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1st you need 2 people to do this!

1.Go To A Chest
2.Both Of You(or Players) Go Into A chest
3.put material that you want duped
4.give one person the iPad or iPhone or whatever!
5.tap or hold down the material at same exact time.
6.when in you're inventory,put one persons material in the chest then the others material.

Added 30 Nov 2013, ID #3024, by Guest
Ask.com and get

Chicken Farm on Minecraft PE

1: find a chicken. (Usually found in the water or near wheat. But you can find them almost anywhere.)
2: find an egg that it layed. ( check under it if it is in the water or near it if it is on land.)
3: Duplicate it with any of the chest duplication cheats
4: leave it/them in the chest for a couple real days.
5: make a spot with surrounding walls that are atleast 2 blocks high.
6: pretend to dig with an egg in your hand and the egg will crack. If you are lucky there will be a chicken inside and it will pop out.

WARNING: chickens can climb letters if pushed and sometimes fly out if they are hit while being airborne.

Added 27 Nov 2013, ID #2986, by Guest

Cool seed

OK so I was making a random world and I called it "thing" so then I was being silly and typed "thing" in the seed bar. The world generated and I was close to a divide between mountains and flat plains areas. I discovered a waterfall AND a lava fall and decided to find out if it really was a seed. I generated another world with "thing" as the seed and it was the exact same thing! So the awesome seed I have is "thing" which is good for creative and survival. Hope you like this seed!

Added 16 Nov 2013, ID #2976, by Guest


You put a block then quit mine craft double tap the home button and refresh mine craft then return to mine craft and you will have a block on your hand and one on the floor

Added 13 Nov 2013, ID #2974, by EgagamerXD

Cloning your ores/hard to get blocks

Place your block down on the ground and exit out of the game. This only works with IOS so that you can double click the home button. This will allow you to close the game. Be quick or it won't work. Re-open the game and re-open the world you were in. You will see that you still have the block in your inventory...But it is still placed. Mine the block and there you have it! XD

Added 5 Nov 2013, ID #2966, by Guest

Nether land

Put lava and warter together and it will come up with this purple block and put 4 on the bottem
Then 4 n the side and 4 on the other side and put 4 on top and get flint and steal and tap the top of one of the blocks and it comes purple on you jump thourgh.

Added 3 Nov 2013, ID #2961, by Guest

Block glitch

You need:
Any block (includes diamond iron gold blocks)
Place the block any where
Restart minecraft pe with out going to the main menu
Reload minecraft pe
Check your inventory
Destroy the block you placed (if it does't work try and try it again)

Added 30 Oct 2013, ID #2954, by Gorgesphil


1. Get you material but not in block form ( eg 9 diamonds or 9 iron ingots)
2. Have in iron pickaxe ready
3. Make a block out of the 9 diamonds/iron ingots ect
4 place the block then hold your iron pickaxe ( has to be an iron pickaxe)
5. Go to home screen then trouble click the home button
6. Minimize the minecraft app then you have to click the home button ( doesn't work if up you don't)
7. Go back onto the minecraft app and the material you put down should still be there and you should have more in your pockets. ( Most tries work but one time it may not work)
( always make the block first and then do the cheat, it doesn't work if you don't, I don't know why)

Added 15 Oct 2013, ID #2930, by Guest

To get them diamonds

If you dig strait down and reach bedrock , jump and put block under you, go up 6 blocks and dig around and you will find diamonds ( ps not always works , but it will soon )

Added 15 Oct 2013, ID #2929, by Guest


Use this seed MOJANG IS AWESOME it is a epic seed with just the right amount of hills it is also a very nice looking seed next seed "try this" it's a cool seed but I won't spoil it for you

Added 14 Oct 2013, ID #2928, by Guest


How to dupilcate with one device. You have to have a empty chest. Put your item that you want to dupilcate in it then take it out walk around for ten to twelve seconds. Then double click the home button and delete it. Quickly go back to that world and look in you inventory. If it's there good if it's not not so good so then go in your chest to see it

Added 10 Oct 2013, ID #2920, by Guest

Chest Duplication Any Item Survival

Hi guys this cheat I found by accidentaly leaving something in my chest.

Anyway this cheat is used for duplicating any object by chest so what you do is put the item that you want to duplicate in the chest then close the chest,open the chest take the object out and walk away from the chest for 20 seconds then close off minecraft without quitting to title and close the minecraft app of and go back to the game and check the chest on the world you were on befrore and open the chest and there should be the object that you put in before
And there you go!
Thanks guys and if that dosent work just repeat the steps until it does.

Added 7 Oct 2013, ID #2916, by Guest

Duplicating diamonds!

Hey! Hey you! Do you have 9 diamonds? Do you want more?
Well, I can tell you how! First, get 9 diamonds and make a block of diamond. Go somewhere with space and save. Go on your world and do nothing but place that block some where but DO NOT MOVE! Or else it will fail. Go to home menu without saving and delete your history. Go back in to your minecraft world and BOOM! You have 2 diamond blocks! (Does not work for pc/x-box) craft it back into diamond... There ya go! :-)

Added 5 Oct 2013, ID #2914, by Guest


Place a chest outside. Insert items you want to duplicate. Close the chest, open it then take out the items.Then walk around for at least 20 seconds. Exit minecraft. Double tap the home button and delete app. Open minecraft then open up the chest you should have the number of items you inserted in your chest and invertory.

Added 25 Sep 2013, ID #2892, by minecraft79899


Go type "MINECRAFT <3" without the " and you go load the terrain. At first, it looks normal, but you turn around, and there is a massive mountian and waterfalls. It is just beautiful.

Added 17 Sep 2013, ID #2880, by Guest

Duplicate your DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put all your stuff in a chest except your diamonds, then jump of the edge of a tower. Exit the application only and double the home button and close minecraft. Then re-enter the server and go just far away enough that you can't see the tower ( repeat second sentence ). Go back to where you died and pick the diamonds up. You would find you have double the amount.

Added 14 Sep 2013, ID #2875, by Guest


First you must have two players
Then the host puts what ever he wants to duplicate(which is any thing you can put in a chest)in to the chest
Then player 2 gets a full inventory
Then they both open the chest and player 2 the one with a full inventory must press the item and hold It then player 1 (host)holds the item as well as player 2 then it should duplicate

NOTE must at least have two of the same items in the chest or this wont work

Added 7 Sep 2013, ID #2852, by Guest

Get a lot of items!

Place the block you want more of,then get out of the app,then double tap the home button and delete minecraft and then go back.Go to the same world,and if you done it correctly,it will give you the block in the iventory,like it doubled it! NOTE:I tried and don't pick a commen block (grass,wood,dirt,etc) and it does not work!!'

Added 28 Aug 2013, ID #2815, by Guest

How to make it night time in mcpe!!!

Normally it changes by itself but I just found out how to by yourself.First make a nether reactor and when it's red glowing mine through the obsidian and mine the core out and go to sleep.After sleeping go near the nether building it starts turning into night time and that's your night time maker

Added 14 Aug 2013, ID #2738, by Guest

Duplication 2

Place any block you want then press home button
2.double click home button
3.delete minecraft from double click
4.Go back on minecraft
5.go in the world you did it in
Then you should have 1 in your inventory and the one you placed will still be there

Added 13 Aug 2013, ID #2735, by Guest
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