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Spit and Shine !!!!!!

Have you ever looked at your badges and they're dark?
You can clean them by rubbing on your badge pictures
With your stylus until they're sparkling.
Note:Do not spit on your Ds.
Warning:Do not have the light on High when Cleaning
Badges. You could Blind Yourself temporarily.

Added 10 Aug 2008, ID #8771, by video game meister
Ask.com and get

Volt Tackle for Pikachu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, are you ready to Shock? To teach pikachu Volt Tackle you need to catch
One that's holding a Light Ball. That item is very rare and is the key to
Volt Tackle. Keep letting it hold the Light Ball and keep leveling it up without
Day Care or Rare Candys. Eventually it will want to learn Volt Tackle Teach it
So you can defeat Flying and Water types easily. Hope this helped !

Added 10 Aug 2008, ID #8770, by video game meister

Succesfull Captures

Get the Pokemon at least at half HP. Then throw an Ultra Ball. Next, hold down and b when it blinks yellow. Release when it stops bouncing.

Added 2 Aug 2008, ID #8676, by colemon

how to get shaymin with only an action replay

Ok... So here we go. To start, put on run through walls, and go to the polished stone that is behind the Pokemon league. Go to the right of it, and go up untill you see a path. It will be filled with flowers. Keep on going on it (up) untill you get to the end. There will be a flower ilsand or something, and you will find a 30 shaymin. Plz rate as this is one of my first cheats posted.

Added 2 Aug 2008, ID #8674, by marioman777

evolve pokemon without trading

To evolve Pokemon without bribing your friends to trade and trade back go to gts and put the Pokemon you want to evolve in the deposit box trade what you want to evolve for something know one has. Then seek for some thing weak that you have. Once you have it take your Pokemon from the box and it will be like they traded it to you. It works if you do it right check you tube I have a video.

Added 2 Aug 2008, ID #8669, by GOpokemon123095

Cheat to recieve the Mystery Gift

This cheat won't be able to actually get you the Mystery Gift but it will give you the option to recieve the gift from a friend, wireless or Wi-Fi. This option will appear in the main menu. First, go to the TV station in Jubelife City. On the third floor you will find a man and a woman beside each other. Talk to the man. He will interview you. For your first two word options select 'everyone' in the first box and 'happy' in the second box. For your second two word options write in 'wi-fi' and 'connection'. He will tell you that he heard the phrase before. Save your game and turn off the power. Go back into the game. On your start menu it will have the tab Mystery Gift. Now you can recieve the mystery gift from someone else.

Added 24 Jul 2008, ID #8509, by Snowfire

Legendary Eggs

Ok go to Island 2 and use the walk anyware cheat then walk through the mountain thier will be a green square walk around it then go on it and press A then 5 eggs will fall out of the sky go to one of them and press A and HO-OH will come out to protect the eggs Defeat/Captcher HO-OH then collect the eggs and in party you will have the eggs of HO-OH,Zoptos,Moltres,Artacuno and Lugia.

P.S the eggs are level 100 thats Legendary.

Added 18 Jul 2008, ID #8447, by AYZ


First of all, you need an action replay.... Now you have to put on walk anywhere. Then go to the Pokemon center and go to the place where you can battle your friends on the second floor. If it lets you in, there will be alot of people there.....YAY

Added 18 Jun 2008, ID #7985, by 1122andyozz33

easy levels

If you need good Pokemon or you want them to evolve follow the tips.....

1.catch Pokemon you want
2.put it into the front of your team
3.go battle trainors until they evolve. You may notice the Pokemon will gain more exp than I should

Added 18 May 2008, ID #7620, by JC7654321

Invisable cities

You need an action replay and the cheat Run through walls. Go to the Pokemon center in sadgem town and go up the left stairs. Go to the lady that leads you to the club union room run through her and run through that wall but don't go into the door there and after you run through the wall just keep running up and the name of the places will change instead of just saying mystery zone the music will change and the name will change to like jubilife city, jubilife tv, floaroma meadow (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and also places like the mystery zone, snowpoint city but the cool thing is when it ays snowpoint city it will actually start snowing like there but you'll still be in the black zone the other cool thing I that you actually get to places lke inside the contest hall and also inside of the turnback cave and it will become foggy to and when you aren't in the mystery zone part you can actully open your menu sreen and save and stuff however you can't use fly or go underground. Oh and one of the places will have no name but will have the underground music as if you were there. Oh and you can't use any key item things like your bicycle, explorer kit but if you register like you're town map you can actually use it and maybe your bicycle to but otherwise it will say that prof. Rowan thing about you can't use that item there. But you still can't use your explorer kit even if you register it. And also I'm not sure about the other things besides the explorers kit, town map, or bicycle. Oh and when you're in the mystery zone places you can't open your menu or use your registere item. Oh and I tryed this and it work. Oh and one last thing, please rate this! And that's all about the invisable cities. Oh and after you're done going to the places run back down to where the contest hall is and there will be shadows there as if there were people there and open your menu and close it and you wil be inside of the contest hall in Hearthome city. But tha's if you're in the right place. Or you can just run back to poke center wall in sadgem town. And that' all. Oh and like I said before please comment! And that's all.

Added 17 May 2008, ID #7610, by 1supermiguel

how to get rare pokemon from trees

Each Pokemon have a unique spot they like if you check the area for Pokemon you will find these trees are their location this is how to get a burmy slather honey near the tree in oreburg and the one outside eterna froest you need cut to get there aipom slather honey twice on any tree 10% of the time heracross slather honey on the route 208 30% of the time munchlax route 212 or valley windworks sometimes there are trees with a different golden colour and you can get either a munchlax or level 15 or above Pokemon if you have a gba cartridge some timse you might get a vennonat but I got one and onlymanage once to get it again plz rate this if it was any help to you have fun clompleting your pokedex I have all 493 Pokemon with out action replay I got 482 so if you need another Pokemon I can help with that

Added 16 May 2008, ID #7605, by pok3mon 2

easy elite four victory

Catch a bronzong at mt.cornet make it relearn hypnosis and teach it dream eater physic and flash cannon use it on only use bronzong when battling aarons heracross and vespiquen all of bertha Pokemon flints dirflimb all of wills Pokemon and cythia garchomp lucario and roserade

Added 13 May 2008, ID #7580, by pok3mon 2

how to get mime jr without trading diamond

To get mime jr on pearl simply migrate mr mime frome fire red or leaf green and a ditto and put them in the daycare and they will have an egg simply hatch it it will be mime jr I know this will help

Added 13 May 2008, ID #7576, by #1 poke master


If you are in amity square...you must run or walk until 200 steps & your Pokemon have a neww item...talk to your Pokemon & you will have a new item...

Added 19 Apr 2008, ID #7289, by Leon S.Kennedy

how to get drifloon not on friday

You can get drifloon any day of the week just by changing the time and date on your nintendo the go to power windmill place

Added 12 Apr 2008, ID #7230, by mismagmius77

Suite key

At the beach outside of pastora you got to the reception area. You walk out to the side thats not the beach and you walk forward one step. Then go to the left but don't move forward stay in the same place just turn to the left. Then press a and you have the suite key.

Added 29 Mar 2008, ID #7071, by danielle456227232

Do A Whellie On Bike

First you Need to Have The Run Through Anything Cheat
Then Youll Need To Go To Your Bag, Select Bicycle, Register it so when you need you just have to press the Y Button.

Alright Secondly, Go into a patch of trees or basically anything and take out your bike then just head back where you came from and ta the it look like youre characters doing a wheelie!!!!!! Its Actually Very Fun!!!! : )

Try It Out!!! : )

Added 29 Mar 2008, ID #7062, by Spongegiggles82

how to get a talking chatot

Well first you need a buzel level 20 or go to rout 213 and catch a lvl 20 buzel, then go to enterna and go to a place that has the name, NAME RATOR, this may be confusing but just do what I told you!!! Then trade a kid he looks like he is 3 years old so he's esay to find then trade your buzel to him. Then level if it's level 20 like I told you to get level it up 1 time the teach it the move chater then go to the Pokemon menu and press A on chatot and then choose chater then you can get it to fregon talk!!!

(p.s if you make a farting sound in the mic it will fart when you send it out he he)

Added 25 Mar 2008, ID #7001, by J knight70


Ok this a very odd glitch that me and my sister found, if you put a Ponyta and a vulpix in the daycare together they will have a egg but this egg takes a long time to hacth (four days I think) but when it hatches it will be a starly just a plane ol' starly it dosen't even have any fire attacks just normal ones. Weird uh.

Added 24 Mar 2008, ID #6989, by The Jones Kid


Go to Pokemon league and use run through cheat on action replay run right then go 2 the white stone and go up to spring break path to get 2 flower paradise

Added 23 Mar 2008, ID #6972, by ironfist472
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