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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Pack Shot

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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Unlimited Material cheat for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Unlimited Material

Follow the steps below.

1. Make a nether land portal.
2. Get any piece of material that you want to be unlimited.
3. Throw it into the nether portal.
4. Go in to retrive your item.
5. Go back to the real world.

If done correctly you will now have an endless supply of that material.

Added by: Sanzano
Feb 28th 2013, ID#1996


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Feb 13th 2016 Guest
ID #635090
Oct 20th 2015 Guest
What update is it for
ID #618222
Oct 10th 2015 Guest
What the heck is a nether portal, if this works you are gonna be a martyr for life Martyr means respected for life👍😺
ID #615534
Jun 25th 2015 Guest
ID #575509
Apr 16th 2015 Guest
You can get to the nether in mcpe follow me here is my steps it has to be in survival you need is a nether reactor core and 14cobble stone and 4goldblocks place the 5 cobblestone like a plus sign and put the 4 gold blocks from the plus you put it on the side like a square put the nether reactor core in the middle and put a nother 4cobble stone in top of the goldblocks and can see you have 5cobblestone you put it like a plus sign and when you put one on the nether reactor core it will say not the correct pattern so you put 5cobble stone on top now you can see the nether reactor core tap it now you are in the nether and if you put your difficulty high monsters will spawn and if you had a clock night will show up when night time the tower will break
ID #543445
Mar 24th 2015 Guest
How stupid are you? You say this is for iPhone/iPad (Minecraft pe) you can't get nether portals on pe
ID #532526
May 24th 2015 Guest
yes you can
ID #560452
Aug 15th 2015 Guest
ID #598610
Mar 6th 2015 Guest
Do you have to be on survivel
ID #524967
Feb 14th 2015 Guest
Dude it really works thanks
ID #515830
Feb 3rd 2015 Guest
There is a nether portal!
ID #511368
Jan 19th 2015 Guest
what can I make on minecraft I am bored
ID #504242
Jan 15th 2015 Guest
I like turtles is speirse the amassings thing
ID #502146
Apr 21st 2015 Guest
Do u watch him to he is so cool
ID #546098
Dec 11th 2014 Guest
I like turttles!
ID #483283
Dec 10th 2014 Guest
Does it work T ^T
ID #483010
Dec 9th 2014 Guest
He dose work but yes there is no portal but there's the never reacter
ID #482454
Dec 3rd 2014 Guest
I tried it it doesnt work
ID #479952
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
You can't even make a nether portal in pocket edition
ID #466318
Nov 26th 2015 Guest
yes u can f**king idiot
ID #628734
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
[color=neon orange][/color] there isnt a nether portal but there is a block that creates a nether room and if you survive you get lots of ores and stuff so just throw your item on it and there you go.

P.S: Im not sure it works?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

ID #465964
Sep 7th 2014 Guest
I like trains
ID #445575
Aug 31st 2014 Guest
ID #443078
Aug 8th 2014 Guest
The nether portal it realy works but the unlimited doesnt work...
ID #433125
Aug 2nd 2014 Guest
What does it mean
That is crap
ID #429362
Jul 26th 2014 Guest
There are no nether portals I in pe version I have 0.9.0 and you can't make any portals
ID #425822
Jul 25th 2014 Guest
My gosh you guys. Can you please stop fighting and tell me something that I would like to know???!!!
ID #424894
Jul 19th 2014 Guest
Use the seed "blink" for a GIANT floating island
ID #421328
Jul 16th 2014 Guest
ID #419577
Jul 8th 2014 Guest
I like trains
ID #414286
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
if you need diamonds try this seed:0.4.0, dig under spawn and you willl first find iron, then gold, then diamonds.
ID #409617
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
Some people are already able to make nether portals, because some devices can get the latest update. He/she could've thought that this was for PC, or read the cheat and thought that it was for PE, too. Either way, you should keep your rude comments to yourself, and simply recommend or politely point out mistakes.
ID #409419
Jun 28th 2014 deleted

ID #407925
Jun 17th 2014 Guest
Hey I'm 16 and I just started playing minecraft PE and I can't find any diamond is there any on PE version
ID #401439
Jun 17th 2014 Guest
They're is I been they're
ID #401038
Jun 12th 2014 Guest
You can make a portal search it on youtube😠
ID #398560
Jun 9th 2014 Guest
Why does everyone keep on saying there isn't neather portal. Yup ur right but stop insulting each other .this guy is new to mc so he/she might not know everything yet so go grow a pair and and stop saying there aren't any neather portals we all know there aren't !!!!!
ID #396671
Jun 7th 2014 Guest
Hi everyone i am 13 years old and I play minecraft PE for 1 month and until I know that in minecraft PE cant be maked any portal it will work in the version 0.9.0


ID #395346
May 29th 2014 Guest
There isn't really any portal. If you try making it, the portal won't work. There is a way to make a nether reactor turn the area around it into a tower of nether rack with zombie pigmen in it.
ID #390789
May 28th 2014 Guest
Whatever guys, u go keep arguing and spelling things wrong while I keep getting unlimited supplies
Of diamonds, steel, gold, lapis, redstone, and cake!
ID #390380
May 19th 2014 Guest
How do you make a nether land portal?
ID #385742
May 13th 2014 Guest
Hello do you like pine apples I'm 9 and my friend told that to me
ID #383831
May 6th 2014 Guest
ID #382037
Apr 25th 2014 Guest
Really, how does one find enough lava for obsidian to even make the portal anyway? There's usually only one lava source block in any given world, from what I've seen. The only other way to get it is by farming it with the Nether Reactor, which takes ages to make anyways. By then you would have explored your world enough to know where a lava source block was or is, unless you were mining the whole time... either way, good for you. If you got the obsidian with the Nether Reactor, you don't really need to pay attention to this.
ID #378698
Apr 23rd 2014 Guest
*Facepalm* Stop saying things like 'I like trains' and stuff! Some people!!!
ID #377846
Apr 23rd 2014 Guest
People, there are no nether portals, this cheat must be for PC version or something!
ID #377844
Apr 22nd 2014 Guest
Dude's are you kidding me?!

Nether Portal in MCPE

I dont Believe it!!

Im Preen And i am 13 years old

I got all the versions of MCPE,but their is no Nether Portal Only Neather Reactor
ID #377771
Mar 29th 2014 Guest
All so stupid
ID #369389
Mar 20th 2014 Guest
*Facepalm* People, there are no ready-made nether portals in Minecraft PE. You have to make one. Did really no one know this? -.-
Anyway, make a 6x4 portrait frame using obsidian then light it on fire. The frame should then turn into a portal, as you can see by the purple layer. Thanks.
ID #366318
Mar 6th 2014 Guest
no portal only reactor
ID #361473
Nov 18th 2015 Guest
There is now
ID #626336
Feb 17th 2014 Guest
Quit saying mean stuff. I mean, having unlimited stuff would be awesome! I will ask my brother if there is nether portals...
ID #356040
Feb 14th 2014 Guest
I'm 18 and I went to the MCPE nether three times. Ok, there's a
Nether reactor but no portal. So sorry kidz go cry to yo mamma!
ID #354914
Feb 3rd 2014 Guest
I'm only 13 and Ive hacked minecraft. So for all the people saying that if your at a young age you can't hack, your wrong.
ID #351350
Jan 19th 2014 Guest
You need to make a nether portal with 4 diamond blocks and 14 stone and a nether reactor!
ID #345391