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How to get a Riolu

Do you want a Riolu/Lucario?
Well follow these steps!
1)Beat gym leader Bryon (canalve)
2)Go to IRON ISLAND via sailman
3)Work with RILEY
4)Beat everyone/ get to end
5)Get egg from RILEY
6)Walk 6,400 steps

Added 7 Nov 2007, ID #5345, by Zinger11220
Ask.com and get

Who to get magnezone

Firstly get magneton and attach a moon stone to it then fly to celestic town and head left to route 211, keep going along and go into mt coronet.either trainit up a level or use a rare-candy and after one level it should evolve. p.s. Keep catching

Added 9 Oct 2007, ID #5112, by adam23

How to catch Creselia and Mesprit

Ok. I know that these 2 Pokemon run away from you as soon as you see them in their lake and their island. So this is what you need: patience, Max repels, and the poketch app that follows running Pokemon and sweet scent. First track the Pokemon you want to the nearest city and fly or cycle it there. Once there take 1 step at a time.untill the square marking where you are iz directly above the Pokemon you wana catch. Save and use max repel and (i had vespiqueen) use sweet scent. Evetualy (if you don't move) then you will catch the Pokemon you want. Trust me I have done this!

Added 2 Oct 2007, ID #5055, by Sab.z

Mystery Gift

Hello players if you have not yet gotten the mystery gift well follow the instructions below.

1.Go to the 3 floor of the Jublife TV Station.
2.Talk to the guy next to the girl.
3.He'll give you some lines to talk about something.
4.In the first time right "Everyone Happy"and in the second one "Wi-Fi Connection"
5.After you finish talking with him sav and shut off.
6.Turn on your DS again and in the beggining you now see Mystery Gift.

You are welcome have fun getting Event pokemon.

Added 29 Sep 2007, ID #5028, by Darkrai Twilight

Lucario at Lake

If you have not gotten all badges yet and have 6 then follow the 0instruc0tions below for a Lucario.

1.Get 6 badges.
2.Go to the lake infront where the psyducks are.
3.Walk to the right corner of the lake.
4.There is and old man with suitcase that asks you some questions.
5.Get all correctly and you get to battle him.
6.If you beat him he gives you a lucario.

Warning:This will not work if you have more than 6 badges or less.

Added 28 Sep 2007, ID #5001, by Darkrai Twilight

Electrivire code for Shocking Gift

Follow the intructions below.

1.Go to your profile.
2.Click on Self-introduction.
3.There write BA16-X4SH-E2AT.(Write it the exact way even with the -'s.)
4.The Girl will notice you know the code.Go to the Mystery Gifts in PBR the SHOCKHING GIFT is the last one.
5.After that connect your DS to your Wii to get the Electrivire which is in lvl.50 and it's moves are thunderpunch,icepunch,cross chop and earthquake.Follow the intructions the game tells you after you buy the SHOCKING GIFT.

You are welcome I know lot's of you have been looking for this code.Tested and working 100%.

Added 28 Sep 2007, ID #5000, by Darkrai Twilight

The old chateau

Do you know that spooky mansion in eterna forest well if you go tothe second to last room on your right walk trew the door six times(while using a max repel) every time you walk in this little girl in the other room looks at you and walks out go back down stairs and go into the dinning room you will see an old man looking at you and turn and walk to the left if you walk to left hes not there!

Its realy spooky because there ghosts if you go back to that other room this portrait of a Pokemon I don't know wot it is but it's eyes are gleaming red! Walk near it and the red eyes disapear if you find anything out send an email to leo.ward@hotmail.co.uk
P.s rate this cheat as well because it is my second cheat


Added 10 Sep 2007, ID #4791, by leo100

Walk @ Amity Square

Have you ever seen Pokemon in contests and say stuff like, "Wow! Where'd that Pokemon get such a great accessory?!" or "Where can I get one of those?" Here's how:

Grab a Drifloon, Clefairy, Pikachu, Psyduck, Pachirusu, Happiny, Torchic*, Shroomish*, Jigglypuff*, or Skitty* and walk to Hearthorme City's Amity Square.

Rare items from each Pokemon:

Clefairy: Stump, White Beard, Durin berry, Belue berry, Watmel berry, Pamtre berry, Spelon berry.

Pikachu: Purple Scale, Glitter Boulder, Durin, Belue, Watmel, Pamtre, Spelon, Big Scale, Small Leaf.

Drifloon: Narrow Scale, Narrow leaf, Black Beard, Shed Claw, Purple Scale.

Psyduck/Pachirusu: Shed Horn, Narrow Scale, Black Moustache, Thick Mushroom.

Skitty: Big leaf, Small Leaf, Big scale, Thin Mushroom.

Torchic: Spelon, Belue, Pamtre, Durin, Watmel.

Shroomish: ?

Awesome, awesome! Those accessories c'est magnifique! Stay Shadow!


Added 2 Sep 2007, ID #4696, by Shadow_Cresselia_101

Catch Cresselia and Mesprit in 5 easy steps!

I caught Cresselia (And Mesprit) like this, and it works! Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to Victory road and catch a Medicham (Lv.46 or higher). Immediately Fly to Snowpoint. Go to the house on the top left, near Snowpoint Temple and talk to the girl. She trades you a Haunter.

2. Teach the Haunter the following moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, and Dark Aura. Equip it with the Quick Claw.

3. Go to Canalave City after beating the Elite 4. Talk to Sailor Eldrich(?). Sail to Fullmoon Island with him. Go into the woods on Fullmoon Island and talk to Cresselia. It will show you a picture of itself, cry and fly away. It left a Lunar Wing on the floor. Pick it up and sail away.

4. Turn your Pokétch to the Marking Map. Follow Cresselia, but whatever you do, DO NOT FLY!!!! That scares it away. So do bikes. Walk, or run to catch it. 5. When you find it, use Hypnosis. Weaken it with a tossed in Dark or Ghost type attack. Then, nibble at it's HP with Dream Eater. Finally, throw a Quick Ball at it. Spin your stylus on the Pokeball on the Touch Screen to catch it more easily.

5. Do the same w/ Mesprit, only you go to its cave and talk to it.

Oh, I almost forgot. Hi, I'm Shadow Cresselia 101! Please rate this cheat, for it is my first! Stay Shadow!

Added 2 Sep 2007, ID #4693, by Shadow_Cresselia_101

More Fashion Items

If you go to Hearthome with a Drifloon, Psyduck, Pachirisu, Buneary Pikachu, Clefairy or Happiny and go to either the top left or right corner of town you will find yourself in Amitty Square. Here you can walk around with one of the mentioned Pokemon and talk to it. Every so often it will say it is holding something and you get either a berry or a fashion item for contests. I have Discovered something, if you run through the flowers (or trample which ever you prefer) that are in Amitty Square, you get more items more often. Have fun in the contests.


P.S. After you get your National Dex you can also bring in a Jigglypuff, Torchic, Skitty or a Shroomish.

P.P.S. According to my brother, the items also differ depending on which Pokemon you bring in.

Added 27 Aug 2007, ID #4633, by pearlprincess

How to get the bad egg

Hey if you want a bad egg then get action replay for DS then have the instant breeding code then put a legendary besides manaphy in the daycare with another legendary and have them breed with the breed instantly code but when they breed don't take the egg save and turn off you DS and turn it back on then go to box 12 you'll see a egg there and that's the bad egg!the code should work but you can't hatch sorry or if you look at it's hatching stats your gae will freze this cheat worked 100%

Added 16 Aug 2007, ID #4467, by genji24

Catching Gible

To catch gible go to the front of wayward cave but DONT go in the cave go down when you see a tree go left you will be under cycling road a secret entrance you have found.Ok then in that secret entrance you find Gible and the earthquake TM.And thats how you catch Gible remember DONT go into the regular visible entrance of wayward cave go to the on under cycling road don't forget

Added 7 Aug 2007, ID #4280, by megapokedude

Munchlaxs dudes

Go to florama town then go to the valleywimdworks you'll see a sweet honey tree on the tree put 10 honey then come after 8 hours you'll see the tree moving if you are lucky youll find a munchlax. I found it believe me

Added 7 Aug 2007, ID #4273, by Mohamed1717

Cloning Pokemons!!!!!

Ok, first you have to be in the GTS (Global Trade Sation) in Jubilife City.
Then, when you enter the GTS (searching pokemon) offer the Pokemon you want to clone and notice the small clock on the lower right. When it spins 8.5 times turn off the DS. When you turn it on a blue screen should say "The game file was corrupted the last saved file will be loaded." or something like that. Now enter the GTS again and when you enter the trading room on the top screen should say "summary" "seek Pokemon" and "Exit". If it says that........Congratulations!!!! You've cloned a Pokemon!!!!!

Added 5 Aug 2007, ID #4248, by Zair Hidamaru

Get Gengar Without Trade

It's quite simple. All you need is one of the previous Pokemon games like Sapphire or Leaf Green. After you get your National Dex put your Pokemon game in the GameBoy slot then start playing Pearl. If you're not already there, fly to Eterna City then go into the forest and into the Old Mansion. Go into the room that has the picture (the one who's eyes dissapear when you touch the back wall). Start looking around in that room and soon you will find a Gengar(lv.16). They are only in that room, though. Remember that. By the way, if you go into the secong last room on the right in that hallway, you might see a strange "ghost girl" in the next room on the right. She goes out of the room and dissappears even when you try to follow her. This isn't a cheat, I'd just like to point it out.

Happy Gengar hunting, Pearlprincess

P.S. Does anyone know how to catch a Gible? They are being very stubborn for me and will not appear. I know where they are supposed to be though.

Added 3 Aug 2007, ID #4217, by pearlprincess


After you get the National Pokedex, fly to Sandgem Town. When you go into Lucas's house(or Dawn's if you chose guy) there will be a little girl. Talk to her to find out who is swarming on that day(Swinub, Surskit, Likitung, Drowzee, Doduo, Zigzagoon, Beldum, Spinda, Makuhita, Skitty, Natu, Krabby, Corsola, Pidgy, Smoochum, Slakoth, Electrike, Voltorb, Tangela, Voltorb, Delibird, Farfetch'd, Absol, Spoink, Snubbull, Magnemite, Phanpy, Dunsparce, Nosepass and Cubone are all of the Pokemon that will swarm). Only one will swarm a day(all day) so you will need to wait 24 hours.

For this cheat you do not have to do that. Just fly to Sandgem and talk to the girl. If the Pokemon that is swarming isn't the one you want, then go outsiside and/or save it and shut it off. Turn your DS back on but first set your clock to 11:59 (23:59) and say yes. The DS automatically turns off when you say done so turn you DS back on and say play game. Then wait where you are untill midnight(if you are outside, then the lights in the houses go out at exactly midnight). Then talk to the girl and a different Pokemon will be swarming. You can keep doing this untill you find the Pokemon you want.

Have fun, Pearlprincess.

P.S. If you go straight ti the next day it will not work and the Pokemon that was swarming the yesterday will still be swarming.

Added 30 Jul 2007, ID #4153, by pearlprincess

Be invisable

Go to snowpoint with walk anywhere cheat on go behind the sailer in front of the boat and talk to him. Go set sail somewhere but right before the boat starts moving, get out and youll be invisable

Added 27 Jul 2007, ID #4071, by 1122andyozz33


HM's needed:Strength and Rock Smash.

To get the forth Regi,Regigigas,is to catch Regice,Registeel,and Regirock on Emerald and Migrate them.Which means of course you need the National Pokedex.Now go to Snowpoint City and go up behind the gym and you'll see a path go through that with The Three Regis in your party.You will see a Temple and when you try to go in and someone will.Stop you and starts blabbing her mouth.She shutsup when someone else comes.She's either from the Elite Four or the Gym at Snowpoint.But she says to let you in.Just solve the puzzles and keep going.and youll find him.You might not want him because of his abillity "SLOW START".

Added 27 Jul 2007, ID #4068, by poke_freak311

Fire red helps you

If you put fire red in the GBA slot youll have a better chance of getting a wild elekid

Added 26 Jul 2007, ID #4051, by 1122andyozz33

Rare pokemon.

If you talk to Mr.Backlot after finishing the sinnoh dex, everyday he says he saw a rare Pokemon in his trophy garden, if you don't like the pokemon/have got it then you should have saved before you talked to him.Restart the game, and move around a little before you talk to him.The Pokemon should have changed.

If you want to get more than one in the same real life day, change the settings on your DS to like 11:00 PM. Then wait untill about 11:55 and start going to his mansion.when you talk to him, the Pokemon should have changed (needs to bee 00:00 or later).

Added 25 Jul 2007, ID #4025, by F4LL3N
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