Flying
Drapion male Lv53 Poison Dark: Effective move types: Ground
Heracross: Male Lv51 Bug Fighting: Effective move types: Psychic, Flying, Fire.
Vespiquen: Male Lv50 Bug Flying: Effective move types: Rock,Fire, Electric, ice, Flying.

Bertha is a user of Ground Type. Use Grass, Ice and water moves to take her down. Recommended Pokemon Level:58

Berthas Pokemon:
Whiscash female Lv:50 Water Ground: Effective move types: Grass
Gliscor Female Lv:53 Ground Flying: Effective move types: Ice, Water
Golem Female Lv:52 Rock Ground: Effective move types: Grass, Water, Ice, Fighting, Ground, Steel
Rhyperior Female Lv:55 Rock Ground. Effective move types: Grass, Water, Ice, Fighting, Ground, Steel
Hippowdon Female Lv.52 Ground Effective move types: Grass, Water, Ice

Flint is a user of Fire types use water to drench him! Recommended level: 59

Flints Pokemon:
Houndoom Male Lv.52 Dark Fire: Effective move types: Water, Fighting, Ground, Rock.
Rapidash Male Lv.53 Fire; Effective move types: Water Ground Rock
Flareon: Male Lv.55 Fire: Effective move types: Water, Ground, Rock
Magmortar Male Lv.57 Fire: Effective move types: Water, Ground, Rock
Infernape Male Lv.55 Fire: Effective move types: Water, Ground, Flying, Psychic.

Lucian is what I think the hardest hes tuffer then Cynthia! It's best if you have Girintina on your team for him. Reccominded Pokemon level: 62

Lucians Pokemon:
Mr Mime Male Lv53 Psychic Effective move types: Bug, Ghost, Dark
Espeon Male Lv55 Psychic Effective move types: Bug, Ghost, Dark
Bronzong Lv54 Steel Psychic Effective move types: Fire
Alakazam Male Lv56 Psychic ffective move types: Bug, Ghost, Dark
Gallade Male Lv59 Psychic Fighting Effective Types: Flying, Ghost

Now the Champion Cynthia. She is not as tough as you think, a lot easier if you have Garintina. Recommend Level: 65

Cynthias Pokemon:

Spirtomb Female Lv58 Ghost Dark Effective move types; none
Togekiss Femlae Lv60 Normal Flying Effective move types: Electric, Ice, Rock
Lucario Male Lv60 Fighting Steel Effective move types: Fire, Fighting, Ground
Garchomp Male Lv62 Dragon Ground Effective move types: Ice, Dragon
Roserade Female Lv58 Grass Poison Effective move types Fire, Ice, Flying, Psychic
Miloic Female Lv58 Water Effective move types: Grass, Electric.

Added 3 Nov 2011, ID #16339, by pikachugirl

How to Get Cresselia

First you must go to Canavalve City. Go to the house next to the sailors boat. The son will be in bed. Talk to the mom then go talk to the sailor of the ship. He will take you to Full Moon Island. Go the forest and you will see Cresselia. She will give you the lunar wing then flee. Pick it up and bring it to the boy. Cresselia will be fleeing around the sinnoh reigon like mesprit use the marking map to find her. Then, use mean look so she can't get away. Battle her and catch her. Hope I helped!

Added 23 Oct 2011, ID #16317, by pikachugirl

Where to find Rare Candys

Everyone loves rare candys! Here are all the places you can find them: Floaroma Town, Old Chateau 1F/dining hall, Route 206 Mt. Coront upper 1F 1, Veilsont City, Route 218. Pokemon with the PickUp ability may also pick some up! Hope I helped!

Added 23 Oct 2011, ID #16316, by pikachugirl

How to find rare Pokemon with the poke rader

Once you get the poke rader from proffesor Rowan, you can find rare Pokemon in ordinary places! Here are the Pokemon you can find and where to find them:

Mareep: Valley Windworks
Nincada: Enterna Forest
Aron: Fuego Ironworks
Loudred: Mt. Coronet middle peak
Torkoal: Stark Mountain exterior
Wobbuffet: Lake Verity
Wobbuffet: Lake Valor
Nidorin/Nidorana: Valor Lakefront
Nidoran: Route 201
Sentret: Route 202
Sunkern: Route 204
Hoppip: Route 205 Floaroma Town side
Slowpoke: Route 205 Enterna City side
Baltoy: Route 206
Stantler: Route 207
Smeragle: Route 208
Kirila: Route 209
Milktank/Tauros: 210 Solaceon Town side
Bagon: Route 210 Celestic Town side
Tyrogue: Route 211 Enterna City side
Smeargle: Route 212 Hearthome City side
Grimer: Route 212 Pastoria City side
Sellow: Route 213
Poochyena:Route 214
Pilowswine: Route 217
Nidorina/Nidorina: Route 221
Flaaffy: Route 222
Primeape: Route 225
Primeape: Route 226
Torkoal: Route 227
Venomoth: Route 229
Togepi: Route 230

It may take awhile to find them but keep using the pokerador and they will pop up. Step into the grass that is shaking violently or is shiny for a better chance of finding these rare Pokemon! Hope I helped!

(How to use the poke rador: Go to key items and click poke rador it will then show grass rustling step into the grass to see pokemon. If you run from the Pokemon the rustling pattern will stop.)

Added 23 Oct 2011, ID #16315, by pikachugirl

How To Get SHINY Pokemon!

The rate of finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild is 1 in 1000. But instead of just wondering around in the tall grass, thier is an easier way. To find shiny Pokemon eaisly, you must have the pokerader which can be obtained from prof. Rowan after receiving the national pokedex. So you use the pokeradar and go the rustling spot. If you do this for about 40 times and the same Pokemon comes up every time it may be a shiny! NOTE: if you run away or a different Pokemon appears THE LINK WILL STOP! But just walk 50 steps and recharge the pokerader and I will work fine! Also I suggest using a max repel so other Pokemon don't break the chain! I hopeI helped you!

Added 23 Oct 2011, ID #16314, by pikachugirl

How to get Chatot

First you go to eterna condominiums in eterna city then you talk to the boy standing on his chair looking around finally you trade buizul for a chatot and thats how you get chatot

Added 12 Oct 2011, ID #16287, by Guest

More battle's at cafe in survival area!!!

After fighting leaders/trainers in the cafe you must save inside do not leave and WAIT TILL NEXT DAY!

Then when you switch on, you can battle the same people as the day before, but you MUST NOT LEAVE yet.

Keep reviving and healing your self to beat everyone do not leave, and when you are finished go out side and save the game.

When you re-enter the people SHOULD have changed, but some times you can encounter the same leaders so soft reset until you get desired number of trainers, different to who you fought earlier.

Hope you understand and any questions can be posted I will try to remember to return to answer you. Enjoy!

Added 23 Sep 2011, ID #16218, by ishocysp

How to get all the starter pokemon

OK I couldn't really decide on which starter Pokemon to use so I looked up on you tube and I got a cheat to where I can get all the starter Pokemon and since 3 people get different starter Pokemon (including you) you just need a capture Trainer's Pokemon cheat That's all so when you battle the other 2 trainers you can use that code to get the Other 2 starter Pokemon.;D

Added 1 Aug 2011, ID #16022, by elfygirlisnum1

How to get Arceus.

Go in any tal grass/Mt.Coronet so many time and when you ecounter like gravity that Arceus if you wanna catch it use master ball (I use cheat to catch Arceus with Ine pokeball with full healt

Added 17 Jul 2011, ID #15967, by Guest

Walk through walls

The cheats alllows your carrahcter to walk through walls of anykind

Added 12 Jul 2011, ID #15948, by Guest

Any Pokemon

Get any Pokemon you may need in the game using the the number pad Poke App. So when you type in the Pokemon's number and step into the grass, that Pokemon will appear.

Added 11 Jul 2011, ID #15946, by Guest

how to get lugia

First, you must obtain the national dex, talk to proff Oak in eterna, & catch the legendary birds, which will roam after you find oak. Once you've done that, go to a PC & get out the legendary birds in this order : Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres. They must be at at max happiness.After that, go to newmoon island, where you get Darkrai. You can get here either by cheating or a nintendo event. If you did everything right, there should be a level 75 Lugia where Datkrai was. He will run away. Once thats done, go to sunnyshore city & surf right above it(with the legendary birds still in your party) You should run into lugia. He is level 75, 7 runs away like the birds. I recomend using a mastreball if you have one.THIS WORKS!!!IT HAS BEEN TESTED & PROVEN TO WORK!!!!

Added 26 Jun 2011, ID #15866, by GokouSSJ


If you have an action replay DSi:
Insert a MICRO SD card into the right side and enter the AR and go to saves
Doing this you can use the sd like a ps2 memory card
You die or mess or use a code that messes up your current game go to saves hit the game and put yes wait about 5 seconds and start the game

Added 1 Mar 2011, ID #15322, by Mecha Dragon


The only way to get a Manaphey you can only get him/her with a cheat card.

Added 19 Feb 2011, ID #15281, by sethinski1234


Ok to get more than one exp is get a Pokemon from heart gold soul silver dimond pearl that is hoiding a exp share and use it on a Pokemon and use the other exp share on the other Pokemon and face random trainer using a vs seeker

Added 30 Jan 2011, ID #15200, by Guest

Get palkia and dialga and giritina

If you did not get giritina in the distoration world then after beating the champion you can go to the cave were cynthia was standing and go in it will be challanging to get giritina because it's like a maze he will be in his altered form he is a level 47 make sure you have a master ball or a lot of dusk balls because ultra balls are useless so are all the other pokeball. If you want to get palkia and dialga then you need to beat the champion as well. First you're going to need the adament & lrustios orb go to mount corinet when you get to the snowy area use rock climb twice then go into the cave use surf on the water then go up the waterfall then go through the door then you get the two items that are in the pokeballs then go to the spear piller go to the blue glowing diamond shaped one press a to get dialga an ultra ball will work on it after you catch it leave the spear piller and go in again and there will be a pink redish diamond press a ultra ball will work on it to.

Added 17 Jan 2011, ID #15094, by Guest

How to get more wallpapers in D,/P, platinum and HG/SS and some

You will need to talk with the man in the TV station from Jublife City. Say him the special code you can generate
on this link
The site is german, but this page is English.
In HG/SS you will also be able to get an egg by this method. It is 100 percent legit!

Added 11 Dec 2010, ID #14942, by Surfing Pikachu
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