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Pokemon Heart Gold Action Replay Codes - Nintendo DS

Action Replay Codes for Pokemon Heart Gold

Pokemon Heart Gold Guide
Pokemon Heart Gold Guide
This guide can be used as a companion as you play through the game, or as a reference source for wrapping up play after you have completed the main ..
Last Updated: by Richard

Pokemon HeartGold, released in 2009 is enhanced remove of the popular Pokemon Gold. HeartGold takes place in the Johto and Kanto regsions and is part of the 4th generation of the series. Pokemon Heart Gold cheats are entered using the Action Replay device which you'll need if you want to use the cheats if you are playing with the original version of the game. Cheats can also be entered via the cheat menu of your emulator if you are playing HeartGold on one.

Pokemon Heart Gold

How to Use Pokemon HeartGold Cheats

If using the original game and Action Replay device you'll need to enter the cheats that you find on our website using the Code Manager. We have a video showing how this is done here: Entering Action Replay Codes.

You can also use there Heart Gold cheats if you are using an emulator, again it's a really simple process, just find the code you want on our site and copy and paste it into the cheat menu of your emulator when you are playing Heart Gold.

Things to be aware of when using cheats

Cheats can disrupt your game, if you don't enter them correctly, or if you use a code which is not compatible with your version of the game, then it may glitch out and become unusable. We advise to always save your game before your activate a cheat code in Heart Gold, or any game.

Don't save your game with a cheat activated, and only save your game once you are sure that the cheat you have entered has worked the way you intended it to.

It's best to only activate one or two cheats at a time. The more you have activated at once, the greater the chance of the game glitching.

Best Pokemon Heart Gold Cheats

We have over 300 different Action Replay cheats for Heart Gold, you can find them all by scrolling down, there are loads of different ones that you won't find anywhere else as we are lucky enough to have our site visitors create codes for us and send them in to share with other players since the game was launched in 2009.

Because we have so many, we thought it would be a great idea to hand pick some of the best and most useful Heart Gold Cheats, and here they are:

Wild Pokemon Modifier
This code will allow you to decide which Pokemon you will encounter next in the wild. So if you are having trouble finding a particular Pokemon then summon it with this code and catch it.

Wild Legendary Pokemon Modifier
While the code above also includes legendaries, this is a really interesting alternate code added in 2020 from a site member, it will allow you to summon the legendaries in the game by entering just a couple of codes based on region. You can read all about it, and give this new cheat code a try by following the above link.

Capture Trainer Pokemon
You can use this code to capture the Pokemon of a trainer that you encounter.

Rare Candy Cheat
Level up your Pokemon with these rare candies.

Get Master Balls
Not just master balls, but all Pokeballs and 900 of each one with this cheat.

Walk Through Walls
Walk anywhere on the map with this code, take short cuts and get where you want to go fast.

Pikachu Team Cheat plus items
This code will replace your existing team with a team of different Pikachus, plus as a bonus you'll get rare candies, pokeballs and more. Full details on exactly what you can expect to get can be found on the cheat page.

Event Pokemon Cheats
Get event Pokemon that you may have missed with this includes Arceus, Celibi and Toys R Us Shaymin. Here is another code along the same lines Event Celibi Code and a VGC 2010 Shiny Eevee

Random Pokemon Encounter Code
Mix the game up a bit with this random encounter code. You can literally encounter any Pokemon in the game with this cheat, including legendaries.

Get Pokerus
Infect your team with Pokerus using this code. For those of you who dont know, the Pokerus virus is a virus that raises all of your infected pokemon's stats. Despite the word "virus", the Pokerus virus can be and is only beneficial. It doesn't alter a pokemon's appearance at all. Once a pokemon catches the Pokerus virus, it is always infected, and it carries out through evolutions.

Soul Silver Groudon Cheat
This code should help activcate the Rayquaza Event. Also, check through the comments on that page to read about other options such as getting a Red Orb as alternative way to get this Groudon.

Click here for Pokemon Heart Gold Tips, here for a complete Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough , and here to browse through over 1500 Pokemon Heart Gold Answers or just scroll down for loads more cheats.

Most Popular Codes

Catch Any Pokemon
This will help you catch any pokemon.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Encounter Codes
Can encounter any pokemon in grass!
just put the really short code in your Action replay, then start it up!
This code adds lots of fun because if you go into the grass, you can encounter anyone from bulbasaur to Arceus(#1-493). The level depends on your location. if you want high levels go to mt silver, and low levels go to pallet town.
it woks with the shiny code, so go on a catching spree! see if you can find any legendaries!
ITS TESTED! BY ME! IT WORKD GREAT! no activation buttons, its automatic.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Encounter Codes
here are no buttons involved just walk into the grass and u run into a shiny lugia the code is small but it works lugia will be level 3
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Encounter Codes
this is for 900 rare candies and all medical items
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Item Codes
Walk Through Anything
You have to press R+B to enable it and L+B to disable it. It is sooo cool it lets you walk through anything!

If you are using an emulator, then look for the equivalent keys for R+B and L+B to make it work.

Make sure you save the game before you try to cheat, and don't save it while you are somewhere you are not meant to be.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS:
epic groudon
this code will give you a shiny lv 100 groudon.maxed out stats,he knows fire blast,earthquake,fissure,and eruption.pokesav so press l&r to activate in the game.when you activate it go through a door or leave the room.ability no guard and pp 99.
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Wild Pokemon Modifier (Kanto Starters and Legendaries)
Use this to get any Kanto Pokemon anywhere.
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Encounter Codes
A Bunch of Good AR Codes:
WARNING!!! This is for North America ONLY!!! Here are a bunch of AR codes for Pokemon HG/SS. They are all guarantee to work.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS:
Fall 2010 Event Mew!!!!!
This code will give you a special event Mew

-Press L & are to activate and pick it up in the PokeMart

~This code took me forever to make so please enjoy it lol
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Event Pokemon Codes
team pikachu +all pokeballs +secret+999 rare cadies
This gives you 4 pikachu's all in pokeball 90 of all pokeballs and 999 rare candies all abillity static all different in there own way
(sufing pikachu)
Beach pika lv15 moves iron tail surf volt tackle thunderbolt max stats
(ash's pikachu)
Ash's pika lv100 max stats moves thunderbolt quick attack iron tail volt tackle
Pikachu japanese lv90 max stats moves thunderbolt auqua tail thunder thunder fang
(ultimate pikachu)
King pika lv100 999 stats moves guillotine aeroblast volt tackle thunder bolt
Ps write in comments for me to post a code
Pss pokesav so press l+are
Psss long so use code manager
Pssss for heart gold only
Psssss thumbs up please
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Teams of Pokemon Codes
This code should infect your entire team of Pokemon. All you have to do is press A at the end of the battle and they should become infected.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
A Better Pokemon Modifier
This code is much more consistent than the one I had provided before. There are no activation buttons, the Pokemon you want always appear, and the levels always stay the same. The only thing is that you have to change the code for different Pokemon and different levels.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS:
All Codes I Know That Work
[u][/u] These codes all work. I know they work because I have personaly used all of them. Make sure you follow my directions as closly as possible.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
Ghost Mode
Makes you hover, increases movement speed x2, and lets you walk through anything.

No Buttons Needed, Just Load the game with it on and you're good to go.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
Epic Arceus
Yup. Everything is maxed.
This may not work because my AR is messing up, so I can't try it.

I think it deletes your first Pokemon in your party. If not, it deletes your first Pokemon in box 1.

PokeSav generated.

Warning! There was something Important I needed to tell you, but I forgot. So... Yeah, don't be surprised if something... Happens.

[b]Can someone test this for me? If it works, just put a thumbs-up. If not, thumbs down.


Infinity out.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
GameStop Celebi North America 2011 RENEWED
I had a lot of ppl telling me my code doesn't work so I made a new code that WILL work. Press L&are and pick it up in a pokemart...and go get your Zoura in black and white
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Event Pokemon Codes
Event Celibi Code
This Code works for both Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Gives you a Shiny Event Celebi in Box 1 of Bills PC.

WARNING: This Poekmon replaces whichever pokemon is firsi in box 1
WARNING: Not to be used with ANY OTHER CODE otherwise you will get a bad egg intead.
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Event Pokemon Codes
Play as Mew
Play as Mew
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Trainer Codes
Johto Pokemon Modifier (Wild, No Activation)
Use this to get Johto Starters and Legendaries in the wild.
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Encounter Codes
Huge Power Regigigas
This is no ordinary Regigigas. It's Huge Power ability doubles its already maxed out attack strength so that its attack of 460 acts like 920 during battles. It knows Giga Impact, Earthquake, Close Combat, and Rock Wrecker and has maxed everything. You can choose between the shiny and the non-shiny versions. Pokesav generated so press L+R and it replaces the first pokemon in your party.
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Lv 100 Darkrai!!
L+R to activate. Darkrai will appear in Box 1 in the PC. it will give you an egg with PKRS and will take a while to hatch.
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
100% catch rate
100% catch rate

will make all balls like a masterball (automatic)
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: In-game Cheats
Working VGC 2010 Shiny Eevee
It will give you the shiny Eevee that was distributed at the English Pokemon Video Game Championships. Just press L+R and go to a Poke mart to pick it up from the man in the green suit.
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Encounter Codes
shiny pikachu
I'm back, i guess, with another original pokesav code.
Once again, i tested it on my heartgold before posting, so it definately works, at least on heartgold. Smile This code will give you a shiny pikachu named Sparkie in box 1, spot 11. OT:Fleur, Trainer ID:12345,
Secret ID:54321, Female. Held Item:GB player, Level:5, Nature:Adamant Happiness:255, Pokerus:Infected IV's: 31 EV':255. all ribbons, maxed out contest stats:maxed, ability:static, caught in pokeball, Hometown:johto(Heartgold)Move 1:Volt Tackle, Move 2:Spark, Move 3:Thunder Fang, Move 4:Thunderbolt. pokesav, so press l+r.
Here you go:
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Capture Trainer Pokémon with 100% chance capture!
Lets you capture Trainer Pokémon without fail! Don't have to press ANY buttons! WARNING! If you catch a trainer's / Gym Leader's Pokémon, the battle ends with YOU winning! Smile
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
Heart Gold Codes (US version)
Set of Pokemon Heart Gold Codes for the US Version
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
maniphy egg
L + r. Go to pkemart. Talk 2 the green guy and he will give you egg.
Takes a while 2 hach so added quik egg hatch.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Get all of the TMs
If you use this code you will get all of the TMs without getting all of the HMs. This code is best used at the beginning of the game. All you have to do is press Select and Up at the same time.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Item Codes
Soul Silver Groudon
This code should help activcate the Rayquaza Event. Activate by L and R, replaces first pokemon in your party.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Play As Red
This will change ur character to Red
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Trainer Codes

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