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dialga/pelkia or giratina

after trading over your 12th movie arceus,you are able to get to the shino runs from the ruins of alph.their you will find cynthia.she will take you to the ruins,you will be able to obtain a dialga,palkia,or garatina.all at lv1 (hg/ss)

Added 3 Jul 2010, ID #14170, by hunter2010
Ask.com and get


found in kento articuno is found at seafoam islands,zaptos at the powerplant,and motress at mt.silver.all at lv50(hg/ss)

Added 3 Jul 2010, ID #14169, by hunter2010

how to get rayquaza

after trading over kyoger or groudon from their respective games,show them to prof.elm.he will give you the green orb.then take it to the same cave you found groudon/kyoger in.rayquaza will be at lv50

Added 3 Jul 2010, ID #14168, by hunter2010

Catch Mewtwo

In the Kanto Region in Cerulean Cave use a Ultra Ball or a Dusk Ball. Be carful for Mewtwo`s Psycho Cut. Also he is a lv.70. The field moves you need are Flash, Rock Smash, Surf, and Rock Climb. but I forgot. First take a chunk of it`s HP out with Bug Ghost or Dark types. then use not very effective moves like Psychic or Fighting. Good luck catching him he`s a good POKEMON!

Added 24 Jun 2010, ID #14094, by Guest

Pikachu Coloured Pichu

This is much better than an action replay code.

1:go to your Wi-Fi setup

2:Go to your to your connection and go to the Auto-Obtain DNS

3:Press no and go to primary DNS and press edit

4. Change it to this:

5:Go into your game and go to Goldenrod/Jubilife city (depending on your game)

6: Go into the GTS and it will appear that you got a pokemon. (which is the shiny pichu)

7. Have fun!

I have used this myself so can confirm it is legit, and I have used the Pichu event with it

Added 18 Jun 2010, ID #14022, by matt90

Finish a battle against one pokemon if the other trainer has mor

To do this you must have an A.R. with the "catch trainer pokemon" cheat.Go to any trainer and you can catch his/her first pokemon.The battle will end right after that and you need easy capture too.The best part is, it doesn't use any pokeballs.

Try it.I guarantee it works.Hope your satisfied!

Added 13 Jun 2010, ID #13970, by supercool123

"shiny leaves"

did you know that if you go on a specific route and enter tall grass, talk to your pokemon to get a shiny leave. This is how you get one.

1:Make sure your pokemon's mood is happy.

2:Must have high enough friendship.

3:And the pokemon's nature is determind where the shiny leaf can be found.

Ex: Nature,Naive. Routes are rt 31, rt 34, rt47.

NOTE:There are 5 types of shiny leaves but only three can be found pre-hall of fame.

PS: If your pokemon's nature is bold, the routes where you can find a shiny leaf are rt 42, rt 37, rt 46.


Ditto Glitch

Okay I randomly discovered this glitch last night. This will let you get a Ditto with moves other then transform. You will need the following: Some Pokeballs (To catch the ditto with.), and a Pokemon with the move rage and has three moves you want Ditto to know. Make sure you have the Pokemon with the desired moves in the first slot of your party. Fly to Goldenrod and go down to the daycare center. Start running around in the grass next to the daycare center. After awhile you should run into a wild Ditto. Let the Ditto transform into your Pokemon before catching it. After you catch the Ditto check it's moves, it should have the same moves as the Pokemon you battled it with had. You can put Ditto in your PC, heal it, battle with it, or trade it and it will keep the moves it copied. This glitch only seems to work if the Pokemon you use knows the move rage. If you want you can probably go to the move tutor in Blackthorn city to reteach Ditto the move transform for a heart scale.

Added 20 May 2010, ID #13774, by Ninetailed Fox

getting hoen starters

To get hoen starters you have to beat red.go to saffron city(kanto)find the pink house and go upstairs in it talk to "copycat" she will mimic you(unless you have all ready brought her her doll back).fly to varmillion city go into the house wich is the Pokemon fanclub building(brown door I think)talk to the person on the sofa he talkes about clefaires and gives you the doll.go out the door steven the hoen champion comes he telles you latios or latias are roaming round kanto.go to copycat give her doll back to her and then finnialy go into silphco. Steven is there talk to him he will say if you had three rocks in front of you witch would colour would you pick red-torchic blue-mudkip green-treeko

Thank for reading

Added 10 Apr 2010, ID #13486, by madAlex

Ultimate Trainer

Red Vs You
Red`s Team Recommended Team

Lv.88 Pikachu lv.89 Feraligatr
Lv.80 Lapras lv.87 Snorlax
Lv.82 Snorlax lv.88 Dragonite
Lv.84 Charizard lv.89 Ho-oh
Lv.84 Blastoise lv.86 Lugia
Lv.84 Venusaur lv.86 Machamp

Yes. The Pokemon have to be this strong. Also get many PP restoring items. And *Spoiler*, You get 1 Kanto and 1 Hoenn starter. So try to beat Red.

Added 20 Mar 2010, ID #13310, by johtochamp99862

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.

Bug - Super Effective against: Dark, Grass, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel

Dark - Super Effective against: Ghost, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Dark, Fighting, Steel.

Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: Steel.

Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.

Fighting - Super Effective against: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.

Fire - Super Effective against: Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water.

Flying - Super Effective against: Bug, Fighting, Grass. Not Very Effective against: Electric, Rock, Steel.

Ghost - Super Effective against: Ghost, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Dark, Steel. No Effect against: Normal.

Grass - Super Effective against: Ground, Rock, Water. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison, Steel.

Ground - Super Effective against: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Grass. No Effect against: Flying.

Ice - Super Effective against: Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground. Not Very Effective against: Fire, Ice, Steel, Water.

Normal - Super Effective against: (nothing). Not Very Effective against: Rock, Steel. No Effect against: Ghost.

Poison - Super Effective against: Grass. Not Very Effective against: Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock. No Effect against: Steel.

Psychic - Super Effective against: Fighting, Poison. Not Very Effective against: Psychic, Steel. No Effect against: Dark.

Rock - Super Effective against: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice. Not Very Effective against: Figthing, Ground, Steel.

Steel - Super Effective against: Ice, Rock. Not Very Effective against: Electric, Fire, Steel, Water.

Water - Super Effective against: Fire, Ground, Rock. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Grass, Water.

Added 19 Dec 2009, ID #12936, by Volke
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